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Aquaman Vs The Black Manta
Part 5 - The Transformation
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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Having now prepared the once smug water hunk with his anal wand of dominance the fiendish Black Manta readied Aquaman for that final act of control. The ebony villain securely bound the dazed blonde buff superhero’s wrists behind the latter’s back.

“It is time Aquaman,’ he gurgled in delight as the nude muscled body of the superhero squirmed ineffectively to break the leather straps which now secured his hands.

“For what?” Aquaman weakly asked his captor trying to keep his growing terror from seeping into his voice. The effects of his prior treatment had taken some, but not all, of that old arrogant fighting spirit out of him. Even now a part of his mind was refusing to accept that he had been utterly defeated. That would soon change!

“For that ultimate conquest of your very spirit,” Black Manta gleefully snarled as he roughly grabbed the bound hunk and spun him around. The dark conqueror quickly pushed his crotch into the hard firm rump of the water kingdom’s superhero.

Aquaman sensed a tubular hardness on his exposed rear. Suddenly he understood what that was and, more shocking, what was obviously about to occur. “NO WAY!” He bellowed in protest as he struggled to pull forward. “I’m no woman to be screwed!” He tied to escape but the Black Manta had a firm hold on his tapered waist. “I WILL NOT BE FUCKED!”  He roared with a smug defiance. To Aquaman, being fucked was the ultimate degradation. Like most superhero’s he had a fixed view of his own masculinity. Being fucked by another man was too intolerable to contemplate!

“I will mount you and turn you from Aquaman into Aqaubitch!” his foe yelled as he cinched the bound handsome hunk in closer toward his crotch. With an evil chuckle the Black Manta lewdly rubbed his erection along the ridge of the blonde hero’s ass-crack.

“No!” the still rebellious but now totally terrified superhero screams in protest. Instantly he squeezed his sphincter muscles tight to deny his captor the entrance it sought.

“Oh yes,” the Black Manta hissed as he thrust his erection down between those firm hard globes of Aquaman’s rump. He pressed on the tight entryway of the superhero’s outer muscled ring. “Open up bitch,” he yelled as he used one of his hands to repeatedly slap the protruding round upturned rump of his prey with a series of loud WHACKS!

“Ah shit,” Aquaman groaned as the shock of the hard butt beatings  hit his consciousness. His concentrated on his asshole wavered for a second but that was all his enemy needed.

 The dark skinned  villain felt the defenses of Aquaman’s outer anal walls unwind and he instantly moved forward to ram his dark meat past the outer ring of the virginal superhero’s anal entryway. “YEAH!” He laughed as his dick-head pushed its way into his former foe. The cock of the fiendish villain suddenly was halted in its progress.

“Ugh,” the blonde waterman grunted as his outer ring area closed over the enormous head of his enemy’s manhood with a viselike grip. “I can’’t…all…fit…in,” he babbled in panic as a fiery pain of his ravishment exploded inside his brain. 

The Black Manta stopped his forward thrust. “You will take me Aquabitch,” he angrily snarled as he concentrated trying to push into the superhero’s very tight hole. To his annoyance he was encountering strong resistance from the blonde hunk’s anal chute.

“I can’t…too big,”  Aquaman moaned as his voice cracked in horror and despair.  “I please….please,” he begged in a light whining tone that was a far cry from the deep voiced smug hero who had once so boasted of his prowess when he first confronted the Black Manta. “I ..can’…me…awwww… stop please,” Aquaman frantically pleaded.

The villain smiled. Aquaman was now sounding like a teenaged boy. The process of breaking him was proceeding nicely. Still the deed must be completed.  “Stop whining you bitch,” he mockingly rasped joyous at how Aquaman had begun to beg like a pathetic child. “You will enjoy it.” He steadied the now speared superhero against him crotch. Tightly grabbing the narrow blonde hero’s waist the fiend thrust his hips forward. “Relax your asshole muscles  or suffer!” he sharply stated. “Go on relax them.”

