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Ghostly Fraternizing
Part 3 - Part Three
By Kyle Cicero

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Ghostly Fraternizing

By Kyle Cicero

One of two final vault tales I found. Enjoy

Part Three


Dr. Kincaid was the biggest queer on campus. For years, Alec and the other jocks had watched him come to their sporting events and stare lustfully at their young hard jock bodies. In the locker room, they would crack jokes of how pathetic the ‘old geezer’ was with his skinny nerd looks and his “nelly” demeanor. When Alec had gone to his office to secure the files the Doctor had told him it wasn’t possible citing confidentiality.

“There are rules, young man, even for someone as popular as you.” Dr. Kincaid said in that simpering way he had.

“But I need them badly,” Alec had anxiously stated. He knew he dared not fail to accomplish what the ghost had instructed. “I’ll do anything to get them sir,” he mumbled knowing, from the steady gaze of the Doctor on his crotch, what was called for. “Anything…sir,” he repeated as he cupped his crotch giving clear indications now of what he meant by the word.

The Doctor looked at Alec for a second. A dawn of realization came to his ancient face and a lewd grin grew across his mouth. He licked his lips. “Well maybe…if you need them that badly…I might be persuaded.” He reached over to fondle Alec’s crotch. Dr. Kincaid rubbed the hard roundness of Alec’s sack and let his palm move across the thick tubular object above it. When Alec didn’t object a wider smile came to the older man. “I suppose if you were persuasive,” he whispered as he slowly unzipped the young stud’s pants and slipped them down around Alec’s ankles. “Very persuasive,” he giggled as his wrinkled hand palmed Alec’s balls once more before slowly pulling down the young athlete’s bikini briefs. As Alec’s personal ‘charm’ came into view the Doctor gasped. Alec could see, to his humiliation, the old man’s tongue start licking his lips. The young boy leaned back against the desk behind him bracing himself with his palms on the hard surface and mildly thrusting his hips toward the eager Doctor.

“You did say anything, right?” The Doctor repeated looking up triumphantly at the campus’ big stud bare-assed now before him in all his masculine glory.

“Yes,” Alec replied as he felt the wet moisture of the Doctor enclose his manhood. “Oh fuck,” he heard himself groan as his body came alive to the oral sensations. He drifted off on a hazy wave of arousal. He leaned farther back toward the desk and raised his waist upward a bit more.

“Hmm.” The young jock barely heard the old man say as he licked Alec into a full erection. The stimulated athlete glanced down with a clouded vision to see the grinning face of the Doctor staring up. He had taken his mouth off Alec’s rod, replacing it with a hand that busily worked on Alec’s cock to keep it erect and Alec twitching in arousal.

“Oh fuck,” Alec rasped as his knees buckled slightly from the sensual shock waves his cock was sending to his brain.

“So not such a smart-ass jock now, huh?” Dr. Kincaid stated sharply as his hand job expertly worked Alec up another notch into sexual bliss.

“Shit,” Alec said through chattering teeth.

“Tell me who’s the faggot now you arrogant asshole. Yeah, I know how you jocks mock me but here you are buck naked and groaning like a bitch in heat as I work your meat.” The man hissed angrily.

“Don’t…stop,” Alec mumbled as his youthful urge to climax took priority over anything now. “I’m the...faggot,’ he moaned

“Ha-ha…seems you are,” the Doctor replied. “Big smug captain always strutting around and boasting about your sexual conquests with the ladies. Calling me that old faggot Doctor.” The man continued as his hand job worked the young hunk into a frenzy.

Alec’s eyes grew wide with surprise. He never thought Dr. Kincaid got wind of this. “You…heard?” He groaned hoping that the Doctor wouldn’t halt his activities on his rod. “Oh fuck, doc.” Alec desperately wanted to cum now. 

His legs bent and his muscular thighs spread just enough to let his hefty low hangers sway in the breeze. He let the small of his back lean on the desk ledge to steady his body.

“Oh, I hear things on campus, stud,” Dr. Kincaid replied as he stroked Alec so expertly that the young boy was moaning.

“Oh fuck, I want to cum so badly man.” Alec admitted shamelessly.

