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My Brothers Keeper
Part 11 - 2.4 While We're Out Together Cheek To Cheek
By Kyle Cicero

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Things got intense at school after that. Naturally Brent got suspended from the team since ever time he got near the pool water he zoned out and started...well you know. Enrico came into his own as a star school swimmer and out as a gay one to boot. Always liked that guy. We became buds fast and he confided in me that his home life was hell due to an older brother who served on the local police force. A regular hunk built stallion among the ladies who trained at the gym I worked at. Seems he gave his 'pussy' younger brother a hell of a lot of crap for not 'scoring on chicks like a real man' as he put it. Another check went off in my brain.

Brent however was unfinished business. I had planted a key word in him that would send him back into a hypnotic state. The when and where of finishing him off was my problem. But as fate would have it the mountain came to me when Sean left for an away weekend wrestling tournament a few weeks after that infamous swim 'meat/meet' . My parents had gone with him to cheer him on while I was stuck doing a school project at home by myself. It was a bummer missing my bottom-boy do his stuff but this was a project that had to be done. Turns out that weekend I got two projects completed . I had just finished the school one when someone came to the door. Yep, it was Brent!

"Brent," I said somewhat in shock," what are you doing here?" He just glared at me and pushed his way in.

"Listen you pansy assed fagot." He angrily said as he grabbed my shirt with one hand and put a fist near my face. "I'm popping boners every time I'm near water and, there is a rumor you got something to do with it. I think the rumors are right! I'm going to fuck you up bad." He drew in close for the kill. I knew I had to move fast.

"TOP DOG"! I uttered swiftly. Brent's eyes glazed and his body went slack. The keyword I'd programmed into him weeks ago came to life! I walked around my hypnotic captive and smiled. "I think you arrogant fucker that you are the one getting 'fucked up'. Gently I ran the side of my hand across the handsome face of the zonked athlete. An idea hit me.

"Strip you bastard and it slow and sexy." I commanded.

Brent began to sway his hips in time to some imaginary music letting me take in the erotic scene of a hot straight jock doing a highly charged striptease. Silently he unbuttoned his shirt, exposed his hard leanly muscled but defined swimmer's body, and let the shirt drop to the floor.

"Play with your tits boy," I ordered. My zapped hunk complied moving his hands up to his soft brown pubs. He rubbed each one gently making sure to squeeze and tweak them. "Shittt," he whispered as the brown orbs hardened. Brent increased his massage on them till they stood up rock hard and bullet pointy. I noticed that his crotch basket was showing signs of arousal as well. The hypnotized stud continued his tit play with one hand as the other moved down his chest, past his six-pack, and cupped his basket. His hips still swayed and he turned erotically giving me a nice view of his cute butt hidden in those jeans.

"Drop those pants cunt-boy," I said.

Brent unbuckled his pants and slide them off. He stopped for a few seconds to get them past his thighs then, continued his sexual gyrations. Those muscular legs reflected his pool-workouts. His tight white cotton underwear fit snuggly in front and back. I walked over to my swaying hunk and glided my hands across his warm tender inner thighs then, I inserted them up his legs bands to enfold his balls in my grip. He was hot, moist; the flesh was soft to my touch. I removed my hands and had Brent drop the final shield to his soon to be toppled 'instrument of straightness'. His firm, marble-white, dimpled butt was so fuckable .His meat, now semi hard, was framed by that set of nuts that now swung back and forth in time to his hip movements.

"Finger that butt hole pussy while you play with your sack," I insisted. Brent bent slightly at the knees & reached down with one hand and rolled his balls while the other sensually slide down his crack and into its deep crevice. "How does that feel jock?" I smirked as Brent finger fucked himself before my eyes. His dick rose to full staff. "Ohhh...fffuuccc." Brent rasped hoarsely. He was ready!

"Brent", I said firmly. "Remember how you feel when you see water?"

"Yessss," he sighed as he continued his anal and testicular maneuvers on himself. "It feels hot,"

" It's hot and powerful right?" I went on. Brent nodded. He was in sexual heat to judge by a fully erect dick, which had precum hanging down from it's slit and hitting the floor in one long strand of translucent white.

