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My Brothers Keeper
Part 2 - 0.2 Operation Launch
By Kyle Cicero

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I spend the next two weeks studying that book's techniques as well as other books in the library on that subject. The following two weeks were spent preparing Sean a 'special' porno tape to help me win 'my man'!

Our parents were scheduled to go away for a long delayed two-week vacation and I figured that was the best time to launch "Operation Gelding The Stallion"! The first night they were away I knew Sean had plans to fuck his latest prey. I also knew that he had been revved up for it for the better part of the week. Knowing my oversexed brother I knew that by that night his hormones would be in full overdrive. I simply called the 'prey' early on Sat. and cancelled the date for him without his knowledge then casually told him just before he was to leave for it. Our conversation at that point went something like this:

"Oh bro, fuck...I forgot...yeah I'm an, I think it was some infection she had... yeah real bitch huh......hey, lets get off on a tape I just sorry I meant just you......but bro let me set you up!

I put in the tape, poured him a beer and watched from the next room as brother Sean played the prepared tape. I had implanted a low visual signal in the tape that induced a hypnotic trance in the subject. All it needed was the intense concentration of the viewer over a short time period. The porno scenes provided that for me. If you figured in the sexual stimulations to Sean's brain combined with the tranquilizing effects of the alcohol big brother never had a chance.

I watched as Sean stroked his meat. He was really into the tape and it was hot watching big brother working his cock. He was breathing hot and heavy and at one point he slipped his free hand up his shirt giving me a fantastic view of his six-pack and quarter sized nipples. He played with one nipple then the other till each one got hard. Yeah, the nipples weren't the only thing that rose right about then either 8. This was better than seeing any tape but I had to wonder if anything was going to happen. Then it did! Slowly Sean's hand job slowed as well as his breathing, which had been pretty heavy before. Soon his breathing slowed into a steady rhyme. I noticed his eyelids flutters then droop in stages till they closed. By the end of the tape my jock stud muffin was out of it but good. I walked over to him.

I gazed down at my zonked older brother sitting there his face relaxed, a peaceful look on his handsome face, and his hand still gripping his flaccid cock. If the program worked his inner psyche was ready to absorb anything I said to him. Time to start his reprogramming. I bent close and whispered into his hopefully receptive mind. If I had any qualms about what I was going to do, being that close to him and picking up the sexy scent he was giving off just then killed them.

" there bro," I inquired attentively.

"Yes," he weakly replied.

"Sean," I said with fingers crossed. " You must listen to me and obey everything I tell you."

"Listen and obey," he nodded.

So far so good then, I thought, "Sean open your eyes." Slowly he did and I saw his killer greens were glazed and unfocused. I was in!

"Sean, repeat after me, I'm a fuck up."

"You are a fuck up," he responded. Gees I'd have to be more precise I realized.

"No Sean...YOU are the fuck up." I stated sternly.

His eyes blinked and after a hesitation he said, " I'" then he paused. His ego was fighting me!

"SEAN," I barked roughly, "YOU ARE A FUCK UP"!

"," he protested calmly. Dam he was smug!

"Sean you are a fuck up," I insisted.

I could see his brain processing it trying to resist it. I needed to divert his brain's resistance, something to deflect his concentration. I gazed at him just lying there with his cock hanging out. That was it! I reached down and began to stoke his meat. It felt firm and warm. I ran my hand across his pole enjoying the feel of its heft and length. True to form my sexually overcharged brother responded at once with a boner. As his breathing quickened I leaned in close and whispered firmly. "Sean you are a fuck up!" I increased my strokes reveling in the touch of his thick hard cock.

"I...oh shit," he moaned as I quickened my pump on his meat turning up the sexual heat. I felt a surge of power course through me. For the first time big jock stud boy was helpless against me. I had his manhood in my grip and, more importantly, had him physically squirming. Time to break his mind now.

"Give it up Sean," I encouraged as I increased my rhyme. "You are a fuck up."

"I..,am..," he was fighting but I had the upper hand now so to speak. I continued my assault.

"Fuck are a fuck up," I insisted as I raced to the finish line. I felt his cock grew rock hard in my grip. I ran my palm up and down enjoying the throb of his veins as the blood pulsated in his engorged warrior. I could see his pupils spinning and beads of sweat breaking out on his upper lips. He was turned on big time. "You are a fuck up. You are a fuck up." I chanted with each stroke as I drove the thought home by letting it ride in on a sexual highway to his control centers. His mind could concentrate on either resisting or on getting off. Knowing super-stud I figured the latter had the home field advantage.

