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SEAL Of Approval: The Sequel
By Kyle Cicero

SEAL Of Approval: The Sequel

By Kyle Cicero

Colonel Benjamin Nagiva reread the memo from the office if the prime minister. He sighed in annoyance then pressed the intercom on his desk. Send the Lt. in he rasped. The door opened to admit the soldier who strode briskly up to the center of the room and snapped a sharp salute.

"Reporting as directed sir!" He barked.

Colonel Nagiva glanced up and took in the man in front of him. Even though he was just 24 Lt. Joshua Benata was the best Israeli commando in his unit. Standing at 5'11'' his hard tightly defined muscular body filled out his tailored uniform, ruggedly handsome with close cut brown hair and almond eyes Joshua had left gained a reputation as a heartbreaker in the local area. The LT. 's only flaw was his ego. He was good and he knew it. The colonel recalled the reports he had read on him. They all said the same thing: "Lt. Benata performs his missions in an exemplary manner but on the negative side his sense of superiority has caused morale problems among others in his unit. The Lt. does not hide his subtle contempt for those who fail." Well, mused the colonel lets see how he performs in this assignment.

"Lt. the prime minister has received a personal request from the govt. of the United States. It seems that two of their Navy SEALS went missing during a mission in Asia. Intelligence reports have revealed both men were captured and sold to one of our Arab neighbors. A rather hostile neighbor. The Americans have requested our help in locating and securing the two men."

"Why us sir," Joshua queried respectfully," I mean why don't they send in someone?"

The colonel tried to hide his grimace. "They did and that is why there are two missing. The SEAL they sent in for the first one..." his voice trailed off. "Anyway," he groused, "the Americans asked us and, as our friends, we will assist. I want you to go undercover into that country to find them. If they are still alive, you will attempt a rescue if possible."

Joshua grinned this was a big assignment. "I will do what needs to be done sir."

"Good." The colonel grumbled. He did not like the request. The Americans had lost two men. He was not anxious the make it three but, a friend in need etc. "Dismissed," he said.

Joshua turned and left. So a Seal fucked up his mission and the one sent in to find him was also captured. The two America's SEALS failed, he thought. Not only would his success help his career but also rescuing them would be a one upmanship on that legendary U.S. SEAL attitude of competence . He went to his barracks to get ready to start out. Yes , he thought, he'd show the Americans how real men do their assignments!

Colonel Nagiva watched Joshua strut across the parade ground. He had to pick the Benata. After all the mission needed his best commando. If he succeeded no doubt his ego would be insufferable but the colonel had no choice. He pressed the buzzer on his desk. "Get the prime minister's aid on the phone and tell him our bird has been launched."

Joshua got ready for his assignment. He visualized the reaction on the base as he brought in the two SEALS and broke out in a smile. There was a quick promotion in this he thought when he succeeded and he would no doubt on that! Joshua never doubted he would succeed against their Arab captors.

The young Lt. had always felt that Arab's were inferior yet, as he contemplated this thought, his mind wandered to a recent encounter with a group of young Arab protesters by his unit. Joshua recalled one of them in particular. He stood out from the others with his striking good looks, taunt muscular body and, piercing violet-blue eyes. He appeared only slightly younger than the Lt. himself. When the riot unit moved in the protesters had scattered. For some reason, Joshua had stayed visually locked on that young man. When the youthful Arab took off from the others Joshua split off from his unit to chase him down an alley. Suddenly, the man had turned to confront him. He seemed unafraid and not the least bit intimidated by Benata. For the first time someone was standing up to the arrogant young commando. The young man hurled insults at Joshua. His anger boiled out in a torrent of language. The power of his vehemence washed over the Joshua who found himself strangely silent in the face of the verbal onslaught. Emboldened by Joshua's passivity the Arab taunted Joshua with further ridicule. The young man swore to one day reduce the young officer to his servant; he even grabbed his crotch to further illustrate what he planned to do to the commando. The young military hunk listened intently as the Arab verbalized the sexual degradation he would impose on him. As he spoke part of Joshua's inner mind was mesmerized by what he heard. He felt a stirring in his groin. Before he realized what was going on inside of himself however some of his unit arrived and the protester turned and ran off. Later Joshua chalked up his restraint to proper self-control. Yet, for some reason, Joshua had made it his business to track down information on the young man. He had learned his location and that his name was Assam. Joshua had been debating whether to confront the man again. Any action, however, would now have to await his new assignment's completion.

