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Aquaman Vs The Black Manta
Part 4 - Bagged and Gagged
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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An enraged Aquaman helplessly struggled in the tight grip of the multi-limbed creature. “You are afraid to try and take me on by yourself!” The angry aquatic superhero sneered at his foe. Aquaman pulled at the tentacles holding his waist and wrists but the creature held onto him.

The Black Manta merely laughed as he watched the bound hero’s futile efforts. “I have better things to do with you than to fight you," he mocked as he signaled the beast.

Unexpected the buff super stud found himself being flipped upside down. “What are you doing?” Aquaman yelled out as he found himself head down and arse up with his well-formed legs waving in the seawaters above.

“Just abit of fun,” the Black Manta teased as he swam in closer to the captive hunk. The evil dark hued fighter’s broadly muscled lower torso came within inches of Aquaman’s handsome face.  “You like the view boy?” the fiendish villain asked as his equally dark toned manhood became erect and dangled close to Aquaman’s mouth.

“You are a deviant perverse thing,” Aquaman sneered in reply. He turned his face from the hard tubular prong of his enemy that now was lewdly waving just inches from his own lips. “I swear when I get ouuu…oomph,” he gasped as the sea creature used its limb to squeeze Aquaman’s abdominals forcing him to belch out a loud amount of air. “OOOMPH,” Aquaman repeated as the creature applied more pressure. He opened his mouth widely as he tried to gulp in more air to replace the amount he had lost. The Black Manta, who had known this would happen, used this precise moment to thrust his engorged cock deeply into Aquaman’s open mouth.

“Youth…cockth,” Aquaman gurgled, as the long shaft of the dark villain’s erection scrapped his sensual lips as it slipped deeper into his throat. Shocked by the invasion and needing air the bound up hunk could only trash about in the sea creatures firm grip. Aquaman’s powerful muscled thighs waving helplessly above his waist. “Youth….stuffingth,” the blonde light skinned fighter railed as he was forced to suck on the organ in an attempt to moisten its shaft further and thus reduce the painful friction of the invading object was creating on the stretched out soft linings of his oral gullet. He was so busy trying to use his tongue to expel the cock he failed to notice that the Black Manta had gripped one of his thrashing ankles and was now quickly spreading the water warrior’s legs apart.

Ah the ultimate prize ,” the Black Manta thought as he viewed the spread full ass-cheeks of his foe to expose Aquaman’s never before seen glory hole. The superhero’s circular anal entryway was a delightful pink in its coloring and the muscles of its ring swirled inward in an inviting manner.

“Whath…doingth?” Aquaman cried out in a cock muffled voice. By now he could sense the cold seawater on his anal rosebud and he flushed with shame at such an intimate part of his chiseled anatomy being exposed to his sworn enemy.

“Just testing to see if you are a virgin,” the Black Manta snickered as he took a long pole from his belt. The stiff rod had a large purple bulb was at one end while the other had a small rounded curve to it “In my world we always like to see how hot a boy’s bum is inside.” The villainous dark man laughed as he placed the rounded curved end onto Aquaman’s exposed  anal entryway. The Black Manta then violently thrust it past Aquaman’s anal entryway.

Aquaman’s reaction to this activity was swift and dramatic. As the hard pole pushed into him he the bound hero let out a massive scream of, “AAAAAWWWWGGGHHHH!!” He kept screaming as each inch plunged into his arse-hole managing to cry out even though his throat as stilled plugged with the Black Manta’s erection.

“Yes you are quite tight.” The Black Manta calmly said  ignoring Aquaman’s gasps and yelps as he did his “probing & testing” on the now mind shocked hero. “My, my Aquaman,” the villain stated solemnly. “I’ve heard you have screwed quite a number of females. I would have thought at least a few of them might have fingered you out? Maybe even put on a nice strap-on to mount you a few times for variety!”

Aquaman gurgled through his dick stuffed mouth in protest. The thought of some female inserting anything into him was shocking. Knowing his hated enemy was now mounting him on this obscene spear was not only demoralizing him it was mortifying him beyond his comprehension.

The purple bulb at the pole’s other end glowed. “Ah, but not too warm in there as well!” The Black Manta sneered. Suddenly the  pole vibrated inside Aquaman’s guts.

The effect was, to Aquaman’s horror, quite pleasurable. In fact to his complete chagrin Aquaman could detect that he has also sprung an erection. “Ohhhh,” he moaned in embarrassment as his body drifted off into a blissful sensual state of mind that  he had never experienced before in any intimate erotic encounter with a woman. The dazed superhero did not realize that this was the creature’s uniquely devised “wand of dominance”. Its sole function was to  cause those it impaled to not only experience a powerful blast of sexual arousal but also to short-circuited thoughts of resistance. “Sweeth,” Aquaman babbled in his aroused delirium.

The Black Manta waited a few more minutes to let his vibrating pole do its job. He watched with delight as Aquaman’s erection quivered in the surrounding waters. So effective was the erotically induced mind numbing the buff young Aquaman was getting that unconsciously he  began sucking on the Black Manta’s dick. True this “suckling” was an instinct carried over from  the early days of infancy but still it was a joyous triumph for the Black Manta.

“OOOYTH,” the totally  out-of-it superhero mumbled as his powerfully chiseled body suddenly went rigid. “Fuckth,” the aquatic captive screeched as his engorged manhood spurted out a respectable creamy liquid from his cock’s slit.

The villain saw this emission from his foe and, with a body quake of his own, he too shot a load of his own spunk into Aquaman’s throat. He pulled out of the orally defiled super stud whose dilated pupils showed that he was still under the thrall of the wand. The Black Manta signaled his minion to release Aquaman who stayed upside down with the anal opening of his powerful muscled torso still plugged up in his arse. Using the pole as a level the dark toned villain righted the dazed  blonde water warrior. For a brief second the superhero looked like the top of a human lollipop.

The Black Manta gave his opponent once last powerful anal jolt from his wand causing Aquaman to squeal in sensual pleasure. Then the villainous fiend turned the dazed superhero around to retie his wrists in order begin phase two of his conquest of the aquatic stud. He quickly pulled the pole out of Aquaman’s arse and was rewarded by a protesting sigh from the mind-fuddled hero. “You liked that up your bum huh Aquaman,” the Black Manta said as he gazed into the bleary eyed  hero’s face. Aquaman tried to concentrate to reply but he just let out a long sigh. His handsome features broke out into a goofy grin as the recollection of his amazing ejaculation echoed in his brain. “Oh soon you will have something just as enjoyable up that arse Aquaman. Trust me,” the Black Manta mockingly stated.

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