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Megastud's Stress Reduction
By Kyle Cicero

Megastud’s Stress Reduction

by Cicero

PROLOGUE: Throughout the land evildoers faced the powerful superhero Megastud. At 6’2’ and built to muscular perfection the 32yr old crime fighter stood guard fighting for justice against all who would harm it. Dressed in his skin tight golden unitard with his blue cape flowing in the wind this classic good looking hunk spread fear in the hearts of criminals and lust in the loins of women and quite a few men. Except for the rare substance called Betaballed he was invincible. The idol of the land kept a lonely vigil with only his best friend Jeff Talbot European supermodel as his confidant. Megastud dedicated his life to service for mankind by self-denial of all distracting pleasures. Until….

"I really can’t see how this will accomplish anything Dr. Carter," Megastud said as he walked alongside the man to another room in the clinic.

"Megastud stress is the leading cause of heart attacks but most men don’t admit to this weakness," the doctor said solemnly. "Now my theory is that proper massage relieves stress. By participating in this demonstration you will show other men that it is not weak to undertake such treatments."

"But doctor my super body doesn’t feel stress and...." but Megastud was cut off by the doctor.

"It is the symbolism. Besides I thought you promised your best friend Jeff Talbot you would help us in this endeavor" the man stared at super-hero sharply, "but if saving lives in this manner is not important."

"No. No. Its fine," Megastud said as they entered the room. The powerful hero recalled his promise to Jeff to cooperate in this latest activity. Funny Megastud thought but he had never heard of this doctor or clinic before Jeff had made his request but Megastud was sure Jeff would never involve Megastud in anything disreputable. Little did he know Jeff had been hypnotized by the doctor and was totally in Dr. Carter’s power?

"Good," the doctor said. "Now just disrobe and climb on the table and we can begin"

"Disrobe!" Megastud said in surprise.

"You cannot expect the massage to be over clothes to be effective,” the doctor said with annoyance. "If this is going to be a problem then we can forget it and I’ll inform Mr. Talbot of that fact."

"No." Megastud replied quickly. "I mean as long as ...well...I mean. You want me to be totally bare?"

"A problem?" the doctor innocently asked.

"Well I’ve never been front of...." Megastud stuttered with embarrassment.

"Oh there will be a towel covering your posterior," the doctor chuckled enjoying the disconcerting effect such a requirement had on Megastud. "Go on I’m a doctor a naked body means nothing to me."

Megastud let out a sigh. He nodded resignedly to the doctor. Megastud detached his cape and waited for a brief second then thought of something, in a burst of speed that was quicker than the eye could follow, he undressed and laid face down on the table making sure his impressive meaty round butt was discreetly draped by the white towel.

Dr. Carter tried not to blatantly stare at the muscular form on the table. Lying before him was the most perfect body he had ever seen. The broad shoulders and wide lats tapered down to a narrow waist. Even under a towel the shape of Megastud’s ass was obviously a rock hard bubble of muscles that gave way to twin thighs and calves of sculpted perfection. When you took in the budging biceps and classic good looks of the super hero it was no wonder Megastud was a walking wet dream. “Well let us begin," the doctor coughed as he wheeled over a stand that held a warming tray & bottles of a blue liquid.

"What is that?" Megastud said as the doctor uncorked a bottle and heated the substance in a small pot.

"My own stress buster formula," Dr.Carter replied as he liberally poured the warm contents across Megastud’s back.

"It tingles," Megastud said as his muscular back experienced unusual radiating warmth. The effect was surprisingly pleasant and Megastud had to admit quite relaxing. " my body’s reacting to this. That’s... unusual.” Without realizing it the super hero’s body arched slightly and then stretched out fully on the table .A small perceptible groan of pleasure escaped from him as his well-defined torso relaxed. “Hmmm,” he found himself sighing. “Hmm,” he gasped as his mind drifted.

"That is the point," the physician said with a smile as he began to run his hands across the skin of the prone super hero making sure to cover every part of the exposed flesh and rubbing the substance deep into the crime fighter’s pours. The doctor couldn’t help but revel in the sensual skin texture of the man he was working upon. Megastud’s musculature was a major turn-on and judging by the light involuntary gasps of “oh” coming from the Megastud the buff superhero was experiencing his own contentment in the process as well. More of the oil was applied.

By now a strange feeling was arising in Megastud. His muscles had gone totally slack and pliable to the man’s touch. He also found that he was light headed "I’m experiencing...loss of focus doctor." He muttered as the massage continued with the doctor applying more lotion and faster kneading hand movements. Megastud felt as if all his strength was draining away as his body reveled in its first encounter with the potential sensuality in an intimate person-to-person contact. “Ahhhh …. I feel funny,” he slurred.

