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To Protect And Serve
Chapter 1 - Copnapped
By Boyd Wunder

On a seemingly typical Wednesday afternoon, two hot cops are in their squad car, patrolling the streets of Metro City. Officer Eric Evans, an extremely handsome guy with short dark hair, which is slightly receding, some facial stubble, big broad shoulders and a hairy muscular chest, is at the wheel. His partner, Officer Brent Banes, an equally impressive stud with brown hair and a well trimmed beard, is answering a call from his dispatcher. He is told that there's been a disturbance at a cheap motel located in a poor section of town well known for crimes most often associated with drugs and prostitution.

Banes tells his fellow officer, "There's been another incident at the Metro City Motor Lodge."

"What kind of an incident?", asks his partner.

Officer Banes answers, "They didn't say. The dispatcher just said to report to the scene of the crime as quickly as possible."

"That hotel is in a real bad neighborhood," Officer Evans states.

Banes agrees, "Yeah, there were two shootings on that block last week!"

"I guess we had better check it out," Evans says.

The policemen pull up to the motel room and get out of the patrol car. Officer Evans knocks on the door and a breathtakingly beautiful brown haired boy answers. The young man is a clean-cut, all-American type with ruggedly handsome features and built like a professional bodybuilder. He is wearing a black one piece body suit that makes him look like a collegiate wrestler, only he's much more muscular. His small skin tight outfit leaves very little to the imagination as it clings to his well-defined pecs, six-pack abs and massive thighs as well as his erect cock, which is standing upright.

Officer Evans thinks to himself that this young man looks vaguely familiar. Meanwhile, an unenthusiastic Officer Banes asks, "You called about a disturbance ... ?"

"Yes, ... Officers. ... Please ... come in," the boy responds very slowly.

The officers step inside. Officer Evans notices that the young man is acting quite odd. He has a strange expression on a face and appears to be in some sort of a daze. He moves in a wooden and methodical manner, almost like a robot. Evans comes to the conclusion that the boy must be high on something. Looking around the dark motel room, the suspicious cop sees no evidence of drug use. In fact, the room is so neat and tidy, it looks as if the young man had just checked in.

"And your name is ... ?", Officer Banes asks as he prepares to write down the information.

"Marc. ... Marc Stone," the muscleboy answers.

Banes asks, "What's your address, Mr. Stone?"

"I haven't been ... living here ... very long. ... I just ... moved to ... Metro City ... a few ... weeks ago," Marc replies.

While his partner continues to question Stone, Evans walks around the motel room searching for something that might confirm his suspicions. Officer Evans suddenly remembers that he has seen this hot young hustler working the streets around this part of town a few weeks back. In fact, this rentboy's impressive built, with his huge biceps, broad shoulders and V-shaped back, has caught Evans' eye on more than a few occasions.

Banes asks, "So what seems to be the problem, Mr. Stone?"

"There's no problem, ... Officers. ... I am only ... following orders. ... And now that you're here ... I can ... complete my assignment," Marc tells the officers.

"Who's orders? What assignment?", Officer Evans inquires as he steps back over to his partner's side. He can see that the boy is hiding something in the palm of his hand, "Hey, what have you got there ... ?"

Just as Officer Evans is about to grab his gun, the boy quickly points a small gadget that looks like a miniature flashlight directly at the officers and says, "No more questions, ... Officers. ... Consider yourselves ... officially off-duty, ... starting now!"

Before the policemen can raise their guns, the bizarre instrument releases a long loud screech. The boy's weapon emits a strange series of soundwaves that instantly immobilizes its victims. Evans and Banes attempt to shield their ears with their hands but find they are physically unable to raise their arms. As they hear the disturbing music playing inside their heads, a look of horror comes over their faces. It feels as if their brains are being ripped to shreds. The ear-piercing noise becomes so unbearable, the ambushed officers try to scream out in agony but they can no longer speak or even blink. In fact, they cannot move a muscle. Within a matter of seconds, the deafening blast transforms these big strong cops into two human mannequins.

Now that the officers pose no threat to him, Stone shuts off the instrument and removes the earplugs from his ears. These specially designed earplugs had filtered out the high frequency soundwaves while permitting him to hear the officers' voices, which were somewhat muffled but still audible. Then the boy picks up a cellular phone lying on the night stand and contacts an unknown accomplice. The paralyzed policemen, looking like a couple of lifeless statues, just stand there and listen while the young man discusses their fates with the mastermind who obviously planned the whole kidnapping, "I have apprehended ...Officers Evans ... and Banes, ... Sir. ... You can come ... pick them up now, ... Sir. ... They'll be ... ready and waiting ... for you, ... Sir."

After he completes the call, the muscleboy goes into the bathroom. He comes out with two previously prepared syringes in one hand, a couple of black latex hoods and some nylon rope in the other. He walks over to the paralyzed policemen and injects the needles into the base of their skulls. Once the drug has been administered, Evans and Banes both have a brief seizure. Shaking uncontrollably, the captive cops lose their balance and fall face first on the floor. The convulsions only last for a few seconds, then their entire bodies stiffen right back up again, even their hardened cocks. The immobilized officers are now lying there perfectly still, hopelessly awaiting what the boy has planned for them next.

Almost methodically, as though it was rehearsed, the young man takes the officers' handcuffs, forces their arms behind their backs and fastens them around their wrists. Then the boy uses the rope to tie the cops' ankles together. Finally the muscleboy removes the cops' caps and places the latex hoods over their heads so they can't see.

Once the officers have been physically restrained, the muscleboy informs the captive cops, "Officers Evans and Banes, ... you're both ... under arrest. ... The Warden ... will be arriving soon ... to take you prisoners ... to jail. ... He has been ... waiting to get ... his hands on ... the two of you ... for some time now."

The beautiful boy turns his victims over, rips open their shirts and starts fondling their frozen stiff bodies. The paralyzed policemen have no choice but to lie there and be manhandled. Stone squeezes their big round tits and they respond immediately to his touch. As their attacker rubs his hands all over their sweaty chests, their muscles are bulging, wanting to be caressed, needing to be appreciated. The captive cops cannot help but be turned on by the boy's erotic examination and start to sigh. It's as though they have no control over their own desires.

As the young man slides his wandering hands down to their abdomen, he sees that their hard-rock cocks are pointing straight up inside their uniforms. The boy grabs those big bulges in their tight slacks and says, "I can see ... that you two officers ... are eager ... to meet The Warden ... as well. ... He will be ... particularly pleased ... to take ... both of these ... hardened criminals ... into custody."

Stone goes over to the window and looks outside. Then, displaying Herculean strength, the muscleboy carries each officer out the door and throws them into the back of a black van waiting outside. Unfortunately for the officers, the other patrons of the motel are either drug addicts or prostitutes who usually keep out of sight when the cops arrive so there are no witnesses to their abduction (and, even if there were, they probably wouldn't get involved anyway). The muscleboy jumps into the rear of the van and slams the back door shut behind him. As the sun goes down on Metro City, the vehicle quickly pulls out of the motel parking lot and drives off into the night with its human cargo trapped inside.

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