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Throbbing Nightwing
Part 1 - It Begins
By Kyle Cicero

Throbbing Nightwing

By Kyle Cicero

I had intended never to write another story. Still, with self containment time to kill & to occupy time, I wrote this one. :)

This is a prequel to “Riddler on the Roof” that was previously posted. I hope you enjoy it. Feedback always welcomed! Email!!!!

( inspired by the Jotto pictures on this site entitled “Robin Milked” )

Part One: It Begins

Nightwing, the former Boy Wonder, stood on the ledge of Gotham City’s newest skyscrapers. The twenty-two year old gazed at the city below as dawn broke. Tonight he had been alone on the criminal rounds, since for once Batman was out of action. A strange virus had suddenly hit Gotham. Batman, like many of the citizens aged forty and upward, had been infected. While not deadly, the unknown virus incapacitated its victims for weeks. Surprisingly the virus had no effect on younger members of the city. As scientists studied it, Bruce Wayne, like so many others suffering from its effects, had been compelled to self-isolate and confined to a bedrest.

As he prepared to end his patrol, Nightwing couldn’t help but feel a thrill at going Solon this city. For some time now the handsome, dark-haired ex-Boy Wonder had been contemplating leaving his mentorship with Batman. Once he turned eighteen, he had begun thinking about striking out on his own as a crimefighter. As much as he wanted Bruce back in action, a part of the young man’s brain savored this rare solo opportunity especially since there was now a new Boy Wonder to work alongside Bruce.

He stretched his muscular body as he gazed at the deserted streets below.  If I do go solo I probably should change my costume to signify my new role, he thought. Something darker and more mature than this one , he decided. Still, I can’t complain too much about this outfit. It does nicely show off my ‘assets’ . A smile came to his face as he recalled how the sight of his well-formed body, in his current uniform, hugged his torso and caused females to smile and wink at him. He took some pride in not only how the snug spandex amply displayed the rounded muscles of his now legendary rump but also nicely outlined his hefty ‘family jewels.’ His costume’s form fitting contours clearly demonstrated his defined muscularity. to the women and quite a few men in Gotham. To them, Nightwing was walking wet dream whose ‘equipment’ below his belt was as impressive as the gadgets inside his belt. 

Unlike Bruce, who only thought of battling criminals, Dick had taken full advantage of the lustful invitations he started getting once he hit fifteen. He took  overwhelming pride in the fact that, in the sack, he was as expert a stud as he was at fighting criminals. In fact, wearing his mask while engaging in one night stands, seemed to increase the desire the women and quite a few men had for him. Filled with youthful testosterone, young Dick Greyson was insatiable in bed and usually had the stamina and the spunk to go for hours. On some level, his sexual endurance and athletic prowess were solidly linked in his ego. He loved being the the aggressor in his sexual encounters. For him taking sexual control was the ultimate demonstration of manhood. 

When it came to, as he boasted,  getting his rocks off, Nightwing cared little about satisfying whomever he fucked. Reveling in the challenge, he especially enjoyed seducing and vigorously mounting young women who, until he screwed them, had been virgins. He did have one firm rule however, in his masculine encounters. He always called the shots in sex and never the other way around. In his mind he believed that, “giving up sexual control,” was the ultimate mark of weakness in a man. In fact, in the deep recesses of his brain, he saw it as a display of their latent effeminacy. As Nightwing once boasted to a conquest, “I’m no one’s bitch. I call the shots!”

Until now, he managed to keep his sexual conquests on the down low and thus beyond Bruce’s notice. “If I go solo though I can fuck whenever I want, for as long as I want, and wherever I want,” he muttered. As he contemplated a rendezvous he had set up tonight, a grin came to his good-looking face. With many shut away because of the virus, it had been a slow night for crime. Tonight, as he patrolled the deserted streets, he had observed a rather attractive young lady on the street below. She had suddenly signaled to him. Displaying his gymnastic abilities he had used a bat rope to swing down from a rooftop to alight next to her. He smugly took pleasure in how his action had seemed to thrill her. In fact, his aim had been to impress her. After he alighted next to her from a rooftop, they had struck up a conversation. During it, she had breathlessly confessed that she had always fantasied about sleeping with him. Even more agreeable was her stated desire to ‘do him’ in some outdoor area. Her voluptuous figure and striking looks had already appealed to Dick. Her seductive admission that she wanted to, ‘fuck his brains out  on a rooftop somewhere’ sealed the deal. Nightwing took pride in his body and sexual prowess. Showing off both to her such a setting appealed to him.

His arrangements of location and time had been quickly agreed to. “I say when and where we fuck. Got it?” He arrogantly told her. “I also decide how long we fuck. Basically I set the rules in sexual encounters. You want my ass, that’s how it goes,” he smugly told her. A grin came to his face as she meekly nodded. Yeah thought you would, he smugly thought as he left her side.

