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Singapore Quarterback Sack
Part 2 - Part Two
By Kyle Cicero

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Singapore’s Quarterback Sack

By Kyle Cicero

Part Two

When I awaken, I'm still in the room with my arms tied up to the overhead pipes. As to the fog in my mind gets clearer I realize that I’m fucking naked!! My feet are just barely touching the floor too. I feel like some raw side of beef on the hook. I see him standing in front of me all smiles,

"I'll give you this boy, you're a hot number," he gruffly d says while starting to run his hands up and down my body. Basically, the guy is feeling me up! My muscles contract as I squirm about. “Your body should look better though after a little shaving.” He then laughs while grabbing some of my chest hairs and pulling at them.

“Shit, you fucker!” I roar as he pulls out some of my chest’s matting.

“I like my boys’ real smooth," he says while plucking some more of my hair. It fucking hurts like a bitch. I yelp again which only brings a wider smile to his face. “Yeah,” he continues saying as he grabs another fistful of hair and yanks it off me.

“Stop it you fucking perverted piece of shit!” I bellow. He doesn’t stop. Soon, I’m howling and struggling to break free but, I’m fucking going nowhere. He chuckles and gets right up into my face. “I will scrape you clean. All that man hair on your body taken away. I think you’ll like that right, boy?” he coldly whispers to me.

"Shaving...your boy.... what the fuck are you talking about you asshole? " I reply. By now, my chest is hurting like a bitch and my eyes tearing from the pain. I’m really thrashing about within the bindings. “Let me go you faggot nut case.” I yell while pulling on the bindings. The fucker had tied me real tight. “I’ll be missed. I’m a star on my team. People will look for me,” I’m babbling, all the while hopping it might scare him into releasing me. Let me go faggot.” I no soon finish saying that when the bastard hauls off and slaps my face so hard my head spins.


“Shit,” I groan. I shake my head to clear out the ringing in it. The asshole just laughs and belts me again!


“Stop.” I yelp. My head is aching. That causes my stomach flips thanks to the pain combining with the aftereffects of the booze I’d had before arriving to this place. “I gotta…barf,” I moan.

The guy walks backward and says, “Fight it boy. Simply breathe in and out. You’re a star football player. I know my boy can fight it!” He keeps repeating that last line over and over steady–like and full of authority. Assuring me I’d could do something just like my coaches do when I was in a tight spot.

I feel my guts lurch. I almost fucking lose it but his voice saying, ‘I know my boy will fight it!’ gets right into my brain and my body suddenly relaxes. The feeling passes. “I’m okay,” I mumble.

“Good boy,” he responds softly but still with steel in his voice.” You respond naturally to authority.”

“Fuck you,” I reply while breathing hard from the effort not to up-chuck.

He gets up close then grabs my big balls with his hand. “First lesson jock-boy," he says soft but mean. “My boys act be respectful and know their place or I discipline them real fast!" He squeezes my nuts. “You are my boy okay!”

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!"' I roar in agony "Please…my nuts…please man."

"The word ‘man’ when referring to me is unacceptable," he instructed as he closes his fist tighter around my sack until I see stars. “How about some respect! How about calling me Sir?"

"AAAAHHHHHH…oh God…yes Sir…yes Sir…anything you want, Sir," I quickly say.

"Because you are my boy right?” He asks with a smile. His grip slightly loosens, and I gasp for air. “Go on tell me what you are,” he says. I feel his hands getting ready to clench my low hangers once more.

"Yeah sure. Anything you want, Sir" I spit out knowing what he wants to hear, "Because I'm just your…your… I feel his fingers beginning to constrict around my sack…aw fuck…I am your boy." I had said it. I feel the humiliation of complying like I was some pussy. He starts to laugh while I drop my head in shame. Al I could think was I had told some guy he fucking owned me like some cheap bitch. More mind-fucking was why the fuck did my nuts tingle while saying it too?

"Okay BOY," he replied emphasizing the last word to drive the point into me. “Unlike that ‘my girlfriend’ who knows some of the languages of my nation, I’m going to assume you, like most Americans, know shit. That’s okay. I will teach you some simple words. You will learn that leng lui , means pretty girl.” I flinch when he brings his hand towards my face. He laughs and patronizingly pats my left cheek.

“Please Sir, just let me go. I’m sorry for calling you names,” I tell him while trying to show him respect with my tone of voice. “I’m not gay. I accidently came into the room that’s all. I’m not into this stuff, honest.”

“Oh, I believe you did indeed enter by accident. Poor Viscount Clayton will never be the same after that experience. Yet, if what we were doing didn’t interest you, why did you stay to watch us?” he asked. “Don’t look so shocked. I saw someone was watching out of the corner of my eye. I like an audience. If I had known it was you, I’d have been more creative with him.”

“I…I…” I try to deny it but we both know it’s true. I didn’t turn and walk out. I stayed.