As he prepared to leave on the mission Joshua recalled the images of that encounter; his mind briefly imagined being under the handsome young protester's control. Images of being compelled to kneel before Assam flooded into his mind. Joshua recalled how Assam had grabbed his crotch and signaled he would fuck Joshua. Something stirred inside of him He was so lost in that reverie that he failed to notice that the thoughts were causing his 8''uncut manhood to stir slightly. A yell from outside the barracks broke his train of thought. Shaking off the mental scene he finished preparing. He was ready!


Joshua had been undercover in the country for two weeks without any solid clues as to the whereabouts of the missing Americans. He had heard rumors and had followed every lead. Tonight he had a meeting with a possible source of information. The locals he had mixed with all agreed that this man knew about the fate of the Navy SEALS. Even better this person had no scruples about selling Joshua that vital information. Joshua had agreed to a meeting at a seedy nightspot. He hoped he'd strike it lucky and finally finish up his mission. He arrived early and waited.

"You requested a meeting", a man's nearby voice stated gruffly.

Joshua looked up to come face to face with his informant. The man was a middle aged, typically Arab looking, and it was obvious from his bulk a man used to heavy manual labor.

"I wanted some information on some lost Americans. I was told have it and will sell it," Joshua stated.

The man smiled, “information costs," he grunted.

"I have money," the commando replied.

The Arab gazed over the young disguised officer taking in his looks and build. " If I tell you what you want it is not money you must give! Come," he said as he turned and walked out.

Joshua rose and quickly followed without hesitating. He was confident he could defend himself against this man so he had no qualms about going into a nearby alley with him.

The Arab walked to a dark corner and turned. "If you want information then you must do as I say you understand", he barked. Joshua nodded, surprised at his fast agreement to the highhanded man's orders.

"The Americans you seek are three miles from here but, before I give you that location," he growled as he moved close to the young commando, "I expect to be satisfied." With that he reached over and rubbed his massive hand on Joshua's basket.

Joshua was startled and pulled back. "Now wait a minute". He gasped in horror even as his cock tingled.

"You want ... you pay ... my price," the Arab laughed as he reached over to continue his massage on Joshua's meat.

Joshua tried to decide on his next move. He needed this information. He was still trying to figure out something when the Arab pressed his hand harder on the soldier's manhood. Joshua's breathing increased. Before Joshua knew it, the man had pulled down Joshua's zipper, reached inside, unearthed his dick and was fondling his semi-hard cock!

Joshua felt the hard callused hand manipulating his dick to its full state. The young officer stared down at the muscular hand manipulating his cock. He heard himself gasping for air.

"Ah yes, you like it," the Arab muttered as the alley filled with the heavy breathing sounds of both men.

"No... I…” Joshua sputtered as he felt his manhood rise to full glory.

"Ah yes you do, " the Arab whispered in a soothing intensity that seemed to fill the young stud's brain.

"N o... I don't like...," he insisted weakly.

"You do. ... you do," the man cooed in a steady rhythm. The Arab realized that the young hunk could be taken now. He pressed on. "You do ... you do," he murmured again and again in a chant that kept time with his manipulations on the commando's stiff cock.

Joshua felt himself slipping away into arousal. "Noo … Nnnooo .... ooohhhh." He stopped protesting and sighed as his vision blurred. Joshua's mind spun into a mist as a secret part of his inner-self took over. "Fuccckkkk," he heard himself hiss.

The Arab, grinning, continued his pump on the young commando's cock with one hand while he took hold one of Joshua's hands and guided it into his own pants. Without thinking the young soldier’s hand enfolded the Arab's thick rod. "Bring me off and you will know where they are," the Arab rasped as he continued beating the Israeli's stiff meat.

"OH shittt..." Joshua muttered as he felt himself yielding to the erotic heat flowing throughout his body. He closed his eyes and mentally visualized Assam in place of the Arab informant.

"I said bring me off. DO IT NOW!" the man commanded forcefully. Joshua was so turned on and his mental resistance so defeated that he complied and began masturbating the other man. That's what the protester said he do to him, imagined Joshua. Take him down. Own him. Use him sexually. The fantasy enveloped the young soldiers mind and reinforced the mental control of the man. "Faster,” he heard somewhere echoing in his brain. He quickened pumping the Arab's manhood. Soon light moans filled his ears. But, whose moans were they?

