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My Brothers Keeper
Part 12 - 2.5 Top Dog
By Kyle Cicero

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"Are you sure I won't be recognized?" Eric asked as he adjusted the black leather mask on his head. He was dressed in a pair of black leather chaps with matching front-laced black leather jockstrap. Across his well-defined pecs there were two crossed bands. His hard lean swimmers build filled out nicely in leather bindings and the outfit only emphasized his sexual allure.

"Man I don't even recognize you. You look fucking amazing," said Enrico as he glanced over from behind the video camera. The hunky Latino grinned at his transformed teammate with ill-disguised lust and a telltale bulge in his jeans. Eric broke out into a smile and his black cod piece protruded out a bit more; it was obvious to me that these two were seeing each other in a new way for the first time.

"Well guys I hate to break this up," I interrupted as both jocks refocused on me. " But to quote some old MGM flick: Let's put on a show!"

Enrico got busy at the camera and Eric did a quick set of pushups and sit-ups to not only pump up the goods but also to give his hot leather-covered body a nice sheen of sweat. I brought in our major performer." Gentlemen," I hoped mockingly, " I give you the star of our video: Pussy Puppy!"

With that I lead in Brent who came in on all fours suitably attired in a black leather studded dog collar and a flimsy leather thong. He looked great with his basket straining in a crotch-costume that was two sizes too small for the items that were to be covered. The tip of his cock was just barely visible at the top of the black waistband while his balls protruded slightly out on each side to give the entire piece a forward sexy thrust. His hard dimpled muscular jock-butt shone like white marble under the lights we had set up. I stepped out of camera range and signaled Eric to begin.

Eric walked up to his puppy and said gruffly, “Brent say hello doggy style."

Brent lifted his head, "arf...arf", he barked as he wagged his exposed butt to the camera. His swimmer toned body rippled with each sway.

"Come here straight boy," Eric commanded. Brent crawled up close until his nose was in direct contact with Eric's package. "Sniff what a real man smells like," our leather master snarled in contempt. Brent pushed his nose deep in and the camera recorded our macho boy's expanding chest as he sucked in the funky sexy scent of hot crotch wrapped in leather.

Eric pushed Brent back and stared at his pup. "You want a taste?" He asked. "Does pussy puppy want to slobber on his master's bone?"

Enrico zoomed in to capture the delirious look of hunger on Brent's face. His sensual features were a vision of pure animal lust and I could see his meat pushing hard on the flimsy thong. I signaled Enrico to get it in the shot but the hunky Latino was already on it. Brent moaned in desire and his tongue licked his lips. The straight dude was turning out to be one lusty cock-hound!

"Beg boy," stated Eric. "Show me how a good pussy pup begs."

Brent rapidly rose up on his haunches holding his arms up at either side and keeping his tongue hanging out. Eric reached over pulled Brent's head very close to his crotch. Brent's tongue flicked out and licked at the lacings. "Need..." he gasped, "Need it so bad sirrrr."

"What dog," asked a smug leather master to his prey? "Tell me what a young straight jock stud always needs."

"I need to suck that bone master," Brent babbled. " I need man cock sir. I FUCKING NEED MAN-COCK." He yelled.

"Lick my crotch you pussy pup," he growled sexily as he permitted jock hunk Brent's tongue to run up and down Eric's jockstrap. Brent, the babe seducer master went wild. Can there ever be anything hotter than watching a straight jock down on all fours, dog collared, sporting a hard-on in leather thong, tongue out slobbering to give a leather master 's basket a hot moist bathe and, filling the air around him with cries indicating his sheer devotion to man-cock. Okay there are two more scenes that rank up there but hell, give the movie time dudes! Eric relaxed and enjoyed the oral service of his former hero. Judging by his bulging meat in that codpiece good old Brent gave good service. Eric reached down to pat his pouch's head. Enrico signaled me he had got it all on tape." Go on boy," Eric encouraged. " Get inside my leather."

Brent reached up to unlace his master's bone but had his hand slapped away quickly by Eric.

"Use your teeth cunt," snarled Eric.

Brent uttered a gut-wrenching moan of pure surrender and proceeded to unlace Eric's raging manhood with his teeth. As the laces came undone the young leather master's pole sprung out and slapped Brent across the face. Priceless dude. Priceless.

"Want this," Eric laughed sharply as he slapped his pecker across Brent cheeks. Brent's eyes looked ravenous as spittle dripped from his open mouth. Oh yeah, he wanted it. That former cunt man was now thoroughly cock happy. "Then suck it you bastard." Eric whispered heatedly as he guided his monster meat into Brent's waiting mouth.

"UUUMMMPPHH," a cock filled mouth of Brent tried to reply. The school's star athlete greedily slurped away as he got his dog owners manhood all nice and slick for future uses. Brent's cock-head was sticking further out of his thong and the material by the slit was wet and gooey.

"Good puppy " Eric laughed after a few minutes of Brent's oral chow downing. He reached further down to rub Brent pac. The effect was priceless as Brent flopped onto his back and howled in pleasure at his belly rub. His arms and legs flayed about while his cock rose up further out of a waistband showing signs of a wider wet patch.

"Tell me." Stated Eric, " tell me like a dog how much you like the touch of a man on your belly?"

The room filled with Brent's quick cries, "WOOF.WOOOF.WOOOF"

Eric reached down further, spread apart Brent's hard thighs, and ran his finger over Brent's crack. Brent's head began to move back and forth in excitement as Eric slipped his hand between the swimmer's cheeks to massage that inner tender skin. "Okay boy tell me what you want now. I and speak normally". Eric said while his hand rubbed further into his pooch's crack. We had all agreed that to really work the audience would need more from Brent that animal noises and I had so instructed Eric.

