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The New Heroes
Part 1 - Part One
By Arthur Hero

The New Heroes: 

Purple Thunder and Sol Vs. The Mutant Centipede

Part One

The villains watched as they knew this would be a message to the Grand Island heroes. Doc’s technology was ready to do damage to Slate, Razor, & Slick. Any young heroes training would be picked off one by one starting with the handsome protege Copper. Purple Thunder had chocolate brown skin, black silver dollar nipples on round muscle pecs to die for. His ass was muscular connected to vascular thighs. His abs were almost a 10 pack. The 25 year old stud was the new Grand Island City hero. He had finished all of his training and was beginning to learn how to fight real villains. Purple Thunder got the alert when he was alone. He was dressed in his new Purple Thunder rubber codpiece that snuggled and wrapped around his plump uncut curved cock. He was always horny so as he strapped on the pec and body armor he began to ooze cum naturally in his suit. It was no big deal, every fight so far was close calls but no

Meanwhile in Lazor’s lab:

Lazor, an old Russian oligarch sat in his chair made of steel. He looked through a glass window with two of his sinister scientists.

The 15 foot Centipede was released from the ground. It grappled a bear that Razor placed. The grizzly was brought in from Yellowstone and it was plump angry and full of rage. The Centipede jumped on the bear and began to inject toxins. It then began to claw and rip into the bear. The bear roared and then slowly began to stop fighting. The Centipede began to tear into his prey, the king of predators.

“HAHAHAHAHA.” Doc said. “Next will be hero balls.”

Doc, the evil scientist looked to his friend Lazor, an evil oligarch with connections to militias and evil doers. 

“If this is true, your Centipede can destroy a man in minutes.” Razor said.

“He has amplified toxins, I have another Centipede that is milder and can put on a show.”

He can poison his prey and begin to attack any body part we so choose with my nervous system chip. I can have him play with a superhero for an hour and you can charge your friends hundreds of thousands of dollars to see a superhero immobilized and crawling around that floor in agony for hours. They can jerk off and fulfill their wildest fantasies. Imagine a hero horny and hard rolling in pain as my giant centipede stabs his balls over and over. Muscle poked and tortured in agony by a meat grappling mutant.”

“Hahahahahahahahahaha,” Lazor said. “Let’s finish off the veterans like Slate and Razor.”

“No,” Doc said. “Let’s make them suffer by having them pick up the damaged body of their beloved rookie. He will no longer be able to use his balls or cock and that will send a message. No one must die.”

“Fine,” Lazor said in a thick Russian accent. “You American villains are so drawn out. I do see your point though.”

“Bye, bye nuts.” Doc said.

“Who will be the victim?” Lazor asked.

Doc activated the screen and showed the handsome Purple Thunder, walking around on patrol. He was in his purple armor and his curved hard cock pressed through the rubber cod piece.

“He’s going to be a tough nut to crack in a few years. He’s 25, popular, and a stud.” Doc said.

“Look at that ass.” Lazor said. “We’ll make a fortune live streaming to the Villains United Association.

Purple Thunder, young, hung full of cum, and defeated some of my biggest villains.” Doc said.

“Is that so?” Lazor said. He rubbed his cock as he saw the muscle hunk stretch. “Suck a big cock. It’s 10 inches or more.”

“10.5.” Doc said. “ Look at his smooth brown smooth skin, he must’ve been on vacation. Big black nipples. We must send a message to these heroes that they ill be crushed if they enter into the hero world. They have so many young rookies now waiting to wreak havoc on the city as do gooders. But this hero is their prize joy. He’s Slate’s favorite to take over his spot.”

“How old is Slate now?” Lazor asked.

“He must be 43. Razor must be the same age. They are still active but their younger minions will soon take rank.” Doc said.

“I can’t wait to see this Centipede feed on him and tear into his fat codpiece.” Lazor said. 

“We’ll do it tonight!” Doc said. “Invite your friends to the Chamber. Tell them to wear masks.”

“Of course,” Lazor said. “Safety first. They will all pay top dollar to see this hunk beat and milked.”


A few hours later…

 A handsome hero stood above in the warehouse. The security cameras in docs lair got him. He entered the maze and walked right into the chamber room where the mutant was below. He wore a purple codpiece and pec armor. His thighs, arms and abs were exposed. He wore knee high black combat boots. Purple Thunder is my name the hero said. He was black, handsome, and stocked with muscle. He was about 5’10 and had a giant rod and ball sac that showed the ample package. 

Purple Thunder In Peril

“Stop right there!” Purple Thunder said.

Lazor looked up and was salivating. The young hero was stunning. He was a black god with well stacked muscles. He was extremely handsome with a low haircut and well trimmed goatee. He wore a skin tight purple rubber suit that showed off his muscles. His long 10 inch cock had a cut tip that showed a plump head in a tight codpiece. His nut sac was hanging low in a pouch that secured his plump nuts in his codpiece. It was a huge purple sac. Purple Thunder had juicy lips, brown skin and nipples that were perky that could be seen through the translucent new suit. He was a muscle god in person.

After a signal went off in The Chamber a metal door shut around Purple Thunder. No escape. Lazor ran upstairs to the viewing room to see the hero looking for a way out.

“Hahahahahahahah hero.” Lazor said. “Welcome to your pain.”

“Mothafucka…” he said in his bad boy voice.

From the floor a giant Centipede appeared. It was scary and had a reinforced mutant metallic skeleton.

“Purple Thunder went to grab the door but the exit was locked. He ran to the other side but the door was locked too. Finally, a ceiling open-end up revealing a theater style arena. Men in business suits sat around drinking martinis and smoking. It was as he was a gladiator in an arena. 

“Meet my mutant Killer Centipede. He’s full or viagra inducing toxins to make you horny and he’s going to crush you until your semen is squeezed out of you.” Doc said.

“No,” Purple Thunder said. He stood in front of the beast and watched as the men marveled at him. His muscles and eight pack. Tight plump ass and a codpiece that 

“Unghhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Purple Thunder Moaned. The centipede wrapped around him and began to squeeze him slow. 

“Bust him.”

STAB! The codpiece was poked by two long claws like and in its clutches. It almost seemed to toy with the hero. It began to apply pressure on the balls and began to apply another leg so that the package appeared to be squeezed between two long giant insect rods.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.” Purple Thunder yelled. The nut busting hit deep into his gut.

The mutant appeared to squeeze him and began to slam its longe arms into his abs and claw into his pecs.

Next it wrapped its long tail around the heroes tight muscle thighs to immobilize him.


The mutant now had the hero entirely wrapped. The hero was on full display flexing his eight pack and his bulge. The men in the viewing room couldn’t believe how ripped the hero was. Eight pack, huge biceps and a large meat. The mutant began to slowly stab the hero puncturing the suit. It knew the sensitive areas like his butt hole, nipples and abs. The mutant bit into his neck secreting the viagra venom in its blood.


It secreted the venom to temporary paralyze the hero and it released potent viagra. The villains looked through the glass as Purple Thunder’s cock began to grow. It was in a coil in the codpiece and then it slowly lifted at a 45 degree angle and was fully erect. It was huge and even in the suit every vein curve was seen.

“Look at that dick boys,” Lazor said.

Next the mutant poked the balls. Gentle at first but then it began to stab the nuts with its long giant tentacles.


The ball busting pain was just beginning.

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