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The ball busting and milking of Slate
Part 3 - The Milking of Slate
By Arthur Hero

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Slate wakes up groggy and looks around. His arms and legs are tied by the nano bot tentacles. Around his cock is a clear tube that funnels into a jug. The tub is about 25% full of cum. His cock is hard and he is horny as hell. The tube begins to vibrate and Slate begins to cum. The white fluid travels down into the tube and a few drips go into the bottle. Slate looks down and calculates that he must have came over a hundred times if the jug already has a sizable amount of cum.

His arm is connected to an IV which hydrates him and also he figures it has something to keep him hard and producing cum. His balls are coiled around by the nano tentacle. He realizes that this must not be the work of just Ram but Lord Haught, known as Tub. Tub hired Ram to break Slate and crush the muscle hero to secure him once and for all.

The clock strikes midnight and suddenly a dildo which excretes lube is picked up by a nano bot tentacle. It forces its way into Slate's rectum and spins around gently. Slate's g-spot is stimulated and within a few minutes he feels as if he's about to cum. He does and the tube which squeezes the head of his cock collects his cum. This happens six times within the hour. Slate's cock works in overdrive and he struggles to stay conscious. The fluid he realizes in the IV must also be allowing him to produce endless amounts of sperm. After fives minutes of ejaculating. Slate here's a noise and realizes someone is coming through the door. He pretends to sleep as Tub walks in. Pleasure's heels can be heard as the drag queen walks behind.

"He's still sleeping?" Pleasure says. "Poor thing."

"He must have cum over 100 times." Tub says. It was actually more.

"We're going to be rich." Pleasure says. "I already have a cum order from Slug. For a pint of Slate's cum he's charging $200,000."

"How's he going to get the money." Tub says. "He's a broke villain."

Pleasure pulls out her phone and streams a news broadcast.

"Suspects are sure that the two Grand Island Reserve Banks that were robbed were from the mastermind Slug. The villain uses a slime that's sticky and the security guards were immobilized in the glob. The suspect also sexually assaulted one of the immobilized officers and performed oral sex on him." The anchor says.

Pleasure shuts off the phone.

"He sounds like he can be ally." Tub says.

"More havoc on Grand Island City. I love it and no Slate or Razor or The Intern to stop them."

Pleasure puts his hand around Tub and the two walk out.

Slate wakes up and realizes that Grand Island City is producing villains faster than he could cum. He wriggled to get out of the nano tentacle clutches but they secured his arms even tighter. A nano tentacle wraps around his balls and began to squeeze his left testicle. He realized anytime he tried to move the large tentacles would signal to the smaller one to ball bust him. He screamed in pain but decided he had to stand still. The small tentacle released its grip. But next came the dildo and forced its way into Slate's plump juicy butt. It went up to his prostate and massaged it which made Slate cum again and again.

He began to lose hope when he heard a noise. Through a sewer he saw something move up. Was it a rat? He looked and saw The Intern stumble in. The Intern's face was a little bruised and his left pec was hanging out the suit. Slate looked at The Intern at first in relief and then he got angry.

"What, what, did they do?" Slate said.

The Intern looked away and didn't reveal to Slate what occurred but he knew.

"Did they hurt you?" Slate said.

"There's no time." The Intern said. "We have to get you out of here. Ram is on his way and they have Razor. We tried to save you but Ram was too powerful." Just then the small tentacle aimed itself at The Intern's balls. It grabbed and pulled his cock and began to ball bust The Intern. Slate could see The Intern in pain and was powerless to stop it. He realized if he wiggled his arms and legs maybe the tentacle would come back to him instead. It worked. The tentacle came back and wrapped itself around Slate's cock and balls. This time it squeezed Slate's right ball.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Slate screamed.

The Intern still in pain realized he had to act fast. He realized the nano bots had somewhat of an artificial intelligence. He then placed two small battery cells from his belt and placed them on his crotch. He pressed a button to ensure that one side would be high voltage. He had to be careful not to allow the battery cells to fall on him or he would be fried. The tentacles detected that his testicles were in the area. Soon they darted towards his balls. On impact the tentacles reached his nut sack but a shockwave went through the nano-bot system and fried the main wireframe. Slate was freed and fell on the floor. The tentacles also were fried. Unfortunately the tentacles had the ability to regenerate so The Intern knew it was time to get out of there. He helped Slate up and carried his naked body on his shoulder.

"Your suit where is it?" The Intern said. He saw Slate's suit close by. Only the codpiece, butt armor, boots, visor and shoulder pads were in the area. The other parts were missing. They went to a corner of the room and suited Slate up. Slate's cock still full of cum producing venom barely fit back in the codpiece. The Intern helped Slate secure the banus area to make sure the codpiece was snug. Slate came by accident and looked at The Intern. The Intern realized he was hard too.

The nano bot tentacles were back in action. Slate and The Intern decided to drop back through the sewer to be safe. As the nano bit tentacles chased them Slate quickly put back the sewer cap. They were safe for now. From there they would try to find Razor through the underground tunnels.

"Before we go anywhere else," Slate said. "I want you to know I'm proud of you."

The Intern blushed.

"You're a great mentor Slate." The Intern said. "I realize the dangers but I want to fight by your side. Grand Island City could use another hero."

The two hugged and their cod pieces connected. The Intern looked at Slate and tucked his head on his pec. Soon their cod pieces were rubbing and it was full blown frottage.

"No," Slate said. "This is wrong. I'm so horny."

"This is right." The Intern said. "I'm 21 now. I risked my life for you."

The Intern kissed Slate and the two began to feel the other's pecs. They moved to the inside of an abandoned sewer tube which hadn't been used in years. Slate still horny unbuckled his codpiece. The Intern always full of gadgets pulled out a condom.

"Got to be safe at all times." The Intern said. He unzipped the crack portion of his suit. Slate entered and began to thrust. The Intern trembled as the thick cock massaged its way up his thick muscular butt. Slate came but a few minutes later he was hard again. The Intern allowed Slate to cum multiple times to release the venom. The Intern, a former gymnast, began to move in positions that even for an experienced lover like Slate he couldn't handle without cumming. The Intern's muscle butt, tight internal muscles and movement confirmed this was the best sex for both of them.

The Intern was still tight even though Ram fucked him first. He considered that this moment with Slate was love. And he decided that the experience with Ram, although enjoyable in its own weird way, was just sex. Slate finally was spent. The Intern began to rub Slate's pecs and cleaned up the cum. He worshipped Slate's muscle body that even through Ram's pec claws and grips still felt like rock hard slate.

"This is going to complicate things." Slate said.

"That was amazing." The Intern said.

The Intern proved his professionalism. He suited up and tossed Slate his codpiece.

"Put it on." The Intern said. "We need to save our boy Razor."

Slate nodded and put on his codpiece. He was flaccid now but even still, his cock bounced with every move as they walked to free Razor.

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