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Slick Milked
By Arthur Hero (Illustrated by Robert Lust)

Slick Milked

Art by Robert Lust

Written by Arthur Hero

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Ram was dying. He looked in the mirror and realized he was losing his strength. The bodybuilder mutant was transformed by Doc. The story is Ram was chronically in Pain and came to Doc. The two made a pact that if Ram, at that time Jason Sam, would save his life he would help Doc with whatever he needed. After a botched surgery, Ram was infused with the genes of a bear, Scorpian and a Ram. He went with the name Ram because he created a helmet that could ram into things like bank vaults and store doors. At first he began with petty crime but then he began to do large operations like holding up diplomats from Russia which almost led to a nuclear stand off between the US and Russia. At this time the new Arthur Heros, a task force of skilled fighters were mercenaries to bring peace to the largest city in the country, Grand Island City. One by one each of Doc's operations were intercepted. Ram had super power strength but needed a daily ingestion of man seed to regain his strength. In fact all of Doc's villains needed muscular male spunk to survive. It was like he bred vampires and Doc's milking chambers of kidnapped muscle hunks was the only way to keep his sinister villains alive. Ram had a new disease that Doc never saw. Because he had the blood of a Scorpian he was now developing a poison that attacked his system. The large mutant looked in the mirror. Whatever this mutation was it was killing him now.

Doc ran out...

"Ram, I know how to intercept your self inflicted poison," Doc said. Doc was a large bear and wore a dark green cape.

"What?" Ram said.

"Slate," Doc said.

The thought of Slate angered him. Slate foiled his operations and an accidental acid bomb that was meant for Slate was reversed and scarred Ram. Ram also was attracted to Slate. Slate was in his early thirties, bald, tan, Latin and fit. His muscle butt filled in his latex, rubber skin tight suit. The thought made Ram horny. He couldn't ejaculate or he would lose more energy. He immediately stopped his thoughts.

"Slate and Slick," Doc said.

Slick was the young 21 year old youngest member of the Arthur Heros. He was about 5'4 but ripped. He was a gymnast and had teen looks but a ripped body. He too filled in his blue suit.

"Ram focus," Doc said. "Your body has ingested most of their spunk when we had them trapped and milked for three weeks. Now it needs their unique protein. Slate is too hard to capture but his little boy toy sidekick is easy. We will find him, break him so he is immobilized and bound. Then we will milk him forever and ever. His spunk is the only think to keep you alive I'm afraid. We don't hurt him too much we will force him to work out. We don't need all of them. We just need him as our slave and you will live as long as he is in shape."

"I'm too weak to fight," Ram said.

At that moment a behemoth around his size walked out. He looked like a scruffy bear but super jacked. His arms were metallic. He held a metal pipe and broke it in half.

Doc smiled.

"Meet Steel Crusher," Doc said. "Once you are back in good health then we will be able to take over the city."

Steel Crusher held out his arm and shook Ram's hand. Ram gave a soft handshake since he was weak.

"Let's crush this little muscle pup," Steel Crusher said.

Part 2.

Slick was young and from the working class neighborhood of Van Brook. One borough out of seven that combined made up Grand Island City. Slick was weaving in and out of traffic in his Japanese import sports coupe. He just came from the gym and was wearing tight under armor. Someone honked at him. He stuck his head out the window and gave the finger.

"Ah fuck you bro," Slick said in his Italian Brooke accent. "Get outta hea."

Slick had dark features but sapphire blue eyes. He was young, handsome, and super fit. He also did MMA training as a hobby and was already at the highest title at 21. Slick's real name was Tony and he was almost finished his senior year in college. He helped as a medic for the Arthur Heros team. Together with Slate, Brick, and Razor they defended the city in skin tight muscle suits. Slick got his name because he liked to gel his hair and had a slick 50's, James Dean look. He loved leather jackets but most of all his work out gear. It was comfortable and the Lycra clung on to him like a Gladiator Adonis. He parked up in an underground garage and he entered the loft and saw Slate in bed. Their relationship was blurred. Slate loved Slick and vice-versa but as a young man at 21 he wasn't quite sure. Slate, in his early 30's had lived, had heartbreaks and new loves, and of course his fair share of hook ups. Slick, only knew one cock and that was Slate's. It happened by accident and Slick who was an alpha machismo of Italian descent and "Catholic" wasn't sure where he was in life. He did know deep down he loved Slate. He loved fighting side by side with him. He always defended him when a villain tried to take aim at Slate and the two were closer than say Brick and Razor. Slate was in his compression shorts on a computer.

"Any disturbances?" Slick asked, as he stripped to only his compression shorts.