"I want my ass full sirrrr," groaned Eric who was obviously in heat. "Puppy needs cock sirrrr".

"Are you sure bitch?" Eric rasped as he, in full camera view, lifted up one of Brent's legs so Enrico could zero in as Eric inserted his finger into Brent's hole. The camera recorded the jock's outer ring yielding to the invader. Watching that soft moist muscular chute-ring contract and relax as Eric's finger-fucked away in it was hot let me tell you!

"OHHH... FFUUCCC," Brent howled as the finger in him hit home. "My cunt needs to get fuckkkkkked." Brent kept up a steady stream of begging whimpers while Eric continued the intial scew job on the once haughty jock . Brent would never live down the words he said then:

"Fuck me sir,"

"Slip it in my pussy hole,"

"Take my ass like the bitch I am sir,"

It was amazing watching Brent grovel to get finger fucked. One week ago he was a cocky arrogant straight jock bastard. Today he was a pitiful cock crazed cunt dying to fill his openings by a guy. Damn it was sweet.

"FUCK Meee," he pleaded. "Oh dam my chute needs you sir,"

Eric then fliped him over and slapped Brent's marble white ass. "Up on all fours you bitch!" he commanded. As Brent complied Eric landed a series of slaps on that jock butt.


"OOHH YEESS," cried Brent

SLAP SLAP.SLAP.SLAP. Came the sounds as Eric butt slapped the jock- hunk.

"Fucking turn my as red sir," Brent begged. Yep when a straight jock goes for cock he loses it bad. After a few more whacks and that marble white butt was fire engine red. Considering Brent's brother career I wondered if he might be needed right now to help dose his little stud brother's sexual fires. Hmmm ...ah later.

Eric stopped then walked around to face his dog-boy. He undid his codpiece's laces fully and exposed his stiff meat to a dazed & ravenous looking Brent. " I want it slicker punk. You want my bone some more boy?" He rasped gruffly as Brent's head nodded furiously in agreement. The former straight athlete's tongue hung out dripping with desire.

"May I suck your bone sir?" He whimpered submissively, " This pansy assed dog needs it so bad sir."

Eric guffawed and inserted his cock into that mouth that had once ridiculed gays and spouted its own vaunted straight masculinity. The camera captured good old Brent good old heterosexual & haughty Brent slobbering away on leather-man's cock like he was a cheap whore!

"Oomph, more, more." He slurped as he deep throated Eric pole. at one point he

then broke off to lick his leather master's balls. Eric pulled away, turned his butt to Brent's face. Spreading his powerfully developed cheeks Eric wiggled his exposed asshole at the delirious puppy. "Want to eat my ass boy." He rasped.

"Fuck yes sir!" hooted Brent as he dove into those bubble cheeks. The room filled with Eric's breathing and the unmistakable sounds of a hungry dog's munching.

"UUUMMPPHH," Brent muttered as his muffled voice came from its hiding place deep in Eric crack. Eric's dick was ready to blow from the rimming he was getting. I signaled him that it was time for the 'money shot'.

He pulled away from his pup to reveal Brent's sexually blissful face covered in saliva. Eric quickly went to Brent's rear, spread jock boy's cheeks and, asked the killer question. "What do you want bitch?"

"I want you to fuck my ass sir," begged Brent as he wiggled his butt aggressively. "I'm so fucking hot for it sir. My puppy- pussy is wet for it."

Eric nodded to the camera and drove his rod home. "TAKE IT YOU BITCH!" he roared as his dick burst into virgin fields.

" Aaahhhh....yyeahhh...getting fucked," a slacked jawed Brent cried as the camera recorded the deflowering and how Brent's eyes rolled back in his sockets in a sublime joy. Our 'star' moaned in pleasure with each thrust (well score one for big brother Craig huh but, he should have said it was really straight hunky jocks that moan as they get plowed). "Fuck my hole. Yeah get it deeper sir." Brent encouraged as he began to piston his hips back and forth to help in his screwing.

Enrico, who by now had dropped his pants and was stroking his own impressive hard-on signaled to me to take the camera? When I did, he walked up to Brent's face and pushed his honey-toned Latin meat right up to the 'star' mouth. Brent instantly opened up to savor the treat. "Take my dick you arrogant asshole," Enrico growled. Soon the three of them were at it hot and heavy (I made sure Enrico's face was out of every shot).

Eric reached down to stroke Brent's engorged cock and it was obvious that a climax for all three was imminent. Sure enough I soon heard the cry.

"I'M CUMINGGGG," Eric moaned as he thrust deeply between Brent's dimpled butt cheeks and exploded.

Enrico pulled out of Brent's mouth. "TASTE MY SPUNK JOCK-BOY," he bellowed as he came onto Brents face.

"AAAAHHH FFFUUCCKK ," Brent yelled as his own rod burst forth a steady stream of hot cream. It splattered up his chest and dripped from his chin. Brent's dazed, grinning face was covered in both his & Enrico's jis. I filmed his smiling image, tongue out, licking the man-cream around his lips. "Man juices," rasped Brent as he savored each drop.

It was an awesome sight. Brent's deflowering, degradation, and humiliating sexual lusts were now forever recorded for future generations to enjoy. We continued to tape a few more scenes until at last I said the fateful words:

CUT & PRINT! The three of us then cleaned up the set letting Brent do the honors of tongue mopping the floors for any remaining cum.

Later on I made two copies of our epic. One for public consumption and one 'special' tape for a private audience. Eric, Enrico, and myself watched the public tape later as a docile Brent, still collared and on all fours, hungrily sucked away on our hard cocks. Ever notice how straight young muscle jocks go crazy for cum after their first taste of it? We all had to agree as we saw the finished product: A Star had been borne!

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