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Slate vs the Milking Jellyfish
By Arthur Hero (Illustrated by Arthur Hero)


Three months have passed since the humiliating defeat of Slate, Razor, Brick and Slick. The Grand Island City heros finally were mended and back to strength after their defeat from Doc. Grand Island City was sweltering and the city was on fire. Doc and his new villains were wreaking havoc on the city. Grand Island City was exposed to high robberies, terror alerts and muscular men were being kidnapped and milked. Doc's underground market of cum collection was better than ever. He knew by breaking the superheroes cocks it would takes months for them to recover. He was right. Slate finally was able to have an erection for the first time a few weeks prior. He felt brand new and was backed up from not being able to have an erection. He jerked off every other hour and fucked twice a day. Slick, the gymnast acrobatic hero and young muscle pup was Slate's boy toy. He too was back in full sex drive and recovered well. Razor and Brick also finally recovered. However, in the time they healed there was only the corrupt police department to put an end to the villains. The villains were powerful and at the top was Doc. He always had a new serum on the black market for the mutants.

"Slate," a voice called on video chat. it was Angela Diaz, the new police chief. Slate just finished working out in his loft alone and was sweaty. He wore compression shorts and his bulge was erect as always recently.

"Oh my," Angela said.

"Sorry," Slate said. "I've been…"

"I know," Angela said. "Backed up. Three months is a long time to have a broken cock. Glad you're back at it and its fixed."

"What's up?" Slate said. He was handsome, more ripped, more lean and more powerful. His pecs were swollen and his eight pack was now almost ten. The recovery after his defeat shred any body fat he had. Angela couldn't take her eyes off of him.

"There's, there's…" she began to sweat and unbuttoned her top blouse button. "A disturbance by the water park. Any muscular guy at the beach is getting grabbed into the water by some creature. A jelly fish one survivor claims. It dragged him into an underground chamber and molested him with its tentacles. It's some sort of mutant out there. The police went under to scuba dive but found nothing. The victims were tossed back on the beach.

"I know it's your first mission but can you check Slate." Angela said.

"Sure, I'll take a dive tonight and take a body cam."

"Slate," Angela said. "Be careful papi."

Slate nodded and walked to the back room. It was 105 degrees earlier in the day hot and humid. The city was a sweltering baked mess. He looked at his options for armor. Full armor was too much he thought he was only inspecting and needed to do a dive. He had "swim armor." which was only a protective codpiece that snapped into a cock ring to cover his 10-inch package. His butt was exposed and "covered" his crack with a thin rubber rope. He wore knee and arm protectors but his pecs and abs were exposed. He was pretty much naked but if he was going to dive in this heat it would be quick and easy.

Slate jumped off his motorcycle and snapped on his scuba gear. He didn't feel the need to alert the other members about the mission unless there was a major danger. He dived under and put on a search light. The water was warm and for a northeast city it felt like Miami water. Global warming he thought. He dived deeper and scouted the sewer openings below the sewage park. He did see a pile of swimming trunks, a lot of them! Yikes he thought. He decided to swim into the sewer and search for the canal. There were more swim trunks. Speedos, short board shorts and traditional ones. He could tell that whatever guys wore some of these must have been confident in their appearance and fit. Slate swam up into a chamber. He jumped out the water and looked around an old facility. It must have been a power supply chamber. He was at the hydroelectric underground portion.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," He felt a sting on his back. The pain began to penetrate through his body. What was that he thought? He turned around and saw it. It was a blob like jellyfish, huge, almost 10 feet by 8 feet towering over him. Slate had no armor and was wondering what to do.

"Hello friend," a voice called. It was one of the Tubs that ball busted him before. One of Doc's henchman. "I see your cock has recovered. No hard feelings. We just needed time to create an empire. Glad you met my friend. He will be having fun with you today. The chubby bear walked away and locked himself in a chamber.

The jellyfish attacked and began to launch it's tentacles at Slate. Slate was agile and dodged. He kicked the tentacles and squashed them one by one. The jellyfish got a hold of Slate's neck and began to choke him. Slate took out a knife and cut himself lose. He then lunged and began to cut at the tentacles. One by one they fell to the floor. Instead of shriveling up they squirmed around and began to wrap around his boots. No he thought. He made a bad situation worse. Just then he felt a sting on his exposed butt cheeks. He fell over as the cut pieces of tentacles wrapped around his feet. He tried to crawl away to grab a knife but two more cut pieces grabbed him. Now he had his legs locked and his arms bound. The jellyfish towered over Slate and threw a giant tentacle at his codpiece. It removed it and exposed his balls. Juicy, large, and thick. The jellyfish slammed into Slate's balls and began to squeeze them.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Slate yelled. Another tentacle went up into his anal canal. It maneuvered around and a tentacle reached his prostate. It massaged the tracts it and began to send an electric wave. The pulse hit Slate's g-spot.

"Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Slate moaned. The tentacle wiggled and probed. It began to wrap itself around the sex organ and emit an electrical pulse.

"Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Slate moaned. Every orifice was now consumed by the blob's tentacles. The muscle hero tried to maneuver out but instead the jelly consumed him more and more. Slate's bottom torso was fully engulfed in the monster's mouth. Slate felt as the tentacles shocked him with its electricity It was painful.

