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The Day the Star Went out
Part 2 - Chapter 2
By Kyle Cicero

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The Day the Star Went Out

By Kyle Cicero

Part Two:

“Where am I?” a still groggy Daro mumbled as he slowly returned to consciousness. He tried to move and, to his shock, found he could not. He came to full consciousness quickly realized he was now in a mid-sized room, naked, and strapped to two beams in the shape of an X .

“Well it took you long enough to wake up,” Jason said as he came out of a shadowy corner. “In case you are wondering it’s called a St. Andrews Cross.”

“I know what it is,” Daro snapped back. “You took me by surprise but when…” he stopped. He had almost revealed his weakness.

“You mean once your balls recharge you by getting back to a higher sperm level right,” Jason replied. He took particular amusement in the shocked look that came to Daro’s face as he heard those words.

“What? How did you,” he sputtered before lapsing into silence. Daro could feel his powers returning. He would only need a few more minutes and this villain would pay.

“I read things which is how I know things,” Jason explained. He approached the mighty superhero and attached a round, flat patch on each side of Starwarrior’s dangling nut-sack. “

“What are you doing?” Daro angrily asked.

“Science,” Jason told his bound foe as he attached wires to the pads before then attaching the wires to a small battery powered device. “Now that should do the trick,” he teased as he hit a button on the machine. Within seconds, Daro’s nuts tingled from a repetitive series of pleasurable electrical jolts.

“What are you trying to do? Daro angrily shouted as he squirmed in his bindings. “Take those off!” He demanded as he attempted not to surrender to the stimulations his nuts were getting.

Jason merely smiled and reached over to pull another device into view. This one was a small hand held implement that consisted of a small round pad atop a short, thick pole. He observed a look of fear in Daro’s eyes as he gazed at the object. “It’s a percussion massager,” he explained as he turned it on and gently pressed it onto Daro’s cock. Immediately a series of vibrations flowed through the bound stud’ dick.

“You’re sick,” Daro spat out. You will pay for this you perverted fiend. I need only a few more minutes till my powers return ,” he thought. Suddenly however, he became aware he was feeling strangely aroused. When he glanced down he discovered the vibrations had gotten him semi-erect. “No I won’t,” he managed to say before the continual fluctuating set of vibrations on his cock and balls stimulated him into a full arousal.

“I thought you’d like it,” Jason calmly stated as he pressed his massager a bit harder onto Daro’s impressively growing erection. Moving the device around, Jason expertly massaged the more sensitive undershaft of the now squirming superhero.

“Stop this at once,” Daro stated with slightly less confidence. He tried to focus on the fact that he was only minutes away from a victory. Unfortunately, with his concentration not focused on suppressing his sex drive, his erotically stimulated body acted out. Without realizing it, Daro began pressing his cock onto the throbbing device. 

Jason turned up the pulse.

“No,” Daro shouted. He tried to focus upon familiar techniques he had used in his past to suppress his alien nature’s imperative to spunk. He almost succeeded until Jason unexpectedly reached between Daro’s legs and squeezed the superhero’s nut-sack. “Oh fuck…no,” Daro yelped as this assault shattered his resistance.

“Yeah I read the males of your homeworld are erotically aroused by ball play,” Jason taunted as he expertly alternatively squeezed, rolled and yanked upon the hunk’s balls.

“ no,” Daro shouted in protest over the overwhelming sensory overloads. He felt his cock lurch towards an involuntary orgasm. He was still screaming “no” when he climaxed.

“I’d say if you were waiting to recharge and break free you’re out of luck,” Jason laughed as Daro’ moaned out his despair. Jason pressed the device firmly onto Daro’s still throbbing cock. “Well now that you’ve lost your powers AGAIN lets really drain you,” he said. As Daro protested, he turned up the power settings of both devices and again went to work on the soon yelping hero.

The humiliated & demoralized super-hunk could only gasp as he shot three more impressive volleys of spunk. After his second load, Starwarrior’s muscled torso limply slunk in his bindings. He hung there gasping for breath after his numerous ejaculations. As he did, he realized that his very cock and balls had betrayed him. For the first time in his life, he had tasted defeat. He also knew that. Once more, his powers were temporally gone.

