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The New Heroes
Part 2 - Part Two
By Arthur Hero

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The New Heroes:

Purple Thunder and Sol Vs. The Mutant Centipede

Part Two:

The ball busting pain was just beginning.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! The Centipede had Purple Thunder tied and began to poke into his ball sac. Cum oozed from the tear in Purple Thunder’s codpiece. His abs, back and thighs had lacerations while his pecs were wrapped under Centipede’s claws. The mutant digging into his pecs and nipples.

All Purple Thunder could do was cum and release his spunk…the viewing party grew and big bad mob bosses and the city’s worse kind of villains streamed to see the hunk immobilized, milked and tortured.

Here came another load….

“UNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” his thick veiny black cock squirted globs of cum that jet into the air. Two henchmen collected the samples and stocked up almost a gallon of cum.

“Unghhhhhhh,” Purple Thunder moaned.


Sol arrived and wore a stealth gold armor that didn’t trip any alarms. Sol knew something was wrong when Purple Thunder didn’t show up to the gym. The two of them loved to spar, wrestle and bond by fronting each other in nothing but there cod pieces.

Codpieces weren’t just a hero's pride but they were rubber tailored synthetic breathable second skin like protection that wrapped around a muscle hero and his goods. After hero training the secret lab produced customized codpieces for each hero. Sol’s armor was gold, so his orange like codpiece wrapped his package land showed every vein, curve, nut indent and left nothing for the imagination. Villain’s loved to grab, punch, twist and break a hero because these flaunt-like cock wraps were an easy blow to take down a muscle hero. Why spend time attacking rock muscle when you can go for the balls and bring a hero down to agony. It was also a lot of villain’s fantasy to feel the nuts and the hard cocks to squeeze the cod pieces and bring a muscle handsome stud to squirm and beg for mercy. Many rookie heroes cried during their first severe ballbusting.

Sol pulled up to the lab and pinpointed a back entrance through the sewer. He put his rubber armor on stealth mode and entered the lair. Sol, was a tan latin God. His dark pecs are shown through his translucent yellow suit. His hairy pubes and dark uncut cock were also in his translucent yellow suit. He knew he looked good and loved showing off his body on magazines and even liked to get semi erect whenever he saved the day for photo opps. He knew villains, collected them, posted them, and wanted to grab his meat one day. Many tried, but few could. Sol always escaped. He was so smooth, ripped, a killing machine capable of taking down even the biggest foes.

After an hour of navigating through the sewers he tracked the location of Purple Thunder, in the room above. He decided to just bust through the room and do a rescue. Sol jumped up and saw Purple. Thunder in the grips of the mutant. Hurt, milked, screaming in pain. Sol shot a grappler right through the mutant’s head and the body dropped to the floor. The Killer Centipede was dead. Purple Thunder dropped to the floor and held his hurt balls.

“Sol,” Purple Thunder said. “You came.”

“Of course.” Sol said.

Sol lifted up Purple Thunder, who was still hard and stimulated. Cum shot onto Sol’s codpiece as the two frotted and kissed. Muscle hero on muscle hero. Cock to cock.

Immediately a group of henchmen surrounded them with spiked bats, spiked crow bars, chains, whips, and diamond brass knuckles. Lazor hired the vigilante’s known as hero crushers. They jumped on Sol and began to pound him like a slab of meat. Sol, wrapped his body over Purple Thunder but they began to pound him too. The two heroes were at the mercy of big brute goons stomping, kicking, and hurting the heroes.

The villains stood the heroes up and tied them together, butt cheek to butt cheek. They then lifted them on a meat rack and began to pound their abs, thighs, nuts, and pecs. Every villain wanted to get a piece of the heroes so no part of them was unpunished. Sol’s jaw shoulders were dislocated and he was helpless.

He could feel the ball bunches, bat rams, brass knuckles pounding his codpiece. His nuts were under assault. The villain’s stopped all at once. They then backed away and saw the damage done. The hero's suits were shredded. Only their codpieces still clung to their healthy cock and balls.

“Lift them up.” Lazor said. The big kingpin walked through his goons and approached the heroes. He rubbed Purple Thunder and Sol’s codpieces.

“So big,” Lazor said. He gently rubbed the cocks and tugged at their balls. The two heroes were tied together, bound, sweaty, bloody and hurt. They still were handsome as most of the punches spared their face likely due to a direct order from Lazor.

“You destroyed my mutant Sol,” Lazor said. “I must make you pay.”

Lazor saw the bulging codpiece on the stripped hero’s suit. He gave it a good squeeze. He licked Sol’s neck and drank the sweat.

“I’m going to have fun milking you until you beg for mercy.” Lazor said. “Bring the milk machines!”

The henchman rolled out two big devices where the heroes could be strapped in and their cocks milked. It also had a piston to anal fuck them.

“Your nightmare is just starting.” Lazor said.

To be continued…