The Telemachus Story Archive

Slicks Milking Horror
By Arthur Hero

Brick sat at the coffee shop and read the paper. He finally recovered from his beating. A few months back one of his balls were replaced with one that gave him a sex drive in overdrive. He was able to cum on demand. Since he was a superhero and wore a cod piece he would detach it every so often and relieve himself. He would cum out at least a pint so he constantly drank milk or shakes. He was in his purple costume. The Arthur Heros were known for wearing their costumes in public especially now that Slate and Razor appeared in their armor. All of the team wore the same uniform just different colors. Slate had a new costume design and wore his nipples out. They were sensitive and the rubber armor made him horny. That was dangerous because an enemy could grab his cock easier. The three had a discussion. They realized that mutant enemies were being bred by Doc, he was sinister and evil. He was kidnapping bodybuilders because their semen kept his mutants alive. There were a few mutants such as Steel Crusher and Ram who needed the cum of Slick, Brick, Razor and Slate. Doc set that up to ensure that one day the Heros would me captured and milked for the rest of their lives. He hated them. They screwed up his plans to develop the largest semen scheme in a Grand Island City. He distributed bodybuilder cum to London, Tokyo and Paris to international mutants. It made him rich and he would not allow the superheros to stop him.

One was already trapped. The 21-year-old was beaten and bound. Slick was forced to work out, eat protein and sit back in the milker. He was essentially a cum producing slave. It kept Ram alive. Sometimes Ram would just drink the cum directly from Slick's cock. Ram would even fuck Slick. Slick was on heavy medication that made him drowsy and sedated. With the forced workouts he was able to keep his physique intact. Ram loved to see the hero in only his cod piece and boots. Slick was undeniably gorgeous. He had olive skin, dark eyes, deep dimples and a square jaw like an actor. Most people said he looked like a more rugged Nick Jonas. It was milking time, Slick walked to the chamber and was milked. This time he produced less cum. Angry, Ram punished Slick by punching his nuts. He didn't want to damage the testicles so often times he took a jagged dildo and stuck it in Slick's muscle butt. The muscle butt flexed and tried to stop the dildo fucking but it didn't work. Ram also loved to bash Slick's 8 pack abs with brass knuckles. Slick therefore did his best to produce as much cum as possible when he was milked. If he produced a good load he was only punched in the nuts once. That was better than the 10 times if Ram was angry. Slick was underground in an old subway tunnel that Ram lived in. It was a living space that he made. Slick produced another lower load. Ram was very upset and bashed his balls 20 times. Slick was hurt and angry, at this point he didn't give a fuck.

"If you keep punching my nuts then you might damage them you dumb fuck," Slick said. "You need my cum to live you idiot."

Ram punched Slick in the abs 30 times.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Slick yelled.

"You don't need your abs though," Ram yelled. He was angry. He hated seeing Slick's perfect 8-pack. It was more like a 10 pack. It flexed and was sweaty and had a trail of fur that traveled below his navel. The ten pack flexed. Slick was now defiant and angry. He began to hate Ram.

Ram did a flying kick into Slick's stomach that made his abs hurt like fire.

"Defy me again kid and you're dead."

Ram began to bash Slick's abs once again. This time he took a metal pipe and swung it into Slick's sharp abs. He tied Slick up from the ceiling and began to claw at his abs. The stomach pummels were painful. Slick reacted by flexing which made Ram horny. He could feel the hard bricks of abs flexing.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh," Slick yelled.

Ram clawed now at Slick's plump hard pecs he began to tug the juicy silver dollar pink nipples. Slick was horny due to the serum. Ram began to suck Slick's thick cock. He nibbled on Slick's cock to make him scream.

"I had enough hearing from you." Ram yelled.

Ram took a gag and tied it around Slick.

"That's right, no one can hear you." Ram walked over to the metal pole and rammed it into Slick's balls. Milky cum spewed all over. Slick's balls pressed against the cod piece. He wiggled around to try to break free from his grips. Ram took the pole and tapped Slick's balls again. He then tied each of Slick's thighs to his calves. Slick knew it was fucking time. Ram sat on the ground and lifted the hero up and onto his hard cock. Slick could feel the thick and long cock on his ass. He tried not to let Ram in but the villain was able to penetrate the hero. Ram's 12 inch cock entered into the tight canal. Ram's cock was so large he couldn't fit the entire cock in. Today he was upset that Slick didn't produce that much cum. Ram used all his force and went all the way up. He was sure he was pressing his prostate back.

"Slick immediately came on Ram."

Ram pressed against Slick's g-spot and a geyser of cum began to run down Ram's leg.

"Good boy," Ram said. He began to take his finger and lick the globs of thick cum. He picked up the hero and threw him on the ground. Ram began to press down on Slick's abs with his foot. The hero could feel pebbles digging into his back.

"Talk back to me ever again and what just happened to you will be worse."

Defiant Slick spat on the ground. Ram had it. He had a temper problem and Slick was about to make his life worse. Ram lifted Slick in the air and began to squeeze his cock and balls with one hand. With the other hand he squeezed Slick's 8 pack. Slick could feel each squeeze and each ball grab.

Ram threw him in a chamber and connected him to a milking device. It was going to be a long night...