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My Brothers Keeper
Part 19 - 4.2 And It's a TKO
By Kyle Cicero

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Enrico quickly wiped off our prone stud making sure that the outer hypnotic oils on him were gone (hey no need to get zapped ourselves right ) while I continued my finger massage on Ricky's inner charms. Once that was done we were ready for phase two. I pulled my finger from Ricky's hole and was rewarded by a soft sigh of regret from my cop boxer. Well soon baby I thought as I patted his bubble butt and walked to the front of the table. We had set up a small strobe light in front of Ricky. Enrico turned it on and I positioned Ricky's head to face it.

"Ricardo wake up bro." I softly stated. Ricky's eye fluttered open but, from the diluted pupils that stared out at us, this jock was still under the effects of the drug. "Look at the light bro."

Ricky gazed into the lights. "Look Ricky," I said in a firm voice, " look at the lights and go deep inside them." The drug probably made the light show unnecessary but, what the hell, I'm an old-fashioned family values type of guy.

"Deep... looking deep....I 'm so deep... falling," he responded his vision firmly fixed on the flickering lights in front of them

"That's alright Ricky your younger brother will catch you." I assured him. " Your little brother will keep you safe."

"Rico ... safe ... he keep me safe," sighed Ricky as he drifted into the next stage. Now for a few well chosen actions and commands.

"Yes, " I confirmed to my zonked jock hunk, " Rico will protect you." I signaled to Enrico to get ready. The young Latino picked up the bottle of stimulant oil and gently reinserted it's nozzle into his older stud brother's chute. We had taken time to slightly heat the oil to maximize the feeling for Ricky. Okay we are too kind 8>).

"Rico also brings you pleasure Ricky," I instructed as I nodded to Enrico. The younger brother squeezed the heated oil flooding up inside his older brother's ass.

"Ohh fuccc," Ricky gasped as his guts , still sensitized by the prior oil's stimulation, felt an even more arousing effect as the warm fluid filled his inner chute linings and washed over his prostate coating the nerves and putting them on heightened sexual vulnerability.

"Feels good inside you right Ricky?" I queried knowing the answer.

"Oh yeahhhh Ricoo ... yeaaahhhh," Ricky groaned as his hips once more adjusted on the table. Another boner for Mr. Macho cop. "More ... more," he pleaded as his butt lifted slightly in an attempt to press up against the bottle. Close now . Very close. Time for the final round on our boxer. Get ready Ricardo I chuckled to myself. Your machismo straight psyche is about to go down for the count!

"You like that inside you Ricky," I suggested firmly.

"Like ... in me," Ricky accepted. His brain was jelly what with the drugs in his system and those flickering lights his eyes were focused on .

"You like it in you. Want more in you." I stated.

"So much. More in my hole. Feels hot and warm." He gasped as Enrico gave a final squirt up big brothers now slicked guts. Enrico inserted a gloved finger in his brother's rectum and began to screw Ricardo.

"Oh ...goddd," chattered Ricky as his enflamed inner lining and prostate got another massage. My delirious boxer hunk started to fuck the table under him. I reached under and grabbed his erect uncut 9'' Latin meat and started to jerk him off.

"Feel how good it is getting fucked man." I replied as Enrico and I sexually stimulated our straight boy reprogramming his brain to turn onto male sex.

"Ooowwhhh .... Rrriiiiiccoo," our young hunk agreed as he began bucking his hips up and down on the table.

"You want Rico inside you man." I hissed sharply. "You want him in you so bad. He fills up ; satisfies that need you have."

"Oh fuc yeah Rico," howled Ricky as he began to gyrate even more on the table responding quite nicely to the sexual manipulations we were doing on his humpy stud body. Loved seeing his butt rising and falling in a fucking motion. In sexual action that bastard was a hot sight to behold. "Rico in me."

He was ready. Enrico pulled the bottle from Ricky's hole and slipped on a condom to avoid getting infected with the oil inside big brother. He slipped one arm under Ricky's waist lifting Ricardo up onto his knees and straddled between his brother's muscular thighs. Ricky resembled a pyramid now with his shoulders on the table and his ass as the apex. Fucking scorcher of a view guys! Final round boxer boy. Get ready to hit the canvas!

I continued stroking Ricky's meat which, now that his lower half was up, looked quite impressive . Thick, long , and thrusting up from a nice dark patch of pubic hair I envied the ladies that had been the recipient of its favors and felt a slight pang of guilt for the future ones that would be left in ignorance. Yeah right!

