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My Brothers Keeper
Part 15 - 3.2 Fireside Chats
By Kyle Cicero

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Craig and I walked into the station's living quarters. As we did the firemen looked up. "Now this is where my fellow fire fighting brothers live while on duty," Craig explained. I had 'suggested' to Craig that he take me on a tour and, of course, he readily agreed. "You can learn a lot here." He boasted. True I thought as I gazed over the men. Most were average looking but two were prime studs. I was introduced to everyone and took particular time meeting those two.

One was a stunning black man named Tex (guess why). He was about 35, six foot, and built like God had paid attention. He had a dazzling smile and sultry brown eyes. His fire uniform clung tight and emphasized his bulging muscles and rounded basket. The other hunk was named Mark. I found out later that he was 34. That real Italian cutie was sporting an impressive physique himself. Yeah both hot and from prior information I secured from Craig both suspected by him of being, in his words, real faggots.

I sat down as Craig strutted to his chair. I had decided to block his memories of encounters with me prior to this in order to have some fun with the fag bashing old Craig. "I am so grateful you guys that Craig let me come here." I gushed. "I really want to be a fireman like Craig." I continued.

"Yeah kid just like me." Craig grinned smugly.

"Yeah," I agreed. " I mean grabbing a long hose right Craig," I smiled as my words hit his brain.

Craig's face grimaced slightly. "Yeah grabbing a hose," he muttered as he shifted in his seat.

"I mean those long thick hoses must be hard to grab." I rattled on innocently as Craig squirmed in his chair.

"Thick hoses...getting grabbed," he sighed as he started to grind into his chair and slip into a trance. The other firemen looked over at him. I could see the puzzled looks they were giving each other.

" I mean," I repeated eagerly, " Watching some guy pull out that long heavy thick hose and pushing on the nozzle."

"God dam heavy hose getting grabbed and pulled," Craig moaned as he continued grinding his meaty muscle butt into the seat cushions while one of his hands started rubbing his thickening cock. The other guys were in shock. Well all but two who, judging from their grins, were enjoying the sight of muscle boy getting turned on.

"Getting the fit on the hydrant nice and snug," I babbled on merrily, " feeling that tight screw lock on nice and tight."

"Getting the screw on ..... tight...... yeah so fucking tight," Craig moaned as he stroked his stiff cock under his pants and began to slip his other free hand down under his ass.

Brent's fag bashing brother was masturbating in front of his 'brothers' and from the look of them he'd never live it down.

"Then feeling the water rush through the thick hose." I chuckled.

"Yeah spurting out from deep inside," replied Tex as he turned to wink at me and nod at Mark.

"Spurting out," Mark seconded right kid.

"Water from deep in the pipe bursting out," I agreed. Craig was at the edge now. He was rubbing his ass and crotch now and moaning in deep guttural tones. "Fucking coming out yeah."

"I mean the power of the thrusting water must be intense?" I suggested.

"Oh that powerful thrust," growled Craig as he rubbed his butt and quicken his stroke on his rod.

"Then feeling that last ram through," I added. "It must blow out so hot?"

"The last ram," Craig gasped as he gripped his outlined cock and squeezed.

"Yeah," I can see it cumin now!" I laughed as I drove macho boy over the cliff. "Bursting out now right."

Craig threw back his head and grabbed his rock hard cock's outline. "Fucking got to burst nowwwwaaaooowwww." He yelled as he erupted. His pants showed a growing stain. The room was silent. Then reality of it hit the squad

"ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY." Yelled the captain as he snapped back from the shock of what had happened.

"Huh," a dazed Craig said as he shook his head, felt dampness in his crotch, and then looked down in horror at what he must have done. He had cum in his uniform pants and in front of the whole squad. " I... I," he tried to speak.

"You are a disgrace to that uniform. And to pull this in front of an innocent kid." The captain continued as he turned to me. I looked appropriately shocked and embarrassed.

"But.. but," Craig stuttered.

"In my office now," the captain barked.

"Captain," asked Tex. "The kid looks really shook up. Mark and I will take him home if its ok?"

The captain glanced at me. I feigned mock horror. Hey such taught and me a minor too. The captain quickly agreed. I walked out with the two humpy firemen.

"Okay kid," whispered Tex when we got out of earshot. "I know you did that and all I can say is....." I looked up waiting to see if I was in trouble. "How can Mark and I get in on it?" He smiled.

"Fuck guys," chuckled Mark," I want to get into Craig!!"

We all laughed and walked away from the station while I filled them in and planned Craig's final graduation ceremony from fiery bull to cock hungry heifer.

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