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My Brothers Keeper
Part 17 - 3.4 The Station House Mascot
By Kyle Cicero

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A few days later the whole gang gathered at the station for the unveiling so to speak of our new conquest. Craig stood there naked (well does a studded dog collar count?? Nah as Tex lathered his pup up and slowly shaved his boy's crotch bare. Watching as Tex cleaned off Craig's manhood down there was hot. Enrico and Eric were all grins entwined in each other's arms. Mark was busy playing with Brent who was next to him on all fours whimpering happily as he got his belly rubbed by the hunky 34 year old. I was busy leaning back enjoying the warm embrace of my own brother Sean who was too busy behind me nibbling my ear and rubbing his crotch against my butt to care or notice anything. "Later baby." I whispered to him sensually.

"You promise," Sean hissed in a voice that signaled his sexual heat for me. My former straight jock older brother was definitely addicted to cock now.... in particular to mine. I nodded and turned slightly to kiss his cheek. Sean licked his lips and pressed up tight against my rump. "Love getting fucked by you sir!" Oh yeah you can count on it bro I mused.

"Good boy," Tex said in that sexy southern drawl as he hefted Craig's meat sack for it's 'cleaning'. " You feeling good."

"Yes sir," snapped Craig who sprouted a huge grin and a nice sized boner as his plumage was shorn away. "A boy needs to be clean sir," he sighed. Tex worked away till Craig's rod and sack were bare. He stood back to admire his work. Tex and Mark had decided to leave the rest of Craig's hair alone a decision, that seemed sound as Craig got off on having his chest hair played with & caressed by a pair of strong callused hands. Shaving Craig's crotch however was a way of symbolically de manning Craig. "A hairy crotch is a sign of a virile man. I am not some hairless punk kid. Guys that shave there are pansy assed bitches!" He once told his fellow firefighters and, in particular, a certain female who slyly suggested the idea to Mark and Tex. Seems Craig had treated her badly when he fond out she was gay. He had set out to 'convert her' with the argument (yeah you guessed) that a real man was what she needed. Failing that he had made her the butt of some homophobic jokes in the station. Well the worm has turned it seemed a 'real man' was all Craig now needed!.

"Nice. Real nice." Tex laughed as an agreeable Craig reached down to fondle his exposed skin. Craig ran his fingers slowly over the sensitized area and began to masturbate with one hand while the other ran across his thigh to reach back, slip between his crack, and finger himself. The sight of that beefy muscular hunk performing for us was mind blowing. Hairy or bare that meat and those potatoes was prime grade A!

"Fucking love the feel of it," he muttered deeply. "Boy's got to be clean for his men." Yep the worm had truly turned! Tex told me their 'boy' was putting out big time for every gay fireman and cop in the city!

"Oh guys," said Mark who moved his massage to Brent's balls (and you know how THAT affects our boy Brent, "Tex and I had a small alteration done on our new personal mascot " turn around boy," Mark said to our newly shaved 'performer'. Craig continued his hand job while he turned. I looked in amazement then howled in laughter. There in small letters tattooed on Craig's back just above his crack was the line: 'for best results insert nozzle in here firmly' with a small fire nozzle under it pointing down directly between Craig's cheeks.

I left the station with my brother knowing that I had done my bit for the police & firemen's morale. Enrico and Eric had wandered upstairs to 'test' the bunks. Tex and Mark .. .... well, they had some dogs that needed exercise. As I drove us home my mind wandered to a conversation I had before we arrived at the station with Enrico. Seems he had an abusive older brother who was a cop & was giving him crap about being a faggot. I had some plans to arrange. But first........

"Gonna put out my fire bro," my Sean groaned as he touched his semi hard boner as I drove the car into the garage of our house.

"Yeah bro," I replied as I unzipped and gently lowered his head into my crotch. " I got just the hose for it!!!"

End of Part 3

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