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The Day the Star Went out
Part 1 - Chapter 1
By Kyle Cicero

The Day the Star Went Out

By Kyle Cicero

Jason sat in his room grimly staring at the TV as the news came on:

Another robbery foiled today and a valuable lesson taught to those who would turn to crime in our city by the timely intervention of our own masked superhero Starwarrior.

He glared sat the image of Metro’s greatest hero and idol of the world. Starwarrior. The tall with dirty blond hair, the masked hunk was standing over a tied up robber. His handsome face stared down at the man in triumph. Jason couldn’t help but admit that the superhero was a walking sex dream. Unlike most clean-shaven heroes, Starwarrior had a light blond, tightly cut beard and mustache that only added to his sex appeal. God I hate you, Jason thought as he walked over to a book that was lying on his desk. In truth Jason had hated Starwarrior ever since his early days in high school. Throughout those years he had striven to be noticed and admired for his scientific genius. All his hopes had been dashed when a teenaged Starwarrior also appeared on the scene and became famous.

Jason had envied the hero and yet also sexually craved him. “One day I will conquer you,” Jason mumbled as he sat at his desk and opened the book. Visions of a cowering Starwarrior spread out with his luscious bubbled but ready for fucking soon had him boned. “No I must focus on translating,” he angrily told himself. He gazed at the book in front of him. For years he had sought out all the information he could find on Starwarrior. He hoped that something existed that would give him the key to rendering the invincible hero helpless. One day he had accidentally discovered the hero’s residence and identity but that did him no good.

After years of fruitless searching however, he found what he sought. Everyone knew Starwarror was an alien from another planet. He had crashed onto earth as a young child and was raised a kindly couple. To their surprise, in later life the young boy, who had seemed normal, suddenly developed supers strength, invulnerability, and speed. Jason had a theory that some event had triggered Starwarrior ability. If I can decipher what it was then maybe I can reverse it, he thought.

Using Starwarrior’s age and, knowing his original hometown, Jason plotted backward in time to figure out roughly when the young hero had crashed to earth. After that, it was merely a matter of checking old newspapers for reports of strange sightings.

At first he had no luck but then, he found one small farmer’s letter to the editor that mentioned seeing two bright objects drop from the sky. Jason immediately drove to that town and, after diligent searching, had located the old man who had seen the sight. It was then fortune smiled. The old man had gone to one site and found a small capsule that looked as if it had once been attached to something larger. To Jason’s delight, he had kept it. Even better, he had been to scare to open it. A gleeful Jason paid the man a small fortune and took the object.

“This must have become separated from Starwarrior’s capsule when it entered out atmosphere,” Jason thought as he opened the small object in his evil lare. Inside was a large container containing a greenish liquid along with a book filled with strange marking. “His home world’s writing,” Jason said. “If they sent this along with the child it has to mean something.”

For the next three years Jason worked to translate the book. It had been a tedious trial and error process. Even now, though he could read the text, it was a tricky endeavor. Jason could make ultimately sense of the passages in it but the effort required hours of word transposing. At first, all he discovered was a history of that world but yesterday he had found something that even now, filled him with excitement.

“It’s his fathers notes on why he send his boy here,” Jason shouted when he realized what it was. Carefully he deciphered the text. To his surprise he found that Starwarrior’s powers came with his puberty. Children on his home world grew up normally until they began sprouting hair on their bodies. Once they did, their powers kicked-in.

A phrase he read from Starwarrior father struck home.

So my son will have his powers on this planet too. Yet, I do not know if he will use them for good or evil so I have enclosed a chemical that will strip him of his abilities. To anyone reading it, if he is evil , you merely cover his body from the neck down with this substance. His hair will disintegrate and he will lose his superiority. It is critical that every apart of him must be covered.

“But how does one have him helpless enough to do it,” Jason yelled at the book. He took a deep breath and continued his translations. There were pages and pages of notes about morality and conduct. Eight-four hours later however, he had his answer. “Fuck,” he gleefully shouted as he read the lines

Every male of our race must repeatedly ejaculate his seed at least once a month during the night of Kalida. During those brief times, after he had done so, his abilities will dampen. If done to excess he will be too weak to fight off anyone.

“Oh this is too good,” Jason laughed as he read more about this alien phenomenon. “Now I merely need to find when this Kalida is comes up.” He glanced out his window and smiled. “Soon,” he muttered as he next read about the various sexual activities that drove men from Starwarrior’s planet men into uncontrollable sexual heat.

A month later Starwarrior, who’s alien name a was Daro was sitting on his bed in a downtown Metro apartment dressed only in light blue briefs and a tee shirt. Spreading his strong thighs apart, he readied himself for his monthly masturbation.

../../shimages/cicero_the_day_the_star_went_out_htm_1c815a9e.jpg In truth he was always slightly embarrassed about his need to jerk off once a month. Yet, ever since he had first sprung hairs on his body, he had needed to do this action. He didn’t understand this monthly craving to squirt his cream. In fact as a young sixteen year old he once tired not to succumb to the desire. The end result was he spent the next month in a state of perpetual sexual heat that almost drove him crazy. He found couldn’t pass any earth-girl in his high school classes without experiencing an almost uncontrollable urge to mount her. The next month he had gone off and beat himself into two stress relieving orgasms. Still he knew the dangers of overstimulation as well. The first time he had masturbated he had let this drive overwhelm him. He had repeatedly jerked-off to the point where he passed out. It had taken a full day to awaken. Now he had learned the need to limit his manual stimulations. Even though he craved to milk himself dry every month, he used his iron will to lock away that hungering need.