“Well the tide turns and Mr. Macho is here squirming for me like a back alley whore. My. My,” the Doctor hooted gleefully. “Don’t worry, a deal is a deal however,” with that he lowered his mouth and went to work letting his insults do their work on the young man’s self-image while his tongue action brought Alec to a thundering eruption.

“Fucking A.” Alec had yelped in the end as he shot his juices into Dr. Kincaid’s awaiting throat. “Man.” He wheezed as he pulled out of the Doctor’s mouth.

The old man quickly fondled Alec’s sack. “You have another load in here.” He said as he rolled Alec’s nuts in his pouch. “I want it all.” With that the eager man took Alec’s dick back into his mouth and sucked.

“Oh shit,” Alec cried as his cock grew once more. His nuts ached and churned and suddenly he erupted. He gripped the desk as he arched up to shoot so hard it literally caused him to feel dizzy. “Mutha fuck!” He howled. At the end, Alec’s nuts were achingly empty. When his brain cleared he glanced down to see the old man smirking menacingly

“Third time’s the charm, they say,” the old man tittered as he chowed down again despite Alec’s feeble protests.

“Honest…I …can’t…not again…not this…fast,” Alec babbled in protest. By now he was sure that he had been drained.

The old Doctor stared up and let Alec’s dick flop from his mouth. “I have found young men have reserves that can be tapped with the correct pressure applied.” He said laughingly. “I know just the right place to tap as well.” He re-took Alec’s dick in his mouth and went to work. 

Alec felt the Doctor’s hand move to caress his ass. Suddenly, without warning, he felt something quickly pushing between his muscled cheeks and then, into his ass-hole. He was bout to protest when the invading object hit his prostate.  “What the fuck,” he moaned as the shock of getting finger fucked gave way to a jolt of pleasure. “Aw shit yes,” he sobbed as he gyrated up and down on the finger to get more pressure on his prostate. After a few more poundings on it, he yelped and erupted. 

After they finished, Alec was forced to erotically pose for some ‘personal’ cell pictures. “Just some insurance to be sure you don’t run off to complain to anyone about what we did today,” the Doctor told him. At one point Alec even bent over and fingered his hole for the Doctor’s camera. To his shame, he got semi-hard during it.

“Can I get the files now,” a thoroughly humiliated Alec asked as he did his last pose.

“Once you blow me…yes,” the Doctor nastily replied as he undid his pants. “Get on your knees and crawl y up to me and suck me off.”

Alec, by now desperate to get the files did as he was instructed. To the sounds of laughter, he crawled up to the Doctor’s cock on his knees. Closing his eyes, he opened his mouth and let the man slide his cock into it. The sensation of the Doctor’s cock pumping into him was surprisingly exciting. As he sucked, he reached down to masturbate. Within a few minutes he was not only gulping down spunk but also shooting off some of his own.

“Now I’m going to fuck you,” the Doctor stated. “For years I have been mocked and basically fucked over by hunks like you. Today I do the fucking. Assume a fuck position.”

A now completely humiliated, yet aroused Alec, took a ‘doggie stance’ and spread his strong legs apart. When the Doctor penetrated him he let out a howl and had another orgasm.

After he finished unloading his spunk into Alec’s hole, the satiated Doctor willingly handed over the files. “Well I must say you know how to suck cock. Who knew you were such a faggot,” the Doctor joked as Alec finally dressed to go.  

 Alec cringed recalling the wrinkled lips of the man on his meat and how Alec had allowed the man to continually slobber over his crotch. Worse was when the Doctor’s finger had slipped around Alec’s butt to thrust itself up Alec’s shitter during the final time the Doctor had gone down on him. Not only hadn’t he objected, Alec had gotten even more aroused. To his surprise, had produced and shot a healthy load of jism down the gullet of the guy.

Dr. Kincaid’s smirk as Alec left was unforgettable. They both knew that Alec, despite his campus reputation as a ladies man, he been sexually had by another man. Even more degrading, judging by his loud satisfied moans when he had been digitally penetrated, macho stud Alec had truly enjoyed getting his ass-hole digitally serviced.

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