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Singapore Quarterback Sack
Part 1 - Part One
By Kyle Cicero

Singapore’s Quarterback Sack

By Kyle Cicero

This story is a major revision of one I wrote over 10 years ago. I added things, changed two characters ethnic backgrounds, and switched its locale. Hope you enjoy it. Feedback welcomed too.
Thanks to the sexy fox and the randy dragon for their input too.

Part 1

Hey, I was the hot-shot quarterback on a team that just won the top trophy in American football. The "golden boy with the arm". Hero to all those young kids. I stood at 6 ft. 2 inches, had 210lbs of hard sculpted muscle, with brown hair and green eyes. At 33 I was in my prime and gifted, as the papers claimed, drop dead looks combined with a killer smile . I also packed 11 inches with a nice set of full low hangers to set it off. Did I mention I had a high, nicely rounded rump which got more favorable comments than the one on a comic character called, Dick Greyson? Yeah, the future was mine or, so I thought, till I crossed paths with a leather-man who inducted me into a whole new game! This is how it started….

The league was anxious to extend the game’s popularity to Asia by staging a series of exhibition games. That year our team, along with another highly ranked American team, had been sent to play one in Singapore. My team played great, and I was on fire. Hell, we clobbered the opposing team. We were the champs, and I was the king that night! The post-game party at some ritzy venue was out of control. Okay, I admit it, I was also handling a cool buzz from some fine liquor. I'd been eyeing up this Asian chick that was there dressed in a tight leather dress. Something about a body wearing tight black leather gets my nuts boiling. She had a cool detached look that was compelling too. Right then, I decided to give her a thrill in my hotel room.

I walk up to her, and we do the small talk routine. I made sure to show her my interest and she seems to be signaling she’s up for it. I suggest my room in a nearby hotel. She smiles and says she knows a better place where we could ‘engage in some sex play that would rock my world if, I’m man enough to submit to it’. The room is warm, and her perfume is mixing with the scent of warm leather. Now, after a game I’m always horny as fuck and I’m buzzed. So, I’m like, ‘damn bitch I’m into it.” Did I mention I kind of have a fantasy about finally getting crazy with a partner who takes charge in sex? Anyway, from her slightly aggressive attitude and, the look she is giving me, I’m thinking she is kinky, and fuck, I am so ready for it. I tell her there is no need to give the press a new ‘personal’ story by walking out together and suggest we leave separately. She scribbles directions on a napkin and exits. I wait ten minutes, then exit. I tell my coach I'd see them at the airport to fly home. I decided to leave by a back door. I look at the napkin and tell my driver to drop me off at some place called Geylang Adventures . He tells me it’s the city’s red-light district but what the hell, I’m a big boy and she was hot. As we drive, he’s telling me more about the area. I mention I’m going to a Hotel 88 . From the smirk on his face, I should have been warned something was hinky about my destination. Yet, by then my nuts were churning. Plus, my head was fantasizing how this leather clad woman was going to do me in ways I’d never experienced …fuck I was hard and drunk…why shit around about it. My pecker was running the plays in tonight’s game!

When he drops me off, I look around and see shops and places to eat. Part of me is rethinking about the wisdom of going to this hotel. Then, I tell myself, she must be a pro if she is setting up a meet here. In fact, if she is a hooker then things might really get kinky . I’m not complaining but the women, I’ve bedded have certain expectations. After all, I’m a professional football player so, they assume I’ll be the aggressive one in the sack. Don’t get me wrong, I have a good street rep about being in-charge in bed. So, I do “fulfill” their fantasies quite nicely. If this one is a pro, however, then tonight I might be able to really experience the reverse in our sex roles esp. since she had used the words ‘submit to it’. The idea of me paying for her to be the dominant one in out intimacy wasn’t a problem. I was eager for whatever she has planned to do to me.

I read her directions and walk off to find this place called Hotel 88. I’m thinking more about getting laid and not on her instructions. I get slightly lost and need to ask directions. From the looks I get this place must be well known and not in a good way. I’m still partly drunk and hungry to get laid. I walk around till I get to a side street and come to what I thought was her address. The building, however, looks like a sort of storage facility. As I turned to leave, I hear this moaning noise coming from inside. Like an idiot, I reach for the door and push it open. Now, the moaning is louder. From its sound, it’s clear whoever is doing it is not in any pain. In fact, it sounded sexual, if that makes any sense. I decided to take a look.

