The Challenge

"I’ve received a letter from Master Jeff at the Mansion,” says Paul. “You know the Mansion?”

Yes Sir, “ you reply. “Well, at least I’ve heard of it.”

Good. Now, they’re very into the idea of fraternity over there at the Mansion – you know, friendship and co-operation between the assorted houses of boys around the world – all that kind of thing. Well, as a part of that, he’s issued us a challenge. The challenge is for one of our boys to get through one day there without cumming. There is, apart from the prestige of succeeding in this, quite a nice prize too: an expenses-paid trip for me and several of my staff and Seniors to Gunther’s Schloss in Germany. That would be very nice.”

He nods to himself. “I’ve asked around, and it seems that you, boy, have the best self-control of any of the lads here, and so I’ve selected you to be our champion.”

I’m honoured, Sir. Thank you.”

To be honest you are both honoured and a bit nervous. It’s true, you do have excellent self-control, but it’s not unbreakable. You have a few fetishes and one very specific trigger - and you know that if it’s used against you in the right way it will make you cum however hard you fight it. “Do they know much about me?” You ask.

No. Nothing about you will be disclosed. I know that, like all boys, you have certain… weaknesses, but they will have to discover them for themselves. And I hear that your main one is slightly less usual than some.

You nod. “Thank you Sir. When does this challenge start?”

He smiles. “There is a car waiting for you outside.”

The car drops you off at the imposing front door and James, the Mansion’s infamous rubber-clad German butler, welcomes you. He leads you down many corridors, and you arrive at a black door.

James tells you to enter.