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My Brothers Keeper
Part 13 - 2.6 What No Popcorn!
By Kyle Cicero

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The next day I invited macho fireman Craig over to the house after his shift. He arrived in his fireman's blues. Had to admit that in that tight uniform he was one fucking steamy number. His muscles pressed against the buttons of his shirt .He had undone a few buttons at the top revealing dark curling black chest hair covering an impressive set of pecs. Both his forearms were bulging and I swear he had small melons under each bicep.

"Well what the fuck is this all about?" He snarled as he walked in. "And let me tell you kid I've heard about you and your pansy assed brother so lets get things straight now; touch my ass," he said as he smacked his meaty blue uniformed covered butt, " and I'll bust yours. Got it!"

"Yes sir," I answered with fake fear and submission, "I'd never dream of touching you sexually sir. I know a faggot is never a match for a real man sir". Oh yeah right G

Craig smiled smugly. "Good cause my meat," he grabbed his crotch with one of his hands and cradled it so that it pushed up the already tight material to further outline what promised to be one fully rounded sack of potatoes and meat, "is only for bitches."

"Yes sir," I muttered as I fed his macho ego. "I asked you here because.... well sir ... Brent made this tape sir," I began to sputter so he'd think he had intimidated me. Set him up high then knock out the pins!

"Tape," he replied, " what the fuck are you talking about?"

"It might be better if I showed it to you sir." With that I pointed to the chair and Brent's big brother sat down to watch the first public showing of 'Dog Bone Production Inc.' (named by courtesy of Eric). A nifty little movie about a pussy pup named Brent! With an underlay of, you need ask?

"Where's the fucking popcorn?" Craig said sarcastically as he adjusted in the chair. His powerful thighs spread slightly in the seat. Soon they'd spread open farther if things went as planned. I hit play.

The video revved to life and Craig was treated to little brother Brent doing his sexual doggy tricks for a leather-masked man (Eric who at second glance was really into it).

"What the fuck," gasped Craig as he turned to me.

"You better watch it all sir," I said quietly. "It gets worse and he says things about you in parts (a lie but hell he had to focus)."

A pale Craig gazed back at the video. As the movie went on his jaw dropped. The room filled with Brent's voice shouting (or moaning you decide) such choice lines as:

"Fuck my straight pussy sir! I need it soooo bad!""


And my own personal favorite: "Please feed me that bone sir!"

Craig was mesmerized. I guess at first, cause he was watching his athletic little brother being thoroughly degraded and loving every minute of it but later, cause the programming in the tape had locked onto his brain.

I let the movie run its course. Hey you don't stop art! When it ended I flicked off the machine and turned to Craig. He was staring blank eyed.

"COME HERE!" I ordered. My hunky fireman got up and walked to me. I pulled his shirt roughly open, popping his remaining buttons and, releasing that massive chest into full view.

"Big brother you work out," I chuckled as I undid his belt and dropped his pants. I reached for the waistband of his tight white cottons and slowly exposed his more intimate charms. Hung like the proverbial horse with balls to match. An uncut mouth watering treat if you didn't count his meaty butt. Relax, I did count it hehehe!

I jiggled his balls in my palm. "I'm afraid I lied Mr. Fireman when I said wouldn't touch you sexually. Am I forgiven hmmm?" I chuckled. "in fact this is only the start." I bent over and kissed his full sensual lips. Hmmm tasty too!

"Okay boys , are we ready to permanently hose down the fires of this muscle built fucker's sexual image," I said as a smiling Enrico and Eric entered the room. Each was ready for the action. Hell, Eric even brought 'Dog Bones' biggest (and so far only) star performer with him. Good old reformulated pussy boy Brent who bounded in on all fours suitably collared and leashed. Dogboy Brent raced up and sniffed at his zonked brother's crotch. Watching him bark at Craig was too cool. When Brent stuck his nose up Craig's but crack to further sniff we all lost it. After that we went to work on Craig. But, that's a whole nother tale gents!

End of Part 2

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