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Ring Around My Heart
By baboonfan

Ring Around My Heart, chapter 1

Another day, another dollar. That’s what Markus Neuman thought as he walked through the locker room doors. He had been pro wrestling for eight years now, but he no longer loved the sport. In the beginning he had loved the thrill of the ring, the blare of the lights and the roar of the crowd. But now he dreaded each new match. Markus found out quickly in his career that very little in the pro wrestling world was real. The moves, the dialogue, the fights, all fake. The only thing that changed was the stupid gimmicks the managers made him pull. Hitting guys with chairs, changing his costume, and one stupid media scandal after another. It was becoming too much. He quickly stripped and wrapped a towel around his waist.

After checking the shower to see if anyone else was there, he took off the towel. He gazed down at his eternal shame. The result of stupid experimentation with steroids early in his career, his dick was the size of a pencil eraser, with matching marble sized balls. Even though he had been clean for five years, Markus had to carry this reminder around with him for the rest of his life. This was his scarlet letter, the mark that made him a pariah. Not that the other guys didn’t regularly practice drug use, but ever since he got caught, he was dangerous to be associated with. Markus let the warm, sudsy water run down his body, wetting the very thin coat of hair on his chest. He loved the caress of the spray on his face and unfortunate roid gut. This was the only time he felt completely at peace.

Suddenly the locker room door burst open and Marlin, his five foot manager, strutted in, wearing his usual wannabe-gangster suit and tie. Markus hurriedly put on his towel. “Hey Marky boy! Gotta favor to ask ya!” Marlin shouted in his terrier like yap. Markus sighed. Marlin’s favors usually entailed him going out with starlets or female wrestlers, and then ripping off their tops in public, or something equally stupid and media worthy.

“I gotta new guy coming in. Got him from a friend in the World Fighter’s Syndicate. Traded Mad Mickey for him. He’s a monster, but he’s sharp as a bag of wet marshmallows. Teach ‘em the ropes.” Then he exited the locker room as noisily as he entered.

Markus sighed even louder. Great, another new guy. Marlin did this almost every season. Drag in some poor dumb kid fresh out of college who would work for chicken feed, then trade them out when they started earning some serious dough. Only the big cash cows and worthless small fry got to stay on. Unfortunately Markus was in the second category. Now he had to teach the new kid the basics. Grip hold, theatre fighting, trash talk. Hopefully he could talk the kid into getting a real job, while he could still walk away. He was toweling himself off when the doors slammed open again. But this time the doors didn’t just slam open, they slammed off their damn hinges! As the dust from the shattered wooden doors cleared, Markus saw an eight foot gorilla! But then he got a better look. The thing was WAY too big to be a gorilla. It had the same broad chest, but the fur on this creature was a deep chestnut color and a waterfall of curls spilled onto its shoulders and over its eyes. The creature’s forehead was slightly protruding, as was its jaw, but that only made it seem more masculine. The final piece of evidence to its humanity was the red wrestling shorts it was wearing. They looked to be size XXL, but covering the bulge inside was like trying to hide the Washington Monument with a napkin.

Markus recovered from his fear enough to ask, “Who, who are you?” The creature pointed one hairy tubesock size finger to its furry chest. “Me Duke. Who you?”

“M-me Markus. I-I-I mean, I am Markus.” He stuttered. He had never been so terrified or turned on in his entire life. It had always been his secret, but he loved big guys. That was one of the reasons he became a wrestler. But, like most pro sports, they frowned at having gay people in the same locker room as tons of naked muscle bound men. “Ah-are y-you the n-new wrestler?” For some reason Duke seemed familiar.

“Me wrestle. “ The big behemoth nodded. Then he raised his head and took a big sniff, like a dog. “Mmmm.” The big monster purred, then glared at Markus. He closed the gap between them with only two steps of his monster feet, which were bare and had to be at least size 20! Duke leaned down slightly so his nose was just above Markus’ hair. When he inhaled Markus could feel his short cropped hair rise to his nostrils. Markus was about to piss himself. “This monster is going to eat me!” He thought. Despite his knees shaking, his tiny prong was getting rock hard behind the towel.

Duke just kept purring, making noises an animal would make if was interested in something . He ran one big hand down Markus’ chest, covering the width with only one hand. Markus’ muscles rippled at the touch, and he felt his anxiousness increase as the hand went lower, passing his gut. He tried to guide the hand away from his towel, but the combined strength of both his arms was no match for the meaty paw. The determined hand pushed a finger under the towel and with the tiniest flick of the wrist it fluttered to the floor.

Markus wanted to die. He just wanted lightning to strike him, now that his secret shame was exposed. Hard as a diamond and hardly an inch high. “Hhmmm.” Duke said approvingly. “Tiny. Cute.” He stroked the tiny head with a gentle caress. Markus felt his nuts churn and lurch upwards. “AAAAAHHH!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, as he shot the best load of his life of Duke’s knuckle. Duke wrapped a hand around his back to support him, and Markus just let himself go limp. Duke was pleased his new friend was so responsive, and lapped up his special treat.

He was still licking his wrist with that huge pink tongue when Marlin strutted back into the locker room. “Whoa whoa whoa, big fella! I don’t know what he did, but don’t punch him out!” From Marlin’s point of view, Duke had Markus in a death grip and raised his fist, ready to pummel Markus.

“Me not hit…” Duke sluggishly tried to explain, but Marlin wasn’t listening. “DROP “EM DUKE!” Duke hesitantly set Markus on his feet.

“Sorry about that kid. The new guy’s a dumbass. Used to be a big shot scientist, then he fucked up. Now he’s just a big palooka, a stupid musclehead. Don’t mind him.” Marlin said. With Markus on his feet, Marlin noticed that he was naked. He poorly disguised a snort of laughter at Markus’ diminished manhood. Markus turned beet red and covered himself with his towel. “Now I want you kids to play nice and train.” Marlin said with a loaded look at Duke, then he sauntered out. Duke just gave a big sigh.

“Relax. We both know you weren’t hurting me.” Markus said soothingly. Duke gave him a happy, toothy grin. Jeez, he even has giant teeth! Look at the size of those canines! Markus thought.

To be continued…