Time seemed suspended as Joshua felt himself slipping away on pure sexual heat. Then, suddenly he felt the Arab's dick lurch and heard the man utter a groan. In a flash his hand felt the gush of hot liquid. The man had climaxed. The thought raced through his mind and send the young spy over the edge as well. He let out a strangled cry as his own cock exploded. After a minute or two the world refocused and his eyes locked on the Arab who had stepped back and was rearranging himself. Joshua felt his face burning with shame. He shook it off. It was necessary to the mission he brain rationalized. Nothing more. The protester's image was just. ... nothing ... just nothing!

"My information," he growled.

The informant gazed at him. "Go to the oasis on the southern edge of town and then go north for three miles till you find an isolated mansion. The men are there but I doubt they will welcome their discovery!

"If I find you lied or if you tell anyone about this," Joshua stated. He had hoped to sound threatening but the effect was undercut as he realized that his dick was still hanging out of his pants.

The commando quickly reached down, tucked himself in, cleaned his jizz soaked hands on his pants, and resumed his stare.

"No one will know,” the Arab assured him. "We sealed both our silence with our actions here."

Joshua nodded, turned and stormed off. His mind repeated to himself. It was nothing. Needed action for the mission. It was nothing. Meant nothing. But, a part of his inner psyche knew different!


Joshua followed the directions to the mansion. He noticed that lights were on in a side room. Quietly he slipped up to the widow and stared inside. The sight that greeted him was shocking.

There were three naked men in the room. One, a middle- aged portly Arab, was sitting on a sort of throne like chair. The second man, who appeared to be a striking looking young Hispanic, was holding up one of the portly man's feet. To Joshua's amazement, the young man seemed to be licking the man's toes with his tongue while he stroked his own cock! The other man, a handsome blond youth, was dancing lewdly before the other two swaying his hips to some imaginary music while fondling his ass with one hand and stroking his engorged cock with the other. Both of the other men were young well built and, to Joshua's shock, matched the descriptions of the missing SEALS!

Joshua couldn't believe his eyes. Two macho, well-built, young Americans were sexually degrading themselves before some fat Arab bastard! The young Israeli was paralyzed by the actions he was seeing. His brain tried to process it all. From the state of both of the SEAL's rigid rods it was obvious they were not being forced to do this. But why.... how?

Suddenly the elder man spoke. The Lt. listened intently hoping to discover the answer.

"Your dance is pleasing my beautiful blond boy," the portly Arab sneered in contempt at the hunky young 6'2'' American serviceman dancing before him.

"Thank you my master," the young fair-haired dancer gasped as he continued to sway while he inserted a finger from one hand into his butt hole and increased his jerking off with the other hand. Joshua could see the performer's face. His handsome visage relaxed in pure bliss, even his green eyes shone with it.

"Do I not please you more than Troy does master," asked the young well-built man who was on his knees and, up till then, been sucking the Arab's toes.

"Of course you both please me Carlos," stated the Arab as he stroked the handsome check of the dark eyed sultry Latino. Joshua gazed at the young Hispanic taking in his muscular honey-toned smooth body and sensual facial features. He felt his own cock stirring.

"Master I am going to cum," moaned Troy. "May I master?"

"You may my pet," replied the Arab nodding.

Joshua's vision turned to the young dancer. He could see that hard-defined body grow rigid as the blond increased his masturbation's rhyme. The young man’s forearm flexed as it stroked. Joshua gazed at the scene.

"OH fuckkk," gasped the dancer as his impressive cock erupted sending forth a stream of seamen into his waiting hand. Sensually he rubbed his spilled seed across his hard six-pack. His smooth body glistened with the liquid. Joshua felt his throat go dry and his breathing deepened. "Oh dammmmm," he heard himself audibly groan. At the sound of his voice all three men stopped and glanced around. The young commando froze. Had he have alerted them. More importantly, why had he made any noise at all? The greenest soldier knew better that to make a noise. For what seemed an eternity but, was really just seconds, he waited silently. At last, the men resumed their actions. He was safe.