I walk into the place then, over to a side room area where the noise is coming from. To my surprise, I find it’s these two guys getting it on! One guy was dressed in these tight black leather pants…hell it must have been sprayed on him. He was Chinese, about five foot seven inches, with a tight, lean but well-developed body. My guess was he weighted about 133lbs of defined muscle. He looked in his early twenties at best, sporting a buzz cut and neatly trimmed beard. He had on some type of leather straps that crisscrossed his chest, tight leather pants, and black boots. The other guy was wearing a suit and looked to be in his early forties. He had sandy blonde hair, a nice build, and was good looking. He was also kneeling before this first guy. When I got a better look I realized he kneeling guy was the British charge-de -affairs that I’d met earlier that day. I also recalled that he was some fucking peer too. He had his pants unzipped, his cock out, and was masturbating. The other guy looked familiar too. Then it hits me. I’d seen this guy, or pictures of him, on print ads for various product. I’d been told he was from a local Malaysian Chinese family and had made it as an international model.

"What are you?” The younger man barked at the kneeling guy. When he grabbed the diplomat’s hair, I could see his muscles rippling under his tight straps and pants. His chest might be lean but fuck, it was defined and awesome. It was like his pecs were ready to break the fucking straps. He was one sturdy hot looking dude for sure especially in that gear. “Tell me what you are you si ang moh {bloody Caucasian}?”

"Your chee bai {cunt}, Sir. Your ang moh chee bai , Master” the dude stammered. His “master”, who was one sexy stud for a freak, just laughed and pointed to the bulge in his crotch. I swear, in those tight pants, he clearly was built in that department too. He let go of the other guy’s hair and, without another word being spoken, the kneeling guy starts licking that crotch. I mean his tongue is out and it’s slobbering the guys fucking pants! My head was fucking blown. This guy was all proper British acting when I’d first met him. Patronizingly smug too. Now he’s on his fucking knees licking this dude’s junk like a dog in sexual heat. You could feel the fire of his frenzied arousal so much that I started sweating. Damn my throat even dried up. Hell, I was rooted to the spot watching them go at it! Fuck, it was hypnotic!

" "Ahh, that's my leng lui {pretty girl}," the now sneering leather man tells him. "You ang mohs are always so atas {snobbish} in public. Here on your fucking knees sucking on my pants. Damn xia suay {embarrassing}. I think it is only now that you're behaving with proper respect,” the young man laughingly adds. What would your father, the Earl, think of his son and heir’s conduct? Or your ancestor who once governed this very nation when it was part of the British Empire? This causes the other guy to moan while licking even more vigorously.

“Fucking shiok {amazing},” the leather guy says while stroking the Brit’s head. His action reminded me of how I used rub with my dog’s head when he did something good. But gees, this guy ain’t a mutt! Then the Asian guy grabs a handful of the older guy’s hair and yanks the dude up onto his feet. Hell, it must have hurt like shit, but to my surprise the Brit just moans with pleasure and his cock stays hard!. It sounded as if the stupid fucker is getting off on the pain. Sure, enough, I see this Brit has got a growing a full out erection! “Hao Gou {such a good dog},” his master sneeringly tells him.

“Arf” the other guys says as if he truly is a fucking dog! “Arf. Arf”

The Chinese guy then reached into his rear pocket and pulls out these clamps. He literally rips the other guy’s shirt open. Fuck if the dude didn’t attach them to the older guy’s nipples. He then grabbed the light chain connecting them and pulls it. I’m transfixed as the British guy’s nipples are stretched out. I shake my head in shock. I was sure the leather guy is freaking going to rip the guy’s skin off if he tugs any harder. The pain must be intense but, fuck me, if the Brit ain’t crying out, “please yes Master. Treat me like your British chee bai .”

Fuck me too if this abusive sexual play I’m watching isn’t rolling my balls! I suddenly realize I had been rubbing my junk with one hand and my right nipple with the other. I instantly stop. I kept thinking I should go but I was rooted to the spot.

“Yes master. Rip my tits,” the older guy is babbling while the younger guy continues to twist and yank on that chain.

As he is doing it, the younger guy is shouting at the Brit using a combination of English along with words, that are, I assume, terms of abuse. “Yeah, you English puki { pussy}. Hisap telur aku! {Suck my balls}. Go on. Yeah you’re my nice English bohsia {slut}.”

The other guy is leaking like a bitch in heat and starts jerking back on that chain. I’m your chee ba,” the guy screams over and over sounding like he is in sheer bliss.

I can’t stop watching it unfold. Two men in an intense bondage scene that is so fucking hot I can feel the warm flames. This leather master’s expert actions has me in its grip. Seeing that haughty English diplomat in his suit, stroking his rod, and getting abused...fuck my throat was so dry I had to constantly lick my lips. At least, I think I was doing it to wet them?

Then, while without even touching himself, the fucking guy lets out this loud wail and pops his nut-juice. I swear his dick is twitching and spouting thick cream that splatters on the Leatherman’s boots.

