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Confessions: A True Story
By Kyle Cicero

This is a work of fiction... yeah right they tell us to say that hehehe? All rights reserved. You must be 18 or older to read .


Chapter One: Watch the Spiral Boy Or The Day I Became Master Trick's Cop-Toy

So where do I begin. Oh yeah ..about me.

Well I'm 5'11'', blonde with brown eyes and a beefy , muscular, defined body. My former bitch of a girlfriend told me I was a real looker or, as I overheard her tell a girlfriend, a " hottie". Hey she had taste! Anyway I'm a cop. Been one now for three years after a 2 yr stint as an MP when I turned 18. So that makes me 23 got it.

Ever since my high school days as a wrestler I've noticed that I'd get checked out by some guy but hey, I'm not into that shit bro.

Matter of fact I've taken down a few airy-fairy dudes as a cop . That what started this. Some faggoty dude complained I wasn't sensitive enough so I get assigned to a 'sensitivity class'. One of the projects was for me to go to a gay chat room and chat. Meet and learn that punk-assed teacher said. Need to drop the alpha dog attitude...yeah right ...I bet the guy knows all about doggie positions!

Okay so I get to one he recommended called "hypnosis and gays" and I figure it's about dudes trying to get hypnotized back to being straight. I think...hey that's great. I get into the room one night after my shift. Hell I didn't even change out of my blues that's how bad I wanted to get this over with. So there is only one guy in the room. He's from Europe somewhere and we get to talking...well fuck me it turns out the hypnosis they do in this place is not meant to go straight but to release an inner you. Now I'm thinking, heck this shit is good stuff to copy down and hand in. Maybe I can get an early release from more classes if I get enough shit from this asshole in the room so, I decide to find out more. This dude, named Trick, says he is a Master hypnotist & can do it to a dude by cyber! Now I'm thinking..bullshit and I tell this fairy so.

Trick gets all smug and says he can do me unless I'm scared. Yeah right I think. That would be the day this straight cunt-popper gets scared of a faggot. So I tell him give it your best shot dude. Next thing I know he's sending me a file with some spiral in it. I put it up and watch it spin. Got to admit it was interesting. As it spun he's chatting away on the bottom screen telling me to look deep into it.

At first I'm thinking this is so dumb but then... ..well you know that spiral is amazing. I mean it really looks like its deep. I admit after awhile I'm looking in more seeing more deeply into it too. It has no frieckin bottom. And Trick keeps chatting on bout how good it must feel and the deeper I look the better I'd feel. You know he was right bro! I'd been nervous bout this chat shit but now I'm dealing it cool in my brain. It felt pretty good. And I'm getting excited too by it. Damn tight uniform pants are riding up into my crotch. Oh well.

Trick kept talking and I gotta admit it was nice of him to take the time to stay. Matter of fact he's not a bad dude. After awhile I think we bonded. Yeah I know how lame but I found myself babbling about myself to him about myself, my patrol partner Barry, and what I did etec. and he just listens all interested like. In fact, he understood how much stress I must have felt in my life. Never thought of that till he said it but once he did. ....WOW. It hit me full out.

He asked me if I'd like to see an even cooler spiral and then sent me another blue/red spiral to see and that mutha was friecking wild. Really got into it bro.

Tell you the truth I felt a bit woozy with this one but Trick explained I was just adjusting to being the thought of someone taking over for me. I liked that. Never knew that I needed a right guy to kinda run things. Trick even explained why my 8'' dick was hard as a rock in my cop blues. It was just the last of the stress trying to get out. Lucky for me he was there to show me how to relax. Damn that spiral fucking rocks. My muscular thighs were pressing together now and I needed to rub myself through my blue uniform. Trick said that was normal, that I should relax and gaze into the spiral more while I worked my meat. It's all just my need to let go of my fake manhood and the stress it caused. He is one great guy you know!

After awhile I'm sweating to blow out my stress like Trick suggested cause I know that once it comes out I'll be free to let Master Trick in and take over. Yeah need that.....need a hot European top to keep my boy-cop ass in line. No more trouble. No need to be hard assed. Just let Trick in and bust my cop-pussy when I fuck up. The thought of that was so hot. Trick in me keeping me in line. So fucking hot that I came in my tight uniform. I just looked down in my lap as the wet stain spread in them. Felt fucking great! Blowing my jock cop seed all over the cotton blues. Letting Trick in as my Master.

