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My Brothers Keeper
Part 20 - 4.3 Officer Down
By Kyle Cicero

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Ricky woke up buck naked and tied to a chair." What the fuck is this? " he roared as he struggled with his bonds. Enrico and I walked into his line of sight. "What the fuck is going on you bastards?" He yelled as he glared first at me then his younger brother. "What the fuck are you doing here Rico?"

"Just came to talk bro," replied Enrico smiling.

"Let me go or I'll beat your ass," an enraged Ricky screamed as his tight sexy body strained against the bindings. He looked even hotter all trussed up but that was a whole different scene.

"Speaking of ass bro," teased Enrico, " tell me, how does yours feel Ricardo?"

"What the fuck about my assss...oh damn," the effect was immediate. Ricky's butt started grinding into his chair.

"Anything wrong Ricardo?" inquired Enrico innocently.

"Oh shit, my ass hole is on fire," said Ricky. The macho cop started squirming in his chair. He was experiencing the first waves of his new sexual needs. Enrico turned to me and nodded. Ricky was going down!

"On fire Ricardo," the younger brother teased. "Feeling funny down there Ricardo?"

Ricky moaned slightly. He kept wiggling in the chair. I noticed that his powerful thighs were now squeezing together, cupping his ball in a viselike grip and causing his pecker to rise.

"Problem Ricardo?" Enrico continued.

"What the fuck is going on," Ricky groaned as his mind turned on his asshole's need to be fucked and fucked fast. "My ass is so hot."

Enrico leaned in close to Ricky and whispered, " Ricardo what do you want? You can tell me Ricardo."

I could see the sweat beading up on Ricky's face. From the way he was gyrating in that chair he was turned on big time but from the look in his eyes he was fighting what his body wanted. Judging by the erection he was sporting and the continual pressure his flexing thighs were inflicting on his ball sack the end to this mental boxing match was a foregone conclusion.

"Tell me Ricardo." The cop's younger brother sneered as he signaled to me to start the video rolling again. I signaled to Eric, who was in the video room throughout all of this, to get it on tape.

"Ricardo tell me. Come on Ricardo what do you want!" Enrico demanded.

Ricky groaned in defeat. "I want someone to fuck me man," Ricky mumbled as his mind yielded to the sexual need that was consuming it. "Pleassssseee," he hissed as his body ground into the chair.

"You mean Ricardo you want to take it up the ass like a punta?"

Smirked Enrico as he recalled the smug insults Ricky had thrown about guys taking it up the ass.

"FUCK ME MAN... PLEASE BRO..." , Ricky sobbed as his mind spun out of control. "I need a cock up my ass nooooowww." The hypnotic programming was working great. “Te necesito en mí tan mal,”

"Okay bro, But just cause you asked nice." Enrico unzipped and pulled out his meat. "But bro I need you to get my dick slick if it's going to fuck you."

He brought his cock up to Ricky's mouth and waited. His macho older brother stared at the rod that hung so close to his lips. I could see the perspiration on his upper lips . He licked his lips --the dude's mouth was watering! Would he go the distance? "Well Ricardo?"

At the sound of the key word Ricky's newly created sexual needs took over and our straight boy's head instantly bend forward, mouth open , and slobbered over his younger brother's meat. "Oooommmpphhh" was the only sound Ricky made as he worked on his kid brother's manhood.

"That's right Ricardo," Enrico replied as he gazed at his older brother giving head . "Get it all slick and then I'll fill up that butt of yours . You like the sound of that Ricardo?" He teased.

Ricky must have liked what he heard cause he worked like a pro on that cock. I noticed Mr. Macho cop's own cock leaking up big time in a final confirmation of the transformation we had accomplished. Our one time straight older brother was in full cock slut mode. Enrico untied Ricky's bindings . Ricky, who had not stopped slobbering on his younger brother's cock , slipped off the chair and onto his knees in front of Enrico. He continued blowing his younger brother using one hand to steady himself on Enrico while his other hand reached down to stroke his own engorged dick.

"Si Ricardo. Si Ricardo." Murmured Enrico as he encouraged his older brother's oral service and cemented Ricardo's programming. "Nino bueno, si mi hermano, nino bueno." Enrico said softly as he ran his hand through his older brother's hair and guided him. Ricky moaned and sucked faster. He lifted his head off his brother’s cock “hacer mi culo a su coño,” he pleaded before returning to blow his younger brother. Yeah, this Latino hunk wanted to be fucked so bad now and would submit for it whenever Enrico wanted him too. Enrico had the key to poor old Ricardo's entrance. I looked at Enrico who was a vision of pure triumph. gave him a thumbs up, then left him to his victory and hurried home. I was sure he and Eric had the new Dog Bone movie shoot fully in hand. After all, I had my own brother waiting to be serviced.

So there you have it, another arrogant brother on his knees and howling to get screwed by his little brother. Some guys would kick back I guess and enjoy the fruits of their labors but, I had a new movie business to keep up as a going concern. I seem to recall that Eric had mentioned a sexy older brother who was a real arrogant bastard that was currently serving in the marines. Oh well, does the work ever end.