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My Brothers Keeper
Part 14 - 3.1 When Last We left Our Hero
By Kyle Cicero

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"OOHHHH fucccc..", Craig groaned as his little brother Brent continued eating his humpy older brother 's beefy muscular butt out for the camera. We had decided to do a quick production for 'Dog Bones Inc.' while we reprogrammed our fireman hunk. A bit of editing would be required to delete 'our roles' in the fun but hey no problem. After all we all must sacrifice for art right?

Enrico and Eric had positioned the self-proclaimed fag hater Craig belly down & butt up on a desk and then let our 'star' Brent have at him. Eric was zooming in making sure that the camera was getting a nice view of that chute getting its first man on man rimming. Old Craig was a natural in front of the camera. His hot six-foot 220lb solid muscular frame was gyrating on the desk top in a bump and grind that got us all hard. Every once in awhile he'd rise up a bit to give a nice shot of his hefty balls and stiff, uncut thick hose.

"Hmmm," growled our 'star' as his tongue bathed his brother's cherry hole making sure that the black curly hairs in there were glistening with saliva. Craig's ring was contracting in a series of spasms to its bathe. Looking at it just winking at the viewer was almost too much. But there was time enough for that. Old firefighter Craig was about to have an experience in the fires within!

I walked up to face our stud making sure to signal Eric to keep focus on the action in the rear so to speak. I bent down close to whisper in our zapped hunk's ear. "Feeling good there bro?"

"Ooohhh mannn....feeling great," he gasped lost in sexual heat and mentally off balanced by the hypnotic trance we had put him under. Poor old (if 36 is old...looking at this muscled beefy hunk trust me it ain't) Craig was too distracted offer any resistance. Hell, straight or gay when a guy is being guided by the organ between his legs the one between his ears is easy prey to anything and the 'anything' on today's blue plate special was I! Craig's powerful thighs spread further apart as his younger brother burrowed in deeper with his tongue. Craig's breathing intensified. He was primed. Okay fire boy get ready to experience a mental meltdown.

"Go with it Craig. Fell the hot moist heat down there." I teased wickedly. "Hot right?"

"Yeah, so fucking hot," Craig agreed as his hips began to hump the desk. Watching that hefty hot body move up and down was some sight. This boy was one powerfully built piece of meat. With that black buzz cut hair and lightly furred chest Brent's big bro was a man's dream fuck. Turning this fag-hater into a fag lover would be a gift to men.

"You love it man," I repeated, " its so hot... it's making you so hard"!!

"Bet you assss.... aarrghh," he roared as Brent increased his mouth actions. Craig was sweating bullets and grinding on the desktop. I hoped the wood held up under him.

"You will always remember every second of this." I said in a firm quiet voice. " Your mind will relive each hot second of how you feel right now and your body will relive everything its feeling right?" I stated.

"Oh ... yeah... in mind... in body." Craig nodded furiously. I indicated to Enrico to give Brent a prearranged signal. Enrico caught Brent eye and stuck a finger in his own mouth Brent lit up and did the same. Then inserted it in and out in Craig's chute while still licking his big brothers hole. Craig howled as his chute got its first prostate massage. The zonked fire stud began to seriously screw the desktop. He was close.

"You will remember how hot this was. You will relive it all." I ordered as a sexually delirious Craig rapidly nodded. He was too hot to fight anything I ordered. "You will think of this whenever I talk about fire equipment." I instructed. "No matter where or when it will flood your mind and you will not be able to resist getting turned on. You will also slip back into this hypnotic trance and do whatever I suggest."

"Yes...yes... hot ... fire suggest... return to trance... oh fuck .. I can't hold it innnnnn," he moaned as he hit the 'wall' so to speak. Our zonked side of beef let out a roar, slammed his powerful butt into the desk, then collapsed panting in exhaustion. The final film shot was focused on the cum that was oozing out from under his powerful hips. Dog Bone's Inc. had another future star!

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