"I.. fuck ...oh fuck...," he babbled as his hormones raged in his brain. Which door.. the old' the lady and the tiger' plot. His brain chose! "I...fuck up...yes? "

I was almost there .I ordered him to repeat it to me again even as I continued jerking jock boy off. Sean’s cock lurched in my hands. He was getting ready to blow his wad.

"Admit you are a fuck up and you can cum," I yelled. He whimpered and then, it happened. He just lost it!

"I'M A FUCK-UP.... A FUCK UP ..... A FUCK UP....AAAAAA......AHH". Touchdown!

Sean roared as he erupted surrendering to both that idea and his sexual needs. He shot his load in a giant arch that splattered over his chest and pants. Had to admit that big brother's climax was impressive. I leaned back and took in the sight. Sean lay panting on the chair trying to suck in air. He had suffered his first defeat at my hands! My first win but not the entire game yet. "Sean, you need your little brother to run things before you fuck up more." I stated calmly.

"Yeah need my little brother's help." He nodded dully.

"It turns you on to listen to him," I suggested as I again rubbed his cock. Sean hardened once more(hey remember he was 18 ) and his mouth curled up in a smile. "Listening to him is a turn on", he muttered agreeably.

"He is you idol. Obeying him is what you want!" I insisted as I gave his meat further manual stimulations.

"Oh ...fuck." he gasped as he wiggled under my renewed hand job. Sean's constant desire to get off coupled with that initial admission of submission had rendered him pliable now. "My idol...fuck yeah.. need to please him yeah"! Now that was getting somewhere I mused as he groaned in my grip.

For the next three hours using a combination of suggestions for his future submissiveness coupled with some continued hand jobs on my zonked brother I was able to set up some basic reprogramming done in him. By the end of the first session I'd accomplished two things: first, I'd trained Sean to be my devoted servant and, two, I'd milked my stud-muffin dry.

"Last time, tell me again," I inquired as I masturbated my brother for the final time that night. I wanted to make sure that I had him and hell, the rush of my power over him at last was still exciting. Holding that stud meat in my grip while he groveled under my touch was intoxicating!

"I'm a complete fuck up," he babbled while his body squirmed under my sexual ministrations. My cocky arrogant big brother wasn't so cocky now. The room was filled with his painful gasps and whimpers as he struggled to cum again. "My little brother is my boss. It turns me on to submit to him. Ahh shittt...ohhh .....fuccccc....!" His body went rigid as he climaxed. I laughed as I saw a pathetic dribble emerge from his rod. He sighed and went limp in the chair. Jock boy had been sexually taken down and totally spent. His dick had been drained! I had won another round. I went to bed leaving my stallion sitting in the chair his front pants and upper body soaked in jizz. Like they said in that old movie whose name I forget. "Tomorrow is another day!"

Chapter Three: Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

The next day I woke up and raced downstairs. There was Sean dead to the world, lying there in cum stained pants and chest, his impressive meat flaccid and obviously cum stuck to the front of his fly. Well, I couldn't ask for a better scene to see if last nights brain molding had taken firm root.

"What the hell is this shit!" I roared , making sure I looked annoyed.

"Huh...what," my humpy brother muttered as he woke up. He shook his head as if he was trying to clear up his mind then focused on me and followed my gaze to his crotch. "Oh shit." He said as his face flushed red.

"Are you that much of a loser?" I barked. "You jerk-off all night and fall asleep in your own jizz?"

Sean's eyes met mine. After a second of anxiety by myself I heard music to my ears.

"I'm... sorry bro...I'm... please.....I fucked up again ," his voice drifted off weakly. I had done it. I'd short- circuited the self-confident arrogant bastard!

"It's alright bro," I oozed in fake concern as I reached over to rub his head like I'd do with a child. "Little brother will fix it all up."

Sean broke out in a smile of gratitude and adoration. I noticed his cock stir slightly. He must have felt it as well because another blush came to his cheeks. "I'll go shower," he mumbled quickly as he pushed his now semi-hard cock into his pants.

"You do that Sean," I smiled, "then after you clean up we will talk about what I expect from you while mom and dad are away. After all, I'm in charge right?"

"Yes sir," he replied. "You are definitely in charge!" I saw his cock stiffen further in his pants as he said that. Yes, things were looking up!

I watched as he got out of the chair and climbed the stairs. His hard bubble jock butt was outlined in his tight pants. Hmmm, I thought. "Sean," I called out to him. He turned. "After you shower I think we will do some cherry picking." I laughed. " That okay with you?"

"Whatever you say bro," he smiled a bit confused. "You the one in charge!"

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