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The Scarlet Avenger vs Doctor Doom
Part 2 - A granny brews just for you
By Kyle Cicero (Illustrated by Herodotus)

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2. A granny brews just for you


Scarlet Avenger flew to the place that Elaine’s note directed on where to meet with her. The young good-looking superhero had been quite surprised when he received her letter offering to turn herself in for trial. “She is not the type to give herself up ,” he thought as he flew to the rendezvous point she had written in the missive to him. His surprise increased when he landed in front of a well-tended, normal looking bungalow that was located in a non-descript suburb. He gazed about the neighborhood in surprise. It all looked too normal a place for her to be hiding from the law.

He cautiously entered the front yard of the home. Flowers along its winding border edged the pathway to the porch. He recognized them from his youth. His adopted mother had been fond of the primroses and his childhood home had been filled with them. Memories of that place came to him. “Concentrate ,” he chided himself. “D on’t let your guard down with distractions ,” he told himself. Slowly he walked onto the wooden front porch. He knocked cautiously on the home’s front door as he prepared for any unexpected assault.

“I’m coming,” a very frail voice replied.  A few seconds afterwards the door opened to reveal a very elderly woman.

Scarlet Avenger gazed in shock at the figure. He had expected to see Elaine. Instead there was this stranger in front of him. She looked as if  she was in her nineties. For a moment he couldn’t think of what to say to the aged woman. “I must have the wrong address…”he muttered as he mentally visualized the note telling him where to appear.

“You must be the young man who is taking my granddaughter out. The old woman chuckled. She turned to look over her shoulder down a short hallway inside the house. “Elaine dear, there is a nice young man here to pick you up.” She looked back at Scarlet Avenger. “ I’m didn’t know you were going to a costume party though child.” She said to no one in particular. The woman glanced over at the costumed figure in front of her. “I will say you did find a young man who looks …well I can see the attraction dear. He does …well…fill out the thing,” she chuckled with a wink at the youthful crime fighter. Her eyes focused on the Lycra encased well-endowed crotch area of the young hero. “My you do fill out in it,” she giggled as she girlishly put her fingers in front of her mouth.

Scarlet Avenger flushed with embarrassment at that remark. Her comment indeed her very presence had caught him off guard. “I’m…” he could not figure out what was going on and, critically what to say to this rather harmless person. Suddenly Elaine appeared behind her. Scarlet Avenger ‘s reflexes went on high alert as he took in the sight if this felon.

“Oh yes grandma.” Elaine sputtered, “ I forgot to tell you. My...ah...costume is…well he is taking me to get it.”  She glazed at Scarlet Avenger with a pleading look in her eyes. Her visual signal to him seemed obvious to him: “please don’t let on about things in front of her grandmother .”

Scarlet Avenger glanced at the pair. His instinctive training to be kind to elderly citizens mentally kicked into gear. Clearly the old woman was clueless and unaware of her granddaughter’s fiendish experiments. He smiled at the old woman. “Yes that is right,” he replied as, without realizing it, he had mentally let his guard down. Looking at Elaine he then said, “shall we go?"

A look of sadness came to the elderly granny’s face. “But I made cookies and tea,” she whispered to them. “I baked them myself. Must you all go,” she asked in a trembling voice. “ gets so lonely dear. Elaine you just got here too.”


“No darling I don’t think my…er…date…well he wants me to go now,” she whispered. She tenderly patted the winked cheek of the trembling old woman.

“Oh please just a bit of tea,” her elderly grandmother pathetically asked.  Her eyes grew red as tears began to form. She gazed at the increasing uncomfortable young hero.

Scarlet Avenger frowned. He gazed both women. While Elaine bore his vigilant watching it was obvious her grandmother was harmless. He had been brought up to respect his “elders” and to be as accommodating as possible with them. Clearly staying meant a lot to this woman and her pathetic pleas triggered within him a desire to please her. He told himself that Elaine would not try anything that might endanger her grandmother so agreeing was not dangerous.  “Well if you made cookies,” he gallantly stated.

 A grateful smile came to the granny’s face. “Come in,” she excitedly said as she turned to limp into the house. “Have a seat with Elaine while I get the tea.”

As Scarlet Avenger entered he moved close to Elaine. “We drink the tea and have the cookies and then we go get it!” he firmly told her. Elaine nodded trying not to shout with glee over her trap’s unfolding.