After about ten minutes, the Arab bent over and whispered to Carlos who nodded, got up, embraced Troy, and left. Probably off to make the bastard's bed thought an angry Joshua who then turned to look at Troy. The muscular blond American SEAL continued his dance with even more degrading swaying hip movements. The young rescuer found himself admiring Troy's hard body. The young American SEAL's muscles rippled beneath his pale skin. Each one seemed alive in its movements. Troy soon broke out in a sweat that covered his smooth skin with a sheen of light moisture; Joshua found part of his mind wondering what that moisture would taste like. At that instant, he broke off his observation and lowered his eyes to the ground. This was stupid , he yelled silently to himself. Too much heat that was it! He had to focus, he decided. Yet, when he gazed back into the room, he could stop redirecting his attention back to Troy! Joshua found himself now focusing on Troy's chiseled pecs with their firm brown nipples. Involuntarily and, without realizing it, Joshua's tongue flicked his lips in hunger. At some point in the dance the young SEAL moved close to the window where Joshua was located and turned his back to him thus giving the young Lt. a close-up view of the American's dimpled butt as it flexed and relaxed. The macho young Israeli was transfixed by the smooth creamy white image in front of him. His whole body tingled for reasons he could not understand as of yet. He was so engrossed by the sight he never noticed that the Arab had now also left.

Joshua could not believe a tough macho American SEAL could act in such a degrading manner. "Humiliated, degraded," he muttered to himself over and over. He shouldn't be observing this he thought and yet he was riveted by the vision of Troy's ass undulating before him. As he contemplated the scene and the submissive nature of the dancer, Joshua's hand unconsciously reached down and pulled out his own cock. As the blond hunky SEAL continued his ass gyrations Joshua began to stroke his released manhood. Joshua's breathing deepened; his mind wondered why such a young hot military man would engage in such submissive behavior. Is this what Assam would make him do? Joshua's brain drifted into a fantasy. He was performing now! His body reacted to both to the mental pictures of surrender he was imprinting on his brain and the manual stimulations he was giving to his cock. "Being humiliated and degraded by Assam", he sighed out loud without realizing it! His hand job's stroke increased on his engorged cock.

Troy then bent over and pulled his cheeks apart letting Joshua get a clear view of his first male asshole. The young man's wet blonde hairs clung to the moist rippled muscles of that chute. Joshua broke out into a sweat as well and his cracked lips parted. Joshua felt a hunger he was not even mindful of having. What would that hole taste like,” he wondered as his tongue licked his lips. As his vision was drawn towards that moist hole he never noticed that he was under observation. Joshua’s soft moans of sexual surrender and desire so filled the night air he never heard Carlos come up behind him. The young commando was on the verge of his own ejaculation when suddenly he felt a blow and his mind clouded with darkness.

"Well what do we have here," laughed the Arab as he joined Carlos who stood holding a wooden club beside the prone form of the soldier. "Carlos check him for weapons and identity".

Carlos, true to the military training that had made him one of Uncle Sam's finest Navy personnel quickly discovered Joshua's papers and handed it to the Arab.

"Oh ho," the man chuckled. "An Israeli commando has come; probably in order to save you and Troy. Tell me Carlos do you need saving?" He inquired knowing the answer.

"Troy and I need only to serve you master," Carlos replied adoringly.

"Only due to my hypnotic reprogramming is more to the point," the man grunted as he looked down. Kamir smiled slyly at the cold- conked commando who was lying at his feet dressed in full camouflage with his, now deflating, cock hanging out. Pre-cum glistened on the head of Joshua dick. How delightful, the Arab contemplated, the young Israeli had been captured while he was jerking himself off. This was too good thought the Arab. Kamir also recalled what he had observed and heard. Could this mean .... ah, he pondered, interesting as well. "GET TROY," he barked loudly, " I have an idea.


Joshua woke up in a dark room. He suddenly realized that he was tied spread eagle to a wooden 'X' bar. A few seconds later he also discovered he was naked as well! His hard defined body strained at the ropes.

"Comfortable?" A voice said from the corner. The handsome young commando turned in the direction it came from and saw a rather pudgy middle-aged Arab staring at him.

"Fuck you," the youthful Lt. spate out.

