The Telemachus Story Archive

Slates Final Battle
By Arthur Hero

Slate's Final Battle?

Slate suited up for what was supposed to be a routine fly through in the streets.

The captain of a quartet of heroes was enjoying a peaceful Grand Island City.

Slate, handsome, built and equipped with a 10-inch cock rode his bike around the city. He stopped here and there to wave at the people who were thrilled with the peace of the city. 

Slate decided to go back to the headquarters and take a nap. Everyone else on the team was off…he normally manned the city alone if he felt everything was under control. He looked at himself in the mirror, solid muscle, tanned latin skin, juicy nipples and a ten pack set of abs to die for. He looked down at his bulge, huge and big with his two orb baseball nuts that sat next to his huge cock like trophies. His cock swayed side to side in the lycra jockstrap. He sat on the couch and watched Saturday Night Live, another Trump spoof. He laughed a little and knocked out.

The alarms went off around 3 a.m. Slate got up out of his sleep and suited up.

Nipple pieces, full rubber anatomically correct latex-rubberiezed suit, and heavy duty boots. Finally, the codpiece that was like a second skin. It showcased his centerpiece and used as protection in theory. Slate got the coordinates, the garage downstairs? That was odd.

He took off his mask and took the elevator down, the parking lot smelled like smoke. The entrance was sealed but there was a sewer cap open.

"Razor, Slick, Brick," Slate said. "I'm going down in HQ. Come to base."

"On my way," Razor said. "Wait for cover."

"No, let me scout." Slate said.

"No. Wait for -" Slate ended the call. He had a lot of pride. He always wanted to be ahead to make sure the team knew what to do when they arrived. He went down the long 20 foot staircase. It shut behind him. He felt something grab him by the leg, a metal tentacle, it knocked him over and he stumbled in the air. The tentacle slammed him head first on the concrete. His head had a gash but his plump Puerto Rican butt took the brunt of the impact.

"Damn," Slate said.

"Slattttttttte," a voice called.

He jumped up. The tentacle let go of its grip and a spotlight was on him.

"Show yourself." Slate said.

The room turned dim. He saw saw Ram, the 7 foot villain and saw Steel Crusher with his titanium steel knuckles and then there was Doc, the mastermind.

"Helllo, handsome man," Doc said. He looked at the sexy hero, trapped and in a death pit. "Get him. NO MERCY."

       Slate back flipped into a corner. There was nothing to do but fight. The 5'10 hero swung at the 7 foot giant and landed punches in Steel Crushers neck. Steel Crusher was stunned but Ram did a flying kick to Slate's face. 


Slate was against the wall and Ram began to punch his abs.  It was painful. Ram liked to wrestle and he threw the hero on the floor. It was game over he pounced on him and put him in a choke hold. Slate was losing oxygen but elbowed Ram in the side. Steel Crusher saw his prey as he struggled. Slate's bulge pressed against his codpiece. His oval nuts wiggled in the codpiece.

Steel Crusher slammed his foot into Slate's manhood.

"Ugh," Slate moaned.

Steel Crusher kicked Slate's bulge. Slate tried to protect his nuts but the boot kept stomping on the hero. Steel Crusher then grabbed them.  Ram grabbed Slate in the air as Steel Crusher went to work. Slate's suit was no match for the ball abuse.


Steel Crusher enjoyed the sounds as his fists went deep into the balls. Slate's balls dropped right into two ball slots so the targets were undeniable. Each ball was pressed against the suit.

Ram wanted in on the action and kneed Slate in the nuts from behind.

"Nut bashing fun," Ram said. Steel Crusher picked up a pipe and slammed it into Slate's manhood.

"AGHHHHHH," Slate yelled. Ram dropped him on the ground. Slate's cock and balls were in tact. Plump, juicy and seemed to hold up against the nut abuse.

        "Hurt his juicy nuts." Ram said.

"Steel Crusher slammed the pipe square in between Slate's legs. He then bashed Slate's right knee cap.


The hero was hurt. Ram picked up a spiked bat and slammed it against Slate's abs. Steel Crusher did the same with his lead pipe.


Slate tried to block the attacks as he stood on one knee. Steel Crusher kicked the hero in the head and blood began to drip from his nose.

"So handsome." Ram said.

"So vulnerable." Steel Crusher said.

Slate rolled and lunged as did a kick that tripped Steel Crusher. He stood on top of him and began to punch his face.

