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My Brothers Keeper
Part 3 - 1.1 Field of Dream
By Kyle Cicero

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It had been three days since I first 'sacked' my brother with a hypnotic zinger to his control centers. Three fun filled days of watching my formerly arrogant tormentor bend over backwards to please me and, judging from the boner he sprouted when he did so (courtesy of my hypnotic command to him), pleasing himself in the bargain. Should I mention that for some reason he found that, for the first time since he sprouted crotch hairs, he couldn't, unless he knew he was pleasing me, get a hard-on or let alone cum during those three days. I wonder what put that thought in his brain huh--hehehe. Until now, I doubt super-stud Sean had ever had a day he had not gotten his rocks off. I listened by his bedroom door as he tried every night, without success, to get ' old faithful' to gush. The sound of slapping skin coupled with groans of despair and frustration was the bomb. By the third day my ever-ready bunny was suffering a bad case of blue balls and was ready to erupt! It was time to move to the next step in my operation.

"Hey Sean," I said casually on the third night after he had come home early from his date. From the look on his face the guy had just had another incomplete play! "Bro, you appear upset, anything wrong?"

He glanced up at me. His handsome face a study in conflict on whether to tell me his dilemma. Ah the humiliation he'd experience would be great. But little did he suspect it was just his first taste of that cup.

"No.... its just," he flushed as he tried to get it out.

"Sean," I said in my most brotherly tone," trust me bro. Come on I enjoy helping you." Bingo, the magic words to Sean's brain. Please me & you get aroused. Sure enough his helmeted warrior sprung to life. I gazed at it and noticed Sean noticing my gaze. He turned scarlet!

"I can't... why now... never.... oh shit," he moaned pathetically. "Why with a guy.. shit my own brother too." His voice drifted off

"Sean," I stated paternalistically, "I understand bro. Hey you've been under stress that's all. It's nothing man."

"You think?" he muttered seeking any excuse to explain his arousal.

"Bro, you just got to believe man." I replied with a fake knowing tone, " just stress from the game dude. You are not popping rods with any other guys are you?"

"Fuck no way man," he quickly retorted. "Just you." He slipped it out before he knew what he was saying. On hearing himself say it his face went red once more.

"Sean," I sighed as I took his hand in sympathy. God I was good! "You got another big game for the weekend. You mind is stressed so that's why you ...ahem." Sean stared at me drinking it up like mothers milk. At this point any explanation made sense to him.

"But why with you?" he asked miserably.

"Cause with me you know you are safe bro," I lectured with a smile,

" you know I take care of you so delayed reactions to your date tonight...see."

"Yeah I do," my jock stud toy nodded. God he was easy.

"Tell you what brother. Let me set you up with another tape and you'll see things will return to normal alright." I suggested

"That would be great," he gushed, " yeah set me up man." He broke into a grin. Oh brother hope you remember you did after all ask to be set up 8 ).

That night I 'set up' my big brother with another 'specially prepared' porno tape to watch. The poor hunk thanked me repeatedly and barely was able to cover his man meat's arousal until I left the room. Of course I managed to observe the 'show' from a side window and sure enough had the fun of seeing my hunk stroke his cock to an impressive size only to sink into a trance before he had reached a climax. I reentered the room. Although there was probably no need to I reached down to fondle his cock into arousal. Hey no need to tinker with success right.

"Sean you hear me," I asked quietly as I felt his cock grow in my grip. Damn the power I felt as I wakened my older brother's manhood.

"Yeth," he muttered. His hard body wiggled as his rod rose to full glory. He let out a sexy growl. His hips rose up slightly as he began to push his dick through my grip. The horny bastard was fucking my palm. Shit it was a hot! I could feel his foreskin slipping through my grasp. His breathing deepened and his chest expanded pushing so tight against his shirt that I could make out his hard nipples. He was turned on big time Yep; big brother's brain was ready to receive my next toss of the game ball.

"Sean, you get off on sex don't you," I asked sure of the answer.

"Fuck yessss," he hissed as he began to thrust his pelvis up and down using my hand like it was some poor girls hole. Sean in fucking mode was sexy all right.

"Sean, remember you get off even more when you please me right." I insisted as I picked up my pump on his cock to help him out

"Getting off cause you are pleased," he moaned as his hips drove up from the chair.

"Remember you are turned on when I'm pleased with you." I intoned again as I jerked his cock to a finish.

"Turned on.... So fucking turned on!" He cried as he thrust up & down faster. His shirt was drenched in sweat showing off his tightly defined muscular body and especially his six-pack.

"Remember, that Sean. You are turned on when I'm pleased with you." I pumped him faster.

Sean nodded furiously and then he let out a strangled cry. At that second he rammed his hips up and I felt his jizzz flood in his cock and then, blow out in a spray of creamy white.

"FUCK.... PLEASE MY BROTHER...TURN ON...." Sean roared as he sent forth wave after wave of his pent up jizz. He lay in the chair. His cock, chest, and pants soaked in white suds and an angelic smile on his face. I whispered some instructions to him then, left him. I figured he could use the rest. Hey tomorrow was a big game and my playbook was set for it!

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