"Just relax," the doctor replied softly as he began a series of upper body hand manipulations using even more blue liquid on the increasingly relaxed neck and shoulder muscles of Megastud. Dr. Carter’s efforts were rewarded by a low throaty growl from his subject coupled with the hero noticeably squirming on the table. “Go ahead let out that stress.” Dr. Carter encouraged as he went to work on Megastud’s sculpted form.

“Ooooooo,” Megastud said quietly as he felt his muscles loosen up. “Ohhhh…yeahhh,” the super hunk responded as he found himself truly enjoying this sensation. For the first time in his life the super-hero experienced a novel yet stimulating prickling numbness that seemed to not only to set him on edge but also kept him in a state of disorientation. " this..what’s in that liquid," he sighed as the Megastud’s body succumbed to the doctor’s strokes. His powerful torso passively stretched out onto the table.

"Oh some cocoa butter, some aloe vera, some olive oil and, powdered Betaballed for that extra kick.” The man laughed as he poured a small bottle of the blue lotion onto Megastud’s head dousing the hair of the super hero and causing the potion to drip down his face. Megastud’s mind began to spin.

" ...doing….Betabbaleeee," Megastud groaned as his powerful body went fully limp under the manual manipulations he was enduring. “Don’t…you…know.. whhhaaa that …willllll…tooo…meeee,” he gasped. The lotion was quickly seeping through the hero’s pours and affecting every muscle in his body. "Got to get, "he stammered as he tried without success to rise only to have the doctor push Megastud’s body back down.

"Now, now my handsome hunk you behave.” The doctor snickered as he grabbed the moaning superhero’s hair to yank his face up. Megastud’s pupils were almost fully dilated. “Well this is going nicely”, the doctor snidely stated as he looked at the now slack-jawed handsome hunk. He he poured some the liquid into one of his hands then. reached over to smear Megastud’s face with the lotion. The doctor made sure to scoop up a glob of it and hand deliver it straight into Megastud’s open mouth. As Megastud unwillingly gulped it down the effect on him was instantaneous. Megastud’s eyes rolled up and his handsome face dropped back down on the table.

"Ohhhh," Megastud muttered in surrender as the once unconquerable Megastud became putty to the physical handling of the doctor. The powerful arms of the super hero dangled limply over the sides of the table and his breathing deepened as waves of relaxation washed over his muscled form. “I can’t…fight this,” he finally said. He knew he should try to struggle but his body betrayed him. What Megastud couldn’t know was that for the first time in his life his super physique had been weakened enough to permit its erogenous zones to be exploited by another’s touch.

"See I knew you’d react to my stress reliever." The man said as he poured more of his brew onto the barely conscious hero’s lower back.

"No ....stop," Megastud muttered as the warm liquid flowed down his spine following the arch line to the crack of his butt. As the doctor massaged downward Megastud could feel him pushing the towel off his buttocks. "No...stop...don’t... take …off…towel," he whispered. He knew however, that he was unable to stop this stripping. The doctor didn’t reply . His hands followed the curve of Megastud’s tapered back to its logical end. “Don’t do that,” he pleaded weakly.

"Come now." Dr. Carter responded. "Such juvenile modesty really.” In one flowing hand motion he simply brushed aside the towel and exposed Megastud’s rear to view. "Hmm." The doctor said as he poured lotion on the rounded twin cheeks of his subject. "Quite impressive and just how I like my men. It is quite meaty, firm and with those twin dimples. Yes, it is a very luscious bubbled butt.”

Megastud tried to rise once again but that only caused the doctor to give the super hero’s arse a sharp slap that sent a shock wave up Megastud’s spine. No one had ever spanked him before let alone cause him to feel pain. He groaned; this was a humiliation.

“OW…don’t,” he feebly said to no avail. In fact his pathetic request only seemed to encourage more slaps from the doctor who continued with a series of hard whacks that brought tears to Megastud’s eyes, a series of loud protesting sobs from the pain and a fiery redness to his once undefiled buttocks.

“Aaaahhh….owww..owwwww…..please…please.” The once proud hero bawled until at last the doctor stopped.

“Now will you behave you,” Dr.Carter said as Megastud in defeat nodded. “Good,” the doctor responded as he doused the crime fighters butt cheeks with more of his special potion. The first step in the doctor’s domination had begun!

