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Aquaman Vs The Black Manta
Part 1 - Prologue
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

To Metalbond, a truly sexy guy who inspired the storyline and to our fans who inspire us to continue to create. To Telemachus who gives this space to others so generously.

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  In the written annals of the sea people no stories had shown brighter than the heroic deeds of Aquaman. The six foot tall blue-eyed superhero was a shining beacon of virtue. His chiseled muscled frame and handsome features were the envy of all. Wearing skintight green tights that showed off his long well formed legs and the large bulge in his crotch, the watery warrior cut an impressive figure. Carrying the trident of Poseidon, he ruled the waters.

For the sea inhabitants in the realm Aquaman stood for what all men should be. His battles were legendary and he had never suffered a defeat. Smugly proud of his unbroken chain of victories he went where he wanted and all bowed to his will. In Aquaman’s eyes no one was his equal in war. In matters of the bedroom he saw himself as the ultimate symbol of masculinity. He gloried in his self-perceived hyper manliness during sexual encounters and boasted of his numerous feminine sexual “conquests”. In fact in many regards his belief in his expert prowess in bed and, the “impressive equipment” he brought with him in those endeavors, was intimately bound up in his own haughty self-image. He looked with distain on effeminate male creatures he encountered and openly mocked them as less than true men. Supremely confident as both an undefeated hero and an unstoppable sexual alpha male, he saw himself as the embodiment of a living unconquerable God among men. Yet, like the gods of old, he would soon be toppled!

One that fateful day word came that a challenge had been sent to him. The Black Manta, last survivor of a race Aquaman had destroyed, called upon the hero to meet him in battle. Aquaman smiled as he sent word of his acceptance to engage in combat.  “A foolish man from a degenerate race,” he yawned with utter distain as he later left for his duel. “I will dispose of him with my usual quick ease then celebrate by an intimate session with a virginal young mer-girl that I’ve been meaning to deflower. The poor creature has been waiting long enough to experience the ecstasy of my manhood opening her up and seeding her!”

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