“Well, now that we short circuited your recharging powers, it’s time to go to phase two,” Jason stated. He turned off the machine vibrating Daro’s nuts and picked up a jar containing a liquid. “Now where to begin,” he teased. He took a moment to gaze at the hunk that was bound there before him. Daro had a light covering of dirty-blond hair erotically splayed across his chest. A thin line of equally hued hair trailed down his chiseled abdominals towards the sexy patch around crotch area. With his trim beard’s line along his straight-cut jaw and mustache he was, Jason had to admit, a walking dream of sexual allure. On one level it is such a shame to strip him of that sexy hair on his body , Jason thought. Ah well the things must sacrifice for a criminal life , he inwardly sighed. He dipped a brush in the substance and walked towards the now truly terrified alien crimefighter.


“What are you doing,” Daro nervously asked as Jason brushed the liquids across his chest and under his arms. Within minutes he was completely covered between his neck and his waist in this lightly warming substance. “Tell me what is this fluid you put on me,” Daro demanded. His upper torso tingled. Even more unnerving was a subtle sensation of his body feeling weaker. Ever since he had reached puberty he had become aware of  a low throb of energy flowing within him. It had arrived when his super abilities first manifested themselves. Even when he was powerless due to over ejaculations, this low level sensation of a pulsating inner force stayed with him. Now it somehow felt as if that sensation was slowly dissipating. “What are you doing to me,” he shouted.

Jason smiled as he used a moist towel to rub w away the hairs on Daro’s arms . Silently, he next proceeded to then cleanse his prey under each arm. “My you have an amazingly well-developed chest,” he finally murmured as he finally took a clean damp cloth t to wipe away the soft light furry covering of the superhero’s pectoral area. He let his hands cup and fondle the rounded muscles of Daro’s chest. He playfully tweaked both nipples until he had Daro yelling and gasping in pain. Jason also noticed that, in spite of Daro’s objections to being felt up , a glazed look had come into his eyes and his cock had even slightly stiffened. “Well business first,” Jason sighed as he stopped his manual stimulations of what was clearly the captive’s erogenous zones.

While Daro threatened and  struggled in his bindings, Jason methodically applied the liquid on the powerful legs of the superhero. Within minutes Daro felt the same tingling followed by another sensation of an lowering energy level.

“Tell me what you are doing,” Daro hollered as once again, an unresponsive Jason wiped the hairs from those leanly muscled legs clean.

“My you do look  amazing,” Jason teased as he stood back and viewed the almost denuded hero. Such defined muscularity.” He gazed at Daro. “Okay I’ll tell you. I’m stripping you of the outward signs of manhood. When I’m done you will be hairless as a pre-pubescent boy. I intend to leave just your eyebrows, lashes and oh, naturally the hair on your head. My research shows they have no effect on generating your abilities so why take them.”

“What are you talking about?” Daro yelled.

“Why once I remove your signs of puberty, my young man, you will be forever stripped of your powers. Ejaculate or not, they will never return”

“You lie,” Daro bellowed with more confidence then he truly felt. In fact, already the comforting energy hum within him was barely there.

“Now the crotch,” Jason sighed as he quickly lathered the pubic area of the  still violently struggling Starwarrior. Ignoring Daro’s threats he wiped the area. Shorn of  its blond, wiry covering, Jason could really appreciate the endowment of the young alien. Now this is an impressive set of sexy potatoes and meat. I’m frankly jealous,” he said as he bounced Daro’s nuts in the palm of one of his hands.

By now Daro mind was concentrating on other matters. He tried to sense his familiar inner energy and had failed to detect anything other than a faint irregular throb. Still he clung to the belief Jason was insane and it was all a lie.

“Now that beard and mustache,” Jason teased as he grabbed Daro’s face. “If you move I may get this on the hairs that I promised to leave alone.”

Daro gritted his teeth. He dared not risk that possibility. Minutes later his beard and mustache had vanished and with it, a sinking feeling within Daro that all might be lost.

“God you are a beautiful man Daro,” Jason sated as he gazed at the clean-shaven  handsome features of his foe. “Now you rest here. I’ve some arrangements to make,” Jason joked as he left the room.