"AHHHH, little shit got me," Steel Crusher said.

Ram kicked Slate in the back and began to reverse bear hug him. He squeezed his abs and gave ab claws. 

 "Rip his suit off," Ram said.

Ram took his titanium helmet horns and rammed it into Slate's abs. His suit had holes and gashes that went into his ten pack. Steel Crusher stripped the hero's mid section and they pulled the armor off the hero. They clawed and battered the ten pack of muscle.

"SQUEEZEEEEEEEE" Steel Crusher said.

"Ah," Slate moaned as his spat up gastric juice. He fought valiantly and sent an uppercut to Ram's jaw. Steel Crusher took the pipe and smashed in on Slate's calves. Slate was sprawled with his suit half torn. His cod piece covered his manhood. And his lower suit was in tact. His pec armor was ripped and filled with welts and lacerations. Slate backed into the corner and pressed a beacon from his utility belt.

Ram ripped off the belt and broke it. He picked Slate up by the cod piece and squeezed his balls again.

"His cock is soft." Ram said. "Your little friends will find you broken before we're done with you."

"I want to crack his cock." Steel Crusher said.

They zipped the codpiece and exposed the manhood. It was swollen but his two balls were in tact. Juicy, swollen and sweaty but in good shape.

"Let me bite his cock piece by piece." Steel Crusher said. Blood was on his hands from the ab assault. Slate backed into a corner and held one hand over his 10 inch cock.

"You'll have to kill me to get my cock." Slate said.

"HAHAHAHAH!" Ram said.

"Let's torture him." Steel Crusher said.

They pinned up the hero against the wall and bent the pipe to secure his neck around another pipe. They tied Slate's hands with barbed wire around a gate. Ram took out a needle and jammed it in Slate's ball. Slate wiggled and his wrists were bloody from the barbed wire. Eveything from the neck down was exposed. His dark brown round nipples, his shiny abs and his thick things dripped with sweat. Now his cock pulsed out. It dripped cum from the viagra injection.


The hero was tied with barbed wire and a metal pipe around his neck. Slate's cock pulsed and he began to feel his cock filled with cum.

Ram took out a drill out of a box and turned it on. He inserted it hard into the 10 inch cock. Slate's small hole urethra felt the thick rusty jagged drill inserted into his cock. Ram turned it on.


"OHHHHH MY GODDDDDDDDD!:" Slate yelled. Cum dripped out and spirited out as his cock was sounded by the drill. Ram and Steel Crusher's 12 inch cocks turned rock hard. Slate's cock twisted around and cum dripped everywhere. He turned his head to the ceiling and felt the heat as it twisted his urtethra. 

"I have more tools." Ram said.

Steel Crusher took out a staple gun and placed it on Slate's plump nuts.

"This might hurt." Steel Crusher said.


"Ahhhhhhhh." Slate yelled.

The staple clipped his right ball. 

"That's hot." Ram said.

"What else you got?" Steel Crusher said. 

He found sharp nails and a battery pack. 

"Let's play with these nipples." Steel Crusher said.

He tugged at Slate's silver dollar nipple. They were juicy and petruded out.

Steel Crusher slowly inserted an inch sized nail into Slate's nipple. He pierced both of them so that they petruded out. He attached a car battery pack and clamped the nipple pieces. 

Slate's cock felt like it was on fire. His nipples had a clean pierce with little blood.

Steel Crusher turned on the voltage.

Slate's nipples bounced around. The voltage was turned up higher and smoke began to cook his precious tender nipples.


The muscle hero was tortured for 30 minutes. Steel Crusher was tired of the torture and wanted to crush the hero. 

"Let me break him once and for all."

They dropped Slate on the ground. The hero was covered in blood, cum and sweat. He sprawled his arms and was at their mercy.

Steel Crusher bent down and looked at the hero. He sucked the cum out the cock and the hero was spent.

"I'm energized." Steel Crusher said.

They injected him with more serum. Slate began to convulse and ooze out globs of cum. Steel Crusher took the heel of his heavy boot and smashed it on the plump nuts as cum gushed out.

"Are you in pleasure or pain." Steel Crusher said.

Ram waited for this moment forever he took a giant pipe and slowly pressed it on Slate's right nut. 

Slate looked up at him and didn't fight back. He felt his right ball crushed against the floor. 

To make sure Slate's nuts were liquid mush Ram pounded then with the pipe five times. Slate's balls were crushed to mush.