“Aquaman groaned and tried to will his chute to open. The knowledge he was doing this crushed something of his old spirit but the pain was so intense he was willing to do anything to dull it. “I…,” he muttered in shame knowing the joy such a disgraceful admission must give to his enemy. Part of the hunky superhero’s mind  accused him of cooperating in his own rape!

A smile came to the Black manta’s face as his own cock sensed Aquaman’s inner channel loosen. Moving quickly he rammed forward driving his thick long cock past the once defiant muscles in Aquaman’s arse. Within few seconds later his cock moved deep inside the moist heated tunnel of Aquaman’s guts.

“EEEOOOWWWWW!!!” The now defiled Aquaman screeched as his hole was fully cunted. His handsome face  took on a look of horror. Wide-eyed and slack jawed he was left completely demoralized as his cherry was roughly taken. His legs flapped as he tried to swim away from the dark invasion without success. The only sounds from him now were now one long continuous howl of pain. “EEEEOOOOOOO!!!!”

The Black Manta smirked as he savagely fucked his prey.  As he violently screwed the superhero he lowered his mask and shot out a bolt of pure energy into the back of Aquaman’s skull. “Now, while your mind is shattered by my rape, is the right time to assault it further with my mind molder beam, ” he softly said as he ravaged the now sobbing superhero’s arse.

I’m getting fucked. I’m getting totally fucked by his black dick, ” a dazed Aquaman was now telling himself. He was so mortified by all this that he never felt the light heat of the beam penetrating into his mind. At another time or in another situation the powerful will of Aquaman might have fought the effects of the beam. Right now his brain was reeling from the waves of pain coupled with the knowledge he was being degradedly raped by his enemy. By the time a small flickering his mind realized what was happening it as too late. The beam had hooked into his control centers and began their mental rewiring. A loud audible gasp came from the handsome superhero. His blue eyes widened and his mouth popped open as if to issue a thought that never was verbalized.

“You want to be fucked by me,” The black manta patiently instructed through his light beam as his positioned his enormous dark skinned prong up into Aquaman’s hole. “You love the feeling of being mounted by cocks. You hated the illusion of manliness other thrust upon you,” he craftily said as he continued fucking way at the now looser arse hole of Aquaman. “Being submissive and docile to my will is erotically pleasurable!”

“," Aquaman hissed as the beam fried his old self-image and began to process of recreating this new persona inside him. “It was a burden being the defender of the waters,” He thought as the normal doubts any hero had worked against him. Could he truly have been just a fake superhero who secretly needed to dominance of this man? Was his hyper masculine persona just a pose to hide his true feminine nature? His frying brain couldn’t concentrate then, unexpectedly the hard cock of the Black Manta hit Aquaman’s prostate. A bolt of shivering heat sailed from that organ into the mind rattled superhero. His own cock stirred and the once proud body of the blonde hunk joined forces with the beam to crush forever the old concept of who the hero was. His erotic pleasure centers took over and Aquaman, the mighty warrior, transformed into Aquabitch, the cock crazy submissive! “I do need a cock up my arse!” The blonde handsome warrior told himself.

As the black manta screwed he noticed that now Aquaman had stopped squirming. In fact he was now vigorously thrusting his hips backward onto the black cock tat now impaled him. Glancing over to the side of his captive the dark villain observed that the once manly defiant superhero was sporting a very impressive hard-on!

“Fuck me,” Aquaman suddenly squealed in delight. “Fuck me hard. I want dick up my arse so bad!” He shamelessly blurted out as the now triumphant Black Manta  eagerly complied with that request. Aquaman’s body was throbbing in new pleasures and he knew it was all thanks to this man who had shown the superhero his true nature. Waves of docility engulfed him along with a sense of new respect for this dark  man. Aquaman now experienced not only a desire for cock but also a need to demonstrate how much he worshiped the man giving him that dick. “Oh yes fuck me hard sir,” Aquaman said encouragingly in respect while using a lighter tenor of voice that, while still masculine, had a definite more passive vocal tone. Soon the waters were filled with the ecstatic moans of the new member of the watery kingdom: Aqaubitch had been born.

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