Slowly he reached into his briefs to fondle his already stiffening cock. “Yes, he sighed as the familiar itch to spurt rose upon within him. He gently eased the front of his briefs down and hooked it behind his hefty low hanging nutsack. Early on, Daro had discovered this sensation on his nuts enflamed his desires even more. “Yes,” he moaned as his hand gilded up and down his thick errection with his right hand. He let his left hand cup and squeeze his nuts. The pressure on them triggered something in his brain that aroused him even more. He softly intensified his grip on them. “Oh yes, he lightly yelped as he increased his masturbation. He closed his eyes and focused his will on controlling his desire to ejaculate. “Yes,” he grunted as his need to spunk grew in intensity. It had been an exhausting month of crime fighting but, right now, his entire attention was fixated on satisfying this drive to shoot his seed. Soon his twelve-inch shaft was drenched with his pre-cum. His blond pubes glistened with beads of it that had sprayed out from his reddening cock’s head. “Yes, he growled as the intensity within him cried out to release. He unconscious began to press and relax his large muscular thighs together helping to put even more erotic pressure upon his churning nut-sack. “Oh by the gods,” he finally cried out. He went completely rigid. As his very toes curled, his cock exploded sending forth a geyser of alien cream. As usual the effect left him dazed and panting on his bed. It was then, while he was at his helpless condition, that Jason broke into Daro’s room.

Daro sat up on his bed. “What ..” and managed to say before Jason raced up to deliver hard uppercut to the bleary eyed hero with his brass knuckled enclosed fist. “Uuuuhhh,” Daro sighed as his eyes rolled up into his head as the force of the blow knocked him out cold & backward onto his bed.

“Oh the triumph,” Jason hooted as he took in the sight of the muscled hero now lying there before him cold-conked on his bed. “I punched out the mighty Starwarrior.” He gazed down at the splayed out hero lying there, naked, with his right hand still griping his still semi-erect cock. Gobs of Daro’s alien seed lay splattered upon his ribbed, muscled stomach and blond crotch hair. Jason took out the liquid from his pocket then stopped. “No I need to savor my win. I want not only to strip you of your powers but also your very self image as a man,” he said as a fiendish idea to him. He rolled the slumbering hero over onto his stomach. Moving quickly he cuffed Daro’s hands behind him with a set he had brought with him. Rolling him back to his original face up position he spread Daro’s long muscular legs apart then, reached down to stroke Daro’s cock back into an impressive erection.

“What happened,” a woozy Daro muttered as he returned back to consciousness. “What are you doing,” he Daro yelped as he suddenly became aware of a renewed urge to pop the gurgling wad growing inside of his nuts. His eyes focused to see Jason furiously pumping his cock. “Stop. No,” he wailed as he struggled in his cuffs. He knew that, having spilled his seed, he was helpless. However, he hoped that, if he could distract this man from his actions, enough time would pass so his superpowers would reignite.

“Oh you know you need to climax,” Jason nastily teased as he used some of the hand techniques he had read about to stimulate his prey into another orgasm

“Stop,” Daro hoarsely cried out as a familiar urge pounded throughout his groin. Unfortunately, Daro was so surprised by what he was seeing he critically forgot to lock down his will to prevent another ejaculation. Before he realized his error his balls sent a racing cascade of spunk upward into his shaft “,” Starwarror wailed as he once again erupted. The effect was instantaneous. Another wave of weakness engulfed him. “No more,” he gasped as his struggles stopped.

“Oh yes more” Jason laughed as he pumped the soon babbling & squirming superhero into five glorious spunkings. Watching the buff young hero he had so hated and. yet so craved, begging and pleaded after every ejaculation thrilled Jason. He felt a surge of power that came from knowing this muscular body was not his to use.

By his sixth climax, Daro was lying before Jason, his powerful legs spread and panting in exhaustion. His pupils were totally dilated.

As Jason masturbated him for the seventh time, Daro let out a loud whining cry. “My nuts. I can’t …do…any...more,” he wailed.

“Let’s see shall we,” a merciless Jason replied as he let his other hand roughly grab Dar’s nut-sack. “Let’s give them one last squeeze just to be sure.”

Daro’s eyes popped open as the pressure intensified. He let out a shrill cry. His strong body grew rigid as he arched up ward for one last creaming. “Ohhhhhh,” he howled as the last of his jizz shot out from him. Finally a mere series of bubbles gurgled out from the slit of his cock-head and he passed out.

Jason stood looking down at the cum covered body of the man he hated yet desired. “Well now to take you back to someplace I’ve set up and really have some fun as I un-man you Starwarror. He called for a large, muscled thug that had waited outside the apartment. The man swung the sticky, cum-covered hero up over his shoulder. Jason slapped Daro’s rounded, bubbled butt taking delight in the red welt that appeared on one of Daro’s smooth rounded cheeks. After a few more whacks that turned them a fiery red, an ecstatic Jason and his thug transported unconscious superhero to Jason’s lair


Twenty years ago next month I wrote my first cyber story “Dogging the State Trooper”. To celebrate my anniversary here is one last Cicero tale before I hang up the cyber pen. Before you ask, I don’t know who this guy is but, if you do, then please tell me.

I also love fan feedback so write me okay.

I promise the final part in the coming months. It’s been a hell of a lot of fun and I hope you enjoyed it too.

Before you ask. Occasionally some old stuff will be revised and/or expanded for a future eBook publication.

So tune in again for the finale of : The Day the Star Went Out

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