"Now, now," the man chuckled, "considering the condition in which we first found you I believe you might prefer the opposite to happen." The man looked to the other side of the room as he finished the last statement. Joshua turned his head. Standing against the wall were the two SEALS Joshua had seen. Both men were as naked as the Israeli commando; the Latino SEAL was fondling the engorged cock of the other man with one hand while he ran his other hand across the blond's nipples. The blond SEAL's large brown orbs stiffened under the manipulations it was receiving. Joshua felt his mouth go dry as he focused on the impressive erotic display-taking place before him. He knew he should look away but the sensuality of the image was overpowering. What he did not know was that he had been injected with a chemical agent that not only stimulated his brain's sexual centers but also rendered him highly subject to suggestion. The Arab clicked a hand switch and both American SEALS were bathed in a strobe light effect.

"You like seeing them don't you," the Arab said softly. "You cannot take your eyes off them."

"Fuck you I said," Joshua replied hoarsely even as he found that he was not able to turn from them. The blonde SEAL began to moan and Joshua noticed that a small bead of sweat had formed in the valley between his chiseled pecs. Suddenly the bead started to travel downward. Joshua followed it with his eyes in between the flickering light.

"That's right," the Arab said. "You want to look at them. You need to look at them."

"No," moaned Joshua a he gazed mesmerized by the bead that seemed to flash in the stroke as it now moved down across the blond's impressive six-pack. Joshua lips felt parched. His breathing quickened as he watched the bead proceed further till it reached the base of the SEAL's engorged erection and moistened the hand of the muscular Latino. The blond SEAL's cock throbbed in the light and shadows and to Joshua it seemed as if the Latino SEAL had 'captured' the manhood of the other man who squirmed under the assault. Joshua strained against the ropes that held him.

"See how the dark one dominates his friend," hissed the Arab, “how he controls his sexuality; it excites you doesn't it.” By now Joshua was thrashing wildly giving the Arab, who was named Kamir, an exciting vision of the soldier's firm muscular body flex and pull under the ropes.

"I ... told ... you … to fuck ... offfff ..." Joshua stuttered as he felt his body respond to the scene. He was getting hard. Joshua desperately tried not to become aroused. He continued to struggle for release but the Kamir continued his mocking assertions over and over even as the sexual drama unfolded before Joshua’s eyes.

"You want to be the young blond man," his captor said, "see how much he enjoys it. You enjoy it too."

By now the blond SEAL was writhing and gasping under the manipulations he was getting. Joshua's mind reeled. The pulsating strobe lighting effect was causing him to lose all touch with reality. The hunky commando felt a loss of balance as his eyes remained riveted on the flashing scene and his mind soaked in the subtle seductions of the Arab's suggestions. Did he wish he was being sexually controlled like that? An image of Assam crashed across his psyche. His own hard cock lurched at the thought of the young Arab from the riot. Joshua let out a low moan and went limp in the ropes. His smooth flesh showed red areas where the skin had rubbed on the ties. Kamir felt his own loins stir but he had a mission to accomplish.

The room filled with the sexy sounds of the commandoes breathes and moans. Then with a cracking voice he spoke. "Please stop," Joshua begged to the delight of his Arab captor as Joshua pressed against the bonds for support. The Israeli Lt.'s sharply defined muscular body broke out in its own beads of sweat causing wet spots on the bindings.

The Arab captor marveled at the glistening beauty of the Israeli commando. Joshua's eyes had a desperate crazed look now. He was close to breaking. Just a minor push coupled with a physical touch would do it. “Give into it," Joshua's plump captor said softly as he gently took Joshua's cock and began to stroke it. Soon the young prisoner was gasping as he felt the waves of sexual lust building in him. His thick cock rose to its fullest extent and his hard body once more bucked & thrashed against the 'x' bar that held him.

"Nooo ... please ... oh ... fuckk," Joshua babbled as his eyes continued fixated on the two SEALS performance . As he focused upon them his own inner erotic fantasies finally emerged and went into an overdrive. As they coupled with Kamir's helpful masturbation's stimuli, it was just the final push that was needed.

"It all arouses you," stated the Arab, " You want so much to be dominated sexually like that ," he cooed further. "Give in to it!" Kamir could feel the veins in Joshua's thick cock coursing. The handsome LT. was close now. "Dominated by a male. Conquered by one. Reduced to his sexual toy. You have to have it!" Kamir hissed lewdly into the ear of his captive.

