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Singapore Quarterback Sack
Part 3 - Part Three and Epilogue
By Kyle Cicero

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Singapore’s Quarterback Sack

By Kyle Cicero

Part Three

By now, my mind ist confused by all that talk about pressure combining with the stimulations from both his hand job on my family jewels and his mind-blowing way of kissing. I stared at him and all I could think was how great his hand was on my on my balls. The utter sensuality of his tongue exploring inside my mouth. I felt so weird. My mind was swimming inside his rap and the stimulations he was giving to me. I looked deeper into his eyes.

I’d heard guys over here say the words fucking shiok to mean totally amazing. He was fucking shiok ! My head swirled faster. My body was in in a sort of erotic overdrive.

“So do you want me to take charge of you? He asked.

All at once, I could feel walls coming down inside my mind. “Fuck yes, Sir,” I groan letting that powerful sensual warmth and desire wash over me. I could sense my rod throbbing into a full erection.

“Yeah boy,” he replies. He reaches out and begins massaging my sack until I am panting and wiggling in heat. He was calling the shots on my body and we both knew it!

As my arousal takes over completely, everything gets blurry and unfocused. I heard him chuckling and then softly saying. “Don't worry my American quarterback You're my boy now. I will look out for you --all you have to do is let it go and give into what you need! I’m your coach in this, boy. I know what’s best for you.''

Suddenly one final remnant inside my mind starts telling my brain that should fight. Yet, a stronger part of me that, until now, must have been repressed rises up. Taking the offense it drives forward until it sacks that weaker resistance in my head.

Ever since I first suited up to play football in school, that was the one constant drummed into my head. A good player respects and follows the coach’s orders. Even if I hadn’t been in full heat for him that fact alone clinch his control over me. I was just naturally pre-programmed that the coach was the boss. To my rattled gray cells that was normal logic. I was in full agreement with him without question! "Just like my coach," I muttered as my brain accepted it all.

"Yes, you are there," he chuckled as he continued to talk and rub my now overheated sack.

"Yes." I murmured lost in my sexual daze.

"You wanted this for so long," he says. “You get turned-on when you obey me too.”

"God, yes,” I moan," I say. That warm sensation of being under someone's protection again full time---someone calling all the plays in my life like when I was a kid--my coach --yeah working out a new playbook for me--normal, natural---I felt------you know all safe. He keeps gently working on my balls and the blood still rushes from there to my dick which, is achingly hard now. He leans next to my right ear start and starts to lick it! I feel his tongue working around each groove. His face stubble nuzzles against my skin. It feels like every nerve there is being hit with a thousand hard fingers. I find myself quaking and my dick throbs for release. He must know but he keeps rolling my balls and licking my ear till I shiver in heat. Hell, no woman has every turned me this on just rubbing my balls and licking my ear!

"Ah you like this don’t you,” he whispers into my ear sending it down to reprogram my, now willing, command center.

"Aw fuck yes, coach." I answer as my circuits started that rewiring to just go with the flow of my childhood jock programming to always obey the coach. Now he and that coach idea are merging in my head. My breathing got softer, steadier as he fucked my brain into his plaything. Yeah the old game had ended ending. My former self’s sexual orientation was permanently sacked!

"How you doing quarterback?" he asks while nibbling one of my earlobes. It sends an electrical charge down my body to a pecker that is flying now at full staff.

"Oh Sir.” I sigh with no prompting, "I'm ready to explode!"

"That's right boy give it up for your coach!" He leans into me so that my cock is rubbing up against his leather packed basket of manhood. Slowly he grinds it hard against my prong. He bites my ear and my world rocks like it never did for any chick. His voice fills my mind.

"You got no pressure...nothing to prove...listen to your coach right...he knows best"! He keeps repeating it over and over. And I just do!

"Nothing to prove…you’re my coach...never need to take charge again... I’m your boy…yes Sir,” I ‘m chanting back...mentally programming into every cell in my head this new play: his boy!!

"Go for it quarterback ---the ball is in your hand --run the field ---go for the touchdown…do the play…cop to it," he eagerly tells me. we both know I’m on that edge and simply need to seal it. Now he starts really working my crotch. He rams his tongue in my ear, grinds his dick into mine and, with one last gentle squeeze of my balls, sets off a fireworks display in my brain that races to my dick.

“Fuck I’m squirting, Sir,” I howl. I just don't cum man. I freaking ERUPT! Shooting over and over like I never had when I was balling some soft woman. I'm a punk kid who needs this man to protect and guide me while I serve him. Programming completed --- the former home team crushed forever. Touchdown for Singapore!