Well Master Trick is on the screen in an instant messenger box waiting as I fill out this report to send to my teacher. Seems he thinks his 'boy' has learned a big lesson.After I'm done he's given me the name of a bathhouse he knows in my city. Master thinks its time my cherry cop-cunt got a taste of my new life. Master Trick is good to me. He just sent me another spiral. He called it his final brain reorientation frying. Master Trick is funny. He turns me on big time.

Just opened it now. Fuck it's hotter than the other one! Well got to shower and change into a new uniform then, off to that bathhouse. Can't see why I need to shower there but Master says he programmed something in me to take affect right about now.....My pussy is ready sir! Love this spiral!

Hey want me to send it to you?

Chapter Two: Bathhouse Blues

So I get to this place like Master Trick suggested and I go in. Would you believe the place is filled with guys buck naked or in towels...I mean hot shit I nearly freak but, then this little voice tells me to stop gaping cause I'm on a mission. Probably should wonder where the fuck this voice comes from but hell I seem to need to listen bad for some reason so whatever right! Besides some of these guys are fucking grade A beef.

The place is in a rough part of the city and sure enough there are a lot of hot African American dudes there. This one guy kinda looks like my patrol buddy Barry. I remember telling Master bout him. Real nice sexy dude. About 33, tall and built. Funny never realized it before but he's a good looking son-of-a-bitch too. Got this dark skin tone and beautiful seductive eyes. Wonder why I never told him that? Anyway this guy reminds me of him and the voice says I should go up to him so I do. His name was Malik. Like Barry he was tall, powerful , and sex on wheels at least that's what I'm thinking. Judging from the bulge behind his towel I bet he's hung too. You know come to think of it Barry's got a nice full basket too. Full and dark with hairy balls that sway and flick off the water as he moves them under the spray. I remember now from seeing him shower at the station. Gees, you work with a buddy and just realize these things. Hell of a life huh.

So I tell Malik just what the voice says I should, namely that I'm a virginal white bastard with an attitude that needs to be adjusted by a real black man. Malik takes it in and then breaks out in a beautiful smile. Looking at him I melt. Did I say that? He laughs and tells me to follow him to this room. On the way he signals some older fat African-American to join us. This guy has one big beer gut but Malik says he is an expert adjuster too. The voice says comply with him so I do and off we go.

Once we get in the room Malik pulls off my towel and the two of them push me butt up onto this table.Malik gets all angry and tells me he and his bro are going do me up good. Next thing I know his fat buddy Jamal is laying on me. I can feel his heavy gut pressing into the small of my back and then a hard thick tube pushing in between my ass-cheeks. The voice tells me to spread my legs and relax so I do and next thing I know that tube is in my hole. Holy shit this fat fuck is screwing my cop ass! I raise my head to protest and there is Malik grinning and sporting a 9'' hardon. He comes up so close I can smell his musky odor. Shit black guys smell hot I think. He slaps his palm under his cock letting it bounce before my eyes. I'd never seen a black cock up so close. It was thick, dark , and his head was red brown and slick with precum. My mouth gets all wet. Probably nerves huh.

I want to ask him what is going on but he comes up& pinches my nose closed. As I open my mouth to try to breath he shoves that black cock of his deep into my throat. Now I'm getting plowed both ends. My lower chin is getting scraped as Malik's hairy low hanging balls slap up on them while he fucks my face. My mouth is sore, my chin getting raw from the rubbing those hairy mutha balls are giving them and, Jamal is bathing me in his dripping sweat.

Jamal is grunting more and is humping me faster. His fat gut pounding down on my back as he opens my hole. Malik is pistoning in my mouth and yelling how a white bitch like me loves it from two dark stallions; all the while the voice is telling me how much I do love it....AND FUCK ...something in me snaps and soon I'm hot for it and I'm bucking and moaning full out as these two studs ride my body. The room fills with their sex scent and I breathe it into my lungs. Fuck, black men in full heat smell great !

