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The Scarlet Avenger vs Doctor Doom
Part 11 - Beat thoroughly till stiff
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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11. Beat thoroughly till stiff

Even after all he had thus far endured; the young hero still had believed that, somehow, he would prevail. His old smug persona still flickered in parts of his mind. The SM expert knew that was probably the situtation. He was determined to destroy it. As a master in the art of training men into SM and submission, the muscled ex-club owner knew all the tricks of the trade. True the buff young hero had been sexually defiled. Still, from past experiences in breaking others, the older man instinctively understood the one last thing blocked full victory. He was completely aware that deep in the superhero’s brain there would be a part that was convinced everything that he had done was all the result of being of drunk. The older man intended to chip away at that final barrier. Cum would play a part but, and this was critical, only used in sufficient dosages to manipulate the youth’s sex drive.

 The next day the older man came into the cell where the masked naked Scarlet Avenger slept. As usual now the former wore only his black leather mask, jockstrap and gloves. “Up now,” he barked to the slumbering stud.

 The young hero slowly awoke. Still hung over from yesterdays cum consumption he staggered to his feet. He blinked through blood-shot eyes at his surroundings. “It was no nightmare,” he mumbled to himself. He gazed at the other man “This must …stop,” he sputtered in a manner that showed a segment of his old arrogant demeanor still flickered within him. He tried to stand full erect but felt so weak he could barely stop swaying.

“When I say it stops,” the man harshly replied as he grabbed the younger man and roughly pushed him onto the stone floor.. “I run your cute arse boy from now on get it boy,” he sneered as he quickly applied a set of chains to the hero’s wrist and ankle straps that were the only adornment left on the hapless alien.

The blow had been expected. His still half intoxicated brain had failed to react in time to this latest assault. Yet, a part of the old scarlet avenger burst forth. “NO,” the youthful hunk unexpectedly yelled back as some of his old confidence flared up. He again staggered to his feet. “I say no more!” he shouted as if the higher volume in his voice might give pause to the jailor.

The older ex-club owner had expected this resistance might come into play. He was ready to move fast to short-circuit this potentially dangerous situtation. In fact it would be the next steps in the young man’s re-education even hotter for him. He yanked on the chains sending the alien crime fighter sprawling face down to the floor. “Lesson time in obedience,” he yelled back even louder. Reaching to a nearby table he grabbed a large wooden paddle. “Looks like you need some corrective instructions on proper behavior,” he snickered as he brought the weapon downward onto the upturned exposed rear-end of his student.

“AAAAEEEEOOOO,” the superhero yelled as the sharp crack of the wood on his rump sent a bolt of pain upward into his head. He had always been impervious to pain. Early in his youth his earth parents had realized that spanking their outer-world son had no effect. This time it was different. With his super powers temporarily off-line due to the prior cum ingestions, he now capable of experiencing actual pain. “Arrrgggg,” he cried out as another whack hit him. As he squirmed to get away, his teacher yanked him back.

 “Oh no this is only the beginning,” the SM expert laughed as he now vigorously began to paddle the arse of the now yelping superhero.

 “Awwwwww. Nooo…my buttttt….sssstttstopppp,” the dumbstruck muscled youth wailed as his arse warmed under this physical abuse. His brain went numb as it was overcome by agonies it had never experienced before in all his life. Every time he tried to crawl away the man pulled him back for even more beatings. The beatings grew in density.

“Not so arrogant now huh,” the other man chuckled as he swung again and again upon the bubbled butt of the alien.

 “AAAAAAA…..SSSSTTTTOOOPPPP,” the sobbing Scarlet Avenger whined hoping for a mercy that did not seem to come. At one point the paddle broke upon his butt. Yet, the man did not stop. He merely picked up another and continued his anal punishment.

“Will you obey,” the man growled as he hit another series of blows on the fiery red buttocks of the younger man. “Will you do as I say and when I say boy,” he stated.

“Yessss…oh yes…,” the alien hunk sobbed. His eyes were now as red as his butt. Tears streamed down his handsome face. “I will obey. I will obey!” He shrieked as more whacks hit his arse.


Suddenly they stopped. “Good,’” the older man chuckled. “Now prove it. Crawl to me and bow your head in submission. Tell me you give up.”

Tearfully the  crime fighter did as he was commanded. He shuffled towards the man on his knees. Bowing deeply he lowered his head to the floor before his tormentor. “I submit,” he heard himself say in a quivering tone of voice. The man inserted a gag into his captive. After this was done the young hero glanced briefly back at his upturned butt. The skin there was as red as his former costume. In fact, the entire area was alive with burning agonizing pain. “I submit to you. No more please,” he said through the gag as inwardly he cursed himself for his weakness. He let his head touch the floor once more to signify his submission.

“Good doggie,” the man teased. He tightened the pull on the chains as he placed his bare foot upon the neck of his prey. The first lesson had gone well. he knew there would be probably be a few flare-ups of defiance. For now, however, the alien hero had taken his first steps into  a future of absolute mental obedience. “Over in the corner is a doggie bowl of cum. Drink it,” he forcefully told the prone youth. “Through your gag,” he stated.


Silently telling himself how pathetic he had become the former confident alien crawled like a beaten dog towards the bowl. As his trainer watched, the young man lapped up the cum. A deliriously peaceful yet sensual sensation came over him. His butt even hurt less. He slobbered up every bit in his bowl. It was hard at first but he soon got the hang of slurping up cum while gagged. Turning to face his trainer, he sighed with a cum-induced contentment. His  pupils dilated as his cock grew to a semi-soft state.

 “Good now we are ready for another session,” the SM expert said as he gazed over at a small mirror on one cell wall.

From a hidden room behind the two-way mirror a gleeful Dr. Doom nodded his pleasure. “Things are going well,” he sneered. He turned to a man. “Tell the boys its party time,” he hooted.

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