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My Brothers Keeper
Part 7 - 1.5 The Times They are a Changing
By Kyle Cicero

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Well, it's been some since the launch of my so-called 'gelding operation' and I must say it has all turned out fantastic so far. When our parents returned from vacation they were surprised by a change in living arrangements. Sean had moved from his own room into mine insisting that he wanted to keep up the close attachment to his 'little brother' that had developed during their absence. End result, mom and dad now have a free room to use for whatever and Sean gets his 'protein' drink every night all-fresh from the spigot. As for me, hey you do the math!

Sean's grades have improved (hey who wants a dummy for a lover) and he's playing and looking better than ever (well who wants a out of shape one either. Thanks to Sean's help in the weight room I've developed my own tight buff body too. Tonight, as I write this my bro is doing his nightly tongue bathe on my joint and ball-sack and, to be honest, he looks sexily cute down there sucking merrily away while one of his free hands strokes his own meat to a climax. Okay, yeah I admit it; I find I'm as totally in love with the new Sean as he is with me.

"Hey bro," I teased. "You missed a spot down there." He glanced up with adoration in his eyes and grinned. He is so fucking hot!

"Yes ummmph." He mumbled as slurped my cock some more. God that boy loves his protein drinks!

"When you get done remember my chute needs attention too." I replied as I tousled his hair. We had come a long way. As Sean hit my hole with his moist tongue my mind drifted to thoughts of Brent, the remarks he had made after the game and, my brother's defense of me. "Sean what say we invite good old Brent over for a special movie," I chuckled. Sean just nodded; his mouth was a bit occupied right about then. Yeah good old Brent. I think it was time for Sean to have his own bottom-boy and Brent to learn the real meaning of the cry of 'GOOALLLLLL'; but first, time to loosen up big brother's other erotic zone. As some now unknown porno star once said in a Matt Sterling video, "Hey bro, let me see dat asssss!"

End Of Part 1

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