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The Scarlet Avenger vs Doctor Doom
Part 12 - His left foot leads to three into one
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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12. His left foot leads to three into one

 “Okay boy,” the evil trainer said as he gazed at his mind-fucked toy. “Crawl into the next room.” He watched as the partially intoxicated and fully compliant young stud slowly did as he was instructed.  He noticed that the redness on the youth’s rump was rapidly fading. “Good his powers of recovery are still intact. That bears keeping in mind ,” he thought. He waited with increasing impatience as the young alien crept his way into the next cell. “Faster bitch,” the man snarled at the moving figure in front of him. He kicked his foot into the soft area behind the younger man’s nut sack. The alien’s body jumped and a low moan of “aaaa,” escaped from his gagged lips.


Another fast nut-blow caused the hunk to quicken his crawling into the next room. The other man kept up the pressure with a few better-placed foot jabs at the low hanging nuts of his student.

 Entering the room the superhero observed two other naked hooded men.  He inwardly shuddered when he saw them stroking their cocks. In the center of the room was a leather paneled stand. Nearby were his red boots.

“Get up onto it on all fours,” the trainer sharply ordered.

Meekly complying the once proud super-stud did as instructed. His head was spinning from the injected cum he had just consumed. His cock had become fully erect. A wave of humiliation swept over him knowing these new strangers were seeing his erection. Gingerly he climbed upon the raised leather padded device. The other men in the room quickly secured his wrists and ankles to the ends of the pommel horse-like device. A cool breeze wafted around his dangling nuts. He suddenly felt a finger massaging his anal opening. Even in his half-drunken state, he was able to quickly know what this meant for him. “No. Don’t. Please,” he gasped. A murmur of laughter greeted his pleas for mercy. “Not again,” he repeated as he began pulling at the bindings.

“Think he’ll go for it,” an unfamiliar voice said as the finger rubbed at the squirming young stud’s anal entryway.

 Ah hell he took that fucking dildo remember,” a second unfamiliar voice said. This speaker moved to face the Scarlet Avenger. His erection was eye-level with the still struggling alien. “You love cum or so I hear,” the man said as he stroked himself. A early white drop appeared upon the slit of his cock.

“Cum,” the bound hunk whispered as the scent if jism hit his nostrils. He gazed at the waving cock in front of him. The growing bubble of pre-cum had him mesmerized. Unconsciously he began licking his lips as a surge of excitement came over him. He wanted to have more of that cum.  He extended his tongue to flick it from the man’s cock. “Yes,” he sighed with contentment as the peaceful sensation cum gave him warmed his throat

 “Oh fuck yeah he wants it really bad,” the man laughed. “Take him hard,” he said to someone down by the buff captive’s rump. “I got him covered at this end.”

The bound youth was still savoring his cum when he felt pressure on his anal ring. Suddenly a sharp pain hit his anus. “AWWWAARRGGHHHHH!!!!” The superhero cried out. It felt as if his butt-hole was about to tear open! “Whhhhaaaaaaa,” he yelled as he moved to get away from whatever was entering into him

“Yeah shove that black dildo in hard to get him loose,” the man in front yelled. “I’ll plug butt-boy up front and give him what he wants.” He grabbed the howling youth’s ears and thrust his cock into the hero’s open wailing throat.

 “Ooooooomph,” gurgled the captive as the man’s cock drove deeply into his gullet. He began to buck even harder as the agony produced by whatever was in his anus seared into his mind. Then suddenly the man face fucking him grunted. A splash of warm pre-cum followed by a rush of cum itself flooded into the mouth of the alien.  “Ooomphh...hhmmm,” the bound stud sighed as his previously light cum-high increased in intensity. The pain he had been experiencing in his anal cavity diminished. As the dildo pushed in deeper it hit the youth’s prostate. “Fucccc,’ he murmured though his cock-stuffed mouth. A series of erotic blasts caused him to bodily shiver in sexual bliss. His sucking quickened. His own cock began to leak.

 “Oh yeah he is into it now. Service his nuts and cock man,” the man in front voice said.


 Unexpectedly the Scarlet Avenger experienced a novel and quite delightfully moist warmth surrounding his own nuts and erection. The sexual drive in his system kicked into full gear under this assault. He aggressively slobbered on the cock inside his mouth while humping backward on the object that was thrusting back him. As the third man licked the soft skinned under-shaft of the alien’s cock, the boy lost all control. “Hmmmm…hmmmm…hmmmm,” he growled as he went into a full sex mode. The sounds of slurping, moaning and, happily contented snorting caused the three men to slyly wink at each other.

“Turn the cunt over so he can see what we are doing with him,” the SM expert barked. Within seconds the crime fighter was on lying on his back. His hands flopped down to his sides and were quickly chained under him. A metal cup was secured around his nuts. Their squeezing pressure added to his sexual heat. “Cum. Cum. cum,” he chanted craving the high that its consumption gave him and the sexual ecstasy that came with its ingestion.

“Easy boy it’s coming,” the expert laughed as he grabbed the moaning hero’s ankles and lifted his powerful legs upward and far apart. A second hooded man took his position by the head of the captive.

Bleary eyed and fully drunk, the buff stud stared up at the man’s balls. “Cum,” he moaned as he extended his tongue to lap at the man’s nuts.

“Shit he is looped and crazy for my sperm,” the man laughed.

“Let’s feed both ends,” the expert roughly said as he shoved his erection up the already loose butt-hole of his “student”. “Tea bag him another time  Jake”

“Awww fuck,” the out-of-it hero gasped as he felt the hard cock ram into him. Then man’s shaft struck his prostate. “Awww…fucccc,” he giggled as he continued lapping on the man’s pouch. “Cum. Cum. Cum,’ he babbled between slurps on the nut-sack.

“You got it bitch,” the man at the front roared. “I’ll feed you gallons of my cum!” He moved to position his cock into the prone captive’s throat. Seconds later all three were grunting as they coupled in the cell.


“MMMMMM,” the Scarlet Avenger mumbled. He was so high everything was a blur. He heard the men shout then felt wet moisture filling both his mouth and anus. An explosion of bliss filled his head. “Cum,” he contently sighed as darkness took his brain.

From a hidden room Dr. Doom clapped and hooted. “Did it,” he yelled to his men. “A complete victory.” He gazed one last time t his once feared foe. The young muscled body of the alien lay face up on the leather device. His powerful legs and arms hung limply downward. A look of peaceful happiness was on his face. The only thing that marred his classically handsome features was the cum dripping from the corners of his mouth.

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