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My Brothers Keeper
Part 5 - 1.3 Bro Its All In The Proteins
By Kyle Cicero

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It was a silent Sean that I drove home from the game. I let him alone during the drive to allow him to fully process his ego's destruction. Benched and laughed off his field of glory. It was low ebb for him and the perfect time to put the final nail in my alpha boy stud. By tomorrow morning the family's big raging stallion would be gelded to become my own passive brood mare.

We walked silently in and Sean went into his room mumbling something about changing then going to the basement to workout. Dad had set up a separate weight room down there and Sean went there everyday to keep in shape. At other times he just went there to 'chill'. I guess chilling was in order all things considered. . I set up a tape and then went to his bedroom door and knocked. "Sean come out here and talk with me." I said in mock sympathetic tones. I heard a shuffle and the door opened. Sean was standing there, eyes downcast, and he had changed into his workout sweats. He looked like one of those gay pix you see in the magazines. He had on a tight gray cotton shirt that was two sizes too small showing off his defined chest, tapered narrow waist and well cut abs. Sean always wore these blue satin shorts that clung to his bubble butt and emphasized his hefty cock and sack. Pure animal sexuality and soon to be all mine.

"Sean, come here I said as I opened my arms to hug him," Am I good or what.

Sean moved forward and I felt his hard muscled body in my grip. I savored the sensuality of the contact then released him and looked into his green eyes. "Listen dude you had an off day. You've been tense all week that's all. Fuck em okay. Just know I'm always pleased with you!" I insisted as I gently brushed my fingers through his light blonde hair. Sean gazed at me in pure adoration and, since we still touching below the waist, I was treated to a nice firm hard-on by my hypno-zonked boy.

"Before you go workout I think you need to relax with this tape I just got. It's especially for you as a present and no its not porno." I chuckled. "Just an artistic swirl of relaxing colors. I was told all the big sports stars use it to clear their minds."

"Really." Sean said in a husky voice. Poor bro was overcome with emotion as my consideration 8>).

"Nothing is too good for our golden boy." I smiled as I swung my arm around his waist and guided him to his chair. On the way I casually dropped my hand to his ass and ran my palm across the hard blue satin package under it. I felt the stirring of lust in my own body. Soon. Very soon. I popped in the tape and left him to watch it. I had prepared a hypnotic trance program under images of complex shifting colors. This time I let the whole tape play. By its end Sean's brain would be permanently programmed to accept my rewiring.

Sean lay in the chair with eyes glazed. Time to pop open his brain and do some rewiring I mused.

"Sean," I said quietly. "You hear me?"

"Yessss," he sighed.

"You are one royal fuck-up huh," I queried.

"Yes," my hypno-conked stud muffin agreed. Today's disaster had only cemented that belief in his brain. Just, what I had intended when I set him up for it.

"You need your little brother to get it right." I suggested

"Need him. Badly...yeah," jock-boy acknowledged.

"Sean, " I stated calmly, "You get turned on by your brother big time don't you?"

"I get turned on by my brother...yes," he admitted. Even zapped he blushed at the admission.

I reached under the waistband of his satin shorts and began to massage his basket. The cool feel of the satin on one side of my hand with the moist hard ribbed supporter rising against the other side was intoxicating. My dick hardened fast! Hang on I mentally sent word to it. Relief is coming!

"He turns you on huh?" I teased.

"Yesssss," my football hunk gasped as his crotch thrust up to rub my palm. Sure enough my muscle god was in fuck mode once more. His narrow waist bounced up and down as he tried to screw my palm.

"OOOHHHHFUUUC..." he growled as his waist moved in rapid piston-like motions in the chair.

"You want his body in you Sean." I stated. "You need his body!"

"'s body." Sean repeated. In some inner part of his mind a lone fort of his former psyche held out for a short while but then the last defenders of his straightness succumbed to his overwhelming sexual drive. . He was too zapped after all these tapes and the sexual stimulations to fight it now successfully. The last remnant of that macho girl-fucking arrogant jock stud was tackled and gelded. In the ashes would rise up his new role: BOTTOMBOY!

"You need him sexually," I chanted to him, "You need his body, want it in you, taste it, desire it, have to have it!"

"I FUCKING NEED MY BROTHER'S BODY. ...FUCKING NEED IT IN ME...YEAH" he screamed as his new programming broke out in full flower and his cock exploded in his supporter.

I withdrew my hand and went to get a washcloth. Gently I ordered him to stand up then, I striped off his shorts and supporter and cleaned my big brother off like he was a baby. I slipped a new jockstrap on him and, then his shorts. His muscular legs were a major turn on to my touch as well but I held off.

"You need to taste his juices Sean," I gleefully instructed. "Getting his protein in you will make you a better athlete."

"Juices... better athlete." He agreed.

"Drink his juices everyday and you will be a good athlete and stop fucking up." I teased.

"Drink his spunk. Never fuck up. Better athlete." Sean's brain processed.

"You asshole tingles to have him fuck you as well," I insisted.

"My asshole needs him." Sean accepted quickly. He was mentally an open glass waiting to be filled. One I intended to fill before I ahem, filled the rest of him!

"Your wet down there for him!" I laughed enjoying his submission and degradation.

"Fucking wet," he repeated as his butt clenched and flexed with its newfound hunger.

"Girls don't interest you sexually now. Only guys. Sexually servicing your brother and any guy he tells you too makes you hot!" I commanded as I approached the goal line.

"Servicing my brother and whomever he tells me too makes me hot." Sean groaned as his hand reached down to stroke his meat. It stiffened rapidly. Yes he was there. Time to cash in now.

"Sean after a few minutes you will awake refreshed, happy, and with a need to seduce your brother," I implanted into my willing receptacle.

"Seduce him...... fuck yeah." Sean muttered.

"Invite him to work out with you Sean." I suggested. "Then seduce him there."

"Hmmmm, fuck yeah," Sean said sexily.

Game time! I shook Sean. He woke with a start. "Wow I must have drifted off there bro," he laughed. "Hey lets hit the workout bench downstairs okay?"

"Fine you start I'll be there in a bit." Sean nodded and went down. He moved with natural grace. He was fucking sexy in those clothes. I scrambled to get changed and went downstairs.

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