Alone in the room, a part of Daro still refused to believe Jason’s boast. He repeatedly told himself that is abilities couldn’t be dependent on having body hair. Yet, as the hours went by and he still remained without his powers, the awful truth of Jason’s words struck home. When Jason finally returned to cut Daro free he found the young hero sobbing. He gazed up at Jason. “It’s true I’m powerless,” he hoarsely whimpered.

“Yes, “ Jason thought as the freed Daro fell to his knees before him. We are ready for the finale in my victory.


Part Three:

Jason dragged the demoralized Daro over to the center of the room where he pushed the once formidable superhero to his knees. “Head down & ass up,” he snarled. He smiled as an unresisting Daro meekly complied.

With head to the floor, the once haughty Starwarrior’s muscular torso resembled a pyramid with his exposed ass the apex while his knees and head formed the base. Jason eagerly kicked Daro’s legs apart. 

“What are you going to do?” Daro asked in a terror filled voice that delighted Jason. Gone was the superhero’s normally smug, confident, and deep tone of voice. One that sounded like a frightened and utterly broken teenaged boy had replaced it.

“Shut up and grab your rear–end and pull those cheeks apart,” Jason barked. To give emphasis to his command he gave the crimefighter’s rump a few well-chosen slaps that had Daro yelping in pain. 

“Stop,” he blurted out. He reached back towards his ass. Taking a firm grip of each butt-cheeks, he pulled those rounded, muscled orbs apart to expose his sphincter to view.

“Now one last removal,” Jason teased as he lathered a final part of the formula around Daro’s anal gateway.

“Please,” a demoralized Daro whimpered as he felt the burning cream doing its work on his final hairs. “Don’t totally destroy my powers.” 

“Too late,” Jason laughed as he eagerly rubbed off the cream to expose Daro’s rosy hued, puckered ass-hole to view. “You should have bothered to find out more about your people,” Jason joked. “Oh wait I had the only source. Prep time." he joked. He continued to laugh as he used his thumb to sensually rub the muscles of Daro’s anal entry. 

That last faint, irregular, internal energy throbwithin him ceased. “My powers. My ass,” Daro babbled as his body involuntarily squirmed under Jason digital assault. His outer ring’s tightly swirled muscles contracted and flexed under the digital stimulation of his virginal sphincter. He was lost in his private horror, not only over knowing he was forever deprived of his powers but also that his body was actually finding pleasure in what was being done to him right now. “How is it possible,” he moaned. Jason’s thumb soon had the once formidable Starwarrior’s anal defenses loosening up. Worse, Daro felt his balls churning to refill his nut-sack.

Jason however knew exactly what was going on inside of Daro’s body thanks to what he had read in a chapter entitled “Tales of Her-Dotus as related by the Tel-Amachus the Story Teller”. “Well let me quote something to you that might help,” he said to his now squirming former foe.

“And it came to pass that the warring kingdoms were finally united under the rule of the warrior Her-Odotus. But knowing the defeated royal families of the various kingdoms might one day rebel; he had all the males of every member of every royal house lined up before him. There, in the presence of the people, the wise Herod Otushad each royal male kneel & assume the position of the bitch. Using his right hand of power he stimulated each male for the ceremony to come for he knew that, once this ceremony was completed, they would carry within them a fiery need to serve only him in any way he desired.”

 “Position of the bitch?” Daro hoarsely moaned as Jason’s anus massage continually loosened those anal muscles no one had ever before stimulated.

“It took me further reading to figure it out but happy a writer called A tip of my hat to Wolf Pekka nicely described it for me,” Jason chuckled. “It seems Herod Otushad the entire ceremony painted on his temple walls. Wolf Pekka even drew an illustration of it for me,” Jason explained as he pressed a device in his other hand.

Daro heard something click. When he looked in the direction of the sound he saw a camera had turned on. “What’s happening,” he whined in terror.

“Just a live broadcast, Starwarrior,” Jason said. “To all the criminal elements of the city. I am going to show everyone who now runs your ass. Well after I take it first,” he sneered as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He rubbed its head on Daro’s hole. 