"Yeah the mayor had an assassination plot but Brick and Razor foiled it."

Just then an alert came in. The water treatment plant had a black out. No one could get in due to explosions.

"I'll handle this one." Slate said. He suited up and looked like a muscular mass of perfection. His large plump butt and deep ass crack was like a canyon.

"Be careful," Slick said.

At the same another alert came in. This time from the zoo. Apparently the snake pit was open. Slick hated snakes but he had to do what he had to do. Slate agreed the two should do a duo mission and split up.

Suit up time. Slick looked at what "armor" he would wear. The suits available were more for agility and comfort. Because the Heros were good at fighting the suits were more for durability than heavy armor. A gift and a curse if caught in a bear hug or worse. Slick out on his skintight suit which was a hybrid of latex, rubber and Lycra. The nipples were exposed but slick covered it up with nipple pieces. His cock and balls were exposed. He looked in the armory and grabbed a rubber like cod piece. Because he was well endowed, each curve of his ball was seen and his cock coiled up so that the curve stuck out. It was a very revealing suit but it was comfortable. Slick put on his face mask and walked into the main computer room in the loft. Slate was mapping out his route on a virtual holographic map.

"If anything happens just call me. I will try to resolve my case as fast as possible and head over." Slate said.

The two hugged. Their cod pieces rubbed against each other. Two large bulges rubbed back and forth and they began to frot.

"Ugh," Stop Slate said. Slick grabbed the large meaty butt as he kissed Slate.

"Be careful," Slick said.

The zoo was strange. It was full of lions, tigers and bears. All were isolated and quarantined chambers away from the venomous poisonous loose snakes. In the darkness Slick saw a snake by his foot. The acrobat he was, he jumped up and did a back flip away from the loose rattle snake. It was odd he thought. The snake tried to strike his cock he thought. It was odd. He maneuvered through the park with his LED light and saw another snack. This time a cobra...the cobra raised up and was ready to strike it immediately lunged not at Slick's neck but at his cock. This time the snake caught him with its two venomous claws into Slick's codpiece. The fangs sank in deep into his testicles. It wasn't poison but the venom was replaced with supercharged testosterone and a sexual stumulant.

"Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh," Slick yelled.

The venom began to creep into him. Slick did a few back flips away from the snake and ran into a dark den. He took a universal anecdote out of his belt and injected himself. The pain on his balls were still there but otherwise he felt okay. The poison went away but then he looked down. His cock was at full mast. It was throbbing. And his 21 year old horny penis was now at mega staff. Every step gave him the sensation to cum. Eventually he did.

He stopped and grabbed his throbbing bulge.

"Ughhhhhhhhhh." Slick moaned. He went into a dark chamber and began to unzip his codpiece. Globs of white muscle pup spunk oozed out in large doses. It must have been a liter of cum. There was just no way Slick thought. He was impressed by the load in his naive young way but then realized the snake cursed him with a dose of Doc's poison, and that meant Doc couldn't be far away. Horny and again erect Slick looked around the chamber. He went into another chamber and sat on a rock. He looked around and it said Ram cage. He thought he was safe because Ram's could only do so much harm. And then he realized the connection. Immediately jail bars closed in on the chamber and he was trapped. He tried to get out with all his might but he couldn't.

Ram, the 7'5 behemoth appeared in front of him. Ram looked pale and weak.

"Hi Slick," Ram said. "I need something from you and we can do this the easy way or the hard way."

"Get me out of here! Before I kick your ass." Slick said.

Slick's boner was ripe and fresh. His suit showed signs of ejaculation and a bubble of cum. Ram looked weak and pathetic. If Slick could get out he would be able to devote the villain for sure. Unknown to him was the presence behind him. A villain that knew no pain and could crush metal. Steel Crusher saw his prey it would be easy and too easy and he would be paid $500,000 for securing the hero. Steel Crusher had one objective which was to secure Slick and get him to the milker. Unknown to Doc and Ram was Steel Crusher's mutation was that of a Shark, Boa, and a Grizzly Bear. Steel Crusher saw his prey and attacked. He wanted to squeeze the hero.

And that he did. Steel Crusher, with all his muscle might began to squeeze Slick.


Steel Crusher realized that if he squeezed him hard enough the muscle pup would no longer exist. He eased up and remembered his task. HE MUST REMAIN ALIVE. Slick squirmed out and did an assault on Steel Crusher's head. Slick then dropped to the floor and landed a kick in Steel Crusher's vulnerable cod piece. Slick's foot went deep into the giant bulge and got lost in it.