She led him into a cozy little room. They had no sooner entered than the grandmother came in pushing a tray with three cups and a large teapot. Next to the steaming teapot was a dish of cookie. “You pour young man,” the old woman giggled. “I’m too old to hold heavy objects now…more’s the pity. Besides…” she teased as he reached for the pot. “I can see you have the muscles for it.”

 Scarlet Avenger smiled as he poured all three cups of tea. He sat in a chair and drank his cup as the old woman chatted to him about times gone by in her life. “This is very good tea,” he remarked as he consumed his cup. In fact he found it was extremely good. It had a nice tingling jolt to it.

“My own blend,” the elderly woman blushed as she reached over to grab the teapot and poured him another cup. “Drink it up young man. I’ve plenty of it.”

The woman reminded Scarlet Avenger of the old ladies from his childhood home. He was now so off-guard that he never noticed how the supposedly frail woman was able to pour him a second cup.

As he consumed the second cup he felt growing warmth inside of him. He attributed it to the homey atmosphere. This woman reminded him of his own departed mother. He smiled and finished his tea. “Well we must be going,” he murmured as he put his cup down. “It was excellent tea.”

 The old woman flashed a smile at the buff young man. “Oh thank you. But I insist that you have more cookies and tea. A big young boy like you needs his nourishment,” she laughed as she quickly poured another cup for him.

 “Ah…well...okay but just one more now,” Scarlet Avenger reluctantly agreed. He was anxious to go but his instinctive childhood training to be respectful to old women came into play. He took the cup,” Thank you,” he politely said as he drank it. He had to admit that the warm beverage did taste quite good. He felt an increasing relaxation that, once more he thought, was due to this pleasant home. As he sipped the beverage she rambled on about her past. When he finished it she was still chatting away. Without missing a beat she refilled his cup. That cup was quickly followed by three more of them. Soon he was totally relaxed. He found himself laughing at the elder woman’s stories while consuming more and more tea. A few times he almost lost his grip on his cup due to his mirth. He sheepishly grinned when, after one such almost mishap, the grandmother chided him on his butter-fingers.  Elaine sat with them. She watched quietly while occasionally sipping her tea. “It is a shame I have to take her granddaughter to face prison ,” he thought as he drank a eighth cup of the delightful tea. “ I bet she is a nice girl too ,” he told himself. He glanced at Elaine and smiled.


 “I think we should go,” Elaine suddenly said as she rose from her chair.

 Scarlet Avenger nodded. He finished his cup and slowly reached out to put it down. For some reason he couldn’t clearly focus on the table in front of him.

 “Let me take that dear,” Elaine’s grandmother softly said as she took the wavering cup from the young man’s grip.

“Thanth,” Scarlet Avenger mumbled as he attempted to get up from his chair. He was no sooner on his feet that everything went woozy for him.  He blinked trying to keep himself steady. The effort failed and he found himself plopping back into his chair. “Whath happennnn…” he slurred as the room and its inhabitants seemed to swirl about him. It was as if he was made of rubber.  He tried to get up again only to fail in the endeavor. As his rump ground into the chair cushion he positioned his powerful legs apart in front of him in an attempt to keep himself from sliding out of it.  His arms felt so heavy that he just let them fall limply down over the sides of the chair. A confused but goofy look came to his handsome features as he looked at the women. His body seemed numb and by now incapable of action.

“Why dearie he’s as drink as a lord, granddaughter,” the old woman laughed as they both gazed at the splayed out figure. Elaine’s grandmother came up to him and gently patted his cheek. “Such a drunk widdle boy aren’t we,” she teased as she patted his face. “No so big and tough now are we, my widdle boy. You are going to be a good widdle boy for granny aren’t you?”

Scarlet Avenger was about to say something then realized he couldn’t concentrate enough to think of what he wanted to say. He simply grinned at the old woman and giggled. He dimly knew she was asking him something and his predisposition to be agreeable to his elders kicked into gear. “Yes granny,” he lightly laughed while nodding his head.

“Well to be honest it should be grandpa but after my operation granny will be correct,” the old woman hooted as she winked at Elaine. She gazed back at the drunk superhero. “Didn’t know that huh young man did you? Elaine’s granny is a trannie,” she sneered.

Scarlet Avenger took in the words but could not fully process what was being said. “Her granny is a trannie,” he sighed as he eased further into his chair.