Finally Slate could feel as a tube slowly went around his cock. It must have been the Jellyfish mouth. It felt like a flesh jack Slate thought. The monster began to pump Slate's cock with its tubelike mouth and tightened its grip. Slate couldn't resist and ejaculated into the tube.

"Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh," he moaned. His cock was still hard. The tentacles released an enzyme that kept Slate hard. It began to pump Slate's 10 inch curved dick again. The little hairs caressed every inch of his manhood. Slate was pumped faster this time and he released another load.

"Ughhhhhh," he moaned. The tube tightened its grip again and it began to pump him again. He couldn't resist but now his cock was getting sore.

"Ughhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhhh," Slate yelled. The monster began to tickle his nipples and it began to massage his prostate with its long tentacles. Slate was pumped harder. This time two tentacles wrapped their fibers around Slate's balls and began to tug and squeeze them. They squeezed harder and harder until Slate was in pain. He ejaculated again and he saw that his cum was going into the beast. It was engineered to milk dry its prey. Slate's cum was placed in a sac.

One of Doc's henchman appeared. He was grotesque and huge with a sloppy gut. He wore armor and held a tube. He walked up to Slate who was bound by the beast and kissed him. Slate was oiled up and his muscles glistened. He ejaculated again as the henchman taunted him. The henchman took a jug and squeezed the sac on the side of the jellyfish beast. Slate's cum was squeezed into a tube. This jellyfish was designed to milk the hero.

"Slate we have what we need from you." The henchman said. He saw Slate's balls in a tight grip from the beast. The henchman couldn't resist and he gave a firm squeeze to Slate's giant, juicy and swollen balls.

"Ahhhhhhhhh," Slate yelled.

"So tender they are." The henchman said. "Finish him."

The henchman jumped on a jet ski and zoomed off into the sewer.

Now that Slate was milked the jellyfish changed its mission from milking the muscle hero to destroying him. It began to sting Slate with his tentacles. It knew Slate's cock and balls would be a great place to hurt the hero. The monster stung Slate's balls over and over again.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Slate yelled. Slowly it opened it's mouthlike orifice. It had little thorny teeth and began to nibble on Slate's butt.

"Ahhhhh," Slate yelled.

It began to push the hero into its mouth. Slowly, until finally Slate was engulfed in it. He could hardly breathe and began to gasp for air. He felt the creature began to nibble on him. His nipples, his balls, his butt were all jellyfish food.

Suddenly he was spat out. Slate was on the ground covered in a slimy goo. He gasped for air. He looked up and saw his team mates Razor the muscle God with a huge bulge. And Slick, the lean and tender younger rookie.

They were attacking the jellyfish with flamethrowers. The jellyfish was overcooked and soon it exploded. The guts flew all over the place. It was over.

Slate was gasping for air. His cock was still hard and he rolled on his back. Razor picked Slate up and carried him on his back. Slate's hard cock pressed against Razor's muscle butt. Slate couldn't help it and secreted a load down Razor's butt armor.

"Ughhhh," Slate moaned. Razor turned around.

"Get it out." Razor said. "You need to cum out the toxins."

Slate began to press his cock against Razor's latex codpiece. He ejaculated all over it and caressed his friend. Slate oozed out a large creamy load and passed out.

Razor cleaned off the cum and they placed Slate on a speed boat and they carried him away to safety.

One week later…

Slate was doing pull ups in the loft headquarters. He was only in a jockstrap and his juicy butt could be seen. On his TV prompt a call was coming through. It was Angela Diaz the police chief.

"Oh my," she said. Slate's tan body and muscles were in full view.

"You always call after my workouts." Slate said.

"Thank you guys for killing that jellyfish." Angela said. She looked nervous.

"It almost killed ME!" Slate said.

"What's wrong?"Slate said.

Angela looked nervous. Doc appeared. The mad scientist must have found his way into the police headquarters.

"Slate," Doc said. "Meet me at my mountain hideout upstate. Come alone. I'm going to introduce you to my new mutant creation. He's a former bodybuilder and now I call him Terror."

A muscular mutant with pale and scaly skin with menacing jagged armor appeared on screen. He took a brick and crushed it with his hand.

"You fight me," the mutant said. "Or I blow up the nuclear reactor and turn Grand Island City into a wasteland. You have 24 hours to get there or else…"

"If I were you, I would wear your best armor," Doc said.

"Win or lose nothing will happen to the city, as long as you show up" Terror said. He looked at Slate and gave a gesture that implied squeezing. He took a needle out of his spiked armor and made a gesture as if he were poking the air. "That will be your balls."

"Just you Slate," Doc said. "Leave your other two teammates behind. Or else."

Doc and Terror walked away. Angela gasped and was breathing heavy.

"They just walked in here," Angela said. "You have to go and stop them."

Slate felt this was a set up. He didn't think Angela would betray him.

Slate suited up. He wore his full armor and attached gadgets. He looked in the mirror, and put on his eye masc. He rubbed his codpiece which showcased his soft cock and balls in a tight pouch. He knew this would be a hard mission but he had to go it alone.

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