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The ball busting and milking of Slate
Part 5 - Final
By Arthur Hero

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Slate was about to give up until he saw Razor jump in front of him. It was a sign of relief. Tub and Pleasure backed away for a moment. Razor stood in front of Slate like a wall of granite muscle.

"This ends now." Razor said.

"I will break your balls and your little lover's ball too." Tub said.

"The three of us are here. We have you outnumbered and overpowered. Give up and we will return you into the authorities in peace." Razor said.

"Hahahahahahaha." Tub said. He tried to ram his steel cane into Razor's rod but Razor moved away and tripped him. Razor put his foot on Tub's throat. He had enough room to breathe but not enough to fill his lungs with energy.

"It stops." Razor said. "Hold off your stupid nano-tentacles and turn yourself in."

"Okay…" Tub said.

At that moment The Intern figured out how to program the tentacles and disable the computer system. They dropped down from the ceiling and secured the villains by their feet. The three heroes, Slate, Razor and The Intern waited it out until the Grand Island Police arrived.

"Commissioner Arthur," Slate said. "Good to see you."

"Good to see you guys." Commissioner said. "What is wrong with Grand Island City. These villains are just off the chain. We just got word about a new villain he's quite a piece of work. Goes by the name Slug."

"Slug." Slate said.

"Yeah he has this weird ooze that paralyzes his victims. Then we works them over and absorbs their cum with his special gloves. He drains their cum." Commissioner said.

"These new villains just seem to absorb cum." Slate said.

"Yeah it's a problem. All the sports teams from high school to the pros have been on alert. They go for jocks first because of their energy. Then they harvest them. Keep them fed, force them to work out for muscle and then milk them. We just got word that three guys from Grand Island University track team were in bondage for a week." The Commissioner said. "Be careful Slate. Your team is what these guys want to harvest. You're superheros they consider your spunk top of the notch for energy. "

"Well at least they aren't killers." Slate said.

"No." The Commissioner said. "Still menaces to society. Muscle men getting milked. What is this world coming too."

"Well guess we got to be careful." Slate said.

They shook hands and Slate left.

A taste of the next saga...



Back at the loft Slate showered up and changed. The Intern was in the room playing video games with Razor. They were both shirtless.

"I'm going to go investigate this Slug character." Slate said.

"Oh no, no, no." Razor said. "If we go, it's as a team."

"So you're officially back on the force," Slate said to Razor.

"Yup." The Intern said.

"Let's suit up." Slate said.

"Which suit?" The Intern said.

"Full armor." Slate said.


They suited up in the full armor. The next process was the air decompressor which sucked any trace of air out. Their second skin technology was incredible. Their suits fit like second skin. Each ab, nipple and muscle looked like the real deal besides their color costumes. The final process was deciding on cod pieces. They walked out with their dicks exposed and looked around.

"I want air." Razor said.

"We need protection." Slate said.

"And comfort." The Intern said.

Let's go with the super latex.

The cod pieces looked like condoms and went around their packages and secured at the cock ring base. Each was color coordinated. Grey for Slate. Blue for The Intern and red for Razor. They slipped them on and their bulges barely fit into the new state of the art cod pieces.

"Well all the blogs will be picking these up." The Intern said.

Their cocks bounced in their cod pieces. They were anatomically correct so each bulge. It was a site to see.

Just then they got a message from their alerts that there was a disturbance under the sewers from One World Finance Center, the tallest building in Grand Island City.

"Look. I'll go ahead and sneak in from one side." Slate said.

"We stick together." Razor said.

"We can't risk attacking from one front." Slate said. "I'll check it out first and send a beacon before I get inside."

Razor walked up to Slate. Their bulges touched as they hugged. Slate could have sworn he felt Razor's cock bounce.

"We'll be right there."


Slate arrived at an old sewer. It was dry, dark and cold. It must not have been used for ages. Slate looked at one cornerstone with the year marked 1876.

"You." Slug said. He was enormous. He was 7 feet and wore a suit that was dark black. It was ripped biker leather with rusted chains. He wore a mask which hid his eyes. On his waist were bottles of goo producing tubes which fed into his gloves. Slate had no idea what he was in store for. He decided he would set of the beacon for the guys but was caught off guard when Slug sprayed a goo in his eyes. Slate was blind for a moment and couldn't see. He threw his glasses off and backed away since he was powerless. He felt a warm sensation on his bulge. He looked down and saw a clear gel on his cod piece. It dripped down. Suddenly he felt a grab from behind. Slug bear hugged Slate from behind. His crotch released a gel and he sprayed it on Slate's plump butt. He then went and began to thrust his erect cock in Slate and dry hump him. Slate couldn't move. The gel somehow seeped in and immobilized his legs. They felt like two ton weights.

"Your plump muscle butt. I'm going to make you feel my cock so far inside and release my slug juice and make you feel a warm sensation like you never experienced. Then I'm going to drain your cum."

Slug grabbed the beacon and smashed it on the floor. One hand was over Slate's mouth and the other was secreting juice on his codpiece. It looked like vaseline. Slug grabbed Slate's balls and crushed them.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Slate screamed.

"I'm going to break you hero." Slug said.

The gel gave Slate's balls a warm sensation. His cock was fully erect and he felt a euphoria, like he was on ecstasy.

