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Bra-Ian & The Ancient Krill
Part 4
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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Bra-Ian lay splayed out and thoroughly humiliated on his bed wheezing while streaks of sweat glistened on his prone muscled form. "I've been fucked." He moaned as his mind refoucused. "I've been fucked by my own Krill slave." He repeated to himself as the shock of what had happened sunk into his brain even as he sensed old man's spunk oozing out from his ravaged anal cavity. Suddenly he felt his head being jerked up then pulled backward by his hair braid. As his tear filled eyes focused in front of him he saw the face of his defiler smiling at him.

"Well you turned into quite the little bitch didn't you," the ancient Krill said in mocking tones as he jerked back hard before then easing up on Bra-Ian's golden braid causing the younger man's head to nod in agreement.

Bra-Ian didn't think it could get worse. This smaller older man had savagely screwed him both anally and orally. Now, instead of taking revenge he was lying ass up on his bed letting this Krill use his symbol of manhood to jiggle his head. He wanted to resist but the more degraded he felt by this the more he lost any will to fight this man. In fact, to his horror, he soon realized his cock was getting hard once more as another now totally familiar sensation of sexual submission took control. "I'm a man Sir," he whined abjectly startled at the cracking voice that issued from him.

"A man," the Krill hooted as, without warning, he grabbed a sharp knife from the nearby table. "I see no man!" he continued as he instantly brought the sharp implement to Bra-Ian braid and placed it just below where it was tied off from his skull.

A final flash of horror exploded in the once arrogant warrior. "No not that please Sir," he whined like a pathetic child even as the Krill hooted and proceeded to sever the braid from Bra-Ian skull. Once his head had been cut loose from his golden plait Bra-Ian's head snapped back down released from its upright position. The cool air of the bedchamber played about his shorn head. "My braid," moaned the young fighter as he watched his tears fall to the floor below. "You took away my braid Sir," he sobbed as his cries echoed in the bedchamber. The dogs, which had been watching this entire action, stood rigidly still on their feet somehow sensing the importance of this event. They detected a tilt in the relationship between the men's power structure; clearly their master had shifted into a more submissive position. As Bra-Ian bawled they took up their own heated howls. "I've been...I've been unmanned," the macho warrior sputtered as he gazed up to take in the sight of the ancient Krill waving the symbol of Bra-Ian's masculinity before his very eyes. "You have made me into your..." he wailed as he stared at his braid now held triumphantly by the Krill as a symbol of his complete conquest over him. His body tingled again at this further mortification.

"You have been truly bitched boy," the Krill replied as he reached down to rewrap the severed braid around Bra-Ian's neck before then tying their ends together to effectively create a golden dog collar around the once proud muscular warrior. " I have taken your manhood from you," he continued saying forcefully. "You have continually exposed your arousal to me, you have sucked my cock and, you have even pathetically whimpered like a woman as your arse was violated. Now you have permitted a weaker smaller man, a KRILL in fact, to strip you of your manly braid!" The old man broke out into a grin. He knew the effect these words were having in demolishing this younger man and felt the thrill of conquest. Now he added the final touch by stating, "lastly, you even were aroused while all this occurred worse, you sprayed this bed with your seed in sexual heat while some all happened!"

"I am...bitched," Bra-Ian mumbled as the events replayed in his mind. "I!"

"Now get off my bed." The ancient man said as he roughly pushed Bra-Ian sideways onto the cold floor. "And stay there up on all fours like the dog you now are," he snarled taking glee in this further degradation of the stronger younger man. "Ah I see you are still aroused too," the Krill chuckled as a dejected Bra-Ian gazed between his legs to discover that indeed he was fully erect. A rise of arousal burned anew in his balls.

"I...I...please Sir," he begged as the last shreds of any mental resistance sunk into a sea of overpowering urges to submit to the old puny man thus triggering another equally powerful craving. "I," he stammered as he blushed with shame, "to cum again Sir!"

"Well I'm a bit tired but I think the dogs might help you out". As he spoke these words he silently nodded to the massive animals that slowly circled their former master who was, thanks their scent abilities, in heat. They snarled excitedly in anticipation; their sexual arousal now clearly obvious and on full display.

Bra-Ian took in the dogs' impressive physical stimulation and flashed a wild-eyed look of terror at the Krill. "No please...can't Sir. They want to..." he rasped as the first massive dog jumped onto his back to mount his former tormentor from behind.

""AAAWWWWWWHHHOOOO!!!!" Bra-Ian howled as he experienced this latest anal assault. His rear felt as if it was on fire yet, he also experienced another urge to pop his load as the ravishment progressed. The image of this happening under such circumstances mentally crushed him into a permanent state of submissiveness. The macho proud young conqueror of men had been forever reduced into becoming a pathetic shorthaired bitch that was helpless to object even as his own animals took him for their pleasure, "NNNNOOOO...AWWWWW," he weakly whimpered as he surrendered to another degrading climax while yelping, "AAAAWWWHHHHOOO!"

"Try not to be too loud as I need my rest before we join my fellow Krills and their new 'bitches' at the banquet tonight," the Krill mocked as the other dog waited patiently for his turn keeping his wet nose posed right in front of Bra-Ian's handsome agonized face.

"AAAAHHHHHHHOOOOHHHH" Bra-Ian continued to wail as the Krill dozed off lulled to slumber with the sounds of Bra-Ian being broken into his new role as the bitch of the pack!

The End

In ancient times great symbolism was given to cutting your enemies hair to symbolically castrate him. Charles Martel cut his predecessors long hair to show to all that person's powerlessness. The Byzantines shaved the top of their enemies to remove them from power by sending them off to a monastery. Today the art of shavings another man is, I'm informed, a rite in the practice of some aspects of dominance and submission. As a master told me during a lecture, "it turns the man into my boy!"