Joshua's control began to slide. The drug inside him had left him overly stimulated & vulnerable; the SEAL's highly charged sexual display, the stroke lightning's disorientating effects, and manual assault on his throbbing cock by Kamir coupled with the constant verbalizing of Joshua's needs only clinched the inevitable. The tough swaggering arrogant commando was going down to defeat. His true inner desires and needs were being freed and the young 'stallion persona' he had maintained was rapidly undergoing a permanent gelding. In his overheated brain the coolly sensual image of Assam appeared with open arms. Joshua slipped into his powerful embrace and was conquered.

“YESSSS.....ASSSAAAMMM....FUCKKKKKK...........TTTAAAKKEEE … MEEEE," he yelled to the mental image as he climaxed in a sexual eruption that sent his seed shooting in an arch straight across the room. At that moment the young soldier passed out from the mental attack he had just endured. His sweaty muscular body lay slumped in his bindings; his head bent down on his chest. Kamir came up close to him.

"Wake my boy," he chuckled as he patted Joshua face until the dazed and disorientated soldier came too. The vanquished handsome commando glanced up at Kamir with unfocused eyes. "Here drink this boy," Kamir said softly as he raised a drugged flask to Joshua cracked full lips. The young man drank it without even thinking. "That's right son," the Arab soothingly encouraged his former foe. "Drink it all for me," Kamir requested in a voice comforting yet commanding. He watched as Joshua consumed a new powerful hypnotic substance. Once in his system it would render the young man's mind completely pliable and submissive to instructions. As the drug raced in his system Joshua's pupils became dilated. He was ready!

Kamir smiled and started to whisper into his prisoner's ear a series of suggestions followed by a detailed number of queries concerning the Arab name Joshua had yelled out as he shot his load. Overcome by it all Lt Joshua Benata 's mind was now totally susceptible to the ideas being planted in his head and only too readily answered the questions he was asked. The fact that the LT. latent desires had now been given free rein only aided the process of destroying all resistance in his brain. He spilled his guts about his mission.

When Kamir had finished he gave his final instruction. "You will not remember anything you saw or said here today but the needs you felt will now always control you. Do you understand my boy?"

"Yes." Joshua replied dully.

"Yes what?" Kamir asked sharply.

"Yes sir," responded the LT.

"Good boy," Kamir said," now sleep". Joshua drifted off and Kamir ordered his two American sex-toys to prepare the soldier and then he left. As Kamir walked to his bedroom he planned his next step based on what he had learned. He smiled to himself and nodded. How lucky he thought. To have him here as well.


Joshua woke once more in the room but this time he was in full uniform, his arms tied behind him, and he was lying on a cot. The handsome soldier struggled to rise to no avail. His head felt fuzzy and he couldn't remember things clearly. Suddenly the door opened and a young man entered. To Joshua's utter amazement it was Assam!

"What are you … I mean how did you get here," Joshua sputtered as a smiling Assam approached him. Joshua couldn't believe his eyes. Assam came up close to the LT. filling Joshua's eyes with his dark swarthy good looks and those smoldering violet-blue eyes that the Israeli commando had first noticed in the village.

"Let me help you up," Assam replied as he reached under Joshua's arms and helped the young soldier to his feet. The lean muscular power of his touch strangely excited Joshua. "And we don't need these bindings do we," Assam continued as he pressed close to Joshua then reached behind Joshua to cut the soldier's wrists free. As Joshua arms were released he thought that he should try to overpower Assam as he was trained to do but the young handsome Arab's close physical presence was so intoxicating that the Israeli commando couldn't formulate things into any clear plan.

Assam pulled back just a short distance and stared at Joshua. His eyes filled Joshua with a warm feeling that was still unsettling. The commando found that he was sweating under the gaze of the Arab.

"You look hot," Assam said in a velvety smooth voice that resonated throughout the Israeli. "Lets help you cool off." With that Assam reached over and began to unbutton Joshua's shirt.

Joshua was dumbfounded. He couldn't understand what Assam was doing and, more important, why he was not fighting back. He was paralyzed by a sense of 'yielding' that he had never experienced before. Assam exposed the young LT. chest and then proceeded to run his hands across it. Assam's warm touch excited Joshua more than anything he had ever felt before. As the Arab fondled each of Joshua nipples a small involuntary sigh emerged from him.