Suddenly, both dudes cry out & I feel their hot wet jis flooding into me at both ends . Its so friecking hot I cream under myself. As they pull out I moan as their jis seeps from both of my openings. I look up at them all funny like with Malik's juice dripping down from the corner of my mouth and I see them laughing and giving each other a high five in a kinda victory salute. I just sigh like a contented cat that got the cream. I'm so woozy that when Malik asks me what I do for a living I just babble it out. He gives Jamal a funny look then he nods and they both smile some more. Next thing I know Malik has a capsule under my nose and is telling me we are going back to my place for more fun. The minute I sniff that capsule it goes all fuzzy.

All I remember is the three of us at my place and the two dudes working me sexually for most of the night. Next morning I wake up naked, sticky and crusty all over, cuffed to the bed, and my ass & mouth both sore as hell but in a kinda good way. Malik is looking at me smiling that fantastic smile and pating me on the head. He tells me I was such a greedy bitch that I wore them out so they are going take a few items from my place as a present from me to them for helping me out. I try to focus but he breaks open two capsules and puts one in each of my nostrils and it was "LaLa" land till Barry wakes me.

Boy was Barry pissed. When I missed roll call he volunteered to go to my place to see what happened. He uncuffed me and threw me into a shower then called the station to say he found me sick in bed and that I was too ill to call it in. He's coming back later after shift to lecture me. He looked so fucking hot in his tight blues yelling at me. He is one fine built man. As he left I noticed how beefy and round his butt was. Damn why didn't I see all this before. Fuck it. After he left that voice told me to go to my computer and go online. Master Trick was there! He had me pull up a new spiral.Not sure but I must have passed out cause I only remember looking at it a few seconds and now just waking up. How long was I out?

Fuck it's been 6 hrs!

I'm dressed and there is this small bottle and some capsules next to the screen. I dimly remember going someplace to get these items but why? Then the voice is telling me Barry needs to relax and that when he comes over I should pour the bottle's contents into his coffee. After it lets him relax (Damn Master Trick is thoughtful about everyone) I just have to break each capsule and hold it under his nose. The voice tells me to contact Master online after I do this and position Barry so he can see the screen. Master has a new spiral just for him. Didn't I say Master was kind to everyone.. If I do good Master says I can kneel between Barry's legs and taste Barry's nice black cock. Master is so good to me too. I wish I were gay like him. Oh there's Barry now. Master says after I finish this I should send it to him. Well to make the coffee!

Chapter Three:Black 'n Blue

Well Barry came over straight from work. My partner looked so sexy in his tight uniform blues man. Never appreciated how built he is & how his black skin contrasted off that blue cotton. He started to lecture me about my sinful ways. Barry is one regular churchgoer and he and his wife and kids are always doing something for their pastor.

Anyway I suggest some coffee and go get it leaving my handsome & hunky cop partner in the living room. I pour in the whole contents of the bottle into his cup like the voice inside my head said to do and then brought it to him. As he drank it Barry kept giving me shit about my conduct today and how I needed a firm hand. As he spoke I just keep staring into those luscious brown eyes of his and those full wet lips that were sipping away at the coffee. Man he is hot I thought. If I were gay I'd be stuck on him big time.

After awhile good old Barry's eyes started to get all diluted and his voice slurred his words. The voice told me he was ready so I helped him up holding him tight as I got him into the chair facing the computer screen. His hard muscled body felt so friecking good as it lay against me. He kept mumbling about feeling funny and asking what was happening to him. I just told him to relax as I got him in the chair. Like the voice in my brain instructed I went online where Master Trick was waiting and opened a file marked "Barry's Special" that he had sent me. God, Master Trick just gives and gives to people. Fine man.

I made sure Barry was facing the spiral that opened up like Master said it would. Then I grabbed two capsules and broke them open and placed one under each of Barry's nostrils. He tried to resist but then he got a whiff and he moaned in that hot sexy low voice of his in a sort of sigh of surrender. His breathing quickened so I was able to make sure he got a good dose of whatever the stuff was. He smiled and asked for more so I broke two more open and handed them to him. He started sniffing away all happy-like. As I knelt between his legs like I was told to do by the voice in me I could see his eyes locked on the computer screen. They were all wide and he was repeating something softly. A smile broke out on his handsome face and his white teeth looked fantastic against his soft reddish brown full lips. Yep too bad I wasn't gay. Dumb luck I'm straight I guess.

I crawled under the computer desk and pulled Barry into it until his meaty muscular thighs brushed in tight against my cheeks.

