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My Brothers Keeper
Part 10 - 2.3 Swimmers Meat At The Meet
By Kyle Cicero

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It was the weekend of the big meet. Sean and I took our seats in the stands and prepared for the show. The teams began their races while we both waited anxiously for Brent's big event. Finally it was time. Brent, along with Enrico took their slots at the pool's edge along with opponents from the opposing sides. This race would decide which school won the meet.

"Brent is the favorite but Enrico is better," Sean whispered to me," he just needs to get a victory under his belt and get Brent's razzing off his back. Great definition too huh?"

I turned to Sean smiling, "should I be jealous big bro," I teased.

"No way," laughed Sean, "you own this butt". My macho bottom-boy then slapped one of his muscular cheeks. He turned back to the meet while I gave my stud-boy as quick once over. Prime, yes sir. "Jesus, look over there." He cried softly and nodded toward the swimmers. There was the school's team favorite standing on the pool's edge with his eyes locked on the water and...yes, sporting one fucking huge hard-on in his Speedos. I mean the dude's front was tent-poled!

The other swimmers had their focus on Brent who just stood there gazing at the pool .The crowd hooted in derision at the sight. They got even more boisterous when Brent's right hand disappeared down the front of his waistband and started masturbating himself under his suit!

"Fucking soooo turned on," my zapped swimmer moaned out loud in a tone that echoed throughout the gym. Oh this the bomb. The crowd roared with the loudest yell from Brent's horrified brother who, along with his firemen buddies, had come to see big Craig's little jock brother perform. Well, he was I guess at that.

"What the fuck are you doing man?" Screamed an enraged and embarrassed Craig. I took in the fire-stud big brother. About 36, 6', 220lbs of beefy muscle with a black buzz cut , some dark hair curling up from his open collar and, from the look of it when he rose up in his seat in those tight fire pants, a tasty meaty butt and front basket as well. This was the 'faggot' abuser. Another check off in my brain. I returned my gaze to the pool.

"Fucking warm on me," Brent blissfully gurgled as he continued his cock stroking moves, "Up my ass ...fucking hot." With that comment big brother's face went scarlet. He shut up & slowly sat down in his seat. His colleagues on the force tried not to look at him or Brent. It soon got worse for big brother Craig.

"Yeah, so fucking hot up my ass," gasped Brent in a roar as he threw his head back, "here it comes!" The gym echoed with Brent's cry of "FUUUCCCKKK... HOTTT.... UPPP....MYYYY ......ASSSS......YYEEAAHHHH". The crowd sat stunned in silence. Craig's firemen buddies quietly got up and left leaving the macho fireman in the center of an empty circle of seats. When he realized that quite a few eyes from the crowd had now trained their eyes on him he beat a fast path out of the stands.

It was fantastic. There was dead silence in the gym and time froze. A concerned Enrico left his place at the pool edge, moved to Brent and, shook him. Brent snapped out of it. He shot a puzzled glance at the young Latino teammate and was probably going to shove him away until he realized his right hand was otherwise occupied. Brent's panicked gaze circled around the gym till it hit Craig's scowling face by the exit door. Brent removed his hand from his rapidly deflating manhood. He was humiliated in front of his big brother. Craig shook his head & turned to leave.

Everyone quickly retook their positions but this time Brent was focused not on the pool but, intently on Craig's disappearing form . In fact he so concentrated on his older brother's disapproving visage that he missed the start off signal and left the blocks a few seconds late. Unfortunately Enrico , who had glanced over at Brent to make sure his teammate was still ok, also came late off the blocks. The crowd roared as the swimmers raced the distance. In the end thanks to an amazing display of strength and desire our side had won. Thanks, that is, to Enrico who came up fast to make up time lost and burn up the competition . Later we watched as his time was posted. Enrico had not only shattered Brent's school time but also the entire nations. As he whopped it up with his teammates a glowering Brent stood in the loser's circle. The team had a new star!

The next day the school was a blaze with two topics of discussion. Enrico's amazing victory and whether or not Brent had really cum in his Speedos in the gym. Many were also secretly snickering about how Brent had done 'whatever' while moaning about something warm going up his ass!

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