"Oh," he moaned as Assam stimulated the Israeli's nipples into an erection. Joshua felt himself melting under the touch, his body coursed with a current of sensuality and, to his shame; he felt his rod beginning to firm in his uniform pants.

Assam noticed it as well. He smiled. Joshua saw it and a goofy grin came to him as well. "Why don't you take off those pants boy?” Joshua thought he should be resisting or even take offense at the term 'boy' but he was lost in the dazzling smile on Assam's face. He just reached down, unzipped and, let his remaining clothes drop to the ground. Assam tweaked the LT. hard nipples and Joshua's cock rose to full glory.

"Yessss," he hissed as his knees slightly buckled. He remembered the word 'boy' once more and became aroused by it.

Assam continued his manual exploration of the Israeli's muscular frame. He roamed across Joshua's chest and down his six-pack While Joshua gasped and swayed; his thick cock leaked onto the floor below. "Does what I am doing please you?" Inquired Assam.

"OH ... oh yesss .... Sir," Joshua replied so overcome by the stimulations he was unaware that a line had been crossed in his mind by the last word he spoke. But Assam recognized the significance of that term and his smile broadened.

"Kneel and service me," Assam ordered quietly yet firmly in a voice that carried authority. He pushed Joshua to his knees and quickly exposed his own manhood to the Israeli.

Joshua blinked and stared. His mind raced with thoughts. Suck a man's cock and an Arab one at that! True it was impressive .... thick ... uncut ... and it seemed to pulsate with a kind of alluring power. Yes, up close it there was something arousing about its power. But suck it? No, he would never do ... not a straight macho guy… like him! But it looked ...did it taste as good as it looked...what was he thinking...who the hell was he'd tell this bastard......but he was so nice to me and there was something about his I'll tell him off right now!

"I said suck it!" Assam sharply commanded. Joshua opened his mouth to protest but found that, instead of speaking, he leaned in and began to suck. After a few moments the thrill of Assam's cock inside of his mouth stilled all doubts. Joshua surrendered to his need to savor Assam’s dick. The room soon filled with the slurping sounds of the young handsome Israeli and the soft encouragements and directions of Assam.

I another room a group of Arab's listened and watched the scene through a small crack in the wall. They nodded to each other and then left to talk about what they had seen and what it meant for Assam’s future.

Meanwhile back in the room a deliriously happy Israeli LT. continued servicing and savoring the blowjob he was giving. "Yes my boy," Assam cooed in delight, “You suck quite well."

Joshua was now completely turned on Assam’s the use of term 'boy' and contented in the thought that Assam was pleased. He yielded to his own desires and all thoughts of his prior life and mission were drowned in his newly formed all-consuming need to service Assam sexually. It was as if a voice inside him was instructing him that this was his life's purpose and his own throbbing rod only confirmed it for him. There was only one final step to his total subjugation.

"What do you desire?" Assam asked firmly.

Joshua pulled off the Arab's cock and replied without thinking. " To serve you forever Sir". He couldn't believe his ears and yet the words gave birth to an overwhelming sense of calm and peace that he couldn't fight. Joshua stopped his mental struggle and embraced his submission.

"Then I will seed you and thus forever mark you as mine," Assam continued as he pushed Joshua onto his back. Quickly the young Arab hoisted the confused LT. muscular legs in the air and spread his powerful thighs. Joshua was unsure of what was happening but his mind and his body told him to relax. He reached down and spontaneously stroked his own cock as Assam pressed his thick rod at Joshua virginal chute. It all seemed so right to Joshua.

Assam pushed in and a surprised Joshua found that not only didn't he resist the anal assault but also that his chute's muscular outer ring relaxed to aid in its defilement. Assam entered the soldier with ease. Joshua felt fulfilled!

"Oooooo ....mmoorreeee," Joshua shamelessly begged as Assam pushed deeper inside him. Joshua had never felt so turned on in any of his past sexual encounters with women. He began to increase his strokes on his own cock to match the thrusts of Assam's rod in his ass.

"You want this correct?' Assam said as he thrust deeper and harder as he fucked away Joshua's virginity.

