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My Brothers Keeper
Part 4 - 1.2 What Comes Up
By Kyle Cicero

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It was an important game. Everyone was there including me. I rarely went to see Sean play but hell, you got to support your man right.

The team came onto the field and when the crowd saw Sean they erupted in screams. He was, after all, the golden boy. I saw him glance into the stands as he came onto the field trying to find me. I waved down and gave him a high sign. A beautiful smile came to his face and an impressive boner rose in his uniform tights. You couldn't help noticing that rise in his athletic cup as it strained to break through his pants. A few girls in the cheerleader squad started to giggle and then a murmur came up from the crowd. I could see the panic in big jock bro's eyes as he tried to cover it with his helmet. He gazed up, our eyes locked and, I gave him the thumbs up. He swayed slightly and then dropped the helmet. Yep he was under as per a hypnotically induced command I had given him before he left that morning. He stood there in front of the home crowd with his hard-on showing as it pressed against his uniform pants. He began to rub it as people squealed in shock or glee .The coach noticed the buzz going on, Sean standing there before the crowd dumbstruck, rubbing his crotch in front of everyone, and then that boner! He went up to Sean and started yelling. Getting no response he grabbed him and shook him. Sean snapped out of it. Saw his 'mound' and appeared to be babbling in panic as the coach gestured at him. It was clear to everyone that the coach was tearing 'golden boy' a new ass. It was a red faced Sean that went on the field to the now mocking crowd!

"Hey Sean what's UP!!" hooted some guys in the crowd. By now everyone was laughing. Soon the opposition took up the cheer!

"What's up Doc? What's up Doc? " They retorted with that famous line. It was with some amusement I observed my arrogant athlete get his first critical reviews. For the rest of the game two things were clear. Sean's timing and play were way off & at various moments during the game he would, after seeing me give a high sign, sprout another boner. At last the coach decided to bench him. Sean had never had that happen before and it was a truly demoralized stud that left the field. I slipped down to meet him in the tunnel to the lockers just walking on air. Just before I arrived however Sean met up with his best friend Brent who was our school's star soccer, swimmer and track athlete. Brent had a finely cut muscled body. At just 6 feet with wavy black hair, blue eyes, and highly sensual facial features he was, next to Sean of course, one fine piece of meat as many ladies in town could testify. I moved back to keep out of sight but within hearing range.

"Sean what the fuck is going on," Brent yelled. "Fucking up like that on the field. Sporting hard-ons in front of everyone."

"I'm...I...," sobbed Sean his voice cracking .

"Don't go all faggy on me bud." Brent replied in annoyance at Sean's display of emotion. "Christ you sound like that pussy brother of yours now."

At that Sean's head shot up. He grabbed Brent's shirt. "Don't insult my brother you bastard." He growled.

"Easy bro, easy okay," Brent replied coolly. "Listen Sean just get it together okay.

Sean released his grip and, with his head down walked back to the lockers. Brent watched him go shaking his head. "Damn I think that family has got two pussies now!" Brent muttered out of Sean's hearing but not mine. He turned to walk back into the stands. I stared in anger and ,okay, some lust--hell his butt in those tight jeans were owwwee!! Yet in someplace in my brain his name was checked off. I went to find my demoralized brother. Time to get him home for some fun. Brent was a future issue for now!

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