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My Brothers Keeper
Part 8 - 2.1 Jock Daze
By Kyle Cicero

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It had been a frustrating fall season here in terms of getting Brent hypnotized. After his encounter with my big brother Sean in the stadium after the 'infamous game' (i.e. 'what's up doc') good old Brent had given his 'former best friend' Sean the cold shoulder. There had been no thaw. In fact their prior friendly competition had taken a decidedly aggressive turn. Getting the 6 ft. stud to the house to see a 'tape' was not going to be easy.

Now you may ask yourself why bother so let me replay some facts for you. Take one muscular jock that letters in soccer, swimming, & track. Combine with sensual looks, wavy curling black hair, and sea-blue eyes. Mix with a severe dash of blue-collar homophobia (Brent's brother, whom Brent idolized, was a big-shot local fireman who boasted how he would make any 'faggot ' who applied for a job at the firehouse regret it). Sprinkle with his recent whispering campaign concerning Sean's 'tendencies' among the other school athletes. You get the desire for revenge. Remember, I love new and improved big brother now and Brent's actions led to Sean getting less protection from his teammates when he played football that season. Translation my lover was getting the crap knocked out of him and NO ONE DOES THAT TO MY BROTHER! Gees, never thought you'd see that line huh!

Now nailing that bastard was a point of honor yet I'd almost given up hope until a remark from Sean after the close of the football/soccer season. Both Sean and Brent went into another of their respective sports after that. For Sean it was wrestling; for Brent swimming. Key was that unlike football and soccer, which never shared lockers or practice rooms in the gym, these two sports did. Sean mentioned how Brent always mentally prepared alone in the gym by watching swim tapes of the competition and that with a big meet coming up soon he was doing it every night now. Lights went off in my brain.

"Sean can you get the tape Brent will be watching tomorrow?" I asked while we were working out in our weight room (no, not that kind--we work out those muscles later in the bedroom guys).

"Easy bro. Piece of cake," he huffed as he bench-pressed another higher weight. Big brother was getting his body in shape for wrestling, not that he needed any improvement. Sean lay there on the bench topless, biceps bulging, streaked with a glistening sheen of sweat, and chest muscles straining.... damn his body was fine. Watching him lying there on that bench where I had first deflowered him with those luscious brown nipples of his just crying out to be sucked caused a 'muscle' of my own to strain.... but time for that later.

So that morning bright and early we slipped into the gym. Sean found the tape and that day I stayed at home doing a bit of implanting. I had just returned it to the file cabinet when I heard the swim team coming in. Luckily the janitor's closet was open and I was able to slip in.

"Think we got a shot to beat those pansy assed guys in this weekends competition," boasted a voice I recognized as Brent's. I adjusted the door slits slightly to get a view of the locker room and stepped back to the rear wall to be sure I wasn't seen. The swim team started changing and the scene was one of young hard bodies with ripe asses and hefty baskets on full view.

"Well dude, you're the star here," said a hot looking blonde as he stretched his arms above his head. About 5 ft. 10 inches, well built, nice pac, a cock that was tapered and long and, a tasty set of low hangers; yes, another time man I mused.

"Bet your ass Eric," growled Brent in that husky sexy voice that had quite a number of girls wet with lust whenever he spoke with them. Brent peeled off his suit giving me a great view of his 'assets'. He had a light covering of black hair across his chest that lead downward sensually past his navel to his meat market. An uncut 8 inch pole that was thick and set off by a set of nuts that swung bull-like between two sculpted thighs. When he turned, his bubble butt looked like pure white dimpled marble under the overhead lights. He was powerfully built, cut and defined. Oh yeah, I nodded to myself. He will be a prize!

"Yeah a good win in this upcoming swim meet will confirm me as the school's top athlete." Brent laughed.

"Aren't you forgetting Sean man?" Asked a striking honey-toned Latino stud. "That guy's a great athlete and he triple letters too."

"That fuck is a pansy assed faggot," yelled Brent hotly. "You saw what happened at that one game of his."

"Man, it was one game," insisted the Latino swimmer. "Besides the dude is a natural on any team he plays. He also is a cool guy..."

"Cool guy huh?" Brent interrupted. "Hey guys," Brent said mockingly, "maybe old Rico is in luvvvvv".

"Fuck you; you bastard," the young Latino muttered. "And the name is Enrico okay. Sean....."

"Sean is a cock-sucker just like his brother. I bet he takes it up the ass too." Brent insisted, as the room got quiet. "Bet he moans like a girl when it happens too. Fuck, my big brother says all faggots moan to get fucked. I'm top dog in this school got it," he bellowed!

The other swimmers just stared. Brent was the team captain and team star. It was obvious that he ruled the roost. "A lot you know you scumbag," whispered Enrico under his breath so softly that no one but me, and only because he was right by the janitor's door, could hear him.

The team changed and left all except for the humpy blonde Eric and Brent who finished climbing into his team sweats. His manhood's outline pressed up against the tight cotton. Soon; very soon.

"I think you were too hard on Enrico," said Eric who gazed at Brent with undisguised hero worship. No accounting for taste I guess.

"Fuck that spic," Brent snarled," Only worse thing than having one of 'them' on the team would be having a faggot on it." Brent went over to the cabinet and pulled the tape out. He turned back to Eric," now get out of here. I got some intense mental prep to do." Eric scrambled out and my brother's former 'best friend' went into a side room. I heard the whirl of the VCR. After a few minutes a long sigh came from the room. I left the closet and crept up to the room's doorway. I glanced in. There he was, dulled eyes locked on the screen, wearing a goofy smile of contentment. Mr. macho straight star athlete was zapped!

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