"URGGHH!" The giant yelled. Slick realized that was his weak spot and he hit him again with one of his rod's. "AGHHH," Steel Crusher yelled.

The scorpion blood in him boiled and enough was enough. Steel Crusher forgot about his mission and began to squeeze the hero. Slick's muscle fibers began to snap at once. And soon he could feel his organs being squeezed. Steel Crusher dropped the hero to the floor and took his toes and began to crush Slick's two plump balls and then his abs. Steel Crusher's steel cleats pierced into Slick's eight pack. Steel crusher then gave Slick ab stomach crunches and pummeled him while he was on the ground. Steel Crusher loved too wrestle and began to squeeze Slick's abs until he couldn't breathe. He smiled as he realized he was crushing Slick's gonadal tissue against the concrete. Slick tried to move the foot away but it was to no avail. Next Steel Crusher punched Slick in his balls. Slick never felt pain like this. It was a deep sensation and Slick was sure his nuts were now back inside his body. The muscle hero could not bear it. He tried to wriggle away but he was just assaulted everywhere. Soon Slick's uniform was ripped. His nipples were exposed and his body had bruises. Steel Crusher took one grip and began to squeeze Slick's balls.

"This is a reminder," Steel Crusher said. "You are now mine."

"Ahhhhhh," Slick yelled.


"Steel Crusher is my God…please spare my nuts bro. AHHHH."

Steel Crusher did the opposite and applied more pressure. Slick's perky silver dollar nipples were exposed and Steel Crusher inserted two metal pins. He pressed a button on his utility belt that sent electric currents. Slick's nipples were getting cooked as the clips began to turn red and heated up.

Sizzllllllllllllllllllllllle. Slick could see his nipples turning red.

"Stop," Slick yelled. "Aghhh. Ugh. Naaaaaoooo." Slick began to unclip the nipple pins. His body was vulnerable as he was unguarded. Steel Crusher stopped the burning clips with a button. Steel Crusher ran and did a flying kick into Slick's ball sack. Slick's cod piece shook around.

Slick was on the floor defeated. Steel Crusher began to pec claw Slick's ripped pecs.

"Crushhhhhhher, HAHAHAHAH," Steel Crusher yelled.

Slicks pecs were getting squeezed and what was once mighty muscle was turning into mush. Slick's abs were soft and every punch he felt.

"Enough," a voice called. It was Doc.

Steel Crusher grabbed Slick from behind and immobilized Slick. Steel Crusher was here for a mission but he could feel Slick's tight muscle butt against him. He looked down to see Slick's glutes grind into his bulge. Ram had a super mutant cock and Slick could it as Steel Crusher unzipped the back of his glute pieces and inserted the tip of his cock in Slick's tight ass.

"UGHHHHH NO." Slick yelled.

The super massive cock tip stretched out the inside of Slick's tight hole. Steel Crusher with little effort pulled Slick onto his cock. Slick opened up his eyes wide and didn't even yell. He realized Steel Crusher's cock only wasn't even halfway in but his enormous tip massaged Slick's prostate. Slick felt the plump tip probe his insides. Instantly Slick became hard and he orgasmed.


Ram crawled on the floor and could see the cum oozing from a rip in Slick's cod piece. He mustered enough strength to find his face towards the erect bulge. He licked the salty spunk and waited. Immediately he began to energize. He ripped the codpiece away and began to suck Slick's cock. In less than 30 seconds the horny muscle pup ejaculated another load deep into Ram's throat. The load lasted two full minutes. Slick's prostate throbbed as Slick ejaculated loads and loads of white, creamy, globs of cum.

Ram felt brand new. It was true. Slick was his savior. And the bashing Slick was taking could no longer happen. But Ram realized they had to immobilize him.

Ram stood up.

"Snap his arm back," Ram said. He was energized.

Steel Crusher easily did just that and snapped Slick's arm out of socket.


They chained the hero to a wall and attached a cum milker. Ram could't take any chances. Full of energy and full of cum Ram was ready for his nemesis.

"Good work," Doc said overhead.

"Want to make $2,000,000 Steel Crusher?" Doc said.

"Well you know me." Steel Crusher said.

"Break Slate. I want him here and I want his cod piece in my hand. I want to hear this chamber full of his screams. Two Million Dollars."

Ram and Doc looked at Steel Crusher. Steel Crusher nodded and walked in the chamber where Slick was. He raised his foot and stomped on Slick's plump, swollen, oval testicles. A cum geyser spurted out and Slick passed out. They attached a milker to the knocked out Slick and began to pump out his spunk.

With a sinister smile Steel Crusher cleaned his boot. The next pair of testicles they would stomp on would be this hero known as the mighty Slate.