Megastud could feel the liquid on his ass. Then even worse he realized that the substance was oozing down deep into his crack! As Dr. Carter’s hands went to work kneading and rubbing the helpless hero’s butt as another pleasant sensation bubbled inside Megastud. He involuntarily adjusted his crotch on the table and detected a stirring in his balls. A thought exploded in his brain. Could he be truly enjoying getting his rear fondled! "Stopppp," he stuttered in a hoarse voice.

"Oh I truly think not," Dr. Carter teased as he slipped one hand down between Megastud’s butt cheeks to spread the warm liquid to the Megastud’s chute. "No I truly think not ,ah yes, here we are the cherry in this dessert." The doctor smirked as his thumb found the center of the hero’s anus and began to massage away on its moist ring barrier.

"," Megastud babbled as his chute got its first taste of how sensitive it was when physically stimulated. "Never...touched…oh what me," the super hero gasped. His brain rebelled at the thought of this violation of his person even as, to his amazement, his body countered by spreading his powerful thighs apart so the doctor could easily reach more of the area and his ring massage. Megastud’s chute muscles began to tingle and unwind while the rumble in his sack flowed towards his cock. “Doctor....stoppppp.” He whispered as his butt hole opened like a budding flower under the doctor’s finger thrusts.

"Yes, correct anal stimulation is critical in stress reduction." Dr. Carter solemnly intoned as he poured his mixture directly onto the ring entry and slowly pressed his thumb onto the formerly impenetrable barrier gates.

" feels..."Megastud whined as his chute started to eagerly give way to this latest erotic thrill. Megastud was experiencing a delirious combination of mental horror at his pending anal debasement with quakes of arousal he had never know he had inside him. He realized he was also sprouting an impressive erection. Prior to this Megastud, courtesy of his small town family moral upbringing, had been convinced that sex was inherently shameful. Throughout his teen years he had never permitted himself any erotic stimulations. Until this moment his super control had rigidly subjugated his normal hormonal sex drives keeping them undeveloped. Now his control had been weakened and his erogenous zones were awakening from dormancy and discovering their power. From this moment on they would never be internally controllable again.

"You can’ don’ isn’t right.. not in… in my ass," the super hero protested even as the Dr.’s thumb moved in farther. Megastud’s brain registered the sensual pleasures it was getting from the actions and his inner circuits awakened to accept them as a source of erotic satisfaction. Although neither party knew it Megastud’s brain was rapidly associating the doctor’s actions with sexual fulfillment. As Dr. Carter stimulated his muscled prey he was, in essence, cold-conking the hero’s previously undeveloped and thus immature opposite sex orientation and realigning it to view sexual desire with sex play from men. “Oh doctor… you can’t please,” Megastud implored as his breathing rapidly increased and his super blood raced through his system.

"Just a bit more and we are in," Dr. Carter muttered as he pressed his finger down in deeper. "Ah," he laughed as Megastud suddenly let out a cry as the ring chute unclenched and let its invader easily into it.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhh," Megastud groaned as he felt the thrust of the doctor’s digit deep into his gut. Megastud had never known such erotic arousals as Dr. Carter’s finger probed and plunged into his canal. He knew from his upbringing he should be ashamed and outraged by being digitally sodomized but instead, and this truly is what spun his brain, his super hot body was in the thralls of the exhilaration the doctor’s invasion was giving him. Megastud’s legs spread out farther as his mind wobbled and his outer ring chute opened fully. His erection throbbed. Without being conscious of what he was doing his powerful torso ground it downward on the table. “Oh…God,” he yelped as the arousing pressure on his cock shot throughout his body. Suddenly, the doctor’s finger hit something hidden inside of him. “Oh …what …that,” Megastud shuddered as his body trembled at the stimulation.

" Ah the prostate," Dr. Carter nodded aware of the stud’s reaction, "shall we massage that and see how it goes?" With that the doctor began to rub the gland vigorously with his fingertip reveling in the knowledge he was giving the formerly invincible hero his first initial fuck. The doctor then flicked his finger at Megastud’s gland.

The effect on Megastud was electric. His massive form literally quacked as if struck by a thunderbolt. "Oh God," he bellowed. Waves of sensual heat flowed in him and soon his breathing grew even more rapid. The room seemed to dim as his mind reeled from the amazingly intoxicating joys of this stimulus. “Ugh.Ugh.” The super hero grunted as his brain lost it and his mouth babbled incoherently. His hips wiggled slightly back and forth as he lewdly increasing grinding his crotch onto the table.

Dr. Carter could see the effect as his sculpted hunk began to whimper and then raise his waist to thrust back onto his hand. Megastud was getting off on it he thought and that knowledge caused the doctor to feel the first flush of arousal. “Like it?” He sneered teasingly.

