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Aquaman Vs The Black Manta
Part 6 - Floating Away
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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The Black Manta heard the delirious whimpering cries of the once hyper masculine Aquaman with fiendish delight. “You want this now so much don’t you Aquabitch?” He mockingly taunted as he angrily fucked the now loose arse-hole of his enemy.

“Yes. Oh sweet Poseidon yes!” Aquaman moaned in reply. His body was alive with new sensations and his recently warped brain now happily processed every thrust of the hardness that literally had him impaled. “Fuck my superhero arse sir.”

The dark hued villain smiled. For long time Aquaman had ruled the inhabitants and creatures of these waters. The Black Manta recalled how his people had been defeated and cowed by this lighter skinned blonde warrior. Now he, the last of his race, had the once haughty Aquaman squirming like a bitch in heat harpooned on his black cock! He eagerly ground into the buff handsome superhero reveling in the joy of this victory. His ears took in every groan, grasp, and whimper of his new fuck toy.

“Oh sweet Poseidon!” the mind fucked water aquatic warrior cried out as his mind became overwhelmed by the powerful erotic sensations it was processing. “I can’t catch…breath,” he sputtered as he humped his hard round butt-cheeks backward onto his former foe’s dick.

The Black Manta heard the muscular man under him panting and he grinned. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll pass out from the ecstasy of it and forever be addicted to my hard dark manhood ," he decided. The evil fiend reached under the tapered waist of his former foe. He let his ridged rough palm run across the hard eight pac of abdominals that the muscled Aquaman had. The buff hero stomach was rising and falling in tempo with each of the Black Manta’s fucking movements. Reaching his goal at last the evil fiend took a firm grip on the full thick erection that spouted from between Aquaman’s muscled firm thighs. The back of the Black Manta’s hand felt the slapping movement of Aquaman’s swaying ball-sake. Each fucking thrust the dark hued man made had caused them to sway like some obscene clock pendulum. “Ah I will drain those hefty full low hanging nuts of yours my bitch ,” The evil villain chuckled to himself. He took hold of  the rigid  impressive cock of the once proud blonde warrior. The Black Manta knew that Aquaman had a much-boasted reputation for both his “package” and his sexual prowess in using it among the females. That would not be true in the future. He, the Black Manta, had short circuited this raging bull and reduced Aquaman to a docile heifer. He stroked the lengthy hardness of Aquaman’s cock.  The watery kingdom’s adored female defiler was now being defiled. “Ah yes,” the dark skinned warrior chuckled. “My bitch is boned!” He began to expertly masturbate the water warrior. “You like being hard for men now? Especially when they take you anally as you once did to woman!”

“By the water of Atlantis I do sir," Aquaman yelped as a new set of erotic stimulations punched into his fevered brain!

“I’m milking my bitch now,” The black manta said viciously to his prey as h stroked his new bitched superhero’s rod. “Just like the men of my race milked the sea cows of old.” A thought came to the handsome dark features of the villain. “Why don’t you bellow as those cows did my bitch-man! You want to do that for me right?”

“Ahuh,” a totally sexually delirious Aquaman nodded.  He was raggedly gasping for air now as both his arse and his cock were shooting bolts of overpowering stimulations into his shattered brain. The once oh-so-heterosexual superhero was now completely enthralled by the touch of this man. A man that stroked his cock into a raging arousal. A man whose cock filled him with such needs as he was fucked by him. “Moo like a cow for you,” he dully repeated.

“Go on do it,” the Black Manta encouraged.” It will heighten your sexual thrills when you do it!” The villain increased his expert hand job knowing it would soon bring his former enemy into a raging climax that the former was now timing to coincide with his own upcoming emissions.

“Mooo,” he lightly whined as, to his excitement, his cock lurched in reply. “MOOO,” he repeated louder finding that his need to ejaculate was growing as the Black Manta stroked him faster. “MOOOO!” he roared eager now to spill his juices. As he was masturbated into a climax Aquaman felt himself falling over into an abyss that was rapidly knocking his senses out. Then he felt it, a blast of warm liquid cascading upwards inside his guts. He knew. HE WAS BEING SEEDED! That thought sent him sailing over the edge.  "MMMMMOOOOOOOOO!!" he screeched as his squirted out his own juices.

“AH YES YOU BITCH MOO FOR ME!” The Black Manta yelled as he squirted and squirted into Aquaman.

"MMMMMOOOOOO!!!” Aquaman yelped as he  emptied his balls into the waters in front of him. The combined arousals were too much for his mind to adequately process. It was as if someone had delivered a hard uppercut to his jaw. He lost it. He was still spurting the last of his jism into the seawaters as a joyous darkness descended in to his mind. His brain had been cold-cocked by his sexual actions. His buff sculpted body slumped forward limply at the waist while still in the Black Manta’s embrace. A series of air bubbles emanated from Aquaman’s spent cock as his body continued to spasm and climax.

“YES!” The dark toned villain happily cried out in his moment of victory. He kept his cock deeply buried into Aquaman’s now totally violated arse-hole. Pulling the unconscious blond hunk’s beefy muscled body tight against his own his swum upward to the surface and their ultimate destination.

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