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My Brothers Keeper
Part 18 - 4.1 Message In The Bottle
By Kyle Cicero

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Things had been going pretty good so far. The score card ran as follows: two arrogant heterosexual high school jocks now recreated into submissive cock hungry sluts & one hunky muscle-bound fireman babe fucker gelded into a docile station house brood mare. Now you might say I should rest on my laurels but remember Enrico was still out there getting total mind shit on his sexuality from his older cop brother. Well, brothers are my specialty and this smug 29-year-old one was too hot a prize not to take down.

At 5'10'' of pure defined hard-body with the Enrico's similar honey brown skin tone and sultry brown eyes this older brother, who boxed on the police team, was one true gay wet dream. When he dressed in his tight blue police uniform which outlined his mouthwatering Latin basket and rounded melon butt it truly was one of the major sites of the neighborhood. Unfortunately Ricardo (Ricky to everyone) was an egocentric asshole. He was a former golden gloves winner, a star on the police boxing team, and very much aware of his hot body and sultry Latin looks. He also possessed the unique ability to denigrate Enrico's life style to a degree of exquisite proportions. This self proclaimed 'ladies man' let his kid brother know that he felt any guy taking it 'up the ass' was not a man. I eagerly anticipated knocking this boxer's sexuality out cold.

Thanks to Enrico I knew his brother, Mr. Macho Latino straight cop stud worked out at a private boxing club that happened to be owned by a gay man. After a small bribe (namely free sack time with cock hungry Brent) I arranged with the owner for Ricky to receive a free "complimentary massage" in the club's new private guest room. I got there early and set up the equipment I would need. After all, 'Dog Bone Production, Inc.' couldn't rely on just one sexy star!

I walked out to the main floor and scoped my prey. Ricky was in the center ring sparing with some guy. He was dominating the fight. His hard toned body glistened with a covering sheen of sweat that highlighted his definition. The ridges between his moist hard six-packs were wet & inviting as they flexed with each turn of his waist. He was dressed in electric blue satin trunks that clung damply to his frame and showed off both his tight bubble ass and those sexy well-proportioned thighs. Ricky boxed with catlike grace, moving around the ring in a demonstration of boxing that was steady, fluid, and fucking hot! No doubt about it, that hunk was fucking grade 'A' prime!

I watched him in action as he danced and weaved around his opponent. He struck his blows precisely and quickly thoroughly in control & knowing it. At one point he looked out to the crowd and nodded with a self-assured superior grin. Oh yeah baby, I thought, Cold conking that ego will be fun and pressing that hot boxer body into cock slut service will be heaven. Finally he landed the punch that sent his opponent out cold down onto the mat. He pulled off his helmet. Flashed a killer smile to some women nearby and left the ring. He went up to the women and started talking. I was close enough to hear his smooth lines. The women were mesmerized. Probably due as much to his killer good looks, that deep erotic accented voice, and that sweating hot muscular body he was pressing close to them as to the lines he was using on them. He arranged to meet them later after his 'massage' promising them that he'd be ready to show them some moves they might enjoy even more than what they had just seen. They giggled as he flexed his pecs for them and watched as he turned to go to the guest room. Like them I stared at his sexy butt. Ricky turned, ran one hand slowly across his wet chest, and winked suggestively; the women smiled and left the room; no doubt they were all wet in anticipation for what they hoped would be a night that they'd long remember. Too bad it was not going to happen. I went meet my 'client' and teach him some moves that would rock his world!

I found my latest' brother' lying on the table I had set up with a towel draped over his butt. He rose up on his elbows and turned his head to face me.

"You the massage guy," he inquired.

"Yes sir," I replied as I gave him the once over. There he was lying there in full glory. His tight defined cop body just ready for ... hehehe.

"You any good," he grumbled as he lowered back onto to table and closed his eyes. "My muscles could use a good loosening." He stretched out fully on the table flexing his muscles and obviously showing them off. As I gazed at him I felt my own cock stirring. Well, all in good time.

"You will be surprised sir," I cheerfully answered as I put on my latex gloves, " just how loose I'll get some of them. After I'm done you'll be a new man". I picked up a bottle of oil that had been laced, courtesy of a doctor friend (well Brent was free that day okay), with a medicinal substance that fell into what has been classed as one of the "psychotropic" drugs. Similar in nature to "truth serum" it shared the characteristics of sodium pentothal in that it induces a mild hypnotic state in the recipient leaving your subject suggestible and pliable. There's nothing about forcing the truth or any BS like that, but it has the properties of leaving the subject mostly without the will to resist. It can be used to make a very resistant subject much more suggestible and vulnerable to hypnosis and also makes it easier to take them much deeper.

Like a loving mother with her baby I gently poured some onto his back. Gently I massaged the drugged oil across his shoulders and tapered back feeling those tight sexy muscles yield to my pressure and enjoying the thought that with every second the oil was seeping through his open pours into his system. He sighed deeply.