“No. No. No. No.No.” Megastud moaned yet even as he protested a battle raged in the brain of the super hero as his upbringing fought an internal war with his newly released sexual drives.

“You do. Admit it.” Dr. Carter whispered as he increased his attack on the crime fighter’s rear. He vigorously rammed Megastud’s prostate now knowing that total victory was in sight. His subject’s sounds and bodily gyrations increased .He was so close to cracking! “You want this. You want this!” The doctor chanted to the muscled hunk.

“I…not…right…man…in my asss..not…youu..yo…oooooooo,” Megastud croaked as he broke out in a cold sweat. The war raged would his super control reassert itself over these released sexual drives? But his erotic impulses had an ally in the blue potion that eroded his prior sexual reticence as well as the invincible will that had held his urges in check. Megastud’s sexual celibacy cracked under the fucking stimuli the doctor was inflicting on his now enflamed prostate. He broke into defeat. "Oh..yes..yess… I doooooooooo," Megastud hissed as he gave up his inner struggle and was swept away in a sea of sensuality. His cock was fully erect and copiously leaking. He was helpless to fight these erotic stimulations. He had never felt like this and, thanks to the Betaball , he didn’t want this to stop even if he could make it happen.

“Just ask me then what you want me to do,” The doctor snickered confident of the impending answer from his super stud. By now the young good-looking hero was panting like a fish out of water. He was grinding downward and squirming on the table so violently the doctor worried Megastud might fall off of it.

" Oh ….doctor…III..wantttt……yoouuuu.. toooo ooooo…….FUCKKKKK MEEEEEEEEHHH!" Megastud suddenly cried out amazed not only at what he had just begged for but also the fact he had used his first expletive. Somehow verbalizing such a craving and in that manner seemed to increase his desires even more. “Fuck me,” he howled out getting another sensual charge from the use of the word “fuck”.

"If you insist," Dr. Cater said eagerly as he quickly disrobed and mounted his horizontal steed. The doctor lubricated his engorged dick and spread the twin muscled cheeks of Megastud. "What one does for his patients," he muttered in mock seriousness as he rammed his meat deep into the Megastud’s guts.

"ARGHHHHH YYYESSSS," Megastud bellowed as the nerve ending in his insides registered the erotic thrill of the frictional contact of Dr. Carter’s rod scraping the sensitive inner linings of his alien anal walls. Neither was aware that the throat and anal linings of Megastud were highly sensitive due to thousands of nerve endings coating them. Now that Megastud was weakened by the lotion those nerve endings had free rein to register their arousals and send them cascading to the Megastud’s inner brain. The overwhelming flood of such novel feelings completely overwhelmed the superhero and he lost any final restraints. "Oh fuck yes." He begged as he humped back like a crazed bronc giving the doctor the ride of his life while he held onto the tapered waist of his aroused stud. "Oh deeper. Yeah do my ass. " Megastud whined as his brain lost it to the engulfing sensual thrill he had so long denied it and he spoke the sexual words he had often heard from others but never dared utter before today. Each hit on his prostate only fed his now overwhelming desire for more of it.

“UGH. UGH. UGH. UGH. UGH. UGH!” Megastud’s moans and pleadings echoed so loudly that Dr. Carter’s assistant rushed in to see if there was a problem. To his amazement he saw the amazing sight of America’s macho superhero buck lying arse up and buck-naked on the massage table and being screwed with gusto by his mentor. Even more fascinating the assistant could clearly hear Megastud begging for it as he humped backward with his meaty muscled butt.

“FUCK.FUUUUCCCKKKKMMMEEEEE!” Megastud shamelessly cried now as his urges overcame him . He was on fire sexually and his body demanded satisfactions that it had been denied. “OH YES.YES.YES.YES.” he shouted lustily.

"Don’t just stand there," Dr. Cater said sharply to his aide as he humped away into the young crime fighter’s arse. "Muffle this noise before he brings in others.” The assistant grinned and nodded. He quickly strode up to Megastud’s face . He grabbed the drugged crime fighter’s head by his hair and yanked it upward.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck," grunted Megastud, his jaw hanging open, hazily looked at the man in front of him. It was clear by the glazed eyes of the super hunk that he was lost in a sexual world all his own. The handsome hero’s features were a study in erotic bliss and his tongue was hanging out from between from his sensual full lips.

Without hesitation the assistant unzipped and thrust his own dick down the open throat of the prone hunk. “Take it you slut,” he laughed.” I hate those poser macho guys who made my life hell in school. You are just like them. Suck me you bitch,” he snarled.