“Oh God no they will see my face,” Daro moaned and he lowered his head to hide it. “I don’t… I’m not masked.”

“I know. After I’m done you won’t need a secret identity,” Jason mockingly replied as he reached over Dario’s shoulder to grab Starwarrior’s head upward so it was in full viewed of the camera. 

“Oh no,” Daro wailed in shame. As soon as Jason let go, the superhero dropped his head to the floor. “ You’ve won, the humiliated hunk mumbled.

When he heard that admission, Jason never felt more alive. There quivering before him was the prone body of the Earth’s most powerful superhero. The evil villain took in the sight of Daro’s broad muscular back and tapered waist. As he gazed at the undefiled rump of his foe, all Jason could think about was penetrating it and achieving his life’s goal. He grabbed Daro’s thighs reveling in the feel of their well-defined muscularity. He pushed then further apart to give him better access while also taking note of the delightfully sight of Daro’s hefty low hangers swaying between the hunk’s splayed thighs. “Hands down now and get ready mighty Starwarrior,” he shouted as he pushed his cock into the already loosened outer anal ring of the superhero. “I recall one newspaper called you the city’s mighty crime fighting stallion. Well in a few moments this stallion is about to get gelded. Must be the season of the bitch,” he howled out as he began to thrust his erection into Daro’s guts. 

“EEeeeoooowww,” Daro screamed as Jason’s cock rammed into his tender anal cavity. 

Jason got halfway in and suddenly met some resistance. 

“Get it out. I can’t fit it into me…it’s too big…please!” the might Starwarrior sobbed.

“Let it in bitch,” Jason huffed as he violently grabbed the superhero’s powerful thighs and pushed forward so he could fully impale his prey. “Open up,” he grunted. With Daro bellowing in agony, Jason slowly felt the once formidable superhero’s internal anal muscles give way to the invasion.

“Oh please. Oh please,” Daro sobbed heedless that now his head was fully up and his features exposed to every viewer. “I can’t…I’m too small,” he wheezed as he tried to accommodate Jason long, thick cock. 

Hearing the superhero reduced to pitifully whining thrill Jason and inspired him to accomplish his deed. “I’m fucking you. I’m fucking you like a bitch,” he happily whooped in triumph.

“I…aaarrrrghhhh,” Daro yelped as finally Jason finally fully speared him. “AAaaaaaaa. My assssss!”

“Yeah,” Jason laughed. “It feels like satin around my cock,” he teased as he savored the warm softness of the crimefighter’s inner anal lining. Daro’s guts were tight but the snugness surrounding Jason’s cock only made fucking the hunk that much more thrilling. “I’m taking you ass,” he said as he began to pump in and out of the squirming, sobbing superhero. “I now just need to find what’s inside of it to fully fuck you over,” he stated as he pounded into the howling crime fighter. He suddenly felt the head of his cock hit the internal organ he had been seeking. “There it is,” Jason exclaimed as his cock slapped it.

“Fuck,” Daro unexpectedly squealed as Jason’s cock tap & then ignite something deep in him. He felt an explosion of heat within his guts. “What’s happening?” he sobbed. It was as if his very brain had been punched by something that overwhelmed him.

In his reading of Wolf Pekka’s descriptions, Jason had discovered that the men on Daro’s home world had an internal organ. If that organ in any man was pounded, it released a chemical into their system. When that substance hit the brain it fried any alpha tendencies in that person’s mind. Basically it permanently converted them into a beta mentality. Jason also discovered that, if after its activation he shot his spunk onto it, that organ would assimilate Jason’s DNA. The recipient being so seeded would see his anal defiler as his alpha. Herod Otus’s ceremony had thus not only humiliated the other royal males, he had also mentally castrated their sense of alpha manliness. In essence, by ejaculating his seed into them, he had rendered them all into his devoted bitches. “”Go on,” Jason huffed as he rammed into what he called, ‘Daro’s beta organ’ . “Fucking go on and activate.”