Damn he smells great down there. His crotch filled my lungs with the aroma of hot musky funk. It was so intoxicating that I had to nuzzle my face into his blue covered bulge and sniff over and over. It just felt so good pressing my nose in my cop-partner's hot crotch. Filling myself with his man smells. Barry's sack pulled tight against his blues. Large and full. Just begging to be slobbered over .The voice inside me reminded how hot tasting his cock& balls would be through that blue cotton cop's uniform and I leaned in and started to lick my buddy's manhood. I could hear Barry sigh loudly and snort some more of whatever I figured was in the capsules I had given him. As I got the cotton wet, my tongue could detect his dick getting hard. Barry moaned really low and husky like and the back of my head felt his massive hands touch the back of my head and push me deep between his spreading thighs.

I musta lost it cause suddenly I'm pressing into him hard..... my tongue drooling like a dog I heat... while I'm getting my cop partner's basket all wet and juicy. His sex scent got stronger as I worked it down there and Barry's voice got louder & huskier. He was now saying things like.... "Yeah bitch"...or... "Suck it you white pussy". Funny thing ....hearing that turned me on big time. But who was he talking too? Oh well he was probably watching something on the screen showing some women 'doing' a guy. All I know is he's pushing my head in hard while his powerful thighs are squeezing both my cheeks like a vise but hell, the smell of this guy and the taste of him even through the cotton was too intense for me to complain about it! Like I would huh.

Then Barry spreads his legs farther apart and one hand pushes my head back a bit leaving me flapping my tongue in the air and panting for more. His free hand unzips his pants and pulls them open showing his tight white cotton briefs that are so wet they show the dark brown outlines of his thick cock straining against the material. Barry pulls the piss-slit in the briefs apart and pulls his dick through it giving me an up close view of his massive fully erect black cock nicely framed by the white cotton briefs. It was all slick and wet and I could see the purple throbbing veins on it pulsating with blood. Barry's dick has a large reddish-brown head and that sucker was leaking man juice big time now. Hot damn it was looking good so close. No wonder that bastard had four boys. Shit I'd spread em fast myself to be able to feel that black cock in any of my holes. Did I say that? Could I friecking way!

So anyway, the voice in my brain tells me to just go for it and having that tasty treat inches from my watering mouth while I'm filling up my lungs with that hot gnarly smell of his....... let me tell you I didn't need any advice. I rammed that tool of his down my open throat and sucked like a drowning man gasping for air. As my face bobbed up and down riding my black beauty I could hear my bro gasping, then sighing, finally groaning in a way I'd never heard from him before. My throat was getting a slick coating now from his precum. Judging from the lurching of his cock inside my throat I'd say old Barry was getting close.

I plunged down deep onto his baby maker till my chin hit his cotton-covered nutsack. That must have done it cause Barry roars and I feel his hips buck up while his hands push my head in deep & tight. He erupts and I find myself gulping so much hot jis that I can feel it hit the back of my nose.

Barry finally stops gushing . I lick him clean savoring the texture of his satiny dick as I do it. I make sure there is not one drop of his cream left on his manhood. Hey the dude is my partner man. Gotta do right by him. Barry tastes salty but sweet like Malik and, I think , Jamal as well. I wonder if all black men taste so fine. Fuck if they do then bottle me a few gallons man ! I friecking wonder where this shit is coming from at times. Good thing that voice tells me its fine so I don't sweat it.

When I crawl out from under the desk Barry is limp in the chair. His eyes are glazed and he's sighing all contented like as he watches the screen's spiral and rubs his crotch. I look there too and see one fierce looking spiral on the screen but the voice tells me to ignore it, to type out what has happened and, send it to My Master now. When I do then another file comes on screen addressed to me. I open it. Damn such pretty colors on this spiral. Bro wish you could see this!

Things get a bit hazy then....... I just remember slumping onto the floor watching Barry on the chair with his legs spread, his pants undone, all the while just rubbing his dick that was still sticking out the piss slip of his white briefs. Barry has a dull dazed goofy look but man he is still one fine looking mutha-fucker. If I was a homo...fuck gay guys have it good. Lucky bastards! I pass out while thinking about Barry, his cock and, wondering how his ass would taste! The last thought I have is of the voice in my brain laughing and telling me it will taste just fine!

The End