“Umph.Umph, " was Megastud’s muffled response as a new entryway of nerve fibers received simulation. His Betaballed weakened body and brain merrily programmed this new source of personal sexual fulfillment. His throat muscles tightened to increase the friction against the hard dick in it much to the pleasure of the assistant. “Mmmmmm,” Megastud said as he slurped away.

“Doctor this dude’s a natural cock sucker,” the assistant chuckled as he vigorously face-fucked America’s star stud.

In an ultimate revenge on Megastud those sexual needs so long denied were also asserting an uncontrollable necessity for regular satisfaction for the future and were busily making sure they would be victorious. The lotion’ had permeated Megastud’s being and some small essence of that liquid’s mixture was being carried by his nerves to the sexual control centers deep in his mind where they were lodged along the neural pathways. Their constant presence would assure that his ability to overcome his erotic desires would now always fail. Never again would Megastud be able to suppress them for any length of time. He would need this sexual ‘fix’ regularly. Even more his mind was fixing that his current sexual submissiveness was vital to securing his continued erotic relief. It was only left for that final event to forever imprint on Megastud the continuous association of male sexual activity with satisfaction. That event was about to occur.

"Umph. Umph," Megastud grunted as he continued to experience the same arousals in his throat that his ass was enjoying. As Megastud orally serviced his first cock the doctor felt his subject’s waist rise slightly higher. Dr. Carter reached under his muscled super stud and to his joy found the Megastud was truly taking pleasure in his situation.

"He’s got a good hard-on," Dr. Carter hooted delightfully to his assistant. “He’s turned on by this big time!" The two men rapidly increased their strokes as the prone hero’s garbled moans of pleasure continued. The wily doctor began to give Megastud his first hand job!

"UMMMM.UMMM. UMMM. " Megastud gasped as his thick long cock rose to its full glory. He had never been touched there by anyone before this event. The novel sensation of this type of stimulation was fantastic. As the two medical men pumped into him as they also pumped him, the handsome muscle super hunk willingly surrendered to the inevitable. His brain went blank while his body went into automatic overdrive. He sucked with his throat and humped back with his ass as he raced to a climax. Dr. Carter could tell his subject was close by the way the crime fighter’s back muscles flexed and arched under him. Reaching under with his other free hand Dr. Carter ‘sealed the deal’ by grasping the hefty low hanging nuts of Megastud and gave them a final squeeze. The effect was to drive Megastud over the erotic cliff he had long denied himself!

AWWWWWWW YYYYEAAAAHHHH," Megastud yelled through his cock stuffed mouth as he experienced his first sexual organism. Both men lost it as well. They climaxed too. As they did, their warm jism seared down into their newly borne muscled bottom boy thus giving him a taste for such liquids in the future.

The men were exhausted by their efforts. They pulled out of Megastud’s holes and backed up to see the object of their experiment. There on the table, his powerful arms & legs dangling over the sides, lay the formerly unconquered Megastud. His impressive sculpted body streaked with sweat, hair disheveled and, his face displaying that ‘just fucked’ look of pleasure. Dribbles of jism seeped out from under his waist and from both his chute and his mouth.

"More. More." Megastud sighed as this recently created desire filled him once more.

"Well doctor?” The assistant asked as he felt his own rod stiffen again in response.

"We are bound by our Hippocratic oath to render aid son," Dr. Carter smirked as he grabbed more of his blue mixture for application. “I will call Jeff Talbot afterwards and inform him my experiment worked. Jeff will be pleased. He has wanted to fuck his friend for years. Now, thanks to us, he will be able too.” For the rest of the night the two medical men helped their patient discover the joys of achieving multiple organisms and in the process forever sealed Megastud’s future sexual destiny& desires to eagerly let either of his holes become every man’s cum-dump.

Epilogue :

Dr. Carter sat at his desk reviewing the new advertisements for his clinic. There on the proof sheets was a smiling Megastud extolling the benefits of regular treatments at the clinic to relieve stress. Just as he finished signing off on them he felt a rush of air on his back. When he turned there was the Megastud standing there smiling shyly like a young schoolboy.

"Hello doctor," he stammered hesitantly. "I was wondering …..if you were free to… ah."

"Say no more ," the doctor said as he went up to the super hero and cupped the man’s bulging basket sensually. "Ah yes I can feel some stiffness already in you,’ he chuckled as Megastud turned red and looked down even as a small grin came upon his handsome features. "Let’s see what we can do to relieve your stress buildup shall we?" With that the doctor hit a buzzer and giving his super hunk a playful slap on his gold unitard covered butt the two men walked into the doctor’s private room where his assistant waited to lend a hand to the endeavor.