I watch as droplets of spunk appear on the shiny black boots. Under the overhead lights, they looked like tiny shimmering pearls. It simply stare at them. Fuck , I silently whisper to myself. Suddenly I hear the Asian guy’s voice. I look back up at them.

“You dirtied my boots. Lick it clean boy,” the younger man barks. The fucking Brit drops fast and is quickly lying flat on the floor slurping the guy’s boots while grinding his crotch down into the fucking dirty floorboards.

“Master. Master.” he hisses as he spit shines the guy’s footwear.

Hell, this was fucking far out! I’d been impressed by this Brit earlier today. Tonight however, he wasn’t a cool reserved upper-class diplomat. He was an out-of-control full out bitch in full rutting mode. I gazed from him to the young guy who had done it too him. Throughout it all he was always coolly detached. It was as if what was going on was a natural and proper submission. I had to admit he was an unsettling site yet, compelling too. I couldn’t breathe at one point. I tried to snap out of what I’m feeling by inhaling deeply. They must have heard me, because they both turned. As they did, I could see the naked guy turn pale. He got up fast. His dick, which had been hard, wilted like a deflated balloon. He sputtered something then quickly ran past me, leaving just me and the other older guy.

"Hey, I know you," this leather dude said. He was smiling as if what I saw hadn’t happened and we had just met in the street, “Oi, on dis winning team, you were quarterback, lah . Dis one was in stadium, watchin'. In the game tonight, man you were very sexy. Yeah, your butt in those tight pants….hou leng zai {very sexy}wor .”

My mind was still remembering what I had seen, and the weird sensations felt during it. at that moment I’m thinking how I should get back to my room, grab a few drinks, and forget those unexplained stimulations I had gotten watching them go at it. “Get lost you dick-sucker," I grumbled to cover up how I can’t stop checking him out. “Go find your girlfriend, you fruit! Oh, and learn how to talk in English," I added in an attempt to cover up how he’d unnerved me.

"Who do you think you are,” he yells. “I was educated at the Raffles Institution . You may have heard of it. It’s one of the best schools in my country. From there I went to Oxford for my degree,” he replied in a truly posh English accent. That where I met the person you referred to as ‘my girlfriend’. He was a visiting scholar in international relations. For the record,” he continued saying. “I also speak Cantonese, Singaporean Hokkien, Malay, our local Singlish, and some Tamil. You should not be so dao {arrogant/unfriendly}. I think you need to be taught some manners, American boy.”

"Fuck you, you pussy. You're dealing with a real man not some loser like that Brit." I reply while turning to walk away. Sick asshole, I tell myself. I’ve got years on him. Who the fuck is he calling a boy ? To be honest, however, my nuts are tingling. Pictures flash into my brain of what I’d seen him doing to that other guy’s nipples… then Brit slobbering on the younger guy’s crotch...the pearly white spunk droplets on those black shiny boots…what did they taste like? I swear, my heart was pounding… it was then I also noticed a small wet spot in my crotch area too. Fuck, I’d been leaking over what I’d seen! The sound of his angry voice interrupts my worried mental confusion.

"Quarterback,” he says in a really nasty tone of voice. “Since you ruined my fun, I figure you owe me. Gam Ye, nei zhou ngo ge hai.

“What the fuck does that mean? I shoot back feeling unusually nervous about what he might have said.

He sneers at me.

I feel funny right in the pit of my stomach.

“I said,” he slowly repeated, “it looks like you're the pussy tonight”.

Well, this really burns me. Fuck him, I'm the biggest ladies’ man in the league, I’m telling myself. I turn around and walk up to him ready to lay this faggot out. He just stands there with that smirk on his face…not a bad look on him too , I thought before shoving that idea out of my head. I swing to land a hard right to him but, he ducks. Before I can reposition to swing again, he throws a punch to my stomach. It is so surprisingly hard, the air rushes out leaving me doubled over.

“Oooofff,” I hear myself grunt. The fucker is smaller and weighs less but still, he fucking drove the air out of me with one punch! As I'm gasping, this guy calmly lifts my face with his left hand so that I'm staring into his icy brown eyes.

“Got to work to strengthen those abs, boy,” he sneers as he belts one more directly up into my guts again.

“Oooff,” I grunt as my body loses more oxygen. “Fuck you,” I wheeze glaring at him while still trying to fully get some air back into me. “I’m… going… to… punch out… your lights.” I groan between gulps of air.

Ka ni na or as you might say…fuck your mother,” he laughs. Then, he hauls off and gives me a right uppercut that cleans my clock and spells lights out.

“Shitttt,” I hear myself sigh. As the world around me slowly dims I hear him laugh and speak. Gam Ye, nei zhou ngo ge hai .

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