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The ball busting and milking of Slate
Part 2 - Razor and The Intern try to save Slate.
By Arthur Hero

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The story continues as the heroes of Grand Island City face a ring of unified cum collecting villians.


The Intern knew Slate was in trouble from the moment the plot began.

He knew Slate with his ego and old school after school like mentality may or may not have had a fair fight. Tony, The Intern, knew better, suited up and followed him. The Intern's suit was royal blue and similar to Slate's. It was anatomically correct, cape less and showed off the gymnast tight body of The Intern. Despite his short height, The Intern was buff. His pecs were more lean than Slate. His codpiece showed every curve as well. His 7.5 inch cock was propped up by a cock ring as well. He decided maybe he shouldn't go by the name The Intern anymore. He was 21 for God sakes, but he liked it. He would be the brains behind the muscle.

The Intern approaches the lair. He knows he has to sneak in through the sewers in order to get through. He sets up a trap and leaves an old motorcycle in front of the storage facility. It's unmanned and meant to trick the villains that The Intern will approach from the same entrance that Slate did. The Intern quickly descends in another route he hacked from Choo-gle Maps underground. He slowly descended into the sewer. He made his way into the lair through a back entrance. Immediately someone grabbed him and covered his mouth. He could feel a bulge rub into his backside.

"Shhh." The voice said. "You might trigger security."

The Intern broke free and saw Razor. It was Slate's former wingman and the missing link from the trio. Razor went away from the superhero scene for a while. Razor wore his classic red and black suit. However it too had the new 2015 superhero codpiece. Razor was about six feet, solid muscle and had a huge bulge. He was in his early thirties like his buddy Slate. Razor has smooth brown skin and a low all around hair cut. He wears a dark visor to cover his eyes. His parents were influential politicians in Grand Island City, so it was crucial he stayed low key. Last time he was fighting crime in 2013, the suits were a bit more g-rated. Now his 10-inch-cock could barely contain itself. The Intern loved Razor as much as he loved Slate. He was his mentor, but now The Intern couldn't contain himself. He stared at Razor's body. Razor's suit is red and black. The skin tight suit shows every curve of his body. His pecs and abs are completely out. It's the superhero summer suit and in the lair's humidity it may come in handy. He wears boots, gloves and joint armor. His manhood jiggles at every movement through the rubber second skin codpiece.

"I couldn't let you do this mission alone. I had to come back in the game to save our boy." Razor said.

"Do you think they killed him?" The Intern said.

"Never." Razor said. "They probably hurt him but they want his cum. They want our cum. Superhero cum is a trophy for these mutated freaks. It drives their energy. It's a twisted game. We must be carful."

The Intern nodded.

They cleared one room and saw a bodybuilder hooked up to a milking device. The Intern motioned to free him but Razor shook his head no. They would have to come back for him after the Grand Island City P.D. arrived. Razor took a moment and placed a beacon under an old metal table. He programmed it to alert the police. The Intern walked ahead thinking Razor was behind him into another room.

Immediately someone shuts the door. The Intern turns around to open the door. The lights come on.

The Intern is welcomed by a familiar villain, the mastermind, his name is Lord Haught. The heroes nicknamed him Tub. He is pump and pudgy. He wears a doctor lab suit and smokes a pipe. He carries an old titanium cane.

"I'm sure you think I'm surprised you came after your mentor." Tub said.

"I am." The Intern said. He did a back flip to stay safely away.

"Ram is just the muscle and Pleasure gets carried away. Ram was a super strong villain that fused Ram horns on his helmet. He could break bones with once punch. Pleasure was a former drag queen that went crazy. Both were experimented on by Tub and now were addicted to cum. They were his minions.

I put this operation together. I knew Ram and Pleasure wanted Slate out of the picture."

"Slate better be alive!" The Intern said.

"Alive and well of course. He's being milked and we plan to keep milking him. The same way people have liquor, I have top of the line cum. These mutants like Ram need it to survive and I sell it to them. The more I get people mutated, the more they need my top of the line cum. It's a hustle."

"Slate isn't liquor." The Intern said.

"Oh no he's fine Puerto Rican rum." Tub said. "But what we need is some Italian wine. Fresh. And young."

"You're not coming near me. This operation is about to go to flames old man."

At that moment Tub sat in a chair and pressed a button. Metallic tentacles dropped down and

immobilized The Intern by the legs.

"No." The Intern screamed.

Razor breaks through the door and kicks Tub to the floor. He stands over him.

Tub immediately hits Razor with his cane in the groin.

Razor begins to punch Tub even though he's in pain.

Two robotic tentacles come down from the ceiling and begin to squeeze the life out of him. Tub immediately grabs Razor's cock and balls. He's completely immobilized.

Pleasure, the drag queen that mutated into a cum collecting freak appears.

"Hi Razor it's been a while." Pleasure says.

Ram appears as well. The brute looks bloodthirsty and is invigorated. The odds don't look good for The Intern and Razor. Now all three of Grand Island City's heroes appear to be in peril.

