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Aquaman Vs The Black Manta
Part 3 - Held in Bondage
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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Aquaman squirmed the enfolding tentacles that now tightly held his naked body. He had encountered enemies before in battle. Once or twice he had even been held in captivity. But until now he had never experienced the sheer degradation of being bound up naked. He glared at the Black Manta.

“You degenerate thing let me got at once!” He arrogantly demanded as if his anger alone might inspire the evil fiend into compliance.

The dark hued foe for took in the sight of the beautifully sculpted fame of his fair-haired opponent.  A rush of desire engulfed the Manta. He had such plans for Aquaman. He swam close to his captive. He reached out to cup Aquaman’s hefty sexual nuts in the palm of his hand.  Aquaman’s balls and cock were magnificent. The superhero had a thick long dick set off by a meaty rounded pouch that was framed between two highly defined and muscled thighs. The villain fondled the aquatic warrior’s family jewels making sure not to indicate how impressed he was by them.

The stalwart hero defiantly stared again at his enemies refusing to show the panic he was feeling over the fact that his exposed nuts were at the mercy of his foe. “Unhand me now!” Aquaman said through gritted teeth.

The fiend grinned. Like any prime muscular male Aquaman probably delighted in exposing himself to women. His very tight costume was proof of his pride in his well-defined torso. His even tighter lower garment truly showed his unconcern over subjecting his  “basket” for public viewing. Being exposed unwillingly in front of another male was clearly a different matter for the buff young stud. “Why I’ve been told you delight in exposing yourself intimately to women.” The Black Manta sneeringly stated. “I must confess though that I was and, still am, disappointed by what I see. Frankly this equipment is more suited to a boy than a mature superhero.”

Aquaman flushed with rage. “I’ve never had any complaints!” He blurted out without thinking. He saw the snicker come from his foe and his fair handsome features flushed with embarrassment. He opened his mouth to say more then halted and looked away.

“Well maybe you are going to tell me its how you use what you have right. Quality never quantity?” The fiend mocked as he happily noticed how Aquaman’s cock retracted downward as if trying to hide in the luscious blonde pubic fur that it emanated from. “My you so shrink too,” he chortled knowing the effect on Aquaman’s pride this would have on him.

The well-hung hunk’s eyes grew wide at this insult to his masculinity. His face flushed with anger. “I SWEAR BY THE GODS OF THE SEA YOU WILL…humph,” but the roaring aquatic hero never got to finish his threats. Unexpectedly, one of the tentacles of the sea creature snaked from around his throat to thrust into the bound hunk’s open mouth. “HMMMTH,” was now all Acquaman could mumble.

The black manta sighed and smiled. He casually pulled out a small needle-like gun. Aquaman’s eyes focused in horror on the gun. With one deft movement the Black Manta gabbed the cock of the now vigorously squirming superhero. As Acquaman furiously tried to yell through his tentacle stuff mouth his captor placed the end of the needle gun onto the soft under-shaft area of the super hunk's cock. The Black Manta took delight in hearing the muffled yelps and screams of his captive as the gun’s needle came out of the barrel to inject itself into that under-part of the captive’s cock where his cock head met the shaft.

As the needle gun glowed a gurgling Aquaman tried to escape. Little did he know that the gun was injecting his cock glans with a powerful sexual stimulant! The fluid would soon flood into his brains erogenous zones helping the Black Manta in his strategy to break then, enslave the proud blonde heroic warrior.

Once he was done the evil villain put the gun away. He fondled Aquaman’s package then let them fall from his grip. He signaled his sea creature to remove the tentacle it had placed into the bound hero’s mouth. Time to proceed onward!

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