As he awaited her arrival, he felt a stirring in his nuts. He had not ejaculated in weeks. Ever since Bruce had been struck down, he had been too busy doing  patrols. Until now there had been no opportunity to meet a woman, let alone set up a fuck date. By now his balls were aching to squirt. “Yeah, I’ll pop a few loads in her tonight then go,” he eagerly said to the night air.

He was still contemplating this potential sexual opportunity when he felt a sting hit his butt. Turning quickly he saw as smiling Riddler. Gazing down at his ass he also saw he had been hit by a small dart. “What the fuck,” he yelled as he assumed a fighting stance. 

“I know you were expecting someone else. Unfortunately for you, she works for me. I am taking her place,” he teased. “I heard you just now. Sorry for the switch. Today, you will, as you so nicely put it, ‘pop a few loads’ but it won’t be into her.”

“The only pop you’ll get is my fist into your face,” and enraged Nightwing shouted. He glared at the Riddler. Anger filled him as he realized he had been made a fool of tonight. As he moved towards the criminal mastermind however, he felt woozy. He paused. “What the fuck..” he mumbled.

“The effects of a drug I injected into you Boy Blunder.” The Riddler laughed. “Don’t worry it is nothing truly harmful. Just like the virus I created and spread in Gotham.”

“You..the virus…created…why?” an increasingly woozy Nightwing muttered as he tried to focus on the criminal.

“I wanted to get you alone without Batman,” the Riddler stated he approached a weaving Nightwing. “I have plans you, my lusty young stud,” he softly said as he got up close to the barely conscious crimefighter. “Nitey nite for now,” he chuckled as gave the leery-eyed Nightwing an uppercut that send Dick into darkness.

Sometime later Nightwing awoke to find himself doubled over hanging helplessly from a beam in a deserted warehouse. In his current position, his upper torso was thrust between his splayed thighs. His strong arms hung downward. Thanks to the Joker’s drug, Nightwing was paralyzed. Try as he might, he found he  simply couldn’t move. As he hung there he saw the Riddler looking at him

“Ah young beef-cake on the hoof,” the voice of the criminal said as he reached out to  run his hand along the rounded curve of Dick’s rear-end.

“Take your hand off my ass you pervert,” Nightwing yelled as he helplessly struggled in his bindings. 

“Relax,” the Riddler quietly replied as his right hand fondled the curvature of Nightwing’s exposed ‘jewels’. My only interest is what I can get for what these boys hold.” He teased as he massaged Dick’s cum filled sack. 

“I said STOP!” Dick yelped as his balls lurched in his sack. Despite his predicament, Dick’s balls were his Achilles Heel in terms of sensitivity. Dick loved having his nuts toyed with; growing up he would play with them while masturbating. As the riddler worked on them Dick barely suppressed a groan of pleasure from the expert kneading his pouch was receiving.

“Yes, I was informed about that fact,” the Riddler laughed. “I was told  you really love having your balls played with during sex.” He saw the shocked look on Dick’s face. “Oh yes, I did my research Nightwing. Interviewed many of your conquests. I admit, I was impressed by your success rate in bedding women and, what a surprise, you even fucked a few young men too.  He saw Dick’s face flush. “Yes, I know what you think. Two drunk counters in the frat house you joined while in college can’t mean anything. Still what can I say Dickie boy except my. my you are truly sex on a stick aren’t you…and what you get up with them while you bed them. For example, does Bruce know you love getting pegged. True it only with a women and, even then, simply one finger. I’ve heard you moan and shoot within seconds of a hard pounding digital insertion. Interesting and so helpful. Possibilities.”

“You sick…” Nightwing replied.The thought that this fiend had researched and discovered Nightwing’s kinky side with women filled him with rage and humiliation. Also his current ‘ass up’ position was degrading. True he loved showing off his rear-end but only on his terms.

 The Riddler merely smirked. He let go of the sack, reached out, and ripped the uniform material covering Nightwing’s crotch to expose the  muscled, young mans impressive cock and balls. A musky scent from his crotch filled Nightwing’s lungs.

“I swear you will pay,” Nightwing angry said. He managed to wiggle his torso though the drugs effects made it difficult. The only result of his gyrations was to have his cock and balls sway before the grinning face of the Riddler.

“Very satisfying prick and a hefty set of balls along with it. Nightwing you are truly a well hung and nicely equipped young man,” he giggled. “My, my they are quite full aren’t they,” he hissed as he returned to massage the now stoically silent Nightwing’s pouch. “Oh I have plans for you,” he laughed as he played with head of Nightwing’s thick cock.”Let’s get started shall we,” he sharply stated as he pulled wires from his pocket.

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