By now the formerly super-masculine Starwarrior was crying in a tone of voice similar to that of like a punked teenaged boy. “My ass is on fire,” he yelped as a cascade of new chemically induced emotions flooded throughout his brain.  He suddenly became fully conscious of the pleasurable feel of Jason’s cock plunging deeply inside of him. Each thrust ignited every part of his guts causing an erotic overload in him. “Oh,” he lightly moaned as this pleasurable warmth flowed throughout his body. “Oh yes,” he unconsciously murmured.

Jason soon realized that he had done it. Daro’s muscled body, which had initially displayed resistance to being fucked, had now begun humping back onto Jason’s cock. At first, it had been almost imperceptible but soon, Daro was grunting and thrusting his ass upward to meet Jason’s strokes. “Yeah you love it!” a triumphant Jason shouted.

“Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me,” Daro mindless yelped as the chemical Jason had released swirled about his brain frying his sense of manhood. In his newly forming mentality, being fucked by a man felt natural and right.  Both your mouth and ass belong to real men to use , said a voice in his brain. “Fuck me please,” he shouted. “I need a man’s cock in my asssss,” he wheezed.

Gotcha, Jason thought as he screwed Daro. “Now I’m going to seal my victory,” Jason gasped as he achieved an amazing orgasm into his new beta-boi stud.

“Awwww fuck,” Daro mewed as Jason’s hot cream swarmed into him washing over his internal beta-organ button. Every cell in his body was soon transformed by this action. His former confidant belief in his hyper-masculinity faded as a sense of how right it was to be in submission took its place. He had been shorn of his powers, shaved of every hair that had sprouted when he hit puberty. He felt unmanned yet also how natural being unmanned was too. His brain and very essence had succumbed to the desire to serve Jason. His former conception of his manhood had forever dissipated. He felt he was a mere boy now who required an alpha male to serve. Being mounted now became a joyful sign of this fact. “Master,” he sobbed a few moments later as his body and mind were seared in the heat of Jason’s spunk. Within minutes he had mentally accepted his defiler as his Alpha Lord. “My master fucked me,” he cried out in surrender his own cock sprayed the cream that had built up in his ball-sack. His gushing jizz hit the ground and with it, the last remnants of any alpha-ness his balls had contained.

“Done,” Jason gasped as he pushed Daro off his cock.  He reached down to scoop up Daro’s jizz from off the floor. “Now come to me and lick my cock clean. Before you do, tell my criminal friends out there that you are my bitch. Say it in front of everyone.”

An obedient Daro crawled around and up to Jason’s cock. “I am your obedient bitch,” he happily told the viewing audience.

Jason smeared the now compliant Starwarrior face with his own spunk and turned his head to the camera for all to see. Across screens in the city’s underworld every criminal observed their former nemesis gazing at them, cream-pied & smiling with his handsome features awash & glistening with his own cum. “Suck,” Jason ordered Daro as he then pointed to his cock.

As commanded, Daro buried his face into Jason’s crotch to slobber over his Master’s cock.

Jason gave a thumbs-up sign to the camera then terminated the viewing. “I’m sorry but this next thing is necessary,” he said to Daro seconds before he gave the dazed former superhero a right uppercut that knocked him out cold. Moving quickly, Jason positioned the unconscious former crimefighter face down on the floor. “You may finished as a super stud but I cannot risk you spawning future superhero kid on me.  Jason spread Daro’s thighs apart and took his now drained nuts in one of his hands. Using his other free hand, he made a small incision at the back of Daro’s pouch. “Now for a vasectomy,” he muttered as he took a knitting hook from his pocket. Quickly he inserted it into the cut and pulled it back. With it came the two tubes that carried Daro’s semen from his nuts to his cock. “A fast cut and it’s done,” Jason stated as he severed the tubes from their attached balls. He let the disconnected tubes slip back into Daro’s sack as Jason watched, the incision quickly healed. From his readings he’d known that Daro’s people had rapid healing abilities. “Well turned that bull into a dud,” he chuckled as he flipped Daro over and slapped him back to consciousness. “I’ve guests arriving. Time to get ready to suck a few of my fellow criminal’s cocks,” he joked as Starwarrior’s eyes flickered open.

During that night, across Metro City, people heard the dull sounds of a group of people cheering and wondered what it meant.

The End

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