"Tell Rico what you want boy," I commanded.

"Fuck..... in me.. Need in me." Ricky babbled almost incoherently.

"YEAH!!" hooted Enrico as he drove his cock into his brother. He was finally getting his revenge for all those taunts from Ricky. "Take it bro!"

"AAAAHHHHH FFFUUCC ......YYEEAAAHHHH," shouted Ricky as his cherry got popped. Enrico started to fuck now in earnest. At one point he began to slap his brothers ass .




"Take it you bastard," he yelled as he fucked his big brother sweet ass and bitch slapped Ricky's cheeks with each drive until they were crimson.

"OOOO...OOOOO...OOOO", Ricky screamed as he got plowed and slapped.

I continued my jerk off on the boy's engorged meat as I shouted my final reconditioning into Ricky's vulnerable pliable inner brain . "You love getting fucked. You love getting fucked. It's hotter than you ever thought. You love cock.You need cock."

Ricky moaned louder. " cock....hottest sex... needs cock." He began to buck under Enrico and one of his hands reached down to grab his cock from me and masturbates himself. The dude was really into it now. One more thing.

I walked to the front to face Ricky. His eyes shone with pure lust. I dropped my pants and brought my hard cock right up to his mouth. "Ricky loves to taste this. Ricky needs to suck this. It makes that sexual heat he is feeling even hotter" I chanted as Enrico , now ablaze in his glory rammed his brother's ass harder. I noticed that Ricky had also increased the rthym of his cock massage as well. My zapped big brother gazed at my cock in a new light. He began to saliva and then, oh yeah the dude opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue. He was cock hungry!

I slipped my shaft across his wet tongue and guided it in. In a second I felt his warm moist mouth begin to suck away just like a newborn suckling on his mother's tit for nourishment. Enrico raised his hand and we gave each other a high five as we both plowed the former 'don't touch my ass' or 'only pussy takes it up the ass' macho big brother of his with a searing double ended fuck!

"Yeah baby," we both growled as Ricky grunted in pure pleasure. "You love it. You love it. You will always want it. You can't fight this need anymore!" We roared.

"UUUUUMMMPPPHH," our boxer agreed as he thrust his hips up to meet his little brother's strokes, deepened his blow job on me, and quickened his hand job on himself. We were all at the edge.

Ricardo suddenly let out a loud muffled guttural groan that came from deep inside him ."AAAAAAAAAAAAA," his cock erupted flooding the table with his hot seed. Enrico and I exploded at once filling boxer boy from both ends. Ricardo , to my surprise, sucked down every bit of my jizz.

We had taken on his mind in the ring of sexual desire and had scored a knockout win.

We both got off the table and Ricky slumped back down. From the look of him he had thoroughly enjoyed his boxing match. Seeing him lying there with some of my jizz in the corners of his mouth and panting on the table made it all worthwhile. He was totally mind fucked and was ready for his final training now. I bent in close and began my reprogramming. "Ricky from now on when you hear Enrico say 'Ricardo' your asshole will remember how turned on it was before and it will burn to be fucked. Got it"

"My name, Enrico saying it, need fucking," Ricky replied as his zapped mind drank in the words.

"You will be overwhelmed by this sexual desire. You will do anything to satisfy it." I stated. You hear him say that name and you need to be fucked badly."

"Need to be fucked. Need to be fucked." Ricky agreed. "can't fight it."

"You'll also remember how great sucking cock was too," I instructed to his still receptive brain center. "You love sucking cock. You need to suck cock!"

"Love cock, want cock, need suck cock," Ricky repeated as the desire cemented forever onto his inner brain.

"Enrico say the word," I said.

"Ricardo." Enrico whispered.

The effect was electric. Ricky began to groan and tighten his butt cheeks. "My ass ...oh my ass." He gasped as his tongue wet his lips indicating that his brain had registered it all. I nodded to a grinning Enrico.

"Okay Ricky sleep now. But keep repeating inside your head what I just told you ; remember how great getting fucked felt & how delicious cock tastes ," I commanded. Ricky drifted off . We stood there looking at our new to be born cock-boy. He had a beautiful grin lying there licking his lips grinding his hips into the table. Well, Ricky I thought, dream on cause soon your new life begins.

"Well Enrico, lets get big brother ready for graduation I smirked as we began to get everything ready." Call Eric and tell him we need him. Hey we got a movie to shoot!"

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