"Yes ... yes. .. yess," grunted Joshua as he pushed his hips back onto Assam's cock. He was spinning in sexual heat and loving it all. "Fuck me. Fuck me like a bitch,” he pleaded. “Fuck me Sir." He chanted lewdly as Assam quickened his plunges into Joshua ravished hole. Assam took Joshua hand off of his cock and grabbed it himself. He would control when the young handsome LT would cum and it would not be that soon. "From now on only I touch your cock in sex. You understand boy," he rasped. Joshua nodded weakly as his surrendered his own manhood to Assam without protest. Another line had been crossed inside his brain.

Slow then fast Assam alternated both his hand-jobs & his fucking for the next two hours as he drove Joshua to the brink then cooled him down. By the end of that time Joshua was in a sexual frenzy of desire and want. Even Assam now needed to climax. It was time for both men to explode into their new roles!

"Do you want permission to cum slave," Assam growled as he chose his words carefully.

"Oh yes Sir," pleaded Joshua who was crazy with the desire to climax.

"Then you are my slave," Assam insisted as he pumped Joshua with renewed vigor.

"Yes. Your slave. Oh Assam oh yes Sir," Joshua screamed, "I need to serve you!" And, even as he said it, Joshua knew the truth of it.

"Spill your juices then with my permission and with it all resistance to me," Assam commanded. "When you cum you will be my slave forever!"

"FUCK SIR," howled Joshua as Assam’s words and commands were permanently imprinted on his brain. The thought of being Assam's slave blew him over the edge and he erupted with a stream of hot jis. "I AM YOURS MASTER!”

At that Assam poured forth his own wad as well deeply searing Joshua's insides with his hot Arab seed and signaling his total domination of the former hotshot macho commando.

The two collapsed on each other and began a session of deep kisses. Joshua was in sheer bliss.

It had been a marathon fuck that left both parties exhausted and sexually satiated. Later a docile Joshua allowed Assam to shave his crotch. It was truly fitting since a boy should not have hair there anyway. As the razor stroked off the last of the Israeli's pubic hairs the old macho LT. Joshua Benata was tossed aside and the subservient devoted sex slave of young Assam was borne!

Assam spent the next days training Joshua in how to serve and please him. They left the compound together as Assam took up his new higher position in a terrorist cell.


Colonel Nagiva read the confidential report and a small smile briefly flickered across his face. Things had not turned out so badly after all.

The American SEALS had been rescued. True their debriefing had revealed certain shocking facts about their conduct during their captivity but, from what Colonel Nagiva had heard, the two young men were being quietly assigned to the private staff of a rather powerful American admiral who had rather 'unique' tastes. No doubt the admiral would be grateful for the help his country had given in rescuing his newest "aides".

Lt. Benata was listed as killed in action. It was rather ironic the colonel thought that while in life the young Lt. had posed such a morale problem for the other men, his death would serve as a much needed morale booster for them. Another hero to emulate! If only they knew the colonel chuckled. The handsome young Lt. was now somewhere in enemy country serving as a willing sex slave to a young undercover Israeli agent named 'Assam'. For the past two years the young agent had been trying to infiltrate the top tier of a deadly terrorist cell by posing as an Arab agitator. Until now he had not had proven himself to them. But, having an Israeli commando as his personal willing 'bitch' had given him the standing he needed to get inside that very cell leadership and from that position he had been able to 'arrange' the Americans later rescue.

One need not feel sorry for Lt Joshua Benata the colonel decided. The Lt.'s profile had shown that he was mentally predisposed to sexual subservience to a dominating male hence the exaggerated macho attitude he had unconsciously adopted in his military life. It was always in the cards that someday the Lt.'s true sexually submissive nature would win out. He, Colonel Nagiva, had just ensued that it occurred in a situation to their benefit. Lt Benata's first encounter with 'Assam' had been no accident and Assam’s report on the young man’s reaction to 'Assam's' taunts had confirmed the profile. The colonel had not told Joshua about the full reports he had received from 'Assam' concerning the state of the SEALS captivity. He had taken a chance that Joshua might be captured and, under similar conditioning, reveal his hidden true desires and his attraction to 'Assam'. Sending 'Assam' to the Arab camp at that precise time as well so he could be able to act on that revelation was part of the colonel's gamble. A gamble that had paid off!

“Well my young arrogant Lt, “said the colonel out loud, “we all give service in our own ways”. The muscular young Lt. would probably have agreed with his superior but at that very moment his mouth was happily occupied in giving 'Assam' his own version of that special service!