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My Brothers Keeper
Part 6 - 1.4 Workout Obsessions
By Kyle Cicero

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Sean was hard at work lying on the bench doing a rapid series of presses. The room was filled with his sexy sweaty scent. Seeing him there draped across the bench, firm hard legs fixed on the ground, taunt bulging arm muscles flexing as he lifted and, that impressive basket rising as his waist lifted slightly off the bench with each lift sent my hormones into a feeding frenzy. Feeding time's coming guys, I whispered silently to them!

"Hey bro let me spot you." I said as I straddled the bench. I made sure that my legs were positioned on either side of his head and my crotch was directly over his face. Sean's arms shook. By now my crotch's scent must be filling up his lungs. "You seem to be a bit tired there bro, let me help you get that bar back in its supports alright."

"Thanks", he croaked softly. I noticed that his chest was rising and falling .The only sound in the basement now was Sean's breathing. Big brother was sniffing his first man- odor; judging by the rise in his dick down there the experience was pretty good for him.

I let him enjoy it for a few seconds more as I helped to lower the bar in its slots. As I did I bent my knees so that my crotch was now slightly touching the tip of his nose. I could feel the warm currents coming from deep in his lungs as I enfolded him in my scent. Just his mouth and upper lip was visible to my downward glance. Sean was licking his lips hungrily. He was going for it.

"Oh fuck," he sighed as his hands reached up to grip my waist and pull me down onto his face. Electrical sparks set off as my big brother. Old arrogant Mr. Straight stud himself meekly buried his face in my basket.

"Ommmph," he sounded as he rubbed under me licking through my shorts, and then attacking each inner thigh while his hands pulled at my cotton briefs. I pulled off him and stepped back. His lust filled eyes tried to focus on me. "Please bro," he begged, " I need it so bad!"

"I know babe," I hissed. I slipped off my shorts freeing my engorged cock and positioned his head so it dangled just off the bench. Quietly I moved my dick to his waiting mouth. "You really want it?" I teased sternly.

"Fuck yessss," he gasped as his mouth opened and his tongue flicked the head of my rod.

"Take it you cunt." I snarled feeling my victory. I could hear my own cheering crowds as I slide my rod across his tongue & slipped my meat down his eager throat. The touch of his hot mouth tongue guided me into deep into him as my formerly heterosexual hunk began his first male blowjob.

"Ummmpphh," he gurgled as he sucked me off in a sexual frenzy.

"Yeah slurp it in bro," I howled as I face fucked him. "Drink it down you arrogant bitch." I felt the inferno of his mouth slurping away on my rod as the sucking sounds of my new pussy-boy filled the weight room. Glancing down I could see Sean's hands down his blue distended satin shorts beating his man meat. If his friends could see the golden boy now I thought. The big tough athletic hero lying on his back giving head to his own brother and turned-on like some pathetic dog in heat while doing it! This was true victory.

I reached down, making sure that my cock remained deep in his mouth, and grabbed each of Sean's legs. I pulled them back & up till pussy-boy was bent up in such a way that his body was resting on his shoulders. Quickly I pulled off his satin blues and spread his powerful thighs apart. Sean never stopped sucking or jerking off his meat. Say what you want my new pussy-boy was single minded.

As his butt hole was exposed part of my brain echoed with the barely whispered opening words from Citizen Kane....rosebud!

I stared at his cute moist pink chute Light wet blonde hairs stuck to the ring. I wet a finger and rubbed the outer muscles of his cherry hole. The result was fantastic .My hunk increased both his tongue job on my cock and the hand job on his.

"Oh babe yeah," I uttered, "Get it nice and slick. Taste my precum protein bro." I snarled.

"MMMMMMMMMM," Sean replied as he sucked on me like a pro.

I inserted a finger in his asshole hit his prostate. His entire body quaked!

A loud groan escaped from Sean's cock filled throat. "FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUMMMMM".

I proceeded to finger fuck him in order to fully open up big brother's virginal entryway. The effect was explosive. Sean began slurping like a mad man. My cock, my ball sack, my inner thighs were his feeding areas. I had to pull off him or risk blowing my wad before it was time.

"Need your juices. Need you in me ...oooaaahhh," he implored as I stepped back and walked around him to come up from behind. Sean's head was moving back and forth, his mouth slick with my precum. He had a look of pure bliss no doubt helped along by the masturbation he was giving himself. I straddled the bench, rested each of his sexy legs on each of my shoulders and put my cock at the castle gate.

"Fuck me," he moaned. "Fuck meeeeee." Big brother was burning up in sexual heat. Time to apply the hose!

I fingered him once more to make sure he was loose. Sean whimpered like the newly created pussy he had become. The olds self confident, macho Sean was a thing of the past. It was a new boy under me. Time to brand him as mine. I thrust in!

"AAAARRRRGGGGHHH.....FFFFUUUCCCKKK!!!" My bitch howled as I popped his cherry .

"Take it you bitch," I screamed as I screwed my former stallion. I rode him to glory savoring his silky smooth insides. Soon my boy was thrusting back to literally help my fucking. His man meat was leaking even more cum now. From the redness of its head it was almost climax time for Sean. I increased my strides in him slapping his ass as I did!

"Oh fuck.. you're fucking my ass and slapping it hot tooo...ohhhh." He bellowed.

"Take it you bastard," I roared as I fucked and slapped out a lifetime of humiliation at his hands. My big brother. My tormentor. Now my own cock crazed cunt-boy!





His ass muscles suddenly contracted as his dick spewed forth a gallon of hot creamy jizz. It hit my chest and it's warmth coupled with his chute's contractions sent me over the edge.

"SHIT, TAKE MY PROTEIN SHOWER SEAN." I wailed as I seared his insides with my cream. I collapsed onto Sean. We both lay motionless as we came back from the sexual summit we'd been on.

"Fuck...oh fuck," I panted as I looked up to see Sean's face.

He was smiling. He was beautiful. He was mine! The old resentments were gone. My big brother; my lover.

"I think I need more of that protein sir." He said shyly.

I sat up and took my cock in my hands . Moving up to straddle his chest I guided his waiting mouth onto my newly re hardened joint. "no problem bro. Here's some more fresh from the spigot!"

Sean slurped me in . Second header coming up!

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