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Aquaman Vs The Black Manta
Part 7 - The Final Humiliation
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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By the time the two men had reached the surface of the sea cave that served as Aquaman’s headquarters it was all over. Using his own telepathic powers the Black Manta had sent a signal to the dwellers of the sea to come to this place at once. When the two men broke the surface a crowd had assembled.

As a now awakened Aquaman took in the scene around him his saw his friends  staring in shock. Slowly the Back Manta carried Aquaman  to the shore. One strong dark skinned arm hugged Aquaman under his sculpted pectorals while another was around the latter’s neck. The Black Manta’s thick cock was still buried up to its hilt in Aquaman’s arse-hole. His shorter body was  literally hung upward on the mighty dark hued Manta’s rod. I fact all now saw that the once proud superhero was happily wiggling down on it. His muscular legs fluttered in the air unable to touch ground. Even more shocking to the crowd it was clear to all that Aquaman was sexually aroused by his predicament. His much-admired cock was in full flower. Each step of the Black Manta moved his cock inside the blonde water warrior. As Aquaman’s prostate was massaged by activity shafts of erotic thrills plummeted his mind. “Aw fuck yes,” Aquaman moaning shamelessly. “Keep your dick up my superhero arse!”

“I have beaten Aquaman and made him my bitch,” the Black Manta told the crowds as he began humping his powerful muscled hips upwards into the rump of the harpooned superhero .

“Oh fuck me sir,” Aquaman railed as the crowd gasped, then shook their collective heads in disgust. Aquaman’s heroic reputation was now gone. With one last gigantic upward push into Aquaman’s hole the Black Manta once more seeded his former enemy. “Oh yes  send that spunk up my arse Master!” Aquaman yelled as his own cock lurched and spewed forth more of it own creamy seeds.

“Tell them all again what I have done to you bitch-boy,” the Black Manta yelled out defiantly.

“Master you have seeded me!” Aquaman gasped as the his former foe proceeded to tighten his neck hold into a sleeper and send the once unconquerable superhero into the arms of Morpheus. The victorious villain  pulled his now knocked-out opponent off his cock and let Aquaman slump into a pile at his feet. “He seeded,” Aquaman murmured from his unconscious state.

Everyone understood what had gone on. By the ancient laws of the sea when a male creature spilled his seed into another that “other” was his forever. The Black Manta had not only publically announced his triumph to all, he had staked out his power  and irreversible dominion over Aquaman. By his own word the once mighty blonde hunk had confirmed this seeding. The reign of the Black manta was begun!

 In the annals of the sea this scene was recorded for all to know.