“I also know you got excited by it,” he continued saying. “When I took off your garments, I noticed a large wet spot in your crotch area. Soaked through from your CK’s right to your pants.” He laughed and again touched my face.“You are so very sexy which, in my language is,hou leng zai . You will be even sexier once we have removed that hair off your body. A young puppy dog like you shouldn't be covered with a man's fur," he calmly said before pulling out another patch of it from my chest’s thatch.

“Aw fuck,” I roar. The pain hits me fast. He goes to a corner of the room and comes back with a bowl of water, some soap and a straight razor. Slowly, he starts on my chest. I can feel the cold metal scrapping off my hairy chest. As he gets to my nipples, he fingers them with his thumb and forefinger. I’ve always had sensitive nipples and this guy knew how to work on them. It hurt like a mutha at first. Then, each one tingled under his hand’s manipulations. Sharp bolts of stimulating pleasure are soon racing directly to my crotch. I knew I had to get him to end it fast before my dick responded.

“Stop it please Sir,” I wheeze while he’s massaging and pinching them. Fuck, no bitch ever took this much time on my chest nipples. Shit, I’m thinking, my nuts feel like they’re getting hit by some type of sensual electricity . By now my balls are quivering around in my sack with so much pleasure that, I’m squirming in my bindings. He keeps up his tit play until my brown orbs contract into hard dark circles and their tips firm and hard. He then takes each bullet point and pulls or twists them. An overwhelming rush of carnality runs through me. I close my eyes for a second and drift on a sensual head-fuck. Soon I’m experiencing a dizzying rush of pain mixed with sexual excitement. I want more of it too.

“Oh fuck don’t stop please, Sir,” I moan without thinking of what I am saying.

“Yeah just as I thought. You get off on pain too,” he says quietly to me. “Wasn’t going to take you but shit, now I want to. It’s in my nature I guess, to take what I want especially if it’s a hot si ang moh or in English, bloody Caucasian. You want it too, boy, huh. You want this Singapore man to ‘feel you up’ as they say in your country. Maybe some rough play while doing it too, right.”

“Fuck yes,” I rasp in reply. I suddenly realize what I said and snap open my eyes in shock. I look up to see him smile at me. He starts to twist them harder, and I gasp or was it a moan? “Fucking shit.” I hear myself blurt out. “Oh fucking shit.” I pushed my chest towards him. Was it to get more pain?

“Looks like you really get off on tit-play boy,” he growls as he squeezes and pulls them tight between his fingers till bolts of burning heat flow from them. “All that macho talk before from you was just action {hot air} huh. Is my strong football player just a Si Ah Kua – a fucking sissy who secretly wants it rough from a man? Yeah, not sodoa now are you right now? Take a peek at your nipples, boy.”

I look down and see that they are rock hard in his grip. I feel a familiar tingling in my cock which, by now, is also partly extended. It fucking takes all my concentration not to get fully aroused. I mean how could I be aroused right? Luckily, he stops tweaking them and finishes shaving my chest. By now I’m so focused on not throwing a boner, I just stay still and stop protesting. Finishing with my chest, he next goes for my arms and my pits. Whenever he finishes an area, I feel the cold air against my now nude chest and upper body. He steps back to admire "his work". My dick is still semi-hard and rising. I’m sweating bullets while mentally trying to make my boner down but, the chilly air hitting my de-haired body feels too good. My cock is partly extended, and I know he sees it too.

"Nice. Real nice but let’s get to the rest." he states and ignoring my ‘condition’. He lathers my legs and in what seems like seconds finishes scrapping them bare. I glance past my dick and see the finished product. My fucking thigh muscles look fantastic without hair on them. Fuck, they look awesome , a part of me thinks before the rest of my mind snaps back to what the fuck is going on. He must have caught me checking myself out because, when I stare up at him, he has this amused smile. Boy your torso has some great definition,” he chuckles. “Now let’s clean off my boy’s crotch. Without all that nasty hair my boy will look just like a ke ai bao bao . That is another language lesson for you. In Chinese I just said you will look like a cute, precious baby,” he laughed as I squirmed in my bindings.

"Wait man…I mean please, Sir,” I whine. My voice cracking like a kid. “Not my crotch...please…Sir…how can I face my teammates?"

"Fuck your team. I told you, I like my boys smooth,'' he says. He grips my dick and starts applying shaving cream my sack and undershaft, After I’m lathered, he starts shaving my crotch area. At first, I my dick starts shrinking in his warm palm. Then, as he shaves my pubes clean, the cool air slaps at my exposed skin. I feel my rod growing again. When his calloused palms scrapes my soft under-shaft clean, it fucking it feels good!

"God, you’re cleaning my crotch bare." I whine out loud as my skin tingles from the rough scraping. Me, the league’s hottest str and babe-fucking stud is getting his cock and balls stripped of his hair. He’s reducing me back to being a prepubescent punk. Worse I’m semi-hard again and he can see it too. In my jock’s brain it is registering that, with every flick of hair being taken off down there, yet another piece of my self-confident macho image is somehow coming off with it. A rush of humiliation hits me. I stare down watching him remove the last signs of my manhood, "I look like a kid," I murmur out loud. Suddenly I'm bawling like one too with the tears falling down my cheeks. "You've turned me back into a little bare-crotch kid!” Now my cock shrinks!