After emptying my boy juices, I collapse against him. “Fuck…oh fuck,” I hoarsely whisper. I finally look up into his eyes wondering if I did okay for him. “Did I do well, Sir?” I say without any hesitation. “Did I do ok?” I beg thinking his silence is a sign of his disappointment in me. "Please let me still be your quarterback …. if I fucked up I’m sorry. I need you, Sir. I'll obey you Sir .......please treat me like your boy.” I’m babbling now fearing in my brain that he will walk away. Then, I see a look of triumph come to his face.

“From now on I own you in a whole new way boy,” he growls as he reaches behind me to slap my butt. “You’re going to need a lot of discipline to make sure you don’t fuck up, okay?” He continues to instruct me as he whacks my butt a few more times till it really stings but, in a way that again get me aroused. “When I discipline you, it’s to instruct you how behave with me. It shows you that I care about you. I will teach you the sensuality that comes with properly administered pain.” He gazed at me. “ When someone concedes and admits that someone is better than they are that person will say, win liao lor.”

Win liao lor,” I reply knowing deep into my very nuts it’s true. H is my owner guiding me with his words. I groan and wiggle as he whacks my muscular rump harder. My body starts to experience that sensual wave of arousal that a good spanking can give to a rear-end. Yeah, I’m getting off on it big time.

I quickly realize something else too. I’d been unconsciously waiting to be dominated by a man all my life. My former macho, babe fucking life had been a sham. From the moment I’d walked into that room, my body knew what I desired. My mind had now finally caught up go that fact. I looked at him. My coach, my master with a growing sense of utter submissive devotion.

“Whip my sorry jock butt please, coach.” I meekly beg now knowing that his discipline is what I need and crave. As he cuts me down I now know his physical punishment is his way of taking care of me. Pain from him takes on a whole new meaning in my brain. I quickly assume a bent over position, so my ass is there to be abused.

Saying nothing he gave me more whacks until my dick is leaking from the stimulations. “Aww fuck…my Master’s whipping my ass,” I whimper during it as the heat from his slaps on my bum is replaced by an even greater erotic heat coursing throughout my body. I notice my cock is full erect and waving in the air. I realize he has observed it too.

“The more pain you feel from me boy the more you will know you are doing fine. Knowing that will get you so fucking hot.” he chuckles as he increases the tempo of his swats. “I want you to now masturbate.”

“Fuck yes,” I answer as I jerk off in tandem with his whacks on my rump. My dick throbs while this uncontrollable arousal builds up within me. “Fucking whip my quarterback ass,” I yelp. I’m floating off on a sea of this erotic sensual pain. My body programs all this as it unfolds. From that moment on, pain mixed with pleasure will give me an uncontrollable sexual gratification. Then it all gets too much. The stinging from my rear-end fires my h nuts and, I explode. “FUCK!” I roar and I erupt. I’ve blown my wad before but this time I cream like I’d never done. And I can’t stop climaxing…I keep squirting until my balls ache. I’m so woozy from it I almost topple over but, he’s there to grab me and keep me steady. “Fucking shiok ,” he mumble to him.

“Fucking shiok indeed. Let’s go to my special room.’ He whispers softly to me. “We've got two days along with a long night of teaching ahead of us. I’ll get my other sub to go back to your team’s storage locker to get your uniform. When he returns, we’ll practice some new plays okay, boy? Also, I've still got a sweet cherry to split. Good thing you don’t play the tight end position,” he teases.

I fucking love when he smiles. I grin back at him.

He slaps my firm virgin ass one last time with one hand while, with the other, he fondles his leather packaged basket. I can see his rapidly growing 12 inches pressing at the seams! “I’m going to really show you what it means to ‘drill you’ in the fundamentals.” He gives me another sniff of the capsule then grabs my manhood in his big hand and uses like a leash to lead me from the room.


He owns me. A goofy grin comes to my face every time I think about that fact. The league’s biggest cunt man among the ladies has had his jersey permanently retired in that area. Sure, I still escort the ladies on ‘dates’ but they no longer end up in my bed. My Master insisted I continue ‘dating in public’ to keep up my reputation, at least while I’m still actively playing. After every date, however, I race to his place to serve him. He gets a kick out of me playing the swaggering stud in public and his submissive si ang moh {bloody Caucasian} in private. He is currently living here in my team’s home city for the time being. Luckily , as top model, he can live anywhere he wants.

Inspired by my desire to please him, I’m playing my best games ever too. The League still wants to expand interest into the Asian market. I ‘m officially the ‘face’ for their East Asian division. Yes, it’s based in Singapore so, my Master and I fly out there a lot. In few years I will retire, and we will set up his home there with me as his best piece of property. Right now, I’m naked, on my knees before him, looking his rock-hard boner as I get ready to suck it. As he slips it past my lips, I glance up to see my Master’s smile. Fucking shiok!

The End

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