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Pumpkin Patch Torture
By Arthur Hero

Pumpkin Patch Torture - Superhero Bondage

The air was cold and there was a thick haze that clocked the area. Upstate Slate and Razor were dispatched to handle a call in about a mutant lab facility that evil Doc set up.

Slate woke up and could feel his mouth gagged. He maneuvered and flexed but he was bound to his waist. He felt a plump muscular ass on his and he realized his arms were locked.

It was Razor. The two heroes were butt cheek to butt cheek. They wiggled and flexed their muscle butts on one another. Their muscle arms locked but to no avail. They were trapped. Around them was a pumpkin patch. 

"Glad you boys are up," a voice called.

It was Doc. The evil villain was always trying to scheme on Grand Island City, the city of 9 million by the sea that Slate and Razor tried to defend. Next to Doc was huge muscular bear. He work a pumpkin looking helmet.

"Meet Evil Jack," Doc said. "He's going to make sure you two are squeezed out of every ounce of your precious milk."

Doc's mutants fed off of cum from bodybuilders and musclemen. It was Doc's sick way of  making sure his villains always preyed on the superheroes and viewed them as enemies.

"He's thirsty boys," Doc said. "First let's have a little fun."

Doc wheeled out a cannon looking device that had a huge hole. Evil Jack loaded it one by one with smaller sized pumpkins. Doc aimed it at Slate's bulge. Slate had a silver latex like suit. His cock was pushed forward with a cock ring and his codpiece was anatomically correct which showed every orb of his tender balls and huge thick latin cock. Razor had a similar suit but it was red.

"Fire," Doc yelled.

Whoooooosh! BAMM!

The pumpkin moved at 90+ mph and hit Slate's thigh. The pumpkins were full of nails and the shrapnel cut into his suit. 

"I missed your balls." Dog said.

Slate wiggled and tried to flex as the exploded pumpkin juice oiled his suit. The shiny bulge glistened in the moonlight. 

"Fire," Doc yelled.

Whoooosh! SPLATT!

The pumpkin hit Slate's abs this time. He lost wind from the impact and the nails tore into his suit.

"Fire," Doc said.

This time it hit his right pec and his tan silver dollar nipple popped out and was exposed.

'FIRE," Doc yelled.


"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Slate yelled. The pumpkin hit him square in his testicles. Slate's package shook from the impact and his left ball and his mushroom head cock appeared due to the lacerations in the suit.

"'FIRE," Doc yelled.

'AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Slate yelled. This time a nail punctured his left ball. His entire cod piece was shredded and only a few strands covered his dangling meat.

"There it is," Doc said. 

Doc maneuvered the cannon around to Razor. Razor's huge 10+ -inch-cock for some reason was at full mast.

"Well, well, well!" Doc said. "This will be easy." 

Razor's huge 10.5 inch thick  black cock popped out of the suit. A nail punctured the thick mushroom head. Two smaller nails landed and stuck out of his right ball. 

"I can't damage the goods." Doc said. 

Doc began to rub his cock when he saw the two muscle heroes flexing and rubbing their muscle asses against each other. Their fragile exposed cocks were out. Slate wasn't hard and Doc wanted to fix that in order to proceed with the milking torture. Doc took out a long think pole and inserted it and sounded Slate's urethra. He stuffed in three triangle edged viagra pills.

"AHHHHHHH," Slate yelled.

Doc slowly injected liquid viagra as well into Slate's cock. The clear ooze was warm and caused Slate's cock to shake uncontrollably. It was hard within a minute and began to ooze precum. Doc took the pole and walked around to Razor. Razor was already hard and he bit the tip of the mushroom cock. Doc rammed the pole deep into the cock.

"UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGHHHHHHH," Razor moaned as the thick cock was sounded. Doc toggled the rod around so the thick veiny cock could feel every bit of the rod. Doc swiftly pulled it out and cum began to ooze out like a volcano.

Now the heroes were ass to ass with two thick cocks pulsating from the viagra concoction. 

"Well my job is done," Doc said. "Take it away."

Evil Jack, a huge ripped villain walked over to the heroes as they dangled and were bound. He wore a pumpkin mask and had rotten teeth. He wasted no time and began to pump the cocks with his arms. He removed the nails that entered in their muscle bodies. Evil Jack didn't want the heroes to have bliss when they came. He turned them around to face each other so their cocks were bound together with a jagged wire.