Pleasure stops the machine from crushing Razor. His arms are tied by One metal tentacle and the other grabs him by the waist. Razor tries to kick with his powerful thighs. His thick glutes hang exposed. Ram squeezes Razor's codpiece and with his powerful hand squeezes his balls. Razor back kicks Ram which angers him.

"I'm a businessman," Tub screams. "I'm not going to allow you to toy with him and he figures out away to break free. This isn't a movie. We have the three heroes of this city at our disposal."

For every superhero there was ten crime ridden villains. It wasn't a fad."

Tub presses a button and a third skinny stringy metallic tentacle drops from the ceiling.

"Nanobots power these tentacles. I programmed this one to detect testicles and squeeze.

Razor's two red orb testicles are wrapped by the coil like an anaconda. His bulge protrudes out as the coils wraps around each ball.

Ram crushes The Intern's balls with one hand and the balls of Razor with the other. Pleasure does what he was hired to do and injects them each with a titanium armor piercing needle in their butts. The serum immediately begins to stimulate their hormones.

Ram then takes their erect codpieces and rubs them together.

The metal tentacles hold Razor's hard muscles in in position. Ram lifts up The intern by the waist. He tries to wriggle away. He rubs the two cocks of The Intern and Razor together. The Intern groans as Razor's codpiece grinds on his. Razor's huge, thick ten inch cock engulfs The Intern's 7.5 cock. Razor can't hold it any longer and he cums.

Razor's butt flexes as he cums.The Intern cums as well.

"Ughh." The Intern moans.

"Your serum is special young one. Yours is to cum all day and all night."

Ram rubs the Intern's cock next to the tentacle coiled bulge of Razor. The Intern cums again. His cock bounces through the suit. The tip looks as if it will burst through his suit.

"Wow," I never seen someone cum so much off this serum. This is amazing."

The Intern only 21 is susceptible to the serum. He can't stop cumming. Ram detaches the codpiece and The Intern's cock and balls sprawl out. Cum drips from every angle. Ram licks the codpiece and then wraps his lips around The Interns cock. He cums again.

"Six times in five minutes." Pleasure says shocked.

The serum made him super horny. Ram drops The Intern on the ground.

"I'm taking this one with me to the next room," Ram says.

Ram Ballbusts The Intern, the rookie.

The Intern alone.

Ram locks The Intern in a room. The Intern must have been injected with extra serum but Ram immediately begins to suck The Intern's thick cock. The cum gives Ram the energy he needs right away.

"Wow this is Grade A cum."

The Intern looks fragile next to the giant. Ram grabs The Intern by the hair and lifts him up. The intern swings his harms and tries to break away.

"Get over here." Ram says.

He bear hugs The intern and tries to kiss him.

"You're so little and handsome." Ram says. "I'm going to fuck you the way Slate does."

"Get the…" The Intern's voice drowns. "Get off."

Ram taps The Intern's balls. It's not as hard as the groin grabs he gave to Slate and Razor. It was more like a warning. The Intern is so sensitive right now he grabs his balls.

Wow you're so sensitive. If you're going to be a superhero you have to learn how this works. Ram attaches the codpiece to The Intern. As he attaches is The Intern punches ram in the eye. It hurts as a reaction Ram punches him with full force. He hits The Intern in the abs and knocks the wind out of him.

"I was nice." Ram says. "I put your stupid cock back in the suit to teach you a game."

"I'm not playing any fucking games." The Intern says.

"We are playing hero and bad guy." Ram says. "After the game I'm going to teach you a lesson."

"Fuck you."

"Lesson One." Ram taunts. "Always protect your face."

Ram slaps The Intern hard in the face.

"Lesson Two." Ram says. "Protect your balls."

Ram grabs The Intern by the balls. He squeezes them hard. The Intern screams in pain.

"Lesson Three. Protect your cheeks."

Ram pins The Intern on the ground. He chokes him with one arm and grabs his balls with the other. He pins his hard cock in The Intern's butt. The Intern wiggles and arouses Ram even more. Ram makes a fist and grinds his hand in The Intern's balls. For the The Intern this is what Slate had always feared. A big dominating brute like Ram ball busting The Intern.

"I was hired to literally bust your balls." Ram said. "Busting Slate was my favorite. I expected a challenging take down."

His hard dick was on the tight butt of the muscle hero. The Intern didn't stop squirming. Ram couldn't take it anymore he took a knife and gently cut a hole in The Intern's suit near the butt crack. He stuck his finger in and The Intern squeezed. It was tight. Ram uses his hands to put a condom with studs on it. It was momentary relief for The Intern's balls.

Ram pushes his cock into The Intern's tight butt. He uses his weight to pun The Intern down. He thrusts and thrusts.

"Yaoooooooow." The Intern yells.

It's useless. He's pinned. This turns Ram on even more. The Intern's butt is super tight and each thrust he feels deep inside.

The Intern feels each nodule as Ram pushes his cock in. Ram rubs one hand on The Intern's abs then up to his nipple piece. He tugs at it which causes The Intern to cum. At this point The Intern is spent. He doesn't fight back and gives in to the dominance of Ram. He closes his eyes and imagines it's Slate in him. The young muscle hero squirms with each thrust.