 “Let’s have one more for the road,” the elderly transsexual matron chuckled. She took hold of the teapot and came up closer to the intoxicated young hero. “Be a good boy for granny and drink up,” she teased as she tilted his head backward. Using her thumb from her other hand she eased open his mouth. Inserting the teapot’s spout into his throat, she slowly poured in the rest of its contents into his throat.

A gurgling series of “MMPFH-H,” were the only sounds he uttered as the tea flowed down his throat. His body uselessly quivered and twitched as his brain, affected by its first experience being intoxicated, seemed unable to get his muscles to respond to this action. Elaine watched in triumph as the once all-powerful young Scarlet Avenger helplessly verbally protested even as he gulped more of the tea down his gullet. “MMPFH-H,” he mumbled as his brain became saturated with the effects of this cum-high.

“Now you be a good widdle boy and drink it all up young man. Don’t sass me now,” the elderly woman laughed.

Her words triggered his childhood training of deference inside of his now addled brain. His muffled objections immediately ceased. Elaine watched as the once smug young stud meekly began sucking on the teapot sprout to take in the final remnants of liquid. The lovely sounds of his contented “ulp…ulp…ulp” filled her ears.

“Sucks good doesn’t her granddaughter,” the old woman sneered as she slipped the spout deeper into the slurping mouth of the superhero. “Make a note of that child for your boss. Look as him licking the thing like a good widdle boy for his granny,” she chuckled as she pulled the teapot back slightly to show Scarlet Avenger’s tongue eagerly licking its hard tubular spout. “Definitely has a hidden oral fixation to be exploited. Maybe I’ll let him demonstrate it on me,” she teased as she reached down to her crotch to press down on the evidence of her own sexual excitement. When she was finished she stepped back. By now Scarlet Avenger’s pupils were completely dilated. The extra tea had him mentally zonked out and he was grinning like an idiot. He was also rapidly undergoing something he had never encountered before; a sensation of being completely out-of-control. Worse every time he moved in the chair his Lycra suit would tighten around his basket area. The surprisingly erotic rubbing sensation his costume was giving to his cock and balls was not at all unpleasant. In fact he liked it so much he squirmed a bit more shamelessly letting himself become aroused by his actions. All his life he had foregone normal sexual activity in an attempt to be a “good boy” for his strictly religious adoptive parents. Unlike other young boys he had never engaged in sexually pleasuring himself.  He had kept to this rigid personal code. Now all his inhibitions, freed by the cum-high he was experiencing, were set loose. He soon realized that not only was he giving himself a hard-on in front of two women, he didn’t seem to care about doing it in front of them. He blinked as a low moan escaped from his mouth. “Fuck,” he sighed uttering the first expletive of his life.

The two fiendish women laughed knowing both his lewd actions AND his use of THAT word clearly indicated that his rigid moral mental barriers had just come down.

“Young boys get very horny when they drink too much, granddaughter,” the old woman sternly stated as they watched the impressive tubular grow in young Scarlet Avenger’s shaft. She glared in mock annoyance at the superhero. “You are a piggy little boy,” she chided.

 Scarlet Avenger’s face grew red but it felt so good all he could do was mumble his apologies even as he continued to maneuver his crotch to increase the heady sensual friction that the Lycra was giving to his engorged his manhood. “Ah sorrryyy… he wheezed. “Feels so good,” he muttered as he gave into his first act of sexual self-stimulations. “Never…done…this,” he gasped as his cum-high took him into new areas he had never explored. “So…sorry…I wrong…can’t…aw fuck…stop...” he grunted even as he lifted his hips to press his cock upward into his tight red costume.” Feels…soo…good,” he shamelessly admitted. His right hand moved to first coddle then lightly squeeze his bulging crotch area. “Oooooo… nuts,” he grunted as he began gently pressing and rubbing his ball-sack with the palm of his right hand.

“Can’t let him masturbate on us just now,” the old woman chuckled as they secured his arms to the sides of the chair with rope. “I’m not cleaning up his mess even if it’s his first time doing it. Imagine that and at his age a sexual virgin. Oh well if you live long enough right. Go call Dr. Doom dear,” the old woman said as she then took the cups and dishes. “I’ll do the dishes. He won’t be a problem,” she purred as she brought her eyes close to his eyes.

Scarlet Avenger’s eyes grew wide as he took in her face. “No granny,” he suddenly giggled as he continued humping in front of now highly the amused feminine duo. The two women left Scarlet Avenger in his chair as the buff young man happily squirmed to let his tight red superhero costume sexually edge him.

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