"And his cock?" Ram said.

The hard cock was still erect. Ram took his hand and cracked it in half.

Slate covered his damaged manhood and his eyes rolled in the back of his head. Ram decided to finish the hero off. He lifted Slate in the air and suplexed him on the ground. Bones were broken and the hero was left on his stomach. 

"We did nothing to his plump butt cheeks." Ram said.

"Nice and tight Slate," Ram said. He milked Slate's damaged cock and as he inserted his 12 inch cock into Slate's rectum. Ram was rough and slammed Slate's head against the pavement and he fucked him. Slate was in a dazed. He felt pain inside his prostrate and pain in his skull. 

  Ram came inside of Slate and Slate's rectum oozed of cum. Steel Crusher jumped on the plump buttocks and the cleats gave Slate lacerations to his tanned cheeks. His tanned buttonhole star still oozed out the cum from Ram. Steel Crusher took his long thick fingers and began to finger fuck Slate. Slate wiggled but Steel Crusher just mounted pressure on the prostate. Now the pressure was intense and he felt the pain.

"Stop," Slate moaned. "Stopppppppppppp."

"Your little G-spot huh." Steel Crusher lifted Slate in the air and finger fucked him mid air. Slate just stopped fighting.

He was slammed on the ground again and this time on his back. He rolled over but was met with a roundhouse kick by Ram. The hero only had his cracked visor left and his boots. His shoulder pads stayed in tact but all his body armor was stripped.

"Still so muscular." Ram said.

Ram lifted Slate and slammed his kneecap into his abs. He clawed and began to turn the muscle fibers into mush. He ab clawed for half an hour as Slate took the abuse to his abs.

Ram felt the abs feel more like mush. The eight pack was mushy from the claws. 

"No….more," Slate said.

He looked down at his costume. He could barely stand as he was sure his leg was broken. Ram swung a metal pipe at Slate's calf and bashed it. The hero collapsed on the floor. He tried to crawl away slow. His muscles still gleaming from sweat. His cock was swollen and his balls a sac of mushy testicular tissue. He reached the side of a wall and sat in a corner. When he looked up Ram and Steel Crusher had electric night sticks in their hands. They zapped Slate until he foamed and spat up.

Ram and Steel Crusher looked at each other and grinned. Steel Crusher lifted Slate up in the air one last time and threw him to Ram who uppercut the hero in the face.

Slate was barely conscious. He sprawled his arms out in an X like formation. Ram took the decimated codpiece and licked it. He slammed the pipe in Slate's mushy groin tissue one last time and then slammed the pipe over Slate's abs.

Slate was broken and defeated. They tied Slate up with twine around his arms and legs like a hog.

 Slates cock still jumped up and down. Ram inserted the drill point in Slate's cock until it stuck out. The sounded cock still throbbed. 

"Ahhhh," Slate moaned.

Ram then inserted nails into Slate's mushy ball sack. He attached the battery pack to the metal clamps on his balls and another one on his cock.

"What's for dinner?" Ram said.

"Fried cock!" Steel Crusher said.

Ram turned up the voltage and Slate began to shake. His cock and balls were zapped and he couldn't escape the barb wire clutches.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Slate yelled as his cock was cooked. He hoped someone would help him out of his torture misery.


Ram took off the battery and the hero slumped his head down.

"Please" Slate whimpered. "No more."

Ram looked at Slate, drenched with sweat, blood and cum. The hero was defeated and broken. His abs were mush. His nipples were pierced. His legs were broken. His face was swollen. His biceps were lacerated. His cock was red and his balls were swollen.

"You won," Slate said.

Ram wanted to have mercy but a few months from now the hero would recover. Slate would be more of a machine then before with his 10 pack abs and studly cock.

"I'm sorry Slate," Ram said. "No mercy."

Ram grabbed Slates cock and bent it all the way back and then forth and then around and then back again. The hero moaned.

Ram took the nail gun and shot numerous nails in Slate's nuts that impaled his balls.

"AHHHHHHHHH," Slate moaned.

Ram and Steel Crusher took two metal spikes and placed them in what remained on Slate's ball sac mush. There were two signs. One said RAM WAS HERE the other said STEEL CRUSHER WAS HERE.

Slate didn't move as his ball sack was pierced with signs.

The two villains walked away. Ram looked back and knew he could have done worse torture but there would be another day for that. It would take months for Slate to recover from his brutal ball busting.