"Don't fight it here." Slug said. "My oils can make you feel the most pleasure you ever felt. And while you're in euphoria you won't see what's coming to you. Like my fist in your balls."

Slate felt Slug pound on his balls. He couldn't move he just took the beating on his balls. His erect cock bounced around with each punch. His large balls in the cod piece shook around. It made Slug horny. He was a giant 7 foot mammoth with granite like muscle. Slate felt each punch as if they were like tanks ramming into him. The euphoria gel began to wear off and Slate was now in immense pain. He was able to regain control of his legs but he just stumbled to the floor. Slug took the opportunity to gel Slate's hands to the ground. with a sticky ooze. Slate was spread eagle on the ground. His frontal body fully exposed. He began to moan from the pain.

"This is going to be fun." Slug said. "I'm going to break you then fuck you and then get all your cum into my system. I need the energy."

Slate's abs were flexed as he braced for impact. Slug took a look at Slate squirming, bound and immobilized. The hero was gorgeous with his dark brown eyes, strong jaw and silky latin tan skin. Slate's cock was huge and vulnerable. Slug understood the heroes wanted comfort and anatomically correct cod pieces probably because they were comfortable but not practical for villains like him. He loved how stupid Slate and his team were for having unprotected hero pieces. It made his job easier. Then again, the villains in Grand Island City were now like vampires ready to milk and get the cum out of the men in the city, especially the heroes. Slug decided he would make Slate pay for being so damn attractive. He couldn't wait to get his 11 inch cock inside Slate's plump Puerto Rican butt.

He pressed a button and ooze came onto his knuckles. It would have the same impact of brass knuckles. He immediately began to assaults Slate's abs. One after the other after the other. It lasted for five minutes. Slate could hardly breath and he gasped for air. Next Slug began to claw into Slate's abs He crushed them more as he felt Slate flex to protect himself. It turned Slug on. The hero was in agony. His abs couldn't take it. Slug then sat across Slate, straddled his legs over Slate's v-lined waist and stared at him. Next he went to his pecs.. He began to tug at Slate's nipple pieces. He took them off and Slate's brown nipples were exposed form the suit. Slug then pulled off Slate's pec armor and then his abs. Only Slate's gloves were on. The rest of his upper body was exposed. Slug secreted an oil and began to oil up Slate's upper body. It smelled like a musky bad cologne. Soon Slate was euphoric again. Slug rubbed at Slate's silver dollar nipples and Slate's cock was at full mast. Slug took notice of Slate's cock but knew he had more things to do before getting to Slate's cock. He was having fun breaking and wearing down Slate. Slate's pecs began to indent by his nipples. He was aroused and full of cum. It was just what Slug wanted. He wanted Slate to release a gallon of cum and the hormones and elixirs that Slug mixed was doing just that. Slug was a former bio chemist that used to develop fertility medicine in men. During a freak accident he never recovered and had low energy all the time until he had a cum craving. He kidnapped a bodybuilder from his gym one night and gave him an elixir to make him horny. When he drank the cum he felt alive and well. That's when he became Slug. He learned how to immobilize his victims, drain them and kick them on the street out his van. He always hog tied them and threw them at the base of a major landmark. One victim was found at the base of the stock exchange. Luckily we was back in time for his college final.

"Slate you're so sexy." Slug said. "I don't want to hurt you so stop resisting."

"G-get-get off of of of me." Slate struggled to say.

Slug dug his hand on Slate's immense bulge. His round balls were heaving around as Slate wiggled.

"Stop moving." Slug said. He punched Slate in the balls and Slate yelled.

Slug dug his hand down into Slate's crotch. He could feel Slate's cock. He rubbed the tip and secreted a gel in the tip of his penis. It was his most devious elixir. It would make Slate cum anytime his balls were squeezed. It was a new mix and Slug wanted to try it out. He elbowed Slate in the balls and Slate immediately came. Next he kicked him in his balls and he could see Slate's cock shoot cum in the codpiece.

"It works." Slug said.

He unfastened the cod piece and it was full of cum. He licked all around it not to waste a drop. Immediately he felt powerful and strong. He squeezed Slate's balls and each time a little cum came out. He gelled the back of Slate's arms and hoisted him up by Slate's butt. With his other hand he squeezed Slate's left ball which seemed to sag a little further down than Slate's other. Cum began to squirt out Slate's cock and Slug drank it down. He squeezed the entire sac and more cum came out. When Slug got the energy he needed he dropped Slate on the floor and took aim at his large butt still tightly packed in his suit. With his new strength he hoisted Slate by his hips. He thrust his huge cock on Slate's backside. Slate knew he had to get out of there somehow. Slug unzipped his leather pants and unveiled his huge cock. He placed a condom and rubbed a goo on the cock. He grabbed Slate and unzipped a portion of Slate's suit. It was enough. He inserted his cock in Slate and thrust into him. His height difference made him able to lift Slate in the air. Slate was powerless he felt the ooze hit his prostate and he had an orgasm. Slug squeezed Slate's balls with another hand and he came again. Slate was in pain and ecstasy at the same time. Cum gushed everywhere out of Slate and as Slug promised the hero was drained and broken.

(To be continued?)