Finally he gives and doesn't fight anymore. He gives in to Ram and his domination of the muscle pup.

Ram feels that The Intern's glutes have stop flexing. He begins to pound The Intern's tight hole like a jack rabbit. He lifts the Intern up and keeps a tight grip on The Intern's ball sac to ensure he doesn't try anything stupid. Ram finally cums and starts to feel drained. The Intern realizes that Ram has loosened his grip. He also calculates that with each orgasm Ram gets weaker. It's the reason why he drinks cum shakes. As fas as he gets powered by them he gets drained.

The Intern begins to caress Ram's powerful thighs.

"Oh you like this?" Ram says.

"I mean when in Rome." The Intern says.

Finally Ram loosens his grip on The Intern's balls. He pulls The Intern's face and begins to sloppily make out with him. The Intern kisses back. It's gross but he knows it's the only way to get out of the situation. The Intern begins to jerk the now erect cock of Ram. In no time Ram cums and begins to shake.

After 20 mins of laying together on the floor The Intern jerks Ram again. He cums and shoots a river out. The Intern repeats this process until Ram begins to weaken. Little by little he starts to nod off. The same sex drive that powers could bring his demise. The Intern decides it's time to strike. It's now or never. Ram slowly begins to nod off. The Intern caresses his back. Finally The Intern pulls a move. He back flips to a loose rod and breaks it off the pipe. He takes it and pushes it into Ram's groin.


The Intern backs up before it;s too late. He finds the key and unlocks it. Ram comes charging toward the door.

The Intern runs and escapes. He's still in pain from the ball busting but he realizes that he signed up to be a superhero. This was also the first time he outwit an enemy. The Intern's first mission was far from over. With his superhero suit still intact he cautiously began his search to save Slate and Razor. First he needed a moment to recover. He was still erect and horny. The Intern went into a corner that was dark and secure. He detached his codpiece and began to jerk off. He imagined Slate blowing him and he came. He hoped by now the serum would fade away. He tucked himself in a corner and took a nap.


Razor, the Vet,

Tub and Pleasure take advantage of the immobilized Razor. Pleasure takes the opportunity to worship Razor's muscular glutes. His muscular butt is solid and Pleasure begins to rub and worship it.

"God your ass is the best ass I have ever seen." Pleasure said.

It was true. Razor even during his superhero hiatus was still in shape. He hit the gym no less than five times a week and leg day was is main days. The more Razor tried to move the nanobot tentacles would pull on his balls. He was in immense pain.

Tub walked in front of him and gently placed his hand on Razor's balls. He pressed a button and the nano boy tentacle went back to the ceiling. The two main ones that held his arms and legs remained.

"Tub you sick bastard. Get your hand off of me." Razor said.

"When I'm done with you…you'll wish those tentacles was what you should be worried about."

"Is this the part where you reveal your stupid plans?"

Tub looks at Pleasure. Pleasure nods.

"Sure. why not." Tub says. Tub begins to rub Razors stiff bulge. "You heros have made us look bad. Us cum collectors. We're not villains we're good guys."

"Stealing muscle men and milking them for your nutritional value isn't exactly a good PR move." Razor said.

"No but we don't have the muscle. Or the big bulges that get on the cover of every gay and straight magazine. Or we don't have the stupid diverse group of friends to the end thats makes us marketable like you lames." Tub said. "This group I assembled we need cum to survive. And we're going to get it however we can."

"You don't NEED cum to survive. You want it to because it gives you a rush because of whatever happened to you guys."

"We NEED it." Pleasure interrupted. "I'm tired of this stupid do-gooder make him cum."

Pleasure twirls around and comes over to Razor. He takes his claw like nails and tugs at Razor's hershey kiss looking nipples. Razor's hormones are raging.

"Before he cums. Let's bust his balls." Tub says.

"Now you're learning." Pleasure says.

Tub grabs one of Razor's balls. Pleasure takes the other one. They squeeze the balls through the codpiece and crush Razor's balls. Pleasure tugs it. Tub crushes one and they find different ways to make the muscle hero scream. Pleasure begins to pull out Razor's cock and unlocks the cock ring that holds together the cod piece. The cock comes out and the full plump mushroom comes out. The balls come out next and they look tender and swollen. Tub wraps his hand around Razor's cock and begins to jerk him off. Razor cums and Tub drinks the muscle spunk. He feels the rush that these new mutants get and begins to convulse in pleasure. He gets super strength and soon the chubby blob is stronger than Razor. Tub punches Razor's balls over and over again. Razor is in a lot of pain now. The tentacles won't loosen its grip. The only thing that can move are his swaying genitals as Tub uppercuts them. Tub begins to jerk off Razor and he cums again. Pleasure takes a vacuum looking clear tube and puts it on Razor's cock. The tube funnels down into a three gallon jug.

"You will fill that hero." Pleasure says.

Tub slaps Razor's butt and walks away. They both go to check in on Slate in the other chamber.

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