Doc stood back and got hard looking at the two muscle heroes bound in their shredded suits as their nipples and huge cocks began to rub against each other. Both their cocks were around the same size. Slate's veiny tan cock had a plump fat mushroom head that pulsed. Razor's thick dark brown cock produced thick globs of precum that leaked onto Slate's cock. Soon the two heroes were trotting against each other. Doc couldn't help himself and pushed his finger deep into their muscle asses. He pushed the two muscle studs together and gripped their asses.

"Unghhhhhhhhhhhhh," Slate moaned as cum squirted all over Razor's cock and abs. Razor's cock now fully lubed with cum couldn't hold it and he squirted a massive creamy load of cum.

"That felt good boys?" Doc said. "That's the last you'll ever cum. I'm tired of you muscle bozo's messing with my money and my plans."

"Ughhhhhh," Slate moaned as he wiggled. His muscle butt flexed as he tried to break free but couldn't. 

"Bust their balls Evil Jack." Doc said.

"Yes master." Evil Jack said.

Evil Jack put on titanium gloves and uppercut the heroes in the groin.


"Bye bye balls." Evil Jack said.

He squeezed Slate and Razor's plump balls and began to slowly pull them down.



"Squeeze them!" Doc said. He could see their balls being squished and he smiled in delight.

"I don't think so," a voice yelled. It was Slick the 5'6 young 21 muscle pup and the youngest member on the team. His blue suit reflected in the moonlight. His cockering codpiece always made his dick look erect and it stood at 6' O Clock. He had dark brown hair and deep dimples and often compared to Nick Jonas.

He did a fly kick that knocked Doc to the ground. He swiftly tasered Doc who began to convulse. Slick then handcuffed  Doc so  he was no longer a threat. 

"Get off of him." Slick yelled. Evil Jack stopped his ball squeezing which was a relief for Slick and Razor.

"Break that little runt," Doc yelled.

"Yes Master." Evil Jack said.

Evil Jack charged at Slick but the muscle pup was able to maneuver away and do a flying kick to Evil Jack's back. He jumped on his back and assaulted Evil Jack with an onslaught of punches. Evil Jack had enough. He grabbed Slick by the arm and slammed his body on the ground. He then jumped on his back.


Slick's bulge was in full view and Evil Jack stomped on his manhood from behind. 

"Ah, my balls." Slick yelled.

Evil Jack turned the hero around so that he was on the ground facing him. Slick's codpiece wiggled as he tried to get out of the villain's clutches.

"Nice tight package." Evil Jack said. He then got down and placed his knee deep into Slick's package. The 7 foot 350lb mountain began to apply pressure on the tender round package of testicles and cock. 


Evil Jack turned to Doc who was handcuffed. He took a knife and quickly sawed the handcuffs off. Doc was angry from getting assaulted and picked up a metal pipe and began to hit Slick in his abs. The two of them double teamed the little muscle pup on the floor. Evil Jack continued to dig his foot into Slick's balls while Doc hurt his abs. Finally Doc took out his device and injected Slick with the viagra serum. Slick's thick Italian sausage was erect and pressed against his codpiece. His two balls were filled with cum. 

"Break him." Doc said.

"Yes Master." Evil Jack said.

Evil Jack lifted Slick over his shoulders and ripped into his codpiece and exposed the thick cock. With one grip he twisted the cock and balls. Slick passed out as he felt his plump balls squished at every angle. 

"UNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, my balls…" he moaned. 

"Don't damage them too bad." Doc said.

"One down." Evil Jack said.

Meanwhile Slate and Razor were still hard. Evil Jack walked over to the heroes.

"Let me finish what I started." Evil Jack said. 

"Leave there cocks intact but break one of their balls all they need is one."

SNAP! Slate felt his left ball broken and squished.

SQUISH. Razor's huge left ball was strained in two places. The muscle heroes and their huge muscle cocks were broken. Their abs mushy and their muscular bodies bruised with welts. Evil Jack untied them and the two heroes dropped down and grabbed their balls. Each of them were tied hog style.

"Milk them." Doc said.

He attached a device on each of their hard cocks and injected them with an even more lethal dose of viagra in their damaged testicles. Slate was on his back and could feel the cum release from his cock into the tube. Doc got the best of his again. Doc came over to him and began to lick his silver dollar brown nipples.

"You boys are mine." 

Doc unzipped the back of their suits and rolled Slate over. He began to fuck his tight muscular hole over and over again.

Slate could just cum reluctantly as his muscle ass was violated and he was defeated.