“ Ah now don’t cry myke ai bao,” he gently tells me as he finishes and wipes me off with his towel. “Let’s wipe away those tears too, okay.” He says as he cleans my wet face. “Think you need some help to relax boy.” He says as he puts something under my nose. It comes so unexpectedly that I took in the fumes from it before I knew not too. In a second, a pop goes off in my brain and the room tilts.

“What…the…fuck...was…dat,” I slur as he puts whatever he was holding into each nostril. I calmly sniff in more. Fuck I was flying!

“Helping you unwind, boy,” he tells me. “From everything that has gone down along with your reactions right now, It’s obvious you’re a closetedA.J . so let’s bring it out in you. But first one last area to clean.”

He spreads my legs and I feel cream going between my butt cheeks.

“Wha…” I moan as I sense the foam being scrapped off. A part of my head is registering that he’s up my ass shaving it out but, instead of fighting or yelling, I’m loving the sensations coming from it. “Shit yes,” I rasp as I spread my thighs farther apart.

He laughs. “Oh yeah a total A.J . indeed.” He pinches my butt and beginning massaging it. “ So hou leng zai . Everyone is right. Wah lau your rump is magnificent.”

I blush and mutter thanks before I realize what I was doing. Still, hearing my ass being complimented by him gave me a warm sensation.

“ Good boy,” he says. “Tonight thispantat mine to play with. Fucking shiok . Time to play, okay!”

Before I know it, his right hand grabs my balls and rolls them around. They feel funny without hair on them but nice too. I stare down then back up into his eyes. They seem to fill up my gaze.

“Your next language lesson.Chim means kiss in Hokkien,” he says as he leans into me.

His lips are so soft against mine. He pushes his tongue forward to part my lips. I’m thinking I should be sickened by what he is doing or resisting. Yet, I’m enjoying it. I let his tongue penetrate into my mouth. Fuck, he can really kiss , I’m thinking. I’d kissed women by the dozens ever since I first began sprouting hair on my body yet, no woman ever kissed me like this nor gave me such a thrill while I was doing it. Soon we are energetically making out and I’m on fire for more from him. My mouth feels a slight prickling from his stubble. It’s a weird but also an erotic light burning sensation that only makes me press closer to his face. My blood races through my body directly to my crotch. Still keeping lip locked with me, he reaches down to take hold of my sack. My thighs spread out like they got a mind of their own to give his hand more room to fondle my nuts. I feel my pouch filling up and my spunk churning inside of it. I hear myself softly meowing in pleasure like some bitch in heat. “Shit…oh man…shit,” I manage to mumble between our kissing. I let my knees bend so the cold air hits the sensitive back area of my low His warm hand starts cupping my manhood. I’m totally turned-on. When we stop kissing I sigh with disappointment.

"That's okay puppy,” he whispers softly while still gently rolling my balls. “I wonder if I should make you my personal dog too. You know we Chinese think dogs are detestable things. The Viscount makes such a good one for a Brit. I think he gets his most arousals being one for me and treated with such contempt. Still, one bark would be so nice.”

I can’t stop thinking how amazing he looks in his gear. I take in the stimulating odor of the leather recalling how much our kissing set my teeth on edge. I barely hear myself mumble, “Arf.”

He laughs. “Well I will put that idea aside for now. I know you’ve been under a lot of pressure as the team’s quarterback tonight, right. Let’s help you unwind." He holds out a small bottle. From the scent coming from it, I know it’s what I’d already inhaled. “Want some more?”

I nod still transfixed by his gaze. Fuck he’s so handsome , I’m thinking How did he know about the pressure too? Without being fully aware of what I’m doing, I take another hits from a bottle as he holds it under each nostril. A rush of dizzying fumes bitch-slaps my mind. “Fucking A man,” I wheeze as I float on that shit.

"Yeah, you had your team pressure, the media hype about this exhibition you had to live up too,” he sympathetically tells me. “Constantly having to perform on the field, not to mention, those women expecting you to excel every time you perform in the sack. It builds up huh?"

By now all I’m hearing over and over are the words…the pressure…the pressure. “Yes Sir,” I softly reply. So much pressure I’m thinking while also hoping we can make out some more too.

"You're the man they all look to take charge," he whispers. "You got all this weight pressing down on you," he kept repeating now over and over till my brain filled with it.

"Yeah, fucking pressure," I woozily reply. He was right. The dude fucking knew how it was hell living up to what was expected of me. I smile at him. Taking in the sight of him in his gear. “You are so fucking sexy,” I giggle. He gives me the most amazing smile.

"Feeling the weight of it. All because you’re the main man for them,” he’s saying "But that's not right. You need someone strong to take that pressure off you. You need your coach to take charge for you. You want me to take charge of it and of you too, right, boy.”

"Yeah," I agree saying it out loud without thinking. He gives me a pat on my cheek and shows me that smile. That warm fucking sensual smile. I grin back. In my mind I hear those words again: Gam Ye, nei zhou ngo ge hai .

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