"Feels good man," he mumbled as I worked on his shoulder muscles. I moved in long strokes down his muscular back to his buttocks. Even through the gloves I could feel their hard definition. He was one well build stud muffin.

"I find that long strokes work best," I whispered as I worked down the small of his back to his ass." Everything okay there stud?" I teased as I ran my hands down to his buttocks following the defined back muscles to the prize.

"Feeling great guy," Ricky slurred as the drug started to take effect. He would be woozy and soon quite pliable. "Feeling.... Rethax..... but stop at the towel othay."

"Problem sir?" I innocently asked.

"Don't like thom guy touching my assth," my boxer cop gasped weakly. He was feeling the drugs effects quite nicely.

"You ever have a guy rub you there before," I quizzed.

"Tant... no..puusth." Ricky answered slowly. "Fucth that feels gooth" he hissed as I stroked his muscles downward from the shoulders to the towel. He stretched out further treating me to a series of muscular movements of his cut and defined body. "Justh leave off my asss."

No pussy huh I thought as I worked over my boxer's form. Soon my Latin heartthrob. "Just relax and enjoy the long strokes there baby. Remember it's all in the long strokes." I chuckled as I ran my palms across his body savoring the exploration. His cut boxer build was erotic as hell and knowing that he was also homophobic, a jock, & a cop was icing on the cake.

"Long throkes..." my drifting stud boy replied as he drifted off . I slipped one hand under the towel and found my macho boy had no reaction. Feeling that he was ready , I pulled back his towel and exposed his beautiful hard ass to full view. Ricky didn't budge. He just lay there with a blissful look on his handsome face. He was zapped. I ran my hands across his honey toned glorious bubble butt. They were meaty and hard to my touch. I slapped his ass a few times lightly getting them red and arousing his nerves in that area. Ricky never responded to it. Yep he was flying *>) I poured more oil across each cheek one and watched as the oil flowed down each one into his crack. I let my palm work across each of those cheeks enjoying the touch of those humpy muscles as they yielded to my hand job. "Guess your 'never touched by a guy' butt virginity is gone huh?" I said out loud to my drugged stud, " well lets just say it's the first of a few virginities that will get lost tonight." I spent some time kneading each meaty cheek savoring the contact then, slowly ran one hand inside the crack. Ricky shuddered slightly as the side of my hand rubbed across his chute. "Still okay sir?" I inquired.

"AAHH," he moaned as I rubbed back and forth across his asshole with the side of my palm. He took a sharp intake of breathe but lay still. I continued my motions across that hole as my macho boxing cop slowly spread his legs to give me greater access. Stud boy liked getting his hole massaged. He spread his powerful tights apart with every new stroke until his butt opening was fully exposed to view. I was pink and moist and good enough to eat but, that might be another time. I grabbed another bottle and applied a different oil on his entry way (this had been laced with a sexual stimulant provided by my cooperative doctor--okay Brent outdid himself that day*>) and slowly ran my thumb along its ringed muscles. Ricky's breathing intensified as I played with his rim while the stimulant took effect. By now his chute hole would be tingling with erotic pleasure.

"AAHH", he hissed as his body quaked under my hole massage. Suddenly, his waist rose slightly up as if to accommodate something under it. I tilted my head to see. My cop jock was throwing a boner! He was turned on by the job I was performing on his cherry chute. No doubt about it. I went for broke and inserted a well-oiled finger up Mr. Macho's hole. I wanted him just a bit looser for my next move

"Fuck," he whimpered as my greasy finger entered. "Oh fuck."

I withdrew my finger then took the bottle's nozzle and slipped it into his hole and squeezed . The laced stimulant squirted up deep inside his warm cavern . I wanted to coat his inner lining and hopefully his prostate with the stimulant. I pulled out the bottle and watched as a few drops of oil leaked from his butt hole. I spread his limp legs further apart and began to finger fuck my macho hunk. Ricky groaned as I gave him his first taste of being screwed. He started grinding his crotch into the table. He was feeling the drugs effects in his guts now. I continued raming in and out of his chute making sure to hit his prostate every time.

"Fuck , fuck, fuck, fuck." Ricky was now babbling as he began to hump the table.

Yeah baby my thoughts precisely. Time for some reprogramming. I looked at the overhead camera and nodded. Enrico entered from a side door.

"Well Rico, I'd say big brother is primed for some inner brain massage," I laughed as I continued finger fucking his squirming brother. By now Ricky was wiggling his butt, grinding his waist as he humped the table, and moaning sexily.

"Oohhhhaaarrgghh.... deeper....futhkin.. aahhh", our cop older brother confirmed.

"Who would have thought," grinned Enrico as he watched the scene. "That my super straight stud cop brother would finally get 'busted' himself !"

"And from the fucking he's giving the table he likes it," I replied as I increased my finger screw job on our soon to be transformed jock cop.

"Hey Mickey likes it! He likes it!" Enrico hooted in a parody of a cereal commercial. The room filled with our laughter and Ricky's moans. Time for phase two!

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