"Hot. Powerful," Brent acknowledged.

It totally arouses you." I went on.

"Yes, hot high," my stimulated dancer agreed.

"Man sex is like water," I suggested smiling.

"Man water." Brent repeated. His brain centers were at maximum capacity for manipulation and it was time to go for it.

"Sex with men is warm and powerful. Wet, warm and, powerful just like water is, right." I instructed. "Repeat it."

"Sex with men is wet, warm, powerful." He replied.

I reached down to stroke his cock. "Feel the warmth, the power. It's beyond sex with women." I chanted slowly as I fed his control panel its new marching orders.

Brent's cock throbbed in my hand. "Men sex ...better...fucking hotter," He whispered.

"Women don't arouse you anymore." I insisted as I went for the final piece.

"No arousal women. damm I'm hot." My dazed jock muttered as I took over his ball job too. He continued his ass screwing with his fee hand returned to minister to his nipples. Brent's breathing intensified. His brain was rapidly processing the information he was receiving and the sexual overload I was giving it.

"Need man- sex. You need man-sex." I hurriedly replied. "You ass likes cock in it!"

"I need man sex." He nodded as his mouth slackened. "My ass needs cock in it." He increased the tempo of his finger insertions. Judging his hip thrusts of his rod through my hands while he was doing it and the flickering of his eyelids he was close to breaking apart. Time to clinch the deal.

"You need cock. You want warm cock juices in you. You love to eat cum. You hate sex with woman. Women turn you sexually off." I yelled into his face abruptly. " You want to be the woman with a guy. You love being a pussy!"

"I NEED COCK. I NEED COCK. WOMEN DON'T TURN ME ON. A PUSSY. I AM A PUSSY." He shouted as his eyes stop flickering and his hip thrusts quickened. I had done it. I had rewired his mind turning a cunt crazy jock into a cock crazy one.

"Men turn you on so bad you can cream right now!" My voice echoed in his mind.


"Blow your wad then you bastard," I hooted. "Spill out that hot man juice. Remember, when you cum now you will be admitting that you are a cum crazed boy-cunt from now on." I squeezed his balls and pushed his cock to point up to his arrogant face. As I did he exploded sending his cum past his chin to hit his upper lips and nose.

Brent's slipped to his knees exhausted by the powerful sexual high I had him on. He gazed dully ahead and repeatedly sighed in a dull chant that was music to my ears "Love cock. Love cock. Need men. Need cum. Ass fuck, need it bad."

I stared at him. On his knees, telling the world of his new sexual desires, all while licking the cum off his face with his tongue. "Fucking hot." He muttered as he ingested his cum and with it forever sealing the loss of his straightness. "Man juices are sooooo hot." He giggled girlishly.

"What the fuck is this, “a voice from the doorway stated. I turned to see a smiling Enrico nodding in glee at the sight of Brent down there on his knees with cum on his face and fingering his butthole. "Gees Eric told me the dude was on his way here so we kicked butt get here in case you needed help," he chuckled. "But fuck man you cleaned stud boy's clock but good. Right Eric?"

It was then I noticed a stunned Eric behind Enrico.

"Eric," I stammered, "its not what you think."

" I think you turned Brent into a pussy," said Eric sternly. The air grew quiet until suddenly Eric broke out laughing. "And that is sooo cool" , my blonde buff swimmer said in glee.

"You ...ahh," I was confused and it showed.

"It is cool man," Enrico assured me. "Since Brent was kicked off the team old Eric and I found we had a lot in common and I mean A LOT!" The young Latino reached over and put his arm over the blonde stud , kissed him on the cheek, and winked at me. "Eric's my lover bro. I was going to tell you but wanted Eric to get comfortable in it."

"Yeah," said a blushing Eric, "I kinda knew for awhile but Brent put the fear of God in me about coming out so I..." his voice trailed off. "Then being around Enrico...."

We all looked at Brent who was still on his knees licking up the cum from his face and fingering his chute. The bastard had done a lot of damage and we all knew that it was time for payback in a big way.

"Hey guys," I laughed. "How about we make a movie". The two jocks looked at me